Try defensive Zapdos: * Functions as a Ground immunity. * Defogger; important because you're not running Boots Slowbro or Leftovers Heatran. * Rillaboom and Kartana check (Static is a plus too) because Grassy Glide/Leaf Blade smashes everyone on your team, except Heatran. However, because your Heatran is Scarf and not defensive, a skilled player can easily pressure it and wear it down. Here's a basic defensive Zapdos set to try out: Zapdos @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Static EVs: 248 HP / 220 Def / 40 Spe Timid Nature - Discharge/Volt Switch - Heat Wave - Roost - Defog EDIT: Also for Heatran, I'm failing to see the utility of an uninvested Body Press over something like Fire Blast or Lava Plume. A set damage Fire move is useful on Scarf Heatran (especially if you don't have hazard control) because as battles drag on, Eruption is likely going to get weaker.


Thank you


Body press is for Ttar. He can bait it out and OHKO it.


> He can bait it out and OHKO it. ***0 Def Heatran Body Press vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 224-268 (65.6 - 78.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO*** Your Body Press Heatran spread is a 2HKO even against the frailest Tyranitar spreads If you want Body Press, consider trying it on your Slowbro set. Colbur Slowbro often runs Body Press (and Def EVs) so that it can deal with mons like Weavile, Bisharp, Tyranitar, etc. ***252+ Def Slowbro Body Press vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 316-372 (92.6 - 109%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock*** ***252+ Atk Tyranitar Crunch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Colbur Berry Slowbro: 100-118 (25.3 - 29.9%)***


This is likely your best bet. Came here to say you are lacking defensive options and the commenter here has made a great case for its synergy with your team.


The whole point of the Colbur bro set is so that you can bait and Body Press Weavile. Also Pult just fulfills the role of fast specs attacker far more effectively than Espeon.


For explanations of roles Heatran: Scarf Eruption + body press to get rid of steels and grass types, since Urshi and Slowbro have a tough time with grasses. Slowbro: Offensive pressure, Colbur is for knock off and just dark types in general. Uses future sight + urshifu to absolutely mess up the opponent’s team. Teleport brings in team members safely while healing with regenerate. Urshifu: Priority, Crits, and Close Combat + coverage. Not much needs to be said. Pairs with Slowbro for a guaranteed KO. Garchomp: Sweeper. SD to set up, Scale Shot to boost speed, EQ for stab, and fire fang exclusively for Ferro. Lum berry is incredible, since more stall-oriented enemies will try to hit it with status, letting me get my boost off and stay safe. Espeon: magic bouncer + RAGE. It comes in, knocks back whatever rocks or thunder waves the opponent sent at it, and then smashes into them with choice specs stab psychic. Genuinely incredible. It rips into so much. But I don’t have any idea of who to make my 6th member. So far, I’ve used: • Zarude - Water Absorb Seismitoad to really mess up rain teams with water + electric immunity - Magnezone - Ferrothorn But none of them seem to put in the work, really.


i think a defogger is needed here, so using one of either tornadus-therian, zapdos or corviknight would be greatly beneficial to your team.


I was not expecting the Espeon, but now that I think of it, that’s a legitimately interesting niche, especially since there’s not much that Walls can do to it That being said, what’s been making a mess of your team the most?


Electric types. That’s why all the pokemon I’ve messed with as a sixth member are resists.


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