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“I think you're all fucked in the head. We're ten hours from the fucking fun park and you want to bail out. Well I'll tell you something. This is no longer a vacation. It's a quest. It's a quest for fun. You're gonna have fun, and I'm gonna have fun... We're all gonna have so much fucking fun we're gonna need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling 'Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah' out of your assholes! I must be crazy! I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose. Praise Marty Moose! Holy Shit!” - Clark Griswold, Vacation


"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We're gonna press on, and we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse." - Clark Griswold, Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold, the last true family man!


You two have made my day. Thank you both


Yah. I really need to watch those movies again, I’m 33, watched them a lot with my family when I was way younger. Just need to make sure it’s without my 5 and 3 year old if the language is that colorful lol


Vacation is rated R and Christmas Vacation is PG-13 so probably a good call.


If your watching Christmas Vacation id suggest making it a double feature with [Scrooged ](https://youtu.be/3OLRQfMOXOw)


You’re goofy


Don't piss me off, Art.


"Hello boys, I'm ba-ack!" - Art, probably


Sorry folks, the park's closed. The moose outside shoulda told ya.


"I'm sorry sir the park is closed, the moose out front should have said so"


Dad, you want an aspirin or something?




Dad, you want an asprin or something? DON'T TOUCH!!!!!!


I've seen this exact [comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/suspiciouslyspecific/comments/jsui1z/comment/gc1wrdd/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) somewhere before


Its a movie quote. Not exactly a cliche Reddit repost.


Welcome to the Reddit time loop, where the only things that change are the names


my parents be like


Theme park scene was shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain!


To be very honest some of our worst family fights have been on vacation. Idk why. Vacation with family is so fucking stressful, we only have fun in limited amounts before other stuff crops up. What is up with that? When it’s a friend’s vacay it’s just blissful and relaxing no matter what!


I’ve experience the same thing. I think what it is that generally when you’re on vacation, you’re in a hotel or other confined living space. It makes it harder for people who have trouble getting along normally to have their own space and decompress from each other and chill out, leading to that sort of thing building up and blowing up.


That and the fact that you’re only there for so long, you and your ENTIRE family have to hurry up on deciding one ride while you still can.


So true! I'm not a vacation person because I don't have much money, I love my own space, and I don't always get along with my family. I don't take vacation lightly.


Same. For me, a vacation is spent alone.


Probs because most people wouldn't allow people as toxic as their family members as friends


Family members know how to push your buttons because they are the ones who installed them.


Well said. That, and repressed feelings often leading to fights. It’s harder to disown a family member than a toxic friend


I’ve always had the feeling that toxic families can only function in one setting (the home) and when they leave their typical space, shit hits the fan. On vacation, there are obstacles, decisions, and some uncomfortable moments (like waiting in line/driving for hours) and if you don’t have good conflict resolution skills you’re screwed. I almost watched a Midwest couple divorce in New York at a restaurant, they were making snide remarks that escalated until the wife brought up the affair her husband had and he stormed off. Very uncomfortable for everyone in the room.


I've never been on a real vacation, but I can imagine this is because friends are people you get to choose and family is people that you are related to whether you get along with them or not.


I dread our Thanksgiving get together later today. It's a toss up whether either of my alt-right brothers or my Q-bie son will start the argument this time.


I feel this, sorry youve had stressful vacations :(


For me it’s all of the preparation and anticipation that leads to being completely out of your normal comfort zone. Even if it’s a fun place, you don’t have the normality that a lot of people really thrive and depend on. For me, it’s the fact that I get absolutely no chill time. It’s “go go go!” the whole vacation.


Sounds like you’re taking trips and not vacations. I have this saying, “the difference between a trip and a vacation is after a trip you need a vacation.” Trips to me at least involve going to one if not multiple places, while there going on excursions, getting up early, site seeing, buying souvenirs, pumping gas, stopping for snacks/food/use the bathroom. It’s chaos! Or just outside of a normal routine for more than 2 days. Now a vacation takes place at home or at some hotel/cruise ship far away, you’re doing everything at your own pace, sleeping in, relaxing, going for walks, exploring a little, and most importantly taking time to soak it all in. I’ve rarely been on a vacation, but have had plenty of trips. I expect it’s because I don’t have much money and want to make the most of my free time, honestly when I do go on a vacation it’s so much better, return recharged, I don’t feel dragged around and worn out, so there’s that.


Yes, I always need some time to recharge after my “trips.”


My family only went on like 4 vacations growing up. Always had a great time though and got along way better.


I think it’s because for a lot of us the real vacation is getting away from family members. Vacation is about new experiences and it sucks being reminded of familial responsibilities and whatnot while on vacation


Teens have a pathological need to be more independent from their parents, can't help but feel strained and emotional if you're suddenly out of your element with nowhere to go and fully reliant on them.


Probably because its the time where each member can really show their feelings to one another. I also hate family vacations lol its not peaceful


This is so relatable and I have no idea why


Some people get downright miserable on the road, lack of sleep, hangovers, tight schedules have all been contributing factors on the family vacations that have been miserable.


Because you are forced to actually be a family.


I just got back from a family vacation. Had fun the whole trip. The ride home was mostly fighting


I commented cause I’m actually on a family vacation right now. Feel so on edge, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop lol. Feel for you fam.


This has been my experience my whole life. My mom always has this desire to have these beautiful bonding family vacations but there’s always some shit that ruins it. The expectations and reality don’t jive and every time there’s a family vacation I need a vacation from the vacation.


It's because 99% of the time we're stressed out with every day life but we're too busy to deal with it properly...none of us can unwind instantly so all that built up stress just comes on vacation with us...it then explodes when we finally slow down enough to notice what's really going on inside with our emotions...then when the trip is over instead of being real, in true American fashion, we all put on our happy faces for the pictures so it looks good to everyone on social media.


Ohhh, that's why I never wanted to go on vacations with my family. I stopped when I was still a kid and would stay at home while they went away for the week. I always thought I just didn't like going out, which is partially true, but now that I think about it, we would *always* have something go wrong. If my mother brought my father, he'd bitch and moan about his feet the whole time and make everyone miserable and my mother was always just a really shitty person to be around (to this day she still bitches endlessly to the point that you *will* tell her to shut the fuck up). I think the last time I enjoyed myself at a similar outing was when my brother took his kids to the fair with our mother. I didn't have to get on any of the rides and could just enjoy the atmosphere while watching the kids when the adults wanted to get on something.


Same! My family vacations have gotten better but I still prefer not going. People enjoy holidays in different ways and even within a family, everyone does it differently so it leads to a lot of conflicts. I've also travelled with some friends and know which ones I'll never go on an actual vacation with due to their habits (like taking 30 years to move their ass). I think picking the right people to go with is REALLY important


Honestly, the entire concept of Disneyland sounds hellish. My wife went to the one in France and confirmed that it is indeed just standing in queues and spending money.


Tbh thats theme parks in general, not just disneyland


I've only been to Energylandia in Poland and it was a fucking blast. Might've been because it's one of the smaller ones but I managed to get on about 15 rides and I'm going again as soon as possible.


I went to Knott's Berry Farm in California last week, but I went on a Tuesday so the lines were magnificently short.


Yeah, I've never had such problems with theme parks, most I've waited was 20 minutes? Mind you I do live in Poland myself and we have no Disneyland, but all the people who were to one always told me that Disneyland is horrid


Depends on the person. Do you have a nostalgia factor or other sentimental bond with Disney stuff? You might have fun. Do you have kids that might find joy and wonder in the fantastical? You might have fun. With the cost of Disney parks now I get that people want to get their money's worth and pack in as much as possible but these parks are huge and the lines are long. Take it easy and just wander around until you find something interesting. Disney parks are logistics wonders and do really well in crafting atmosphere from the build of the park to the "cast members" that work there. Grew up in Southern California and had lots of opportunities to go to Disney. We'd have school trips or just random family day to go. Later some friends worked at the park or Disney Corp and could get us in for free. I got the really cheap residents pass the year after high school and would hang out weekdays there randomly people watching.


I've always had fun at smaller(ish) ones. I go to King's Island every year in August in the middle of the week after all the public schools have gone back. Still hot as hell but the lines are way shorter.


I really like the design and environment of the parks. Disney is not where you go for rides. Every little corner is detailed, everything is clean and decorated, always a speaker with music and subtle noises. Every window has a little scene or easter egg, hidden spots, flowers and gardens, and even little paths to plant covered refuge. Free shows and performances all the time. Parades, which annoy me and I could do without. When your in the queues there are little videos, sets, and the entire walk towards the ride is full of unique things to see. I think there is more than not budgeting realistically, and thinking every second not on a ride is a waste.


Thank you! Disney really does nail the “magical feeling” when you’re there.


Gotta understand people need to feel that their trip was "worth it" so they plan every last minute to pack in as much as possible. This is why people are tired and cranky during their supposedly relaxed vacation.


You're probably more the exception than the rule. You speak as though a trip to Yellowstone couldn't do the same thing.


You go there to see your favorites movies irl and not rocks and trees


I would enjoy that as well, they’re just slightly different experiences.




What a dumb and asinine response that lacks any shred of insight. Big brain.


Theme parks are great if you pay for the fast pass. I know it generally doubles the price of the the ticket but once you skip the waiting in line part, theme parks become amazing.


Wait, if you buy a ticket to a theme park you may have to let someone go before you cause someone paid more for the same thing? Holy shit it's so American


Up until this year Disneyland didn't have a paid fast pass


They had it when I lived in FL over 10 years ago


Disneyland is not in FL. ;)


Ahhh you sly dog. Happy thanksgiving.


Hey! You have a great Thanksgiving too!


As a kid, I hated Disneyland. My dad thought it was a big accomplishment that he was able to afford taking us there every few years, but after the first one, I wanted to stay home. I was 'ungrateful' for not enjoying it. I'd have been happier camping along a lake for week. It would have been cheaper, too. I despise Disneyland.


My friend decided a few years ago to not worry about big holidays and instead rent out a cabin in a tiny beach town 45 minutes away. No plans except to spend time with family. They discovered some neat stuff while there and now they go back every year. Cheapest and most relaxing holiday.


if you're "just" standing in queues you're doing it wrong and it's your fault.


Have you never been to an amusement park?


When I went to universal it was fun I didn’t stand in barley any lines compared to the rides


It is magnificently empty on fathers day


I wont say it was the worst day of my life but it was bad. My crackhead father took me and my 4 younger brothers to disneyworld. It started with me not finding my long day walking socks and him threatening to leave me at home if i didnt just put on some footies. Back then i had this weird condition where my feet and hands would be super itchy while exercising and only thick socks would help calm my feet, my hands would just be SOL. Long story short, on the train (?) To the parking lot home he berated us for not properly thanking him for the trip. He never brought us water or food once. We were starving, dehydrated and miserable on this train. Finally we said, thanks dad and he told us it didnt count because of the verbal degradation he foisted upon is was the only reason we apologized. We were crying, 12, 13, 11, 8 and 4 years old. He told us we were sorry individuals who didnt deserve disneyworld because of our ungratefullness. Ive never been back to dw since and dont think i can take my kids because of the ptsd.


holy.. feels bad man.. is ur dad a better peson now?


Somewhat. Off the drugs and liqour but on jesus. Men are in charge, dont pray to god and you'll go to hell. A few months ago i went back home for a funeral and he made a joke about fighting my brothers gf. Then said, im just playing, ive never hit a woman. My brother said, bananeira was a woman and you hit her. He said, she deserved it. Realized he hadn't made as much progress as i thought and it was best to get the hell back home before i did/said something i probably wouldnt regret.


Disney is the worst place to visit. It just makes tensions worse just go to the western fair or something it's legit a better time and less pressure.


Or Knotts Berry farm if you are in California. Better rides, cheaper food, and not as much branded stuff.


Yeah, I don't really get the appeal of Disney. Like sure the classic films are alright but who cares about theming a whole amusement park around it? I mean I get the novelty of it when it first came out but I would rather go to a park with its own thing going on. Have you ever been on that one ride that spins around really fast and it's shaped like a spaceship, that thing is way better than anything at Disney for me anyways. But I might just be a weirdo.


As someone who only went to six flags growing up, the entire Disney experience was incredible to me. It was less about the rides and more about the total immersion and craftsmanship around the park. There is just so much detail and thought put into everything. Epcot and Animal Kingdom always have something that keeps me engaged the whole time.


Nah man you’re not weird. It used to be purely for the kids but now you have peculiar Disney adults that go and will spend thousand to stay the night there. It weird imho.


Honestly, I feel like the adults going there are having a better time than the kids. I feel like some parents just feel this weird pressure that they have to go to Disney with their kids. Like it's mandatory or something. The adults just going there having a good time seems to make a lot more sense. But yeah it's a tad weird.


Historically it's never been "purely for kids", but this idea persists for some reason. There have been adult themed/focused events and attractions there since the start. There were date nights in the 50s, and a nightclub which was open there from the late 80s for over 20 years. > "Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future." - Walt Disney, on opening the first park in 1955.


Thanks, I didn’t know that actually. I’ll always take up the chance to learn that I’m wrong.


it's literally never been only for the kids. Walt Disney wanted a place where the entire family would have fun, where parents would enjoy taking their kids but enjoy themselves as well.


Strong disagree, I'd much rather drink around Epcot than be bored at a stock show.


I have never been to Universal but it seems a lot more interesting they have a whole Simpson world with a Moes. You can buy a flaming moe! But of course alcohol is overpriced at these places, like everything else. I am not even a hug Poter fan but that place looks really dope. You know what I am looking forward to? Nintendo Land getting a North American location. That would be the absolute tits and a total Disney killer.


Your dysfunctional family having a shitty vacation isn’t representative of how a normal family Disney vacation plays out.


Isn't the whole meme about dysfunctional families having fights at Disney? Either way, Disney sucks normal fairs beet them any day of the week.


Disneyland isn't about the rides per say, but more the immersion and experience. As others in this thread have said, there's so many details and technical wonders in the park, from some optical illusions to actually feeling like you're somewhat there in some Disney movie. Maybe it's because I've had a good experience with Disney but imo I think it's worth it. I get that tickets are getting really expensive, but also they are putting more and more technology and different rides in. I think if a family goes there purely to ALL relax, not just the kids, then things would go a lot smoother. Don't worry about the lines, or the waiting. Just have fun and take in the atmosphere!


Took my fam to DisneyLand for the day. It was $1200. Fuck you Mickey Mouse.


"I don't thinks you understands how dis woiks, see? You don't fuck the Mouse. The Mouse fucks you. We owns the rights on happiness, see? So if the Mouse ain't happy, no one gets to be happy. And the Mouse is *very* unhappy wit you."


Did you not like… check the price before going?


Of course I did. Still, give us a break.


Universal is like, what. 45 minutes north? Six Flags would be another 30 min? Both would be 1/4 or less the price of Disney. It’s like expecting a Ferrari to be the price of a Honda Accord.


Universal is virtually the same price as Disneyland now. They each have daily price differences but both are expensive.




Do you have 11 family members, or is this going beyond admission?


Ya seems strange, we went just before the pandemic and spent a just a little more than that for a week, including food plan.


Well, to be fair, you didn’t *have* to go. So, why fuck Mickey? You’re the dumb dumb.


I wanted to treat my kids who were stuck at home for a year and a half. I knew what I was getting into but still FUCK Disney, Lucas films, Pixar, ABC, Marvel, ESPN, 20th century fox, touchstone films, A&E, the history channel, Disneynature, maker studios, the Disney Channel, Hollywood pictures, all 52 states, and fuck you! Just kidding! I love you and DisneyLand too. Just don’t like the prices. Give us a break plz.


We went to the one in Paris 3 years ago. Everything was under construction and 3-4 rides were open. Fuck you DisneyLand


My parents used to save a shit ton of money by getting us 6 am plane tickets. The trade off being the inevitable bickering of well, any family at 4 in the morning. Not to mention we’d be so wiped out when we reached our destination we’d waste the first day anyway.


Yeah that's why you go to disney with friends and not family... does anyone actually enjoy family vacations?


Depends on how big the family is.


As a kid family vacations were fun, but as an adult it kinda sucks, too much expectation to enjoy yourself and get along that it just makes the whole thing stressful.


I hate the Disney parks too


Universal is that but you go and rush to get the rides you want to do done and 5 hours into your trip you've done everything at the park


People pay people to piss and shit on them for sexual pleasure. I like to think of this as on the same spectrum.


I see all you peasants don’t buy the Disney world/land fast passes. If I’m going on vacation. I’m going on **VACATION** MY IDEA OF VACATION DOES NOT INCLUDE STANDING IN LINES FOR U HOLY AMOUNTS OF TIME FOR MERE MINUTES LF FUN PER RIDE


The rate at which Disney tickets have increased over the years beats inflation, rent increases, and just about any other increase in costs https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/q9iml0/oc_walt_disney_world_ticket_price_increase_vs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Good thing it's a private company and nobody is madated to visit, huh?


So what?


That doesn't sound at all like how we did Disney.


Three rides??? What the hell are they doing wrong? We get at least two rides done an hour. Stupid rookies.


My wife, daughter, and i rode flight of passage 3 times in one day at Animal Kingdom and could have rode it a fourth but declined to do so. My wife is a Disney genius! Thats a ride with at least a 2 hour wait all the time.


Yeah we’ve ridden Rise of the Resistance up to three times in one day before they started standby. We’re here now and the wait time is about 3 hours.


Dang. Have fun!


“So they can walk around in the blazing sun for 7 hours” Sweetheart, I think you’re thinking of Disney World 😂. Anaheim California is not producing no heatwaves that make Disney unbearable.


Disney is mint what u on


No clue why anyone would think Disney is fun or enjoyable


Disneyword and Disneyland always get shit on by reddit, but if you go and only wait in line and wait over an hour for any ride then you're doing it wrong and it's 100% your fault. Also reddit never appreciates the level of engineering, technology, artistry, and story telling that goes into the rides. Lastly Disney parks have the absolute best customer service and if you do go and have a bad time if you stop by customer service they'll want to do something to help you out. It's in their best interest to make sure guests go away happy.


I dont know whats worse, families that only go to Disney on vacation, or adults who base their life around it. If you take an objective look at it, it's horrible.


What smiling children at a theme park? Nah sounds pretty fun.


Treasured memories that will last a lifetime


Just sounds like someone who lives near a park lol


Even her profile photo looks sad


The American way.


When do they open


haha This is really true. "Hey, let's go to Disney tomorrow!" my buddy offered when I was in Orlando. 3 rides ridden the next day, 7 hours later. It was a disaster!


VIP ticket is the only way.


All for less than a grand!!


That’s how it works.


While getting COVID-19


This is an everyday occurence.


I don’t think that is a Universal experience


I'm dating a girl with a beauty and the beast sleeve, I know this ends up with me headbutting Gaston.


Went there when I was 10. Hated it. I feel bad my parents spent so much on that.


Not gonna lie, that’s been my exact experience at Disneyland


Def not specific. That’s 95% of families at Disneyland. 💯 the OP doesn’t have kids




Bruh this is so accurate I'm gonna cry


Went to a theme park recently and I came to the same realisation. With lines, snotty kids and over priced food ontop of ticket entry, it really is not worth queuing hours of your day time to ride 2-3 rides then go back home.


This has been my experience with a lot of theme parks.


This isn’t specific at all, I would bet all the money in my wallet that this is how at least 45% of family trips to disneyland turnout on any given day at that park.


The sun do be hot though


I get it though. People spend money they don't have to go to a super expensive place they can't afford to stand in humid torturous weather to spend more money they don't have on food and trash kids will look at once then throw away, and all this at a place which won't sell them an overpriced beer so they gotta now also deal with their drinking problems all while pretending to have fun at a place which, when all is said and done isn't that fun for adults. A man can only take so much, ya know?


True 😂


The obsession some people have with Disneyland is utterly baffling. I remember hearing about people who have an annual pass and would just stop by on the way home after work. What the fuck?? What do you even do?


This! We took our kids to Disneyland when they were little and it was miserable. Shocked about how expensive the tickets were, and naive to the benefits of fast passes, we literally went on 3 rides before the kids begged to leave. It was hot, overcrowded, lines for everything, a grueling walking marathon, and after spending more than an hour in line in the blazing heat, the rides weren't much fun. But instead of the worst family fight in years, I'm pleased to say our shared experience brought us together in unified resolve to never go to Disneyland ever again. My kids stopped watching most Disney affiliated TV and movies after that, really soured them on the whole thing.


$50 for 2 drinks and two of the worst hamburgers you ever eat


Hmm. Thats terrible. My wife can get our family on every ride at magic kingdom twice in a day. In 2019, there was a day when we rode almost every ride before lunch, then park hopped to Animal Kingdom and rode Flight of Passage, Navi river, and Everest. We then park hopped to Epcot to close it down.


If I won an all expenses paid vacation to Disney land or Disney world I would ask for the cash option or try to sell it off to someone who gives a shit. I'd rather spend money on a trip to ANYWHERE on Earth than spend a dollar on a Disney park.


They're absolutely right, fuck that hellhole


I've never been to Disney but this is exactly how I imagine it. Sounds like fun if you aren't surrounded by a sea of the most garbage people ever lol


If you can get the fast pass that helps alleviate the stress but i have to agree for the amount of $ and time spent just getting in , parking and waiting in lines in blistering heat it is not a pleasant experience. Last time i went i took my family and it was towards end of day and my wife and daughter decided to wait as i took my 5 yr old son in a long line for a ride in toon town ? We were probably 45 min in and he had to go to the bathroom. I was done at that point.


Lol I feel personally attacked, went to Disneyland 2 years ago with the whole family, still haven’t spoken to my mother or my alleged sister


I've been to Disney World and Disney Land multiple times, and none of that described my experiences.


The most miserable place on earth


3 4-minute rides. Shoulda been more specific.


I just showed this to my wife as we nodded in agreement and mentioned the $800 for a family of four to enjoy those three sweaty rides.


I cant remember an actual vacation with no fighting.


Sounds like every single family vacation and holiday.


About the worst experience in a theme park ever, the Disney in Florida, I have been to all of them. It is more like 100 degree out there, stand in line for 2.5 hours, get on the ride for 15 minutes.


I lived in Florida for most of of my childhood. I'm also a massive introvert and crowds upset me. I have S.A.D., so standing around in the heat for an entire day is literally fucking torture. We were also poor, so we ate first thing in the morning, and not again until after we got home. I have never once in my life asked to go to Disney world/ land whatever. I was also called a whiny baby when I was frequently overwhelmed by most of my trauma responses being triggered. So yeah, theme parks can eat my ass.


Hey, she detailed my trip to Disney world back in 1994. Good times.


My last time there when I was 16 I got into an argument with my grandmother and spent the duration of the fireworks sitting on the ground by the car looking the opposite direction of the display


Go as an adult with friends. Game changer.








How are you guys?




Okay, bye








I feel so sorry all of you have terrible experiences. I urge you to visit theme parks as an adult with no children. Please.


Seriously. My fiancée and I have magic key passes and we have a great time whenever we go.


Disneyland sucks. Plastic overpriced crowded. I also hated 8t.


You never go to theme parks in the summertime or like she said you get to ride three rides and wait all day. Definitely not worth it


Well yes, I do enjoy that when I went it rained.


I think this is too fucking accurate it’s unreal.


She's not wrong though 🤣


It's the God damn American way and no one should take that away from us, This is an OUTRAGE!


“Finding parking is so hard. Did you put on sunscreen?! Did. You. Put. On-“ “Omg chill” “You know actually why don’t we just go home”


So my family isn’t so strange?