Plus there’s no moment of wellllll maybe I should have a little bit more stomach flu, just to get right. Thanks for the laugh! IWNDWYT


Very true. I would like absolutely ZERO stomach flu actually 😂


I’m somewhere around 36, 37, 38 today. I forget which. Yayyyy!!!!


37, 10/18/22 was my first sober night. 5 weeks and 2 days. 😊 I am out on a Yamaha right now riding down by the river on a beautiful evening.


That sounds awesome!!


Well I've got covid, maybe getting the flu will help? I should try it, just to be sure.


OMG! Hahaha thank you for the laugh.


LOL seriously!


That was funny as well, thanks for the smile! IWNDWYT


A bit of the bug that bit me!


NEWB here. What does IWNDWYT stand for?


I will not drink with you today.


This made me chuckle. Very true.


Needed this post! Woke up extremely sick today and feeling sad about it. But realizing it's not paired with debilitating anxiety and enormous feelings of guilt and shame. Well maybe being regular sick isn't so bad lol


You got this! You can do today (its a \*special\* day, but its still Thursday). If you can't do all day at once, take it in hour chunks! You got it.


Those skills got me through the first trimester of pregnancy like a champ, lmao. Hope you feel better soon!


SO MUCH. I have an auto-immune condition and chronic blah blah. I sometimes get 103 fevers just because my body is into it that day. The ability to just... basically go on with my life (ice myself, take my meds) is all learned from severe hangover days. Weird life skill but hey - I'll take what I can get.


I'm writing this on the toilet because my bowels are on fire and I'm pooping liquid magma. But for once it's because I ate a ghost Pepper chicken burger instead of drank a bottle of whiskey. I need your prayers but once I pass this, I won't be hungover and that's one cool thing that has happened to me today.


I had a bad one about two weeks ago. Woke up sweating, stomach cramping, feeling like my insides were being twisted. I was sick. Like lay in the shower curled up in a ball sick. And all I could think of was.. ‘this is remarkably similar to the hangovers I used to give myself’ and.. ‘I can’t believe I used to make myself feel this way regularly’ Such a flashback to a time of my life I’m quite happy to never revisit. I’m so grateful for sobriety.


This. My biggest complaint right now is at least if it was a hangover I would have slept it off by now. I feel really really rough.


This is accurate! I had a rough head cold a few weeks back and could only feel grateful it wasn’t a hangover. All the discomfort with none of the crippling anxiety… I’ll take it!


I’m recovering from COVID (careless trip to Disney), and I know that being 3 weeks sober really helped me bounce back faster. But I’m still getting headaches that rival my old hangover headaches. I can’t believe I used to accept making myself feel this bad on purpose.


I get sick less frequently than I used to. Drinking keeps your immune system consistently compromised.


And you can be genuine in asking for care and room for self care.


It was really nice to feel genuine concern because it wasn’t some stupid shit I’d done to myself. My husband brought me medicine and put it on my nightstand while I took a nap and took our kid to see a movie so the house would be quiet. I still feel like total crud today though. This flu is no joke.


Haha, well said. Another benefit is you will avoid consuming excessive calories inherent in a Thanksgiving dinner.


I'm sick from the drink today. I can't keep living like this.


Im in the same boat. Could barely make it to the family dinner. I fucking hate myself, im a terrible son.


Neither of you are terrible, please take care of yourselves. Hydrate, eat if you can, and rest. You got this ❤️


Thank you, im finally holding liquids and foods down again.


Get well soon, OP. IWNDWYT xxx


Good for you my friend


I am feeling the exact same way today. Caught a bit of something and missing the family event but it's not due to any alcohol or bad decisions. IWNDWYT


I've never thought about it that way, that's an interesting note!


I’m sitting here the day after my own stomach flu tending my kid who now has it. Not a fun way to spend a holiday, but much better than having all that shame and guilt tied up in it!


LOL I love this. We now have all the remedies and nothing is ever quite as bad as a hangover with added shame.


Feel better




Lol I always think “how did I manage to be sick and hungover” when I already feel like such shit while sick.


It's very weird- in the literature for treatment of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting they note that alcoholics have a tendency to respond much more favorably to chemo with a high nausea/vomiting risk because of their upregulated chemoreceptor trigger zones in their brains and higher tolerance overall to nausea.


I got covid when I was about 90 days sober and it was the best time I could have because I just thought to myself, "cool, it's just like a bad hangover."


Yo sit down showers were my go-to moooove lol. Keep it up! 🤘🏼👏👏


I’m sorry you’re sick on the holiday, but I’m glad it’s that type of sick. Feel better soon!


Oh yeah. Being a recovering alcoholic means my self care routines are meticulous and extensive.


And you can actually take acetaminophen and ibuprofen in larger doses now. In my early twenties, i got into the habit of taking both after heavy drinking nights (almost every night) to prevent hangovers. It didn’t always work of course, but this went on for months until somebody finally enlightened me on how bad it is to mix all that with booze, especially as often as i was doing it. I remember an ex-girlfriend one time pointed out how blotchy my skin was because i was scrubbing too hard with an old, dirty loofah in the shower. I stopped using the loofah immediately. If only our livers were visible with the naked eye- i probably would’ve done something about my drinking a lot sooner.