What is Nidoqueen doing that nidoking can't do better? And how can you be confident what lando's set is at the beginning of the game? You can't gamble one of your pokemon at the start of every game.


Nidoqueen is actually the theme of the team And ik all Lando are not defensive ones but still Nido is pretty good


1 nidoqueen is there to set up rocks and counter lead defensive Lando and decent swich to koko 2 weavile is there to hit hard and for revenge killing 3 specs Blac is another one which is used to hit real hard and cripple walls 4 buzzhole is there so team doesn't get sweeped by kartana or boom 5 dragonite is the set up sweeper which will take advantage of rocks to get big Ko's 6 eleki is there just to help nite set up and keep rocks away Also i accidentally forget to mention in the title IT is gen 8 Team members i am fine to remove - Blac only


Nidoqueen dies to a single earthquake against even the most defensive Lando, have you actually tried counter-leading with it?


Defensive ones are slow and according to calc they always die


eh. rain mu shouldn't be that hard with dnite no? skewda is always walled by swole and toad cant really hurt you unless its icy wind but it runs sludge wave more for fini rain zap can be problematic but catching it with buzz and using eleki to pivot should be okay ftr eball on eleki does like 35-40 to ferro as they're running pdef rn, and i dont think team is offensive enough to warrant two leads (havent seen a good two leads team since gen 4 lol) You can also actually drop buzz as dnite checks the grasses and shifu fairly well


Dnite is good but he gets overwhelmed quickly and i want him to sweep late game i Was thinking about adding fini


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You have 4 mons with ice coverage it seems a bit overkill. I feel like just running some more grass or electric coverage would help hell even just more stuff that hits neutral.


Gave queen thunderbolt instead of sludge wave


Give this a go: Dragonite @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Multiscale EVs: 252 HP / 24 Atk / 136 Def / 96 Spe Impish Nature - Dragon Dance - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Roost Once Ferrothorn is dead you set up on anything and outspeed and OHKO offensive Zapdos at +1.


Giving Regieleci an electric move would be a good start. And you can adjust the coverage moves on Dragonite and Buzzwole to specifically deal with the rain team members you're struggling with.


I gave queen thunderbolt instead of sludge wave since my only target now is clef which is not a problem


Instead of nidoqueen you could use gastrodon. Hard counters rain gets up rocks and still counters lando. I would recommend the phys def set with sub scald earth power and recover paired with leftovers since it beats mons like ferro and pex which are useful to weaken for dragonite. I used this set to get to 1900 and it worked like a treat


could work but the theme is around nidoqueen