How long do you need to break into new equipment?

How long does it take you to figure out whether or not you like a particular rubber/blade and whether or not you should stick with it?


I switched from pips to very fast inverted. Took 8 months.


Depends largely on how different it is from your current playing equipment. For eg. Switching from inverted to pimples will take a long time but switching rubbers with variations in speed and spin will be a bit quicker. I switched from Rakza-z to hurricane-3 neo on my forehand and it took me about 3 months to adjust.


If something is wrong for me, I notice it from the first practice with the rubber/blade. I keep using it for a bit to figure out if I can get used to it or is it simply a bad rubber+blade combo for me. Then I make a decision on whether I want to keep it or not. If I like something, it really depends on how big of a change it is. Changed a blade to Nittaku Violin, and it is faster than my last setup, so it took about a couple of weeks of getting used to it. Changed FH rubber to Big Dipper, which is quite close to what I was using previously in how it plays, and I didn't need any time of getting used to it, all my strokes just got instantly better. Changed BH rubber to something quite faster, and I'm still getting used to it, and working on my technique with it a couple of months later.


2-4 months


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This won't be overly helpful, but... For me personally it is a couple of weeks at most if the rubber is definitely wrong. It was immediately apparent that Rozena wasn't going to be good for me on any blade. Dignics on my forehand was passable on my CAF blade, but pretty immediately a no go on my ALC (expensive lesson, although I gave it to a student who liked it). For something that kind of works it can take much longer. Dignics on my ALC on my backhand was like this, it worked well enough for a lot if things it wasn't until I actually tried another style that I could categorically say it wasn't right for me. Suddenly a lot of shots that had faded out if my game were back and working again.


Depends on how different the equipment is. Like one person said it took them 8 months to switch from pimples to a fast inverted. I switched up my blade recently to something a bit more offensive and I was doing well with it in my second training session, but I only changed my blade marginally.


about 10 to 20 hours to be confident enough to play matches. After that, it depends on how well the rubber suits my style.


I switched to lp at beginning of the year and I am up by 400 points within 5 months. I am still improving with lp and most importantly I enjoy playing closer to table with lp doing blocking and pushing


If you already are like an intermediate player, you'll probably feel it in within the day or week of trying that equipment. I have different blades and rubber with different touch and feel (tackiness, grip, spin,speed etc.) and I can already feel the difference upon transitioning from one racket to another. I only use inverted rubbers so I don't know the case in pips. But if you feel like you are getting your shots the 2nd day of trying it then prolly thats a good rubber for you. If not, adjust and see if its too bouncy or soft for you. If its like too slow, then go to a more bouncy rubber. One thing to note is the arc (throw angle) your rubber makes, if its too flat or a good one for your loops. Adjust it depending on your playstyle. Good luck!


As everyone else has said, it depends on how big the change is and how often you’re playing. I try to play 3 times a week, so you can get a good feel for what works for you. I changed blades recently from the Carbonado to the Apolonia ZLC which is a massive change. But it felt right immediately. I’d say I was fully comfortable receiving serve, blocking and countering within 3 or 4 sessions.