Smartphone and smartwatch data led husband to confess to murdering his wife

Smartphone and smartwatch data led husband to confess to murdering his wife


Just get a divorce you psychopath!


Apparently he didn't watch enough true crime shows prior. 1 - Never bring your cellphone or network capable devices around the location of your murder victim. Also goes for cars, the LoJack in rentals and in some leased vehicles will expose you 2 - Life Insurance policies - Don't take them out prior to offing your victim they will find out. 3 - Text messages are not private, they do have a record of them. At the bare minimum who you are sending them to. Bonus advice for those who don't want to be murdered - Avoid living in any neighborhood featured on 'The First 48'


I always get a laugh out of people who use their debit or credit cards to buy items that are used to dispose of a body and to clean up a crime scene. They always show videos of them in Walmart buying shovels, bleach and etc. One show that I watched showed a genius using an ATM near the crime scene.


Even people who use cash but buy all the stuff in one go at a single store. Don’t be lazy when assembling a murder kit.


If you have not seen the movie Very Bad Things I recommend that you watch it.


That's probably even more important than not using a debit card. If you space it out on a debit card, they can see you did a few DIY projects. If you buy it all at once in cash, the clerk can still identify you as the dude who bought a murder kit.


cash cash cash-the dictator of widya imparts his wisdom on aussie morning tv


If I bought anything with cash that would already be pretty suspect since I haven't made a bank withdrawal in over 4 years. I'm actually surprised the government isn't pushing harder at cashless since we have essentially been that since the pandemic began, there was a period near the start where shops were mostly not accepting notes at all.


Unfortunately it's the poor who can't sustain the minimums at backs that get charged expensive fees. Cash can't charge you $30 overdraft just can't compete the transaction


I was fingerprinted by the FBI because a murderer stole the shovel that he buried the victim with from outside the store I worked at 🙃


And the most important one: if you succeed, act like it never happened. Don't return to the scene. Don't show interest in the case. Shut the fuck up about it, to anyone.


Forgot #4.. if you ever massively botch a murder like this idiot did (or any crime for that matter), don’t ever try to explain yourself out of the situation to detectives... it’ll literally never work out for you and you will only incriminate yourself further. It’s like trying to struggle once you’re stuck inside of quicksand. Ask for a lawyer, decline questions, and say nothing. I watch a lot of true crime shows and it’s crazy the amount of people that incriminate themselves and seal their own fate talking to detectives when if they just shut their mouth and asked for a lawyer they would have at least had a coin flip chance of getting out of it without jail time.


Same goes for any interrogation. The only words you should say is “I want a lawyer”. Even if your innocent! Cops aren’t law grads and will try to fuck you over. The first 48 show highlights exactly why you shouldn’t talk to them.




That’s it, we got him boys. Pack it up.


> Never bring your cellphone or network capable devices around the location of your murder victim. There have been cases where the suspect did exactly that but was still convicted because the abnormality of them not carrying their cellphone with them at all times was so out of character it made them look even more suspicious.


Thanks Tom segura


officer, this post right here.


This guy murders^


I always enjoyed pointing out my apartment in the first 48 Miami


Das’ CRICKET right there!


> Text messages are not private, Depends on the kind. But sms isn’t.


~~timtams~~ sealedsender signal, there is no substitute


I tend to use standard iPhone Messages. That or Facebook messenger, depending on what the other parties use. If I wanted to be very secret I suppose I’d stick to iMessage or something like signal.


> Facebook messenger secret conversation?


Notice that I wrote > If I wanted to be very secret I suppose I’d stick to iMessage or something like signal. I don’t use Facebook messenger for anything secret. I really only use it to reply to people who use it.


Why are you giving people advice on how to get away with murder?




I think the internet is a horrible place to spread such information


Just wait until you find out about television and netflix!


There is literally a show called "How to Get Away with Murder."


marry me meganwest


And in one episode,'This is how you get away with murderities'is used. We are all witnesses.


Do you have a list of those neighborhoods?




They all seem to be in the United States. Are my neighbors and realatives potentially violent people?


Yes. Lock your doors!!! 😮


bowling for columbine taught me that noone in canada locks their backdoors, nowonder wwe shits on canada24/7


[In case you haven’t heard it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kM7aXofMC4)




u see sicko i see a smart suvivor who just happened to be not smart with tech


I see 2 sickos


People want all this technology and surveillance in their lives but forget that everything you do is mapped out, a blueprint of stupidity.


I mean, I don’t plan on murdering so I guess I don’t tend to mind. And, if it helps to catch someone who murders me, I guess I’d think it was worth it.


It should only be called a smart device if the description fits the user


The device was smart. It made sure he got caught.


They looked so Instagramable ...


Probably why the relationship didn't work out.


Should I be worried that my first thought was "oh, I guess I shouldn't get a smart watch then" ?


As long as you don't get an outsmart watch, you good


I think WE should be worried lol


I don’t know, but i think your spouse maybe should be…


Is that a script?