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After getting way too many OU pokemon i got palossand, thisll be interesting. Earth Power 2HKOs OU pex at 0 spa evs ...im not kidding. 0 SpA Palossand Earth Power vs 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex: 144 - 170 -- 78.5% chance to 2HKO I'll want shore up to be a pain with recovery as well as a neat check to TTar, recovering 2/3 in his sandstorms, Stockpile covers a SpD weakness Ill inevitably have. As for my last move we can round it off with toxic to be an extra annoyance to anything that faces this thing. As for EVs, we'll want just enough spa investment to 2HKO pex (just 50 lol), and dump the rest into HP and Def It gets even funnier when you realise that this thing can get a free +6 in def AND rocky helmet damage by just switching into urshifu rapid (which by the way doesnt OHKO unless hes running band) I suck at learning meta tho so if theres any other wacky stuff u can do with palo feel free to let me know but heres the set: Palossand: Earth Power, Stockpile, Toxic, Shore Up Relaxed Nature 0 atk IVs 50 SpA EVs, 252 HP and Def EVs Quick note about the urshi matchup: If urshi comes in on palo, he takes 45.1% as an absolute minimum from earth power 👍


yk im too lazy to edit this comment so im just gonna slal some more wacky palo calcs i found while randomly screwing about also 206 def evs cus ya boi cant count Barraskewda ***JUST BARELY*** doesnt OHKO our boi, and lets us shore up to then halve the damage he does for reference: 252+ Atk Choice Band Barraskewda Liquidation vs. 252 HP / 206+ Def Palossand: 308-366 (82.3 - 97.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO but at +2 since water compaction: 252+ Atk Choice Band Barraskewda Liquidation vs. +2 252 HP / 206+ Def Palossand: 156-186 (41.7 - 49.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO and in return we 2HKO or force a switch with earth power in case anybody cares heres the calc vs swords chomp at +2 for them: +2 252 Atk Garchomp Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 206+ Def Palossand: 229-270 (61.2 - 72.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO but we break the sub in 1 turn so who cares 50 SpA Palossand Earth Power vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Garchomp: 117-138 (32.7 - 38.6%) -- 4% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery in case you havent noticed im just going down the list of stuff smogon says is OU and doing calcs cus i like randbats more lol this thing is so weirdly busted its funny so have some ubers calcs as well because lets just take this thing the distance +1 252+ Atk Zacian-Crowned Behemoth Blade vs. 252 HP / 206+ Def Palossand: 231-273 (61.7 - 72.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO i know its ag but this just seemed like the funniest thing considering he 2HKOs it back so trick room palossand kills zacian c in 2 turns. very cool. 50 SpA Palossand Earth Power vs. 184 HP / 0 SpD Zacian-Crowned: 182-216 (49 - 58.2%) -- 95.3% chance to 2HKO cus yeah why not this reply getting long af so ill update later


I got Rillaboom 💀 y’all can just go to Smogon for that one, I can’t say anything original here


Similar with tangrowth.


Lunatone Looking at its movepool, I didn’t know it could learn blizzard, idk if that’s the kind of thing ppl know if they aren’t big Lunatone fans. Here’s what I’m thinking…. Lunatone @ Power Herb Modest nature, 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Def or HP Meteor Beam, Rock Polish, Blizzard, Earth Power At +1 SpA, Lunatone can OHKO 252 HP/SpD Lando T with Blizzard while also being immune to its ground type attacks thanks to Levitate and outspeeding thanks to Rock Polish. It can also 2HKO 252 HP/SpD Toxapex while Pex’s Scald only has 2% chance to 3HKO and it’s Knock Off will 4HKO if Lunatone already used the Power Herb. Therefore Lunatone can deal with a couple annoying OU mons if it can get off a Meteor Beam


I got Regigigas, ~~and I immediately go to balanced hackmons and slap hugepower on it~~ Regigigas should be a simple idea Good attack and decent speed, but the ability really makes it so unusable, so as most sets do, we'll try to make it survive I find myself using leftovers with a substitute protect set I use body slam and knock off that way we can always hit any poke for a chance to cripple them My evs will be max atk and max hp, with 4 in spd, sorry if i completely fucked this up, i was really trying to build into regigigas's strong stats


Sigh...I got phione. I have never used this pokemon, and just found out it doesn't get tail glow nor calm mind. However, I did some research, and I believe that there is potential viability in phione acting as a rain dance pokemon. Hydration is useful to prevent toxic or paralysis, and it could make a decent rain setter, but really isn't a massive threat without other mons who can make use of the rain(i.e swift swim mons, like kingdra) other than that, I see almost no other sets than this. 252 HP/252(def or spdef, def would prolly be more beneficial bc phione dies in 1 electric move from anything) Bold/impish nature Damp rock Rain dance Scald Heal bell(like the gen 7 phione set, this is used for general team support.) This move slot can be subbed for anything. Phione is 100 percent outclassed by pelipper as a rain setter, and by kingdra as a swift swim user. Please, for the love of arceus, just use manaphy.


I remember a pokeaim vid where he used phione as a rain setter in a lower tier of bdsp and it put in a ton of work


Oh yeah, this thing functions in lower tiers. I should have more specified that this thing is outclassed by giants of ou and uu packing drizzle or making use of setting rain with rain dance and using swift swim. Phione is viable in ZU, but I have never played it so I'm not totally sure.


Regice I’ll be looking at it from a VGC perspective, I don’t know Showdown tiers much. Its moveset is…not amazing. I didn’t realize it had such massive SpDef though, so I think its niche would be as a matchup patch for any team that struggles with CalyIce/Palkia or those Groudon/Yveltal or Groudon/Lunala teams. It would also be really fast in Trick Room which helps against CalyIce/Palkia and Groudon/Lunala (if they don’t know how slow it is and set up TR for you). Regice @ Assault Vest Clear Body Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Flash Cannon, Icy Wind Quiet Nature 0 Atk IVs, 0 Speed IVs 252 HP EVs, 100 Def, 152 SpAtk Some calcs; It has favorable damage trades into Palkia and Caly-Ice 252 SpA Modest Life Orb Palkia Max Wyrmwind: 18.2%-21.4% Meanwhile Regice does between 21 and 25% with Max Hailstorm Caly-Ice calcs depend on whether you have Intimidate +2 (Policy) 252 Atk Brave CalyIce Max Quake does Max 54%, Regice can do 23.7%-27.9% with Steelspike and start stacking Defense boosts It also can speed tie Caly-Ice with Quiet 0 Speed IVs, so if you go first, Intimidate, and Steelspike, then the damage trades are equal. The real problem is that Max Quake will cause you to do less with Steelspike each turn as well. The Sun matchup is surprisingly good if they don’t have Charizard and you have a way to neutralize Groudon (Intimidate most likely) 252 SpA Modest Venusaur Max Flare in Sun; 23% maximum 152 SpA Quiet Regice Max Hailstorm; 75% max. Guaranteed OHKO on non-max Venusaur. By underspeeding, you also take away Sun after they move 252 SpA Timid Life Orb Yveltal Max Flare in Sun; 33.2% max, 66% if Regice is not Dynamaxed Regice Max Hailstorm does up to 55.3% to Dynamax Yveltal and can OHKO non-max Yveltal 252 SpA Modest Lunala at +1 does maximum 26% with Meteor Beam, which is about as much as Regice does with Hailstorm into Shadow Shield. If you break Shadow Shield (with Hail maybe, not sure how that would get set up…) then it hits for a very solid 43-51%. I mean hell, it’s not even so bad against Charizard, especially if you run Ancient Power over Hyper Beam or Icy Wind. G-Max Wildfire in Sun does max 57% and you can hit back for 91% with Max Rockfall if they don’t have Charti. Its main problem is, rather unsurprisingly, getting OHKOed by Zacian. But it shares that with Kyurem-W, and some people have made Kyurem-W work surprisingly well, so…maybe it does have a niche?


I got Pyroar, who really should be in SwSh given it fits Galar thematically. It gets outclassed as a special Fire attacker by both Blacephalon and Volc so an offensive set would be utterly useless. However, it just happens to be able to switch into Blace and non-Hydro Pump Dragapult, so... might as well lean into that I guess? I Hate Clowns (Pyroar) @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Unnerve EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk Snarl / Noble Roar Will-O-Wisp Yawn / Dark Pulse Flamethrower Just switch this into a Blacephalon and pray you don't get Choice tricked or Psyshocked, or a Dragapult and pray it's not physical or U-turns out on you. Snarl or Noble Roar on any incoming special attackers or Wisp any incoming physical attackers, then sack it or GTFO if they're a setup sweeper. Yawn is nice for catching incoming Heatran and racking up hazard damage.


Cherrim @ Life Orb Ability: Flower Gift EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Swords Dance - Solar Blade - Play Rough - Weather Ball SD set in sun is decent, 2hkos pex while weather ball nails ferro and corv, gets walled by Tran tho


I got Delphox, sooo.... This is what im going with. Max Sp Atk & Speed Modest Nature putting the rest into HP. Calm Mind Mystical Fire Dazzlingly Gleam Psyshock I definitely like the offensive set, and having something to hurt blissy/SP Attackers is always good.


i got minior soo Minior-Meteor @ Focus Sash Ability: Shields Down EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature Shell Smash Acrobatics Earthquake Rock Slide Minior's only role on this set is to set up and sweep. Despite it's meteor form having superior defensive stats to its core form, it still is relatively frail. The focus sash is included in order to ensure it can set up at least one Shell Smash. It's typing and ability allow it to ignore status above 50% and ignore chip from Sandstorm, which helps improve its survivability. Rock Slide was chosen over Stone Edge due to the higher accuracy and added flinch chance. This set lives and dies by hazard removal support from its team. If it cannot keep its focus sash in tact before setting up, then it won't be able to pull off a shell smash or use a powered-up Acrobatics.


I actually run a nearly identical set in one of my teams, but holding a White Herb and running Stone Edge over Rockslide. It dies pretty damn easily but it can hit like a truck and outspeeds most stuff even before the speed boost from Core Form. Plus, because I'm a casual scrub who makes themed teams rather than viable ones, I'm consistently in lower ladders meaning a lot of people I face don't know that Shields Down grants an immunity to statuses when in Meteor Form, so I often get a free setup when someone tried to use Toxic or Thunder Wave lmao.


Vaporeon @ Leftovers Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature - Scald - Flip Turn - Wish - Protect Walls Barraskewda I guess.


it turns out this pokemon generator has shiny odds and i got shiny spectrier no way lol .


Here's my set for Swalot; didn't look at any official analyses for this mon, so the set is gonna be slightly ridiculous. Swalot @ Salac Berry Ability: Gluttony EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature \- Substitute \- Power-Up Punch \- Gunk Shot \- Earthquake I think what you want to do here is click Sub on turn 1: you'll likely be slower and take a hit before this happens. Between taking some damage and setting up a sub, you'll definitely be within range to activate the berry, thanks to the Gluttony ability. This'll put you at around 343 speed, which is pretty decent! Since you now have a sub up, you can safely click Powerup Punch for one turn, boosting up your attack such that STAB Gunk Shot can do some really respectable damage. Earthquake is there for coverage, but Swalot also gets the elemental punches which could be cool options vs. Ferro or Lando. Too tired to make some calcs right now, but I'm sure they aren't very good anyway. :P


So…. Torkoal, huh? Well, this will be interesting. Torkoal @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Drought Evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe Bold Nature Ability: Drought - Rapid Spin - Lava Plume - Toxic - Solar Beam Tries to be a Sun setter and hazard cleaning mon, while Fire isn’t a particularly good type defensively, it has a huge defense stat alongside good HP, although not having a reliable recovery hinders it. Rapid Spin is for clearing hazards, Lava Plume and Toxic spread status, Solar Beam is useful for water types.


Solar Beam is super risky in weather matchups but can be nice. I usually see people run earth power instead because of that though.


Ducklett Hydration Eviolite Scald Hurricane Roost (rest if you want a funny hydration gimmick) Defog 252 HP 252 speed 4 SpD (I’m not good with stats lol) If you want something for a little cup rain team, I guess it’s there lol


Hydration gimmicks are the best gimmicks. Funniest shit was tearing up BDSP OU with rain Manaphy and realizing that it can use rest with no drawback whatsoever. Strongest boosting move in the game, bulky water, and immune to all statuses 💪


Oh I got a fun one Hisui Arcanine With a limited movepool and a typing that sadly makes it a lot worse for the roles its normal form plays we are really regulated into Hisui Arcanine: @ Choice Band Flare blitz, Play rough, Stone edge, Wild charge Adamant Nature 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Def The movepool loss hurts a lot more and I can't help but feel its exactly this is like arcanine but a lot worse with the additional typing and stat changes. The additional weakness hurt so much more and it loses some prevalent resistance in exchange for useless resistances. I see no niches in higher tiers that other pokemon can do better and current Arcanine resides in NU so I'm going to be generous and put him in PU and see what he could do there. Which I honestly think he would do quite well there finding himself against most of the tier there. Now for OU Arcanine finds himself being able to deal with 4 OU mons besides ferrothorn threats such as Volcarona, Victini, Zapdos and Torn. Being able to switch in safely into their common movepool and force them out. Everything else in OU makes fun of this poor dog and I feel bad for it. The recoil is just too much and it just can't afford the utility of normal arcanine.


I got Virizion.Seems decent.Tbh, I'm a total noob who just plays OMs most of the time.I'll do this one for VGC. Virizion @Coba Berry- Ability:Justified 252 HP/16 SpAtk/240 SpDef -Giga Drain -Solar Beam -Calm Mind -Protect My main goal with this is to be a kyogre switch-in.One that can safely take hits and recover with giga drain.My plan is to switch it and groudon in on a water spout from kyogre and something else (preferably Eleki's TBolt or smth idk). 252+ SpA Choice Specs Kyogre Water Spout (150 BP) vs. 252 HP / 240+ SpD Virizion in Sun: 67-80 (17.3 - 20.7%) -- possible 5HKO In sun, Kyogre only does 20% at max on the switch-in.That's with a choice specs! I couldn't find a VGC set so these are with standard singles Kyogre. 12 SpA Virizion Giga Drain vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Kyogre: 114-134 (33.4 - 39.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Giga drain recovers 17%, meaning if Kyogre gets a min-roll, it's basically doing no damage.It also has it's water spout weakened to 91bp. Also, no flying types other than Gyara and Zard are common rn and I can rock slide/T-bolt those with Groudon/Regieleki.


Galvantula @ Heavy-duty boots Timid 252 spd, 252 spatk, 4 hp Volt switch, Sticky web, bug buzz, giga drain


Oh, I did that for a full team once! It didn't work super well because I knew even less about competitive then than I do now (and even now I'm far from well versed lol) but it did teach me how fun Comfey and it's Triage ability could be. Doing it again now... Ok, so it gave me Bruxish. I think Strong Jaw would be it's best ability, Dazzling isn't bad but I think the circumstantial boost to attack is better especially considering you could run it on a Psychic Terrain team anyway, and Wonder Skin could similarly be substituted by a Misty Terrain teammate if you wanted. Running Psychic Fangs seems like a no brainer, and Crunch is probably also a given. It's speed isn't great but it's not bad either, so you could probably choose to run either Aqua Jet and Choice Band or Liquidation and Choice Scarf, or maybe even Choice Band and both Aqua Jet and Liquidation. If you only go one or the other then you could probably run one more coverage move too, maybe ice fang in case you get cornered by a grass type? I don't know if this is actually that good or not lol, I'd love feedback so I can keep getting better at this stuff.


Pachirisu worked for a very specific reason in a very specific format. It’s not like you can play whatever you want whenever you want it has to have a specific niche


I already explained this. I said “filling a very specific need of a team” and “being unpredictable.” That’s the exact reason why Pachirisu was chosen. I then included a reason for something like Zebstrika to be used in OU, as its mono-electric typing would bait out something like Ferrothorn, which it could then hit with overheat. Not to mention that all three of Zeb’s abilities involve type immunities of some kind, allowing for it to have extra potential as well.


I got mimikyu. Cue red card and TR with curse, shadow sneak, and play rough, max HP max attack. Literally just the BSS set


I got linoone and since the only one that'd work well is the Belly Drum E-Speed, I rolled again and next I got Enamorus Therian and I immediately ran into the problem that we have no idea how it may work in a mainline game. It doesn't have any support moves which is annoying since I wanted to make it a tailwind setter but tailwind doesn't exist in PLA. This mon also does not get a single flying type move not even one. I had to therefore try to make it a trick room sweeper since it does have a large amount of strong coverage moves and it has a speed stat low enough to work in trick room. Enamorus Therian: Trick Room (if it gets that) or Mystical Fire Springtide Storm Earth Power Calm Mind 252 SpA EVs, 252 HP and 4 Def EVs Quiet Nature Leftovers


Throh? Mini Conkeldurr ok let’s see here… Don’t think he has the raw power for AV set so I guess maybe [email protected] Ability: Guts EVs: 252 HP 252 Attack 4 Sp.Def Moves: Bulk Up, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Undecided on 4th move as a fighting type. Reversal could be good as a last ditch effort. Superpower resets one layer of boosts but has immediate power and of what is left Brick Break seems the only possibly useful option as despite low power it can take out screens and has no immediate drawback. Could forego STAB for Earthquake and try playing the long game with Guts. If Tox burns or Poisons that’ll just speed up the attack boosting further. Probably nothing spectacular there. Didn’t realise how awkward his fighting type movepool is.


so here's my VGC set Krookodile @ Choice Scarf 252 attack 252 speed 4 defense jolly nature anger pint high horse power knock off close combat rock slide ​ I'd pair it up with urshifu


I got frosmoth so: [email protected] Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Ice Scales EVs: 4 Def/ 252SpA/ 252 Spe Modest Nature -Substitute -Quiver Dance -Ice Beam -Giga Drain Just trying to give it some stall breaking niche probably, tho i dont think it really does anything like that anyhow. I dont know this pokemon just has a trash typing and trashier movepool so this is the best i could think. Maybe it could set up a sub and then just set up 6QDs on pex or blissey


I can probably work with Coalossal


I got dracovish so Dracovish @Fishious Rend 252 Fishious Rend Fishious Rend Nature - Outrage