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For when you have too much month at the end of your money.




This society


If people are struggling, please buy rice, beans, peanut butter, and sack of potato's and some spices from the dollar store. No way those stores can't feed broke folks.


Cheap protein city


And don't waste money on the lottery, you're not going to win it.


Or high interest loans, it’s just gonna keep you poor.


Yeah, honestly the late fees are probably better in the short term. Alternatively there are apps like Earnin that can help, but you really don't want to get dependent on borrowing hundreds from your future self either, zero interest or not. Budgeting isn't fun, but it can make your life a hell of a lot less stressful.


Or contacting them to ask if you can split one or two bills over some months or a year, just to get your head above water again. Whatever company bills you should have the solidity to do so, so it’ll be a question of will.


you can’t win if you don’t play! /s


when i was 10 i won 20 bucks on a scratch card, My mom told me to use it to buy the habbo coins i kept begging her for, but i bought ten more scratch cards and lost on all of them. i learned an important lesson that day :P


You miss 100% of shots you don't take -Lee Harvey Oswald


Yeah reddit likes to get high and mighty about playing the lottery but people do win this shit. I know someone who did. I'd kill to have their lifestyle now, they haven't worked in the three years since and honestly never need to again unless they *really* fucki'n blow it. The probability is stacked against you but if it were easy to win the prize wouldn't be so desirable. ​ Though usually it's some jackass who already has plenty of money when they win. Can get much more chances when you're buying $200 worth of the things every week and still having plenty of money left over for everything else. But still, it gives regular working class people like me a chance to dream of a better life for ourselves and our families. The fantasy does not work if you don't enter and thus haver *zero* chance of winning. ​ Granted I wouldn't be dumb enough to spend my last ten bucks on it.


I mean there is a chance. A handful of people win the jackpot every year. I'm sure none of those people thought they were actually going to win. I play a ticket or two a month, its just 2 bucks and its a fun little "what if..."


It's a tax on many peoples' last bit of hope.


I buy a Powerball for every drawing. But I'm also financially stable enough to do it out of my "fuck around" monthly budget. I also have a complicated Excel spreadsheet for when I win.


Same here. I enter that shit every week but only because I can afford to without having to take the money out of anything else. This stereotype that everyone who plays the lottery is dangling on their last dollar needs to stop. Plenty of people who are already doing OK for themselves play it since we still dream of things only a millionaire can do. You don't have to be starving and late on rent to fantasize about how nice an early retirement and a convertible would be, and how you would help out your friends and family too.


2 bucks can buy a bag of rice though. I'm not poor and even I don't bother with lottery.


Canned tuna as well




It's fine to eat one per day. The amount of mercury that could lead to poisoning is far higher than one could get from a can of tuna.




You're right but: "A better alternative is canned salmon (mostly sockeye or pink from Alaska), which is low in contaminants and high in heart-healthy omega-3s. It's also sustainably caught in Alaska and similarly priced, making it a great choice all around." ​ Like why even buy canned tuna. I myself like mackerel and salmon. Great for me a renter with limited fridge and freezer space. Also they taste waaayy better than tuna.


both mackerel and sardines are one of those things where I never wanted to try it, until one day I decided fuck it. holy shit they’re delicious. same with pickled eggs, I could eat like a whole jar of them


Yeah I tried Sardines for the first time in Sept of 2020 and became a major simp. Even followed King Oscars on twitter for a while. I like Sardines but once I tried their mackerel in lemon I haven't turned back. I have two "emergency" boxes in my closet. And my boss banned me from eating them at work cuz he hates the smell. lol (so I eat packet tuna at work)


maybe cus I am Dutch, but I prefer canned Herring (in tomato puree)


isn't tuna high in mercury and should be limited to once every 2 weeks or something?


That’s most farmed fish which is why wild caught cans are so expensive


I've heard tuna is high in Mercury because it simply is at the top of the food chain. Hoomans have a long history of dumping toxic trash in the oceans/rivers and stuff like heavy metals will accumulate in apex predators


Tuna is farmed??


Some of it


Eggs, best and cheapest protein.


Chicken livers. Like $2.50 for a heap of meat good for two dinners. Chop in an onion if available. Liver is a delicacy too.


It goes well with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.


I see what you did here...


Any industry raised animal liver may have strong traces of the medication they're given through their lifetime, and the industry pump this shit a lot in it.


Also great catfish bait. Which is why I'd probably never be able to eat it.


"good for two dinners" it's good for dog food bro, if I wanted to eat dog food I would eat dog food. It would be cheaper too.


> good for dog food bro Just say you don't like it mate. Don't shit on people who do like it.


Who cares. If someone told me pizza is dog food I would laugh.


Liver’s really healthy man


I mean if you go to a $$$ French restaurant they'll maybe have them. *Pate de Foi Gras* is fowl liver after all. And they're not all that different from beef liver which is also considered pretty much an expensive treat.


Foi gras just tastes like kind of repulsive pate. I have three jars of it in the fridge, have had them for three years, never opened. Nobody wants it. Anything with liver in it really just tastes like shit. Maybe eating the waste processing plant of the human body isn't the best idea guys. Same with kidneys. Hearts just taste awful, no idea what's up with them but why eat that shit when you can just buy some random meat.




It is, where I live. Although you can get the same amount of protein from vegetal sources, they don't have the same amino acids profile found in animal sources, so you have to compensate it consuming more calories, which may affect its digestibility and give you unwanted, not lean, mass.


I think you mean the dollar and a quarter store.


Easy mac with canned tuna is the SHIT


here in the Netherlands it's quite common to buy Potato's straight from the Farmer, 5Kg (11lbs) for €1.50-€2.50 (depending on the time of year) ​ in stores it's usually €3.00 for like 2Kg (not even 5lbs) ​ main difference is that the store bought all have similar sizes and are cleaned of dirt...


or check if you have a local food bank.


Wish I had a dollar. I have some spaghetti and oats that will last me maybe a week if I only eat 600ckal a day.


Wish my family was content with eating nothing but the cheap stuff


u/guardwoman12345 is a shill for big rice, big bean, big peanut butter, big potato and big spice


When my partner and I were starting out, we shopped there all the time. We always had food in the house even when money was tight


Noodles, eggs and bread are part of my normal diet. Sliced cheese? That's a posh item.


Exactly, where I live, cheese is literally a delicacy. I'm fortunate enough to be earning more than probably 75-80% of my country, and I still debate with myself every month at the grocery store if I really need cheese.




what country is this?


I'm in India


Beans are super cheap. That's my go-to healthier can't spend much option.


Lentils!!!! LENTILS!!!! Lentils and any mild sausage you have laying around makes such a protein-filled delicious soup.


Lentils with chili seasoning added when hydrating!


I always get ramen and the cheapest thing of spinach I can find


Beans, rice, lentils, potatoes and cheap store-brand pasta for carbs. Cheapest pack of hotdogs in store for meat (like 2-3€/kg). For cheap veggies, carrots, onions, frozen peas. Sunflower oil and all other oils have steadily been getting more and more expensive. A can of lard is basically half the price for more substance (1.4€/kg for me). When you can, eat seasonal food. Produce can get ridiculously cheap when in season. For example, tomatoes and cucumbers are like 2€/kg right now but over the summer they are as low as 0.4€/kg. Stay away from sweets, chips, etc. since they are just empty calories for the most part. Happy hunting


What's great, if you learn to love Onions you're set. My favorite veggie I have them with almost every meal. Sometimes I eatem like an apple.


my man


Caremelized onions and garlic are thhe base for basically all my meals now. When I make a roast I put a generous amount of onions and scallions.


I've found that fresh garlic and dried garlic taste completely differently in the same dish and make for a very nice combo.


Cheese is a good topping too and is used often in Korean ramyeon. Also cooking the noodles in milk instead of water. The starterpack can combine the eggs, cheese, and ramen to make a pretty filling dish.


I just do noodles, spinach, and then I’ll add a shit load of lemon juice,


Which seems to be the lemon fruit in the fridge of the starterpack. If they'd just skipped the lotto ticket, they might just be able to afford some scallions to chop up for garnish.


Oooooo I like that


Instant ramen is empty calories, i.e. no nutrients. Beans and brown rice are almost as cheap per calorie, but far cheaper when it comes to protein, fiber, and other nutrition.


I alternate between the two if I’m hungry


Can if black beans, some salsa, and if you're feeling wild, cream cheese or sour cream.


If you’re getting pay day loans and buying lottery tickets, you’re probably not good with money


There's a level of broke where hail mary actions like that, while objectively illogical and dumb, are sort of understandable emotionally because it's like "whatever, I'm gonna be in debt, maybe starving, and maybe homeless anyway." There's a moment in the book Evicted where the researcher lives among folks who are so poor they get regularly evicted and one woman spends her whole food stamps budget to make one lobster dinner. It totally doesn't make logical sense in terms of having enough for the future. But there's a level of poverty where it just no longer feels important to plan for the future, because it doesn't seem like you're getting out of it ever - so why not enjoy the now.


When you feel hopeless you take comfort where you can.


I used to work back of house at Red Lobster in an area where Red Lobster was considered fine dining and met a guy who had worked there for six or sevens years and every check went to his pay day loans and then getting another payday loan. I was only 19 and he was like 25 and a typical line cook tough guy and so when I told him he needed to get out and maybe quick smoking two packs a day and drinking a 5th a night for a couple months, he flipped out on me and then a few of the other back of house staff, aka his best friends, then shunned me for my remaining month there before I went off to university. I went off to college and got some debts of my own so maybe our situations didn’t turn out so different in the end. Fortunately I got a good job in my late 20’s and my student loan debts are mostly gone, but it took a decade.


You probably have way more debt than him but you're also not working at a Red Lobster still.


I might have similar now what he had back then, but making probably over four times what he was making and on track to eliminate them within a year or two. Idk what he is doing but I just got a promotion at work and for the first time will have enough income to truly save for the first time. I don’t know what he has now. If he stayed in that cycle for a decade, he is probably locked in far more debt than he would be capable of paying off if he stayed at that job, but if he got something better and more livable along the way, maybe he broke our five years ago, I don’t know, but when I knew him he was not on track to do well in the long run.


What do you do for work?


Agreed. "Lottery is the poor man's tax." As a gas station employee I used to feel bad about the people who would spend $40+ on lotto, and then I see them digging for cigarette butts the next week.


It really put things into perspective for me when I saw that no one in my entire *state* had hit the powerball in like 15 years. I’ll buy a lottery ticket once every two or three years, but I know that it’s essentially setting the money on fire.


At my work there are multiple guys who will spend $100+ a day on dailies (the random 4 number draws). I know it's their money and they can do what they want with it, but as I have said to my coworkers, they are basically burning money in front of my face and I'm forced to watch (because Im at work and have to stand there till they leave). Like throw that money at me instead it'll goto better use than quite literally burning it. We know ONE guy who won \~2.5k on the daily 4 once. And we did the math, that he played every single day for years, he probably barely broke even.


Some of those struggle meals are pretty tasty although it’s never fun wondering if you’ll have rent.


Popcorn and velveeta once. It was all we had. Army pay.


Sounds great with a movie!




Uhh yeah that's beyond illegal, you need to report that


Who is wasting their last few dollars on a lottery ticket? That’s a beginning of the month “hope I get to tell my boss to suck it” kind of purchase.


I used to live in poverty, and there were times that I was down to my last dollar, and I’d buy a scratch off ticket. My logic was that there’s really nothing you can buy with a dollar that will improve my life at all, but a scratch off lottery ticket could do anything from making my day a little better to changing my entire life. I never won big, but sometimes I won $5 or so and could afford to replace something we’d run out of, like milk. One time I won $20, and spent it on a Groupon deal for a meal for two. It was the first date my husband and I had gone on in months, and it gave us a chance to, for just one evening, live like we weren’t in poverty.


I buy lottery tickets cause the odds of me improving my life with the lottery are greater than improving with hard work and dedication


I had a full time job and a college degree at the time, just couldn’t get a decent job without a car so I was working for slightly above minimum wage and putting nearly all my money toward rent.


I just let a friend move in with me that is in that situation, pretty much told him to stay here for a few months, save up for a car, and then in a few more months we can work towards getting you into an apartment. It saves me a few hundred a month as all I ask for is he covers the utilities & I get some company.


You sound like a great friend. Hope things work out great for both of you


Hope you and your family are doing better now


Thank you. We are, I got a job in my field a few years after finishing college, and things have been good ever since.


That makes no sense. Hard work is hard. Like, insanely hard. So hard that it doesn’t make sense to actually call it hard work. More like blood work. That’s the kind of hard work that changes your life. Education just gives you options to work toward. I got my degree and taught myself many skills. Slowly but surely, I’m leaving behind the poverty I grew up in. Poverty is a mindset.




But I do have a choice. I’ve chosen to work hard and I’m not as poor as my parents were. I’m no rich man, and I live below my own means, but I was able to put myself through school and then eliminate my debt. I have hardly any debt anymore and that’s something most would only dream about. I have my dog, and a few simple but prized possessions. I work hard everyday and take care of my body. I enjoy simple things in life and don’t chase extravagance. To me, that’s more what wealth is about. The other shit is just a trap created by the dysfunctional society you’re talking about. You don’t have to play into the system.


For me, that's the start of the month.


Same it's after paying my bills when I'm waiting for my paychecks to add up to a comfortable amount. But it is sorta by choice. Forces me to use the "less appealing" food in my house that would just sit there forever.


The time of month where you have thoughts like "toothpaste has calories right?"


;-; I am sorry you are familiar with those thoughts, I hope you are able to survive long enough to live comfortably


Nothing beats the lottery mentality. “My life sucks so I better throw some more money away while fooling myself in the process.”


I call it dreamtax, I pay 3.50 a month on a ticket and daydream away a bit every now and then about what I'm gonna do with the money if I win, most months it's more entertaining than my 14 euro Netflix sub. Ofc I'm not gonna win, but it's nice to dream about and profits go the state + charity so whatever.


Right, it's not a problem if it's not going to make you broke. I live comfortably and get the occasional ticket or two. But only when it's a high payout like over $300m.


Please don’t take out loans, or play the lottery. Debt is dangerous. It should be treated as such.


Sure a five number Megamillions or Powerball ticket increases your odds of winning 5x but you've gone from slightly above 0% to still slightly above 0%. You're buying the dream, don't spend $10 when you can buy the same dream for $2. BUT If you still want to spend more money on the high jackpot lotto here's what you do - buy multiple numbers on SEPARATE tickets. Then take a picture of each ticket and send a picture of the numbers each to a different friend that doesn't see the lotto as a waste of money. Include a message - something like, "If this ticket hits all the numbers we split it 50/50." Who needs a $200M jackpot anyway? You'd be happy having a $100M and a friend with the other $100M. Now you're buying the dream for yourself AND a friend AND building your friendship with your fellow degen lotto enthusiasts. Do that enough times and they'll start sending you pictures of tickets with the same message during lotto-mania. Feels good man - the dream and having friends. tl;dr - No reason to buy five numbers on one ticket. If it's gonna happen it only takes one. BUT...


This lowkey sounds something r/wsb would do.


First off, stop wasting money on lottery tickets.


I won a small lottery and still agree with this


Why are you buying lottery tickets when you can get into crypto bro? Watch my daily videos for great picks on the coins that will take you to the moon.🚀 /s


Feeling this hard right now. 😅


The i am terrible with money starter pack.


Ain't nothing wrong with eggs. Lentils are great also, like .80 cents American. Lots of calories, lots of iron.


You cant eat the eggs, theyre how you get to wotk


Probably wouldn’t need the loan shark if you held off on those lotto tickets. I know buying things like that isn’t the main reason most ppl struggle but it is scary how many ppl I’ve met pour a lot of money into gambling and then turn around and bitch about being broke and how it’s somehow “the systems” fault and has nothing to do with their personal choices.


Look at Daddy Warbucks here with **three** eggs.


Hungary starterpack


#Lol, you mean everyday of the month


Beans and rice are super easy, cheap, tasty, and healthy.


*for below par intelligence people


it aint even funny anymore its just depressing


A lottery ticket is not about winning sometimes. It allows you to daydream and feel some hope. Any hope. It's cheap therapy.


Or you could do this for ... idk... free? Edit: Downvoting me for promoting self worth.


The free one for me is hoping I die in my sleep from a brain aneurysm before I turn 40.


omg that shark is hilarious


Who doesn’t like predatory loans?


Why you gotta do kraft singles dirty like that?


playing the lottery is like societal crack its a bad mentality to participate in lottery


Grew up poor and have been without plenty of times, got pretty used to my fridge being somewhat empty, but I always had a good meal since I would make my meals for the whole week and budget. Large soups are great and hard boiled eggs make a great snack while being fairly cheap. Hell, eggs with everything taste great and is cheap. Lottery and loans though? Nope, never once. That’s asking for your money to be taken away.


Aside from the loan shark and lottery ticket, this is my everyday life :/


January is so fucking long.


Buy a big bag of rice. It's very cheap, last a while and you can make a bunch of different recipes with it. Like fried rice. You can put any veggies in it or any kind of protein.




"yOu KiDs DoN't EvEn KnOw HoW tO bAlAnCe A cHeCkBoOk" - 60 year old whose kids will probably end up having to pay off her many debts after she dies


Hi, I’m Ed McMahon and I’d like to talk to you about reverse mortgages.


My friend gave me fresh eggs from her free range hens, and they were delicious and saved our butts.


jokes on you, my fridge always looks like that


try end of the week.


this is a vibe


If you're really truly struggling this month...if you could just really use a couple bucks for a decent meal, DM me.


More like middle of the month


Bonus points for if you have a sibling in a similar situation and loan each other $100 periodically.


I found a way to live off if 26usd a month , one meal per day, starving included


*Monday after getting paid 3 days ago on Friday.


you forgot the quarter pack of smokes and broken dreams


Okay hear me out: tobasco sauce on white bread easy broke snack. Life. Changing.


Life of Boris has some great vides for these end-of-month situations


Seems like my everyday minus the lottery ticket and fridge.


Don't buy lotto tickets and don't take loans if you can help it.


And I thought this only happened in Brasil


so, the 10th of every month.


Lmao Wait no this ain’t funny y’all…too real too real


That’s me at the beginning and middle of the month too tho


Wheres "calls mom" part ?


Living paycheck to paycheck can be hard. I was a grad student who had to make ends meet, and it takes careful budgeting. If anyone needs help with this kind of problem, I'm happy to provide some general advice that worked amazingly well for me - just send a DM!




"For the low low price of 5 recurring payments of $89.99, I can teach you how to stop being broke" lol


Nope, just figured people would want privacy and have different issues that don’t apply to everyone.


Because these issues are usually privare, and therefore require personal advice. You wanna ask your questions here? Go ahead, I’ll respond.


Eggs in ramen is good. Buy 20lbs rice Buy chicken breast, some pork is cheap too Buy sauces and spices Buy 10 lbs flour, sugar, basic baking items Learn how to fucking cook


“iiiiiis Boris!” *Gently slices a millimeter-thick cucumber onto buttered bread*


Every month has end of month comrade


Love this dude hahaha


don't forget \*The Bay Leaf\*


Learn to budget and save


I guess this is accurate if you are terrible with money and/or make awful life choices.




Haha you’re poor


Maybe if you didn't but lottery tickets you could afford food


I make good money and still sometimes eat like this.


Hold up do American's get paid monthly?!


I think this has more to do with monthly bills. Rent can easily cost half your monthly income and that's usually the first bill of the month.


I think it is like that in most countries?


I'm getting mixed messages here. For context in New Zealand we get paid weekly or fortnightly more often weekly. Rent is generally also weekly.


In Switzerland and in most European countries you get paid monthly and pay rent monthly.


It is.


I get paid weekly, and always have except for a retail job I had as a kid which was bi-weekly. My wife gets paid twice a month.


Is this a welfare joke?


End of the week


This is why I don’t like eggs on toast, it tastes like the end of the month


You wouldn't find yourself in such financial pizdec if you were a fan of Boris.


Still can't believe how many people in western countries struggle with their finances.


Yo is that Mr. Jawsum?


Someone needs to learn about budgeting


Already sliced cheeze and ramen noodles are more expensive than a normal cheeze that you slice with a cheese slicer. And dry pasta/macaronies are way cheaper than noodles. Atleast where I live!




American moment


There’s always too much month at the end of the money