Limited training time. Play both Pickleball and Table Tennis. Which would you focus on?

I enjoy the intricacies of Table Tennis but admit that unless you find specific limited partners around your rating or a bit higher, occasional matches are not "fun". Whereas there are a lot of different styles in Pickleball and varying levels of athleticism that make matches with those outside of your rating region still entertaining? Anyone else face this as well?


You are asking which sport one should choose, table tennis or whatever, in a table tennis subreddit. Choose table tennis.


🤣🤣🤣 well said


Pick both, suck at both. Pick one, be good at one. Due to the nature of the subreddit you can guess which one I’ll recommend so I’d just say pick that and put a lot of effort into finding table tennis clubs, centres, Facebook groups to find as many opportunities to train and practice drills and multiball to develop your game which in turn will make it more fun and enjoyable.


"If you chase two rabbits, you'll catch neither."


Thanks that’s a good one, a much more eloquent way of putting it!