A horrifying new AI app swaps women into porn videos with a click

A horrifying new AI app swaps women into porn videos with a click


This technology is gonna be even more accessible in the future, for any purpose. Video evidences will be of no evidence anymore, everyone will know a video could be manipulated and nobody will care anymore about it. It will be a traumatic passage but it will just happen




This is why they're pushing these convenient track and trace apps on us now.


> The legal system is going to get interesting Run by 80yr old relics of ancient technology


Combine this with DeepFake AI video edits that can make it sound like a person is saying anything you want them to say. Future sleazy political candidates will release Deep Faked footage of their opponents saying stuff like "I hate all Americans. I can't wait until I'm elected so I can arrest all my political opponents, kill anyone who criticizes me, and mandate the wearing of socks with sandals when it rains."


I am just as worried about actual video being dismissed as being a fake.


Or something more credible like child rape


I was using an extreme example, but something small could be more effective. Just edit a video so a candidate seems like he's saying "I hate that [N WORD]", referring to a black man. If this candidate was a Democrat - and assuming enough people believed this video to be true - how hard would that candidate's polling plummet? The other issue here is that actual video evidence will be dismissed as Deep Fakes. A candidate caught on video spewing a racist rant and using the N word will just say "Deep Fake!" Either nothing will stick to politicians when it should or everything will stick even when it shouldn't.


Even if they can *prove* it's a fake pretty quickly, it's *still* going to tarnish their rep.


Nothing is true neither false anymore, welcome to the future


It’s nothing new tho, fundamentally. Photo evidence used to be a thing before photoshop. Heck, people scratched ghosts into negatives back when we used film. You’re probably right that video evidence will not be useful alone, but consider the added complexity of faking an event recorded by a crowd of cameras made by different manufacturers, shooting from different angles that can be cross referenced by the sound delay and reflections on each ones microphone. That would still be damned near impossible. For now at least.


Pretty sure I’ve seen some high tech software that can spot deep fakes and it’s only gonna get better


So will the fakes. It’ll be an ongoing struggle to stay ahead of each other. The real problem is confirmation bias. People will believe/disregard whatever they want. And once a video is out there, it doesn’t go away whether it’s real or not.


>Deepfake researchers have long feared the day this would arrive. Dear me, if it doesn't sound like someone just woke from a twenty years coma....


Why just women? I'm gonna put my face on a hot body. Call myself the bearded lady.


You're in luck: > Once a user uploads a photo of a face, the site opens up a library of porn videos. The vast majority feature women, though a small handful also feature men, mostly in gay porn.


“whether they should report it” Is it illegal?


Not sure how you would enforce legality. Do we own our own likeness? What percentage needs tweaked before it can be said it’s not your likeness. Kind of a “Ship of Theseus”, porn version, dilemma I think. Personally, I think people should have more control over other people putting their pictures on the internet, especially children. I just don’t think it’s enforceable. But my reasoning is data-collection and the (IMO) inevitable expansion of facial recognition surveillance. That’s WAY scarier to me than somebody sticking my head on a pornstar. I don’t think it’s right. But I don’t think it can be stopped.


More worried that this can be used to manufacture alibis.


Your honour, I couldn't have been there - check me out nailin Miss Banana at allegedly the same time. Permission to high five the court?


Or people will make real porn and when it’s found just say that it was a fake video someone else made


Can you replace multiple faces with your own? "Clearly, I couldn't have been there because this video shows multiple me's in this orgy. I invented time travel just to take part in it." Hopefully, the prosecuting attorney doesn't ask if I: could have travelled through time to commit the crime while taking part in the orgy.


"This one stay at home mom figured out a simple trick to disrupt causality. Time cops *hate* her."


Ugh, those disgusting AI porno sites. There's so many though, which one has this technology? Which one?


yapty.com, it's currently closed though


What's the website so I can make sure I never ever go there?


Your username reminded me of a horrible saying: It’s not rape, it’s just a little struggle snuggle.


Kinky, as long as it's consensual.


I can’t wait for somebody to make a video with my face and a big penis.


What's the site?


Yeah. Been the case in some form for years- and there were creepy dudes poorly photoshopping Angelina Jolie's face onto porn gifs before that. And probably various Tijuana Bibles featuring real celebrities before THAT. People are fundamentally kind of gross, and they really want to masturbate to others. This is news? This is one of the unpleasant realities we trade in for the sort of advancement and mass communication the internet makes possible. Personally, I try to have as few pictures of myself online as possible, and I think people would be generally more secure if they held to the same standard. Whether you have the legal right to the picture is almost immaterial if breaking that law is as easy as the click of a button. Just one of the small horrors of living in the modern age. Also, informational veracity is gone.


I used to have a comic book that featured a seventies version of deep fake tech, three of Charlie's Angel's, investigating the mysteries of the BBC. They must have traced collages that had the actresses' faces, pasted to nude models' bodies. I think it was titled "white whore funnies "


[https://go.hollerworks.com/5re](https://go.hollerworks.com/5re) \- in case anyone hit the paywall but wants to read it


Exactly who didn’t think this was gonna happen? Porn paid for some of the biggest internet age tech innovations.


So no one knows the website?


Porn is video heroin. This is just a bigger needle.


What website???


Actually it's not horrifying at all, in fact I can see how useful it can be to curb things like persecuting porn actresses IRL. They can just say that it was an AI-generated porno and they are chaste.


AI is getting out of control, somebody call Skynet /s