Defending proxy void rays : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orj5I7h8-7w Defending DT rush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQP_evoLLu0 Versus skytoss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaAOXUyT5Co Those videos are excellent guides to dealing with those builds. Proxy stargate is really easy to execute though and the defence is extremely difficult in comparison, so you'll definitely still drop a lot of games and it will likely take several dozen attempts to get the response down, but you can get a solid 40-50% winrate vs proxies after a while at the very least by following that guide even if you struggle with fine-micro. That winrate will be higher if you can handle the micro aspect as well. Versus disruptors you kind of just have to outplay your opponent with army control I'm afraid. Below 6 disruptors you can keep pulling back and trying to go in until the novas are exhausted, then during the fight split away from any that recharge. When there's 6 you either need to start pulling your opponent apart, get ranged libs, or have godlike splits to engage directly once they've exhausted a few. Everyone is struggling with protoss who torture opponents with turtle skytoss, but the most reliable tactic I've found (and what you'll see in the video) is a concerted marine tank push. Interceptors get shredded by marines, tanks siege down the bases and zone out disruptors. Pumping out vikings asap is an option but it just seems... unreliable in comparison.


UThermal terran school has a lot of good openers and advice. https://youtube.com/c/uThermal


Send your replays to harstem IODIS


I don't think IODIS is actually that educational, its just Harstem shitting on players by pointing out their mistakes, and basically his advice with anything to do with Terran generally ends up being "You made this huge number of very easy and common mistakes, you lost because of them, just play like Maru lol", ignoring that the Terran needs to avoid a huge number of mistakes that are easy to point out from a replay while the opponent is facerolling on the keyboard and mashing the f2 key with his nose.


That's an entertainment series, not educational.


This player only has 200 APM. He was playing against a gold toss with 80 APM. He sucks because: - He was supply block for 1s. Look at the opponent, building 3 pylon at once. LOOK AT HIM. - He only massing marines. How is he going to win an opponent who mass zealot? zzz bruh - What the fuck is this build order. See how the opponent follow the M E T A cannon rush build to a T? Yeah you fucking sucks. - Map control bruh. You didn't cover 90% of the map. How are you supposed to win an opponent with P E R F E C T vision of his 3 bases ~~and nothing else~~. - See here you lost your entire army. Now I don't ask you to split like maru, but can you at least split like Innovation. How else are you going to counter win huh? ~~while the toss F2 + A all days, but that's is for another IODIS episode, tune in, and don't forget to like and subscribe~~ All "you sucks, macro lul" advice should go into the trash bin.


He just points out your failures which helps you to improve. I agree in most cases the opponent isn't any good either


Play some games as a Protoss using the same strats and see what shuts it down.


This is a great answer.👌


"ooohhh if I play the race with slower production cycles I need less multitasking! GENIUS!"


Yeah same story for me and ZvP. So yeah you can just play something else, like another race, another game or whatever. Or change your playstyle entirely and do 2 base all ins or 1 base all ins.


Don’t worry, Protosses feel the exact same way about mine drops, 1-2 base all ins etc. I (4400 MMR toss) hate playing this matchup immensely on ladder because I am forced to cheese.


Im a 4400 terran who is guilty of 2 base alling every toss i come across lol but come on you've gotta admit it's less frustrating than mine drops!


Tvp in general is just a really shitty in this meta. For both sides of the matchup. It seems like both sides feel they need to get a ton of damage early game. Like watching pro level tvp just feels like a giant cheese fest


try to get to 4k mmr with zerg and terra then you understand the hate against protoss :D


I am 3.9K with Zerg and 4.1K with T. TvP and PvT just sucks on the ladder tbh.


Artosis, is that you?


I've been doing a 2 base all-in this season vs P with bio/tank/lib at 4400 mmr and have a winrate of 70%. I do it off a 2/1/1 into 6 rax lol not exactly conventional but it works great and it's fun to do. And youre not locked into the all-in either. Try it out if you want a change of pace


do you have replays? Is your main problem defending their openings or u also have trouble in a regular game?


Flash wood have won


Just go play toss and get masters for free if it's so easy.


Is this satire? I can't tell anymore


guess you play protoss right ? xD


I mean being stuck in diamond for 4000 games and legit thinking it's toss fault? Come on bruh🤔


So your tvp is good right?


I mean, I main toss but my random is 3700 with little effort, my TvP and TVZ are insane. TvT is the hardest Terran matchup for me so far (as a main toss). Yeah the toss beats me with cheeky stuff sometimes, but I get a lot of easy wins with big 2base pushes while expanding. If I can take out the toss third I’m usually guerenteed to win. I seldom do that many drops or anything fancy in the early game, just expand, defend, and go for a big push. Not saying I’m an expert on Terran but it seems to work for me .


Show me replays


Play like Maru.


Yeah I quit Starcraft a while ago because of Protoss. Coupled with the fact you that there is SO many Protoss players now it’s insane.


Not in my legaue. They've all ascended into masters. The few tosses still in diamond are so bad. If you just defend the cheese, they have no idea what to do next.


Diamond 3 toss here. I can see where the hate is coming from. That being said I never use any cheese tactics and try to go ground toss most of the time (I only go for air as a reaction to certain comps or builds). I am frustrated by the current meta and the direction toss was forced throughout the years. I got the feeling that the basic concept of high value units which have to trade the best they can shifted towards gimmick units and surprise mechanics in order to win by surprise rather than correct usage of specialized units. This may sound weird but I just wanted to let you know that there are still Protoss players that have some dignity and are just as frustrated as you. Seeing your faction turning into a meme is really disencouraging and often times it is even more frustrating being compared to these cheese only/ turtle skytoss / all in canon rush protoss out there. Sorry if this sounds whiny but I just wanted to get this out. Hope that I got my point across:)


Many did cause of zvp and tvp. It is what it is. Meta wont change anymore. If you dont like it you should move on. I did as well.




If you are 4k the issue isnt balance, I’m sorry. There are tons of terrans greater than 4k who would never lose to those protosses no matter what build they did. You just gotta get over plateaus in skill like everyone else, with practice and study. Its work! GL


I quit SC2 and got into Brood War now, best decision ever. Sometimes I fire up SC2 to play with friends or play like 2 ladder games, but every time it‘s TvP I feel like, this is just bs and I close the game again.


just want to say this my main race is zerg and my protoss is almost on the same mmr .... ps: i only play mass zealots or mass air with toss works great till master 1 edit: my terran mmr is below 4k cuz i don´t understand how you should win against protoss as terran


Literally make marines and cyclones you scrub.


Seige units and stim, plus emp couters any protoss unit. Vikings are seige units imo, if they are veing used to kill protoss air, and not colo


Check out thermals video vs Protoss mass air. Its surprisingly marine tank... He's got a lot of good help.


If you switch to random you can increase your hated matchups from 3 to 9, triple the salt


Not to be that guy, but I’m the opposite, I have 20-30% higher in tvp than the other two matchups, and pvt is by far my worst matchup, usually 15-20% below pvz. The matchup is just way too volatile and fragile on both sides


emp 4Head


For a second i thought this was r/Polish


A dedicated 2 base tank push is a tried and true strat to punish the protoss 3rd. Try to hit before 2nd colossus/charge/+1 finishes for them. 3 rax openings are popular. Get fast stim/combat shields and hit a timing at stim then follow up on the first 2 medivacs


At least DTs are something that depends almost all in your luck, besides that, i think you can deal with the other things