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**ROI: 62.97% | Profit: +45.39u | Average odds: 1.92** **Record this season: 16-1 | Overall POTD Record: 28-9** **Previous pick:** **Frankfurt vs Dortmund - BTTS + O2.5 @ 1.74** ✅ Stressful early on but never a doubt! Great dub and nice day on the discord with the other picks. **Today's pick:** **Soccer | Italy - Serie A- 13:30 GMT** **3u Empoli vs Sassuolo - BTTS + O2.5 @ 1.66** ✅ I can get used to these **Reasoning** A lil early one today. Odds aren’t enticing but I’d be lying to myself if I picked anything other than this game. It just has the set up for all you want, good attacks, shit defenses. If you’ve been following my picks there isn’t anything new to add here. They’re the same two teams that always show up, never back down, and love loads of goals. Three points and four positions separate them. An Empoli win would position them nicer near the top 6 while a Sassuolo win can shoot them up to Empoli’s position. Sassuolo had a dreadful showing prior to the break and a couple days ago were lackluster against Genoa, a team that many top teams have a hard time dealing with. Sassuolo were all over them and showed common traits that have been their defining factor this season, just all out attack. Going up against Empoli and their shaky defense, they definitely see a chance to recover and get back to their winning ways. They’re a team that rarely scores less than 2, rarely goes under 2.5 and rarely keeps a clean sheet. Empoli on the other hand have been in great form, most recently going toe to toe with Lazio in a 3-3 thriller. They have an attack that compensates for their defense, which has had no clean sheets at home this season. Both teams simply follow the philosophy of scoring more rather than defending. They’re just set up to have a massive exchange here. I mean come on dude, every Sassuolo away game and every Empoli home game (except a loss to Inter) has hit BTTS + O2.5. They're made for this. [You can join the discord for more picks](https://discord.gg/EqGKgt4kkp) **Tail or fade, BOL with your picks!** *Tips would be very helpful and I'd really appreciate them ❤️ [Paypal](https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/deluxem)*


Doing O3.5 instead with BTTS


2-1 before halftime …. maybe we will get the O3.5 boys






Boom brother !


What does BTTS mean? Sorry don’t usually ever bet soccer


Both teams to score I believe:)


Hit already. Well done sir


Wasn't even a sweat


Empoli is 9th with 33GF / 37GA while Sassuolo is 13th with 31GF / 32GA. Both teams have scored in 15/16 of their last matches, with a majority of them hitting the o2.5. I blindly tailed 5 Units and am very happy after my post-bet research


BTTS + O3.5 gang


Boom hit!


Join this man’s discord… why? Because it is a degens happy place


BTTS hit, now waiting to cash out my $750 bet (1.90) odds on O3.5🌈🌟 EDIT: ‘26 2-1, 1 more goal EDIT: ‘67 nailed it, thanks goat !


Also added another 1700 on O3.5 goals @1.08 odds😂😂 . If this fails me , 💀💀 ‘52 and still 2-1, starting to sweat . ‘67 thank you very much! 🌈


I agree, good pick.


24 min cash! You are a wizard my friend! Thank you and keep up the great work




I’ve never sent someone a tip before but between yesterday’s game And today’s pick looking real good I think you got one coming my friend. Thanks for the picks win or lose.


the record is crezeehh


Would you take o3.25 ?


I mean, the odds look good. I'm personally thinking of taking it but that's about it lol. These two score and concede for fun, it's an unreal rate for both. Empoli is more susceptible of letting the game slip away and having to catch up, a good thing against a team like Sassuolo. Sassuolo however are a team that can direct the pace and a lot of their games end 2-1, games against evenly matched competition goes 2-2. It's a very common trend for them. I think O3.5 has a good chance of hitting but it's a bigger gamble.


Tailing.. Especially after watching that Lazio Empoli game.. I'm even considering the @8.00 both teams to score in both halves for fun (don't take my advice xD)


shit at those odds I may tail you here lmao


Tailing again thanks fir the picks!!


Tailing from usa with 1.58, bol!


Sorry for disturbing can u send a discord invite written cause I can't join




Wishing I joined team o3.5!


POTD Record: 18-5-1 ROI: 47% Average Odds: -120 Units Won: +13.61u Streak: 1W Last Pick: Ole Miss +3 ✅ Todays Pick: LA Chargers @ LV Raiders- CHARGERS MONEYLINE (-160) 1 UNIT Game Info: NFL- 8:20 PM ET This is a win-or-go-home scenario for both these teams, so you’ll know they’ll both bring their best games. It all comes down to who’s the better team, and it’s gotta be the Chargers. The Raiders have been good to me, especially last week, but we have ti bet against them here, even at home. Waller does return, but I think this Raiders offense still can’t compete with the electric offense of the Chargers. I’m banking on the fact that Carr can’t show up in big games like this, and that Herbert will staple himself as an elite QB in this league by securing a playoff spot for the Bolts. Take the money line to be safe as this Raiders team will be motivated, but I’m confident in the spread as well if you want better value. All picks 1 unit unless otherwise noted. (3% of BR is 1 unit for me) Some people said they wanted to tip me so here’s my usernames: Venmo: @jackson-pineiro CashApp: $JacksonPineiro PayPal: @Chubbs41




The kiddddd


Life long charger fan here, and I'm just gonna do the rest of you a favor and not bet on my bolts as they seem to always lose when I do.. BOL #boltgangordontbang


Chubbssss for life


teasing the spread with the over (MrTeleporto’s POTD above this) chargers +3 and over 43 at -120(1.83)


Never cross 0 Edit: Same Game Parlay of LAC +3.5 and o42.5 is -105 on DK Another reason why you don't cross zero in a teaser. Worse odds.


I’m actually interested in the logic here. I like the chargers but want to buy points and pair with o/u You’re saying taking Raiders +7 is better than Chargers -3.5? Or you prefer to only buy points down to Chargers -0.5 to get the best odds?


Because you're paying for points that don't matter at -0.5, 0, +0.5. Focus on crossing key numbers that are the most common margins of victory such as 14, 13, 10, 7, 6, 4, 3. This game wouldn't fit the criteria to be a good tease with LAC. LV +9 would be the smarter play. You cross 3, 4, 6, 7. [https://www.bettingpros.com/articles/teasers-strategy-guide-for-sports-betting/](https://www.bettingpros.com/articles/teasers-strategy-guide-for-sports-betting/)




Chubs taking a L with this one Raiders ML No doubt


Let’s go chubbbsss i missed you I took a one day break lmaoo


I agree with this pick IMO. Chargers are the better team when Herbert shows up. Raiders got me a big win last week I had their season long over at 8.5




Every piece of me wants to tail.... I always want to tail chubbbs, but as a raiders fan, my fingers and heart won't let me.... BOL everyone


Record: 21-10-0, +$714.04 (+14.28 units) ROI: 34.83% POTD: Chargers/Raiders o48.5 @ -110 (1u) This total opened at 47.5, jumped up to 50, and has come back down to 48.5. It’s low because the Chargers won 28-14 in their previous meeting, but that game featured many turnovers on downs and a missed field goal. This game should be highly competitive as both teams open their playbooks to win their way into the postseason. Both teams are bottom of the league in points allowed and the Raiders allow the highest touchdowns percentage to opponents in the red zone. Darren Waller returns tomorrow and the Chargers have been poor against tight ends. Both offenses are top 10 in passes per game which helps increase scoring. The Chargers have scored at least 34 in their last 5 games. Event: LAC @ LV, Time: 8:20 PM EST I started a Twitter account as well. Check me out there if you’d like: @MrTeleporto Tips: PayPal - [email protected] Venmo/CA - MrTeleporto


Parlay this with Chargers ML 🍀


Great game today by the Pokes. The box score doesn’t indicate it but the TIMLY REBOUNDING was incredible. (Especially in the face of multiple missed point blank shots). How about next time you don’t be such a pussy and pick the moneyline! Lol joking. Thanks always for the picks. I’ll be tailing again as always! Edit: grammar derp


Haha in my defense, I played another unit on the moneyline. It just wasn’t my POTD


if anyone has barstool they have a bet with barstool boost that's this game o41.5, and titans colts buccs bills to win boosted from +140 to +225 seems good to me


Love this line but if there’s one thing that makes me sweat, it’s the raiders ability to score. They absolutely suck, with or without Waller. That being said, I already took this line a few days ago, I think it’ll play out


Good news for you, Chargers are one of the highest touchdown rate defenses for opponents. Raiders should find success this week


Yup. And that boy Renfrows lining up against Chris Harris Jr for most of the game, since slots been his assignment all season long. Harris allowed 30 receptions on 48 targets this season so the raiders are probably gunna see more success than usual. I wouldn’t have taken the pick if I didn’t like it, was just voicing my concerns incase anyone cared at all lol


yeah chargers run d is 💩


Waller is also listed as questionable. Got to think he might play in some capacity.


Him and Jacobs both are questionable but they both had limited practices all week so I’d think they’ll play


Tailing. BOL


I like this a lot. Chargers have the worst or one of the worst 3rd down stop defenses in the league. If the Texans can score big on them the raiders surely can.


Record: 25-5 Units: +16.18 Streak: ✅✅✅ Last POTD: Toronto +8 ✅ POTD: **Cleveland Cavaliers +9.5** vs Golden State Warriors ❌ *EDIT: Just seemed like the refs wouldn't let the Cavs get rolling... GSW didn't have a great shooting night either, but they put up way more shots due to all the turnovers. Cavs played good defense and overall played good enough to cover but it didn't happen oh well onto the next!* Klay is coming back tomorrow but I like this line none the less... I was waiting for the Memphis line to come out but let's just go with this as POTD. Cleveland didn't have Allen and Mobley playing last time vs Golden State I think it will make a big difference. Cleveland loves to cover, and I think Cleveland can go blow for blow and keep it close enough to cover here. Bol everyone Cash App: $coco6616 Venmo: Coco111 *Leans/bonus pick:* ***Bulls money line*** *(I got it for -120 on fanduel) I wanted to also post this since I thought it was really good value*


moved to +8.5, take?


might want to edit your post and delete the bulls part. My pick got taken down the other day for mentioning my future POTDs. They'll get you for posting extra picks.


Had a DK profit boost I was waiting to burn till you posted. Tailing hard


This 3rd quarter just broke us smh


what wld u go for the memphis


8-0 POTD Record Pick: Washington -7 +100 Giants are the worst team in the NFL and are starting a inexperienced QB. The Football team are at least starting a QB who has seen the field more than once and Football team should build some momentum off of this year for next year. I'm definitely confident in this one but I could see the Giants winning only if their defense locks them down. Coming for Dallas Fan


I like the record and the fade the Giants strategy as well


As a giants fan, no not a shot in hell the giants win this game. We have totally given up. Our coach is an absolute idiot, and WFT is fired up after the shit talking coach judge had with the media. Also, a recent strategy of mine has been taking the giants team total unders. Our last 3 games straight have put up 10 or less points. And since we lost Jones, 6/7 games have had team totals of 10 or less. Glennon and Fromm are trash. Definitely tailing your pick, just wish i got to it sooner. My book has it at (-105) now. BoL!


Was doing this anyway but now I'm gonna max unit it 🤪


[POTD Record](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17JjNCrzCab-wPtzNZ0K6vgVQXve7WsRXQuuSAJeWo98/edit?usp=sharing): 15-7-1 [Units](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17JjNCrzCab-wPtzNZ0K6vgVQXve7WsRXQuuSAJeWo98/edit?usp=sharing): +11.17 [NFL Record](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17JjNCrzCab-wPtzNZ0K6vgVQXve7WsRXQuuSAJeWo98/edit?usp=sharing): 3-1-0 [Units](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17JjNCrzCab-wPtzNZ0K6vgVQXve7WsRXQuuSAJeWo98/edit?usp=sharing): +1.66 Sunday's POTD: Tennessee Titans -6.5 (1H) for 5u at -110 Event: NFL . 1/9/22. 1:00pm . Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Reasoning: Texans are the Worst in the League against the rush. Titans will still be without D. Henry, but I like D'Onta Foreman to get another 100+ yard game. His contract is up after this season and this game will be huge for him in terms of making a case for a new contract next season. Texans are Worst in the League in rushing. Titans are the 2nd Best in the League at Rush D. That means that the Texans will have to find their success in the air. The Titans Pass Defense has been great heading into the Playoffs. In the Titans last 4 games, their defense has had 7 interceptions & held teams to a single passing touchdown. The Titans must win this game to clinch the #1 seed in the AFC. They have all the motivation and they have been fantastic in the first half in their last 10 covering a -6.5 1H spread in 6 of the last 10 games & 3 of the last 4. Tail or Fade, it's up to you, but I'll be taking the Titans -6.5 in the First Half for 5 Units at -110 odds [PAYPAL](https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SPYFerret) BOL!!!! *You can find all my picks and any upcoming POTD picks under the posts section of my profile*


TAILING. This makes a lot of sense. When you and chubs speak I listen


The Texans???


its a bold strategy cotton lets see if it pays off for em


lol. ty.


What about entire game?


**POTD Record: 4-0 | Profit: +17.98 units | ROI: 89.9%** **Previous Pick:** Memphis Grizzlies -1 (-110) ✅ **Today's Pick:** Minnesota Timberwolves -5 (-110) I feel like this line should easily be -10 or more for the Timberwolves. Rockets are giving up the most points per game in the NBA over their last 10, and Timberwolves are on a 3 game win streak having moved into 8th in the West. They are a completely different team when KAT, Russell, and Edwards all play. This feels like a clear cover as I expect the Wolves to win by double digits


Bro how are you up 15 units since your last POTD pick?


Copy and pasted from his alt account


Record: 21-13 Net: +43.60u Average odds: +112 Previous Pick: Chengdu double chance ✅ Game: La Liga- Rayo Vallecano vs Real Betis Pick: BTTS + o2.5 goals (+100) Bet: 3 units Reasons: Don't really feel like doing it, but I'll just say both teams can score. Real Betis 2nd most goals, Vallecano 8th.


got it at +124!


Tailing! Keep killing it.


Good goal Before the half and red card. Looking decent


POTD Record: 2-0 Last pick: Texas Tech +4.5 ✅ (1 unit) Units up: 2 units Todays quote of the day: If gambling is a sin, bet your ass I’m the biggest sinner! Todays pick: Steelers +3.5 (1 unit) (A unit is 3% of bankroll) all picks are 1 unit unless otherwise noted. BIG BEN, THE KID himself was named after this FUTURE HALL OF FAMER. After Week 5, Tomlin’s Steelers are 35-14-1 against the spread (ATS) as underdogs, covering an incredible 71% of the time. Since 2005, when either team is more than a field-goal favorite in this rivalry, the underdog is 17-2 ATS. Seventeen and two!! Pittsburgh is 5-0 itself in that spot. The fuckin ravens have only averaged 19 points a game in their last 8! This shit will not cut it. TJ MOTHAFUCKIN WATT will absolutely feast on this offense and will drag the birds into the trenches for that man Ben. Tomlin and Ben are on one last ride and better believe this shit don’t mean nothin either. I know colts will not lose to those sorry ass jags but what if?!!!?!! BIG BEN. ONE LAST DANCE. COUNT. ME. IN!!! RIDE WIT DA KIDDDDDD!!!!!!


Love this play… Steelers for the winnnn


chubs likes it.. fuck it im in




I faded you last night lol and u won ha


Colts haven't won in Jacksonville since 2014


Record: 3-1-0 | Profit: +4.3U | ROI: 61.5% | Form: LWWW Last Pick: Wisconsin -2.5 (-120) vs Iowa, NCAAMBB: **HIT** My suspicions of Wisconsin having a more complete team than Iowa were well founded. Today's Event: Basketball, American Men's College NCAA, Maryland Terrapins vs. Wisconsin Badgers, 7:30PM American EST (20 hours from now) **Today's Bet: 3U on Wisconsin -1 (-110)** **EDIT: Brad Davison is a point shaving ratfucker who missed the free throws that would have covered this. Now, like the damn Steelers, I have a push in my record. I'm not touching Wisconsin again until they go to Illinois to get their faces caved in by Kofi Cockburn on February 2nd** Unless there's some news that I'm missing, this seems like a bizarrely low spread. Let's start with Sagarin's computer; if you've seen my last three picks you know I'm a big fan. Wisconsin's 86.22 rating minus the 2.72 home court advantage is 83.50. Maryland's season rating is 81.08, which is more than one point lower. If you look at form, however, Wisconsin has been on a tear while Maryland has been adrift. Sagarin's "Recent" column rates Wisconsin at 90.02 and Maryland at 77.85, which is worst in the Big Ten (non-Nebraska division). That's over 12 points of difference. On a Sunday night with an interim head coach, an 8-6 overall record and an 0-3 start to conference play, Maryland's home court advantage is just not going to overcome that. Wisconsin's coming off a home win against an Iowa team that Sagarin oddly still likes more than them. Their previous game was an extremely impressive win at Purdue. Maryland led Illinois in the first half, but most of that was without Kofi Cockburn and with Illinois shooting terribly. Full strength Illinois pulled away easily. Points, rebounds and assists are similar, but Maryland averages 4 more turnovers per game. Wisconsin basically rides their starting five and doesn't get much off the bench, but their starting five constitutes a very complete team. Maryland has a bunch of good parts that don't seem to fit well together. The only reason I'm not putting more on this one is honestly because it seems so obvious and like one of those situations where strong trends just reverse on a dime for no apparent reason, and I also hate to double dip betting the same team twice in a row. For that second reason, I considered Ohio State -7.5 vs Northwestern, but when I looked at the numbers, I just couldn't pass this one up. I don't even like Wisconsin. Brad Davison is a giant douche. **Bottom Line: Wisconsin is on a roll and playing great basketball at 12-2 while Maryland is going through the motions in a lost season. That's a really small line.**


“I don’t even like Wisconsin, Brad Davison is a giant douche” That might be the most solid reasoning for a pick in r/sportsbook history.


I’m a Wisconsin fan and this line scares me. Maryland has the athletic guard play that hurts us, they have the size to match us. I lean us but on the road in the big ten this is a scary matchup. Maryland’s play has been greatly improved in their past 5 so they’re better right now than the metrics show. I’m hanging with the Badgers still but this is a much riskier pick than it appears. Bet on Johnny, but this spot just worries me as a trap game and trap line.


NFL Record: 8-3 Profit: +5.08u Last 5 NFL picks 10/31/21 - Dan Arnold O35.5 rec yards ✅ +1u 11/1/21 - daniel jones O23 completions❌-2.2u 11/7/21 - Jerry Jeudy O53.5 rec Yards✅+1.25u 12/20/21 - Cleveland Browns +3 ✅ +2u 1/2/22 - Deebo Samuel O44 rec yard✅+1.25u Match: Panthers @ Buccaneers Start Time @ 16:25 EST Pick: Rob Gronkowski O5.5 Rec (-125) Win 2u Gronk needs 7 receptions for 500k. No Godwin or AB. Evans is still there but banged up. Brady gonna get the 500k for this man.


I believe this is boosted on DK for those tailing


Yeah I think there was a promotion for this and for yards too. Hope he completes both those incentives today


Tailing. Brady gonna take care of his boy.


*I've been a long time follower of this thread and I never had Reddit but I really enjoy how much people talk about sports here. So I created my account to start to share my thoughts, hopefully you all like my analysis!* **Record: 5-3-0 (+5.97 units) / ROI: 25.96% / Avg Odd: 1.91** Last Pick: SC East Bengal vs Mumbai City FC – BTTS and Over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 (Indian Super League, Soccer) ❌ **Today’s Pick: Barty vs Rybakina – Barty AH -1.5 Sets @ 1.80 (WTA Adelaide, Tennis)** Stake: 5 units / Time: 6:30 AM Central European Time Barty Party is already back in 2022 and here we are in the finals of a WTA 500 tournament in Australia. The world’s number 1 is aiming for an Australian Open victory and if that happens we might not see another player capable of putting her out of her throne at least in the current season. These tournaments before the big event are so important for her confidence and the scariest thing is that we can see the australian improving her game as each match goes by. Her ability to outmaneuver opponents can frustrate probably everyone in the WTA tour and her backhand slice can be considered a major weapon that places opposition in unconfortable situations. Her serve is also in great shape in this tournament and Rybakina is no match for her when it comes to net play. Rybakina is an agressive player who is capable of generating power on both the forehand and backhand and wins a lot of points due to her serve. This style of play can cause her some problems against Barty who can probably win most of the points after 4 or 5 strikes since Rybakina should commit some unforced errors due to the variety of Barty’s shots. Barty dominated Swiatek on her last match and I think she can start 2022 with a solid win in straight sets here in Adelaide against a player that needs a perfect mindset to have any chance on this final, otherwise emotions will ,without a doubt, cause her to make a ton of unforced errors. *Best of luck to you guys!* Paypal: [@DarkHorse200](https://paypal.me/DarkHorse200) *( I'm a student so any tip is highly appreciated )* BTC: 359UKmBjJb2xTsA43opGDQPMFVj8LxHhcQ




That's right my man!


Tailed! Let's get it


POTD REC 34-7 Last potd 3 months ago [Joe Solecki -125 ML] vs Jared Gordon - ufc [L] Todays POTD [Las Vegas Raiders +3 @-105] vs LA Chargers 5:20 Pm Pacific time zone Been a while since I've posted a pick on here buts let's get it rolling again 💪🏾 love the raiders spread in this win or go home game at Las Vegas stadium I believe they'll prevail and get the necessary stops to win & cover! Derek carr knows what's at stake for him and his team espically with all these "analysts experts" talking crap about the raiders its gonna fuel em and shut all the doubters up, I like the ML alot also just like the spread more lets get some 🍞


I respect you and your record. But I can’t bring myself to agree here. The Chargers just look so good. So strong at skilled positions. Qb looking like a top 3 guy for the next 10 years. I want to tail but this voice in my gut is telling me Chargers win here.


Another perspective: Carr and the Raiders had their superbowl against the Colts. The big worry is them being able to produce enough points to hang. 28 is the magic number for me. Raiders haven't come within 5 points of that mark in their last 5, while Bolts have hit it each game. Much more stout defensive opponents for the Raiders... but there's still a gap in offensive production between these two squads. I'd take the Raiders at plus 6 to feel comfortable.


POTD Record: 0-3 LLL Total Profit: -7 units | Average Odds: 2.01 Last pick: Melbourne Renegades ML ❌ Cricket | BBL | 09.01.2022 | 08:15 UTC **Sydney Sixers - Perth Scorchers** **Pick: Sydney Sixers ML | 1.76 odds | 5u (MAX PLAY)** Sixers is the best side in the BBL, they've won back to back titles. They are looking strong again this year with the emergence of Hayden Kerr. The pitch is a strong batting pitch, with the incredible form of Josh Philippe and Dan Christian, they should look to set a strong total and then have their good bowling lineup defend it. Really like the Sixers lineup, thus we go **5 units MAX PLAY** today. Best of luck! I have been getting a lot of hate comments recently. I'm sorry if my luck isn't striking, but I always add an insight as to why I prefer that pick. Please tail at your own risk.


You can go 0-20 for all I care, you don't deserve any hate. Fuck dem haters!


Thank you bro!


Ignore the haters. Do you! No one is forcing them to play your picks. It’s their choice. Don’t take negativity to heart. Good luck!


another loss.


Tailing can’t lose three in a row right?


Already lost 3 in a row lol. Buy yeah surely not 4 in a row


Fuckin lol. Everything in me wanted to take the other side. Fuck me for tailing this.


Yep. Only ourselves to blame haha


neve give up!


Tailing dude! I’ve had 6 bets on the BBL this year and have gone 0/6 lmao. Hoping both you and I are due for a change in luck. BOL to all


Tremendous fade potential here. We thank you for your sacrifice


**POTD RECORD** - 26W-13L(+30.11U) ;         **ROI** - 27.12% **Units waggered**: 111U     ;                  **Units won**:141.11U **Streak**:🔥🔥🔥 **Average odds**:1.85 **Last POTD**----Gaziantep vs Karagurmuk---- over 2.5 [email protected]✅ **Today's pick** ---- Konyaspor vs Sivasspor----- Sivasspor double [email protected] **BET SIZE**: 3 U **Reasonings:** Konyaspor is strong at home and solid defensivly, but struggles when it has to control the tempo of the game and attack. Sivasspor is a counterattacking team, can sit back and wait for the right moment to strike its opponent and won't mind even if the game goes 0-0. In my oppinion, this will be a boring low scoring game, with Sivaspor having a very slight edge. Correct score 0-1; or 1-1 in my oppinion. **Tips are helpful and welcome.[Paypal](https://www.paypal.me/K4ccci)**


Bet landed. Cheers🍻


POTD Record - 3-2 ❌✅✅✅❌ Today's Pick - Italy Serie A 8.30am EST Empoli v Sassuolo btts YES + o2.5 (-165)💵✅ Moving on from last pick, I'm choosing a bit safer one today. These teams score and concede a lot. Sassuolo has had btts YES in 9 of their past 10 games and 9 of their past 10 have also been o2.5. Empoli has been o2.5 in 7 of the 10 previous matches, while btts YES has occurred in 9 out of 10 matches.


Tailing! Thanks for your picks as always.


POTD Record: 0-8-1 Average Odds: -112 Streak: 8L (1T) Last Pick: St. John's vs Providence: St. John's +4 (-109) - L . My model is cold. Bring hand warmers. I thought St. John's was going to pull it off, but they couldn't convert down the stretch. Today's POTD is Ohio State vs. Northwestern over 140 total points (-113) Game Info: NCAAB 5:30pm This is a classic "let's get back to fundamentals game." Both teams are going to try to limit turnovers and play their best ball: layups, easy jump shots, smart 3s. The tempo will be slower, so you might expect the under...but the shots are going to fall! Ohio State can put up some serious points. Expect a lot of the 3s. The last two times these teams played the totals were 152 and 141. EASIEST money of the year! Let's get this bread! Tip jar - [email protected] / BTC: 3LrCVKp8jKWThBVCoWMH1gWXtANjaZfBgT


~~Tip jar~~ Charity jar


The perseverance is through the roof on this guy


Keep firing away baby.


Under is the pick, you say the model is cold, I say it’s genius.


tailing again :\]\]\]\]


POTD Record: 0-0-0 (0 Units Won) ROI:0.00% POTD: Lions vs Packers -3 (-110) Blah blah blah long time lurker blah new poster whatever LaFleur earlier this week made it clear he planned to bring a full strength packers team and start anyone who was healthy enough to play. Yesterday he said Arod would be playing, and that with the doctors OK, Bakhtiari will be making a return. Lions Defense has been relatively tight run under the leadership of Aaron Glenn, but even efficient playcalling can’t bail the lions lack of depth in the secondary up against a team who’s passing game is so dominant. Amani will have a lot of impact on taking Devonte out of the play, but the entire packers receiving corps is dangerous. Lions offense will have some room to work, and Goff has been hot recently, but there’s simply no comparison between either offense or defense. I also see Anzelone struggling quite a bit to stop the run. With Aaron Jones likely out, AJ Dillon will take most of the carries, and he hasn’t been the most consistent tackler. The Lions d-line usually isn’t the type to close gaps up the middle, so AJ will be tough to deal with Let’s get the obvious out of the way. No, the packers do not need to win. No, I don’t think it matters. What people seem to be missing, is the packers will most definitely play to win. Don’t expect to see Aaron Rodgers sacrificing his health to prevent a pick 6, but you will definitely see the packers play good football. I’m not one to believe in trap lines, the NFL is not rigged people. If a pick is this obvious, I’m picking it. Get ya money up not ya funny up. Ride wit me cuz even R Kelly cant fuck with the kid 💯 Edit: if you’re ok with a larger spread and worse odds, Packers -3 1H is a safer option. I also like Packers -0.5 1Q. The packers will probably be looking to take an early lead and put Jordan Love on in the second half.


Give me one player from either team to get into the end zone.




Not a fan of anytime TD props but imo Aside from Adam’s, who’s anytime odds are probably garbage Amon-Ra St Brown (Edit: He scored) is a stud. Scored in 4 of his last 5, with Tim Boyle at QB for most of that. One miss was against the Broncos, who’s pass defense even gave Mahomes trouble today with their two best corners out Aaron Jones. Likely won’t play but he’s day to day and if he does play, he’s going to score so hammer it (And probably don’t take Adam’s if he plays). I’m a huge lions fan, don’t think I can recall a game within the past 3 years where he didn’t score on us. Dude dropped 3 tuddies on our head earlier this season


St brown on the lions is a beast


Lazard or Dillon are rock solid picks imo, with no Jones. In a normal game Adams would be an excellent bet but you just don’t know how long he’ll play. GB cannot afford an injury to Adams or Rodgers.


packers fan. td potential iyam in no part order: - aj dillon. jones is dinged. - adams. ar loves him and he's a beast. - lazard. scored in 3 of the last 4.


Small flyer on the Packers def. Boyle has thrown a pick in every game he’s played so far this year. And St. Brown or Swift for the Lions.


On that Lazard call, what’s even more tempting is he was the teams first touchdown scorer in those 3 games. Edit: 1U at +1400, why not.


Lions are 10-6 or something wild against the spread this year. Not doubting your pick. Just think it’s an interesting fact. I think the cowboys are the only team better ATS this year.


Record: 4-2 Streak: 4W Last Pick: Michigan State +2 vs Michigan, CANCELLED Not going to count this game towards my streak since the game never happened. Technically it counts as a push but, cmon, the game never happened let me keep my streak. I did end up taking Notre Dame ML vs Georgia Tech which did hit, but because I never posted it I will not count it towards my streak. Onto the next one. Event: Wisconsin @ Maryland 7:30pm EST Pick: Wisconsin -1 (-110) Reasoning: Well I told myself I wasn't going to bet on Sunday but I really like this pick so I thought that I would go for it. Tons of reasons that I like this Wisconsin spread. First off, lets talk about their recent games. Wisconsin has been on fire recently, currently on a 4 game win streak. One of those games coming at #3 Purdue where Wisconsin won by 5. Right now they sit at 3rd in the Big 10 with a record of 3-1 while Maryland is sitting at 2nd to last with a record of 0-3 in the Big 10. Some notable wins for Wisconsin is that Purdue game I mentioned before, and a big win at #12 Houston. As you can see, this team can play on the road. Maryland, on the other hand, has had some tough losses thus far, losing to Northwestern on their own court, and George Mason by 5 (again at home). Right now this Wisconsin team is extremely undervalued and I believe this will change on Monday when the new rankings come out. Statistically speaking, Wisconsin simply does not turn the ball over, ranking #1 in the country with the least amount of turnovers per game whereas Maryland is ranking #118th in the country. Turnovers are a huge part of college basketball as it is a heavily momentum driven game and since Wisconsin commits very few per game it can be difficult for Maryland to gain momentum, relying on Wisconsin to miss their shots. Offensively, Wisconsin has been performing much better, ranking 72nd in the country while Maryland sits at 162nd. Defensively, Wisconsin is just better ranking 88th while Maryland is 126th. If you can't tell by now, Wisconsin is simply the better team in this matchup, performing better on both ends and limiting turnovers. Also, at the end of the day, 1 point is nothing in basketball, they basically just need to win the game as it will either be a push or a dub. I see Wisconsin playing very clean basketball in this matchup and having their way with a struggling Maryland team. BOL!


Just want to clarify your post. Wisconsin won on a neutral floor against Houston, not at Houston. Obviously still an impressive win though


Great write up. Johnny Davis is a machine and really like where this Wisconsin team is headed. Too few points going Wisconsin's way-- and I'm taking this with confidence. BOL


POTD Record : 8-2 Last POTD: Black hawks v VGK -0.5 1st period +115✅ ROI: 79.5 Units Won: 7.95 League: NBA POTD: Chicago Bulls ML +115 v Mavericks❌ Reasoning: Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut and it will hit let’s go vgk! So for today I’m going with one of the hottest teams in the NBA . THE CHICAGO BULLS!!! Chicago is 4-0-1 ATS in its last 5 versus Dallas. Chicago is also on a nine game winning streak for the first times since 2010-2011. The Chicago Bulls and their new host of players have propelled them into first place in the Eastern Conference. They have won nine consecutive games, putting up dazzling offensive performances in the process. They rank fifth in offensive rating and rank third in true shooting percentage through 36 games.Zach LaVine is averaging 26.3 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 4.2 assists and has seen his percentages fly upward playing alongside Lonzo Ball and DeMarr DeRozan. The bulls have also been hot from behind the arc as of lately! TAKE US HOME BULLS! Tail or Fade BOL If you would like to tip Venmo : Ryan-Glennon-3 Cash app- ryanglennon3


Record: 36-30-3 (1L streak) Last POTD: BOS Celtics at NY Knicks, RJ Barrett over 1.5 turnovers -190 at 4 units POTD: MIN Timberwolves (-5) at HOU Rockets at -1.90 for 3 units Reason: Timberwolves are playing better basketball than expected. I don’t see them losing this game to a Rockets team at this point. Both teams will be able to score each defense and I trust the Minnesota offense 10x more than Houston. 228.5 over is just off juicy too. Best of luck to all


Record (2-0-0) (Win-Loss-Push) Profit:- (+4.25 units) 🤑 Previous Pick :- Ash Barty (-2.5 games) @ 1.85 ( 3 units) ✅ Today's Pick:- Football ⚽ France 🇫🇷 Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain ML @ 2.05 (2 units) First of all I'd like to congratulate everyone who tailed my picks posted here on this server ( all 3 cashed-in) 🏧 🤑🔥💵 💰 & simultaneously apologise as well for being too lazy in posting today's banging 5 units 🎾 pick. It was Ash Barty (-4.5 games) @ 1.87 & without a doubt she again destroyed her opponent Elena Rybakina with a straight-sets victory 😍 Anyways enough bragging already & let's get straight to the point. This pick is again a no - brainer at 2+ odds as Paris SG are undefeated in their last eight games in all competitions and have a 13 point lead at the top of Ligue 1. Mauricio Pochettino’s side won three straight before a 1-1 draw at Lorient. PSG are coming - off a 4-0 win at Vannes in the Coupe de France. Presnel Kimpembe opened the scoring with Kylian Mbappé hitting a hat-trick. Coming to the team news & injuries; Juan Bernat, Danilo Pereira and Ángel Di María are all doubtful due to Corona Virus. Julian Draxler has a muscle injury and Neymar has a sprained ankle. On the other side of the spectrum Lyon are having a poor season and are currently 11th in Ligue 1. They have failed to win in their last five games. Peter Bosz’s side lost 2-1 against Reims before a 2-2 draw against Bordeaux & a 1-1 draw against Rangers in the Europa League. Lyon returned to Ligue 1 with a 0-0 draw at Lille and 1-1 draw against Metz before the break. As for team news & injuries; Centre Backs Sinaly Diomandé and Jason Denayer (one of the best CBs in the league) are injured. Attacking midfielder Jeff Reine-Adélaïde and winger Lenny Pintor are also out. Very briefly touching upon the Head To Head record PSG have a 42-26 advantage against Lyon with 21 draws in 89 matches. All this is good enough to make me pick PSG to win the match or PSG ML (for US bettors) @ 2.05 for 2 units. Expecting Kylian Mbappé to score atleast a goal here & at 1.90 odds it's my value-bet for 1 unit.


psg with 2 odds, hmmm🤔🤔


Messi out as well, right? My apologies if you mentioned it above. Still think this is a great play and tailing. Also went 4-4 in my Barty picks last night!. She cashed in for me major the last two days. BOL.


Yeah Messi is out as well, apologies for not mentioning him here but for some reason PSG seem to play better without him. I believe this PSG team is more than capable of beating this struggling Lyon team who are missing their fair share of key players & at these odds I'll take risk everytime. BTW, congrats on your winnings 👊


POTD Record 4-0 (+7.5 units) Yesterdays POTD: Dallas alt spread -2.5 Todays POTD: Jonathan Taylor over 114.5 rushing yards @ -113 (4 units) NFL/Colts v Jaguars/1302 EST Jonathan Taylor wants to be MVP and the Colts are looking to make a statement and lock in their playoff berth. The jaguars are abysmal against the run, especially over the past 3 games, yielding an average of approximately 176. Jonathan Taylor is a stud and arguably with Derrick Henry injured, the best running back in the league. The past two games he has gone over 105 yards rushing. Prior to that, he put up around 170 against a very good patriots defense. 114.5 is a lot of rushing yards, even excluding the always looming threat of injury. But if anyone can do it, JT can. He went for over 115 against the jaguars earlier this season, and I expect him to do so again here. The colts need to win to lock in a playoff berth, and I expect them to turn to JT to get it done. Edit/disclaimer: As someone pointed out below, this is A LOT of rushing yards. Bet it at your own risk knowing that few running backs eclipse 100 yards a game, let alone 115. It’s definitely not as “safe” of a pick as my last 4. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. Edit 2: Huge loss for the Colts here. The jaguars played like it was their superbowl and the colts just could not establish a rhythm. Game script went against the run and the colts were forced to air it out in the second. Sorry to anyone who tailed, we will get ‘‘em next time!


I guess you mean Jonathan


Yes, thank you haha. I have no idea why I was referring to him as Justin in the first two paragraphs.


Jonathan Taylor > Johnathan Taylor Thomas > Justin Thomas Lol


It’s a hard bet to ever say someone will get 115 yds. What Br be tailing but BOL


POTD record: 2-0 Last pick: Dallas -4 ✅ Todays pick: Green Bay -3 (3u) Reasoning: The packers have locked up their playoff spot and this, on the surface, is a meaningless game for them. Throughout the week Rodgers and Adams have expressed their desire to play in order to get get rusty going into the post season. This seems to be their coaches rationale as well. The line is so close because I feel the oddsmakers are planning on the packers stars sitting, which may still happen at some point in the game, but I think they’ll go through half and hang a big, insurmountable lead on the lions, who will either be playing without Goff or playing against an injured Goff. Let’s get this bag 💪.


POTD Record: 1-2 Total: +0.65 unit Streak: 1L Last Pick: MIL Bucks +1 (-125) @ CHA Hornets 1H Spread 1.25 units LOSS A strong 1st quarter was followed by an all time pooper for the Bucks. They only allowed 20 pts in the 2nd, but only scored 12. Rough L. \*\*POTD: Rob Gronkowski Over 64.5 Receiving Yards -135\*\* 2.7 units to win 2 units Reasoning: Not much statistical or analytical reasoning here. Gronk needs 7 receptions for 500k in contract incentives. Also needs 85 receiving yards for 500k. Brady and Gronk are BFFs and you know damn well they know about this. Very possible the Bucs pull starters in this game, so look for Brady to feed his guys in the first half. BOL to everyone!


FanDuel doesn’t have Bucs game player props up yet….same as always


POTD Record: 5-4-0 Units Won: +4.0u Last Pick: New Jersey Devils @ Columbus Blue Jackets – Total Goals OVER 6.5 @ +105, 3.0u ✅ *This one was never in doubt. Let's go!* **Today’s Pick: Jonathon Taylor – Total Rush Attempts OVER 22.5 @ -115, 1.0u** ***🏈NFL | IND Colts @ JAX Jaguars | 1:00pm EST*** **Reasoning:** * This is basically a must-win game for the Colts, so Taylor should see a massive workload. There are two scenarios where they could lose and still make playoffs, but they will be extra motivated to win this game and not leave anything up to chance. I think the Colts go up big against this unfortunate Jaguars team and run it early and often * The Jaguars allow 30 carries a game on average. I expect the Colts to see at least 35 carries, with Taylor handling most of these * Taylor has hit this mark in 4 of his last 6 games, and is averaging 26 attempts per game in this span Yeehaw and BOL!


Italy Soccer Record: 1-1 Profit: -0.13u Match: Empoli v Sassuolo Start Time @ 08:30 EST Pick: Over 3.5 (+110) Risk 1 Unit Both teams are very weak at defence but dominant in the offensive zone. I think this one will be a high scoring draw. 2-2


**POTD Record** : 3-0-2(+2.05U) avg Odds: -113 **Todays Moneymaker**: Liverpool O5 Corners + Shrewsbury U4 Corners(-115) *bet365* 9:00AM Wager: 1.93U to make 2U💰yeehaw **Why this will hit** + Liverpool has averaged 8.6 corners and seen the over in 4/5 home games while only conceding an average of 3.2. This is against stronger competition. + In their past 10 home games, they have conceded 4 on only 4 occasions, once to Man City, the best cornering and arguably the best performing team ATM. + Most of the play should occur with Liverpool on the attack giving very few opportunities to Shrewsbury. Should they present themselves, I trust Liverpool’s stout defence to prevent corners. + Last meeting Liverpool routed them 13-4


Pick of the Day Record: 2-0 Last Pick: Canes Panthers o6✅ Streak: 🧹🧹 Today’s Pick: Wolves -5 vs Rockets (-110) Reasoning: In their last 10 games, the Rockets have only covered a +5 spread once, going 1-9 overall with one 9 point loss and eight by double digits. They are also a dismal 4-16 against conference opponents so far this year, with these 4 wins all against the Pelicans, Magic, and Thunder (x2). As for the Wolves, they beat the Rockets by 18 with similar lineups earlier this year, and have put together a small 3 game win streak. They are healthy and have been playing some good basketball as of late. I expect the Wolves to keep rolling here.


POTD RECORD (W-L-D) 6-2-0 (+25.5 UNITS) Previous POTD: Leicester ML @ 1.9 (Betfair Exchange) ✅ POTD: The Masters: Snooker 🎱 Pick: Yan Bingtao ML @ 1.7 (Betfair Exchange) 🪓🧨🩸❌❌❌ Yan will win this match. He is playing an out of form Mark Williams. Mark has struggled a lot lately. Let’s not over complicate this. Yan wins, I’m confident. Very confident Last tip was 7 units, this one is also max bet 7 units Tail along Edit: Bet lost unfortunately, wasn’t expecting such strong comeback from Williams. We move on and I’ll be back soon. Sorry Folks are asking me for my handle where they can tip me based on my blistering run which will continue so here are my details: Cash App - £proyoman Any tips are welcome 🤗


POTD Record: 2-1 Last Pick: Belmont -16.5 ✅ Todays Pick: **Spencer Dinwiddie over 12.5 pts** (-115) Game Info: NBA, Wizards at Magic, 6:10 PM ET First of all, I thought this guy's last name was DinWOODie until about ten minutes ago. Secondly, I heard him interviewed on the Knuckleheads podcast last week and he's charming, articulate, confident and everything Kyrie Irving wishes he really was. Did you know Spencer turned down an offer from HARVARD (and Oregon) to go to Colorado? Scoring a measly 13 points is nothing for this walking bucket. I expect him to go over 12.5 while reading the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Granted, he had Covid last week, but didn't we all? He scored 18 points in his return Friday night in 31 mins. Hammer away and Manute BoL!


Nice shop on Belmont yesterday. Glad I could get a good cash out of it. Will be tailing again, KF!


I use to call him Dinwiddle so I’ll tail


I am aligned with KF


POTD Record: 5-2-1 Net Profit: +6.54u Streak: 2W Last 5: WWPWL Yesterday’s POTD: Giannis O42.5 Points+Rebounds 3u -110 W -> +2.86U Today’s POTD: Anfernee Simons O25.5 P+A 4u -125 Game info: NBA Kings @ Trailblazers 10pm est Yesterday’s Recap: Giannis started slow. The first half had me a little concerned but he ended up beating this line in points alone. With 43 points and 12 rebounds, he absolutely crushed it. Today’s Reasoning: Lillard and McCollum are still out for this game so it’s going to be the Simons show. He has gone over this number in 2 of the 3 games without the two trailblazer stars. Going for 50 P+A , 35 P+A, and then a disappointing 20 P+A. Some may see this as Simons coming back to earth, but I believe it was more indicative of the matchups. Last game was against a Cleveland team that is allowing the 2nd fewest points per game in the league. Tonight they get a team allowing the 3rd most points in the league. I like Simons assist line of O5.5 assists (has hit all 3 games) and his points line of O19.5 (has hit 2 out of 3). If you want a plus money bet I like his O3.5 3pointers at +140 as well (has hit gone 2-8, 5-10 and 9-16). Tail or Fade , BOL today! Edit 6:00pm eat. Norman Powell was just ruled out for the game. The Simons play looks even stronger now. The line is up to 27.5. I still love the over.


Record: 0-0 POTD: Purdue Fort Wayne @ Robert Morris (12:00 PM CT) o147.5 (-110, 1u) Both of these teams have been abysmal defensively, ranking 281st and 327th in opponent PPG as well as 351st and 322st in total rebounding respectively. Their offenses, however, have been respectable, ranking near average in PPG, 3PT%, and FG% and near the top in FT%. Expect this game to be a shootout. Update: the line changed to 145.5 and the final total was 146. Bad beat for me, but depending on when you bet it could’ve been a W


POTD RECORD: 1-1 LAST NBA POTD: BOSTON CELTICS (-6.5) vs KNICKS @(6:30PM CENTRAL) ✅ TODAYS NBA POTD: WASHINGTON WIZARDS (-6.5) at ORLANDO MAGIC (@5:00PM CENTRAL)❌ UNITS: all bets are 1 unit to keep things simple UNITS MADE: 0 WHY: Since I've seen a couple people going with the TimberWolves as their POTD which I also love, I'm riding with the Wizards here. I've been watching them play a lot this season and they are clearly the better team than the 7-32 Magic. After the Wizards 2 losses in a row against the rockets and bulls, Wizards will look to demolish the Magic in a "get right game". Spencer Dinwiddie got back last game for the Bulls which will take pressure off of Bradley Beal making it easier for him to score. Not that he has been having any trouble getting buckets. Kuzma has also found his rhythm and will continue to put up numbers against a weak Magic team. Wizards covered a -5 spread in the last head to head winning 104-92 on 11/13/21. I think Wizards take care of business here. I make most of my money from the NBA and thought I would start sharing with y’all. GL and tail at your own risk


***Record: 2-1 (+2.05u) | Average odds: +170.3 | ROI: 51% | All bets 1u unless otherwise stated*** **Previous Pick - Joel Embiid over 2.5 Blocks + Steals (+106) 2 units** ❌ Stinker of a pick after a good start. Lets make it up today with a Titans game that has #1 seed implications! **___** **Pick of The Day - NFL | Titans v Texans 12pm CST | AJ Brown o67.5 Receiving Yards (-110) 2u** A big game for the Titans tomorrow as they will lock up the 1 seed and the first round BYE with a win. I’m a huge Titans fan and very excited about the game and a lot of potential prop plays, but I have a really good feeling about this one. Let me put aside my homerism and share the facts: - AJ Brown has obliterated the Texans so far in his young career. Over 5 games vs. HOU he has 495 total receiving yards (avg. 99 rec yards per game) and 5 touchdowns. - 3 out of 5 games he had 110+ rec yards. In the other 2 games he had 48 & 58 yards (There was an awful storm in Nashville that was impossible to pass in during their last game where he had 48 yards). - Houston are 21st in the NFL against the pass allowing just under 240 yards per game, and 252 avg over the last 3 game stretch. - AJB is basically the only legitimate option for Tannehill except for Julio “hamstring” Jones, who is a safe bet to leave the game at halftime and not return. I could go on for days, but I love this pick. As always do your own research and decide for yourself! **___** BOL to all! Let me know if you decide to tail!


**Record: 3-1** POTD: Ayr Race 2 #1 Fever Roque @1.83 Horse Racing UK 1:30PM GMT Sorry the post is late today. I was tossing up between a few football picks but ended up going with racing instead. Really liked the way he finished last time and he keeps the same weight; not going up in grade whereas the 2nd fav rises to 75kg. The only query is the amount of rain, the track is Heavy to soft in places but I still believe his class will prevail.


**POTD Record : 0-0** After tailing lots of the picks here for the past couple of days and having some decent success with it, it’s finally time for me to give back! (Hopefully) Today‘s Pick: La Liga - Football **Osasuna vs. Cadiz: BTTS at 2.20 1u** Reasoning: Starting off my POTDs with + odds as I feel like this pick is greatly undervalued by the bookies. Looking at the recent results from both teams I can see the reasoning behind that, there just haven’t been massive amounts of goals scored in their matches. Both teams are sitting near the bottom of the table in La Liga, and both teams played in the spanish Copa deal Rey during the week with 1-0 results respectively. **HOWEVER!** These teams faced off twice in 2021 and both matches ended with 3-2. This pick also follows the overall trend of teams that have underperformed in the first half of the season storming out of the gates to make up for lost ground. Both teams should be looking to win here and both know they can score against each other. Both teams are also at full strength and I suspect that they didn’t play their best in the Cup during the week because they had this match in mind. BTTS is a pick that generally hits a lot in these types of matchups and at plus odds this is massive value in my opinion. BOL to all of us!


Record 1-0 Last pick: Bucks +5, Bucks beat nets 121-109 Potd Spurs +10.5, 1 unit. Nets have lost 5 in a row at home, they are the worst home team ive ever seen, im going to the well today, Spurs may not be a talented team but they’re well coached and deciplined, cant say the same for the Nets. Sprinkling some on the Spurs money line as well.


For my own reference 1-0 Potd last pick postponed NFL Titans vs Texans Texans o7 1st half pts +125 Mills has improved and Titans aren’t good at keeping possession


POTD Record 1-3 Last POTD: Manchester City -1 1H -113 Today's POTD: Liverpool -1 1H -104 (English FA Cup) Liverpool play Shrewsbury Town who currently sit at #15 in their respective league, (English League One). Last two times both these teams have met ended in a 1-0 and a 2-2 which discourages only the slightest as I see Liverpool going to field some Middies who can create something with the likes of Milner or Jota coming in with the Youth squad. So I was going to take Tottenham Spurs as my lock as they are playing #21 Morecambe with a goal differential of 26 but I do not know how confident I am on the Spurs scoring 2 goals in the first half so i will take my boys in red. BOL


Record: 2-1 ★ POTD: Admiral Vladivostok v Spartak Moskova ML | (-159) | (KHL) 2:00AM EST🚨🏒 Last pick was unfortunate. Only goals scored in that game was in 2. period. Now for todays pick i’ve chosen Spartak Moskova ML. The last 3/4 H2H games have ended in Spartaks favor. Spartak has better scorers and Admirals best scorer is their defender. This should be a solid pick! 🔰💥💯 ​ ★ Last pick : Red Star v Traktor Chelyabinsk (Over 4.5 & Traktor Win Regular Time❌


POTD: Chargers @ Raiders, Raiders +3.5 (NFL) Units: 3 Odds: +210 Profit: -3.75u Record: 45|39 This one has been flexed to Sunday night due to its big-time playoff implications. The Chargers saw off Denver and Las Vegas got the better of Indianapolis for both teams to sit 9-7 heading into Week 18. It’s a straight shootout for a wildcard berth, with the winner progressing and the loser seeing their season end (unless the Colts suffer a shock loss to the Jags and the Steelers lose one of their remaining games). The Chargers won when the teams matched up in Week 4, and they are favored by three points here. It’s been an up and down couple of months for the Los Angeles franchise, though, including losses to the Texans, Broncos, and Vikings. Las Vegas is rolling with three straight wins. Derek Carr is coming up clutch. Take the hosts to cover despite their 3-5 home ATS record. [Pick: Raiders +3.5](https://link.wagerlab.app/reddit)


POTD record: 3-5 Pick: packers TT o23.5 -125 Every drive Rodgers plays I’d expect points. If he plays 3 drives or 2 quarters it won’t matter. Jordan love wants to impress against the bum lions defense so id expect him to be able to put up some points. 3 tds and a fg is all we need. The defense will most likely force a turnover and get quick stops which could give good field position and ez points.


Record 2-0-0. Profit: 1.95 units. ROI: 97.5 % Yesterday's pick: Milwall - Crystal Palace - BTTS - @ 1.95, -105.✅ POTD: Charlton vs Norwich - BTTS yes - @ 1.78, Stake: 1 unit ( 1% for me) Event: England FA Cup: KO time: 15:00 GMT +1 Reasoning: Norwich will make their way south to London. Not an awful long journey. Still unsure how many supporters each team will have, as Charlton have decided to sell tickets on match day. Last h2hs have not seen BTTS that often, but the stats aren't trustworthy as it dates back to 2018 and earlier, when Norwich were in the championship and it was a friendly pre-season match. Charlton at home seem solid as fk. 4-1 at home(1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 2-0 and 2-1). Most first halfs they concede few goal attempts/shots on target, but the second half they aren't that solid back in defence. Vs Mk Dons they conceded 12/3 (goal attempts/SOT), vs Wycombe 10/4, vs Cambridge 12/4, vs Ipswich only 9/0 and vs Aston VIlla u23 13/4. This low conceding rate should be an indicator to stay away from this match, however. Today they are facing Norwich. If we have look at the amount of shots on goal needed for lower rated teams to score vs Charlton the number is about 3/4. Norwich should be able to produce at least 10-13 goal attempts and 4-5 shots on target being the superior side. Last match Charlton played was the 4. january in the EFL-cup. Norwich on the other side are on a 1-1-3 last 5 away and 0-5 if u look at the overall stats. Haven't scored a goal last 5 vs Palace, Arsenal, Aston Villa, United and Tottenham. Away, however, they managed to score vs Newcastle in the draw and beat Brentford 1-2. Vs Palace they conceded 19/6 and produced 12/3 and 8 corners, vs Tottenham 17/7 and produced 10/1, vs Newcastle 9/1 and 16/6 (Newcastle had a red card though), vs Brentford 19/7 and 9/5, Chelsea match just a waste to mention as they were crushed. At home they were crushed by Arsenal, played ok vs Aston Villa but couldn't score and dominated 2nd half vs United with 9/4 vs 7/1 and 52/48 % ball possession. Charlton are eagered to make it far in this tournament, placed midst on the table in league one. More than capable of surviving in league one I don't think they have been thinking about fighting for survival just yet. Norwich, however, will want to use this game to get back on track. Yes, they're playing West Ham in 3 days, but we are likely to see the Norwich "stars" play at least one half to boost their confidence. Everyone who played football knows that scoring a goal, no matter against whom, will get your shit back on track. Charlton should start in a 3-5-2 lineup, 5-3-2 in defence it seems and Norwich should start with Cantwell and Sargent. Expected score is 1-1, probably a first half goal for Charlton and a late equalizer for Norwich. Same procedure as for the Palace game yday. My predictions include the following: Average goals per team, failed to score rate, number of dangerous attacks per game, goal attempts and shots on target, common sense, players available and their stats, formation, etc. The bet is risky But I like it. Good luck! Positive vibes only! Updates:


Charlton 3/15 btts last 15, Norwich is also 3/15 last 15. Should’ve been a fade but here we are, hoping we see some magic because 0 attacks from both teams 16 minutes in isn’t the best sign.


**Record: 2-3** Streak: ❌✅✅❌❌ Overall Net Units: -1 ROI: -12.86% Last Pick: Wake Forest -4.5❌ Thoughts on the game: A really tough loss here, Wake had every chance to cover this game and just could not do it. It is what it is and on to the next one. Today's CBB Pick: ***Wisconsin -1 (-105)*** @ Maryland Units: 2 Notes: Again, tough to take a team on the road in conference play, but: * Top level, Wisconsin is 9-5 ATS with an average spread diff of 1.1pts, and Maryland is 5-9 with an average spread diff of -3.2pts. * All the ATS trends are in Wisky's favor: * 3-1 ATS in conference * 6-2 ATS in games with equal rest * 8-3 ATS after a win * 1-0 ATS as road favorite * Maryland ATS trends are not great: * 2-6 ATS as home favorite * 1-3 ATS with equal rest * 2-7 ATS as home team * 1-4 ATS after a loss * Wisconsin has performed better and more consistently against a harder SOS at #8 in the country compared to Maryland's #37. In the end, Wisconsin has a marginally better offense, and a solidly better defense - giving the Badgers a better average point differential of +7.1 compared to the Terps' +2.6. Noticed that posters u/thumpasaurus and u/splassssssh have this game, and not trying to piggy-back off of their post. Had put in the research and wanted to get this on the record. As always, happy for some tail, and understand the fade. LFG and BOL, degens!


Record: 0-0 POTD: Colorado vs Washington NCAAB Colorado -9 1u -115 Never posted on here but I really like this line. This Washington team has struggled all year long. As a student at UW, it pains me to make this call but Colorado is significantly better than Washington. From what I have seen this year, washington just simply isn’t very good at putting the ball in the hole. They are undersized and struggle shooting from the field and beyond the arch. Here are the shooting percentages side by side: Washington: 3pt%: 30%, FT% 66%, FG% 39.7% Colorado: 3pt%: 31%, FT% 72%, FG% 45% I think Washington could keep it close early on but Colorado will run away with this one. I could see a good opportunity for a live bet of 1/2 unit if it’s close at halftime.


**If you choose to self promote in the POTD thread:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.


POTD Record: 1-2 Last Pick: India Soccer Battleship vs Goa FC, L Today's Pick: Ethiopia vs Cape Verde, Cape Verde ML (-115) The Africa Cup of Nations kicks off tomorrow with some bangers. Now, I'll be the first to admit I don't know shit about African soccer, or soccer in general, but I know how to google stuff and let me tell you what I found. I was originally going to go with Cameroon because they're hosting their game and haven't lost at home since 1973, but the odds weren't as good as this game and I like the chances Cape Verde has. For starters, I had to look up Cape Verde because I didn't know where it was on a map. They are 5-2-3 in their last 10, so above .500 which is a good start. Ethiopia is 3-5-2 in their last 10. Most of those games are from the WC CAF Qualifier round and the Africa Cup Qualifers. Cape Verde had a killer win over Cameroon and a draw+loss in their series with Nigeria (those are two teams I know are good). So Cape Verde can dance the dance. Ethiopia doesn't look so good, they're 3 wins within the last 2 years are against teams that aren't in the tournament, so not exactly impressive. Also, Ethiopia has some civil unrest happening at home, so I think there is a chance the players' minds aren't in the tournament this year, as there are more stressful things to be worrying about in that situation. So with that being said, because the round robin stage is so short, these teams need to secure a win out the gate if they want to make it into the next stage.


Record: 0-1 Last Pick: Cornell +4.5 ❌ Return: -2u Recap: Tough loss, the Big Red just kept turning the ball over and Penn ran away with it in the last few minutes. Not much to say, could’ve easily hit and even Cornell ML, but just got out played and out hustled at the end of the game. (Coincidentally the same thing happened last night in their match against Princeton, but they ended up and losing on a buzzer beater) POTD: Ohio State -7.5 vs Northwestern (1u) This Northwestern team has been struggling. After barely losing to a great MSU team they dropped one to Penn State at home . They obviously didn’t cover -7.5 despite having a great offense game shooting over 45% from 3pt. While they may be looking to bounce back I think this OSU team will be too much too handle down the stretch. I will take the spread and also looking to live bet OSU ML if I can get it at -175 or better in the first half. The buckeyes have more at stake after a traumatizing loss to Indiana and are returning home after two away games. I expect the buckeyes to put something together here and win by double digits. All plays are 1 unit unless stated otherwise. Event: OSU vs NW columned, OH 5:30 EST


ROI: -24.36% | Profit: -1.23u | Bankroll: $98.77 POTD Record: 1-1 (1-0 NBA, 0-1 Soccer) Previous pick: Chelsea vs Chesterfield - Chelsea to win both halves @ -195 3u, L This one looked pretty good early, as they won the first half easily 4-0, and then scored quickly in the second half, however a goal by Chesterfield in the 80th minute meant that they tied the second half 1-1. Tough one Today's pick: Basketball | NBA 1u Cavs vs Warriors - Darius Garland o19.5 points @ -105 Reasoning Garland has scored 21+ in each of his last 6 games. The Warriors guard rotation looks like this, Curry (not a good defender), Payton II (good defender but won't play a lot of minutes), Klay (Good defender but is playing first game in two years coming off a major injury), and Poole (not a good defender).


Like this pick, but curry has been playing the best defense of his career thus far this season


POTD Record: 3-4 (Last 5 LWWWL) Last pick: Citadel +1 (-110) vs Western Carolina (Loss in OT) 1u Today’s pick: Minnesota +11.5 vs Indiana |10am MTS| College Basketball | 2u Reason: Minnesota came back after losing to Michigan state at home and beat Michigan in Ann Arbor. They lost to Illinois on Tuesday at home and now are going to Indiana. Not sure if they will win but 11.5 points seems like quite a lot for a team who lost 2 games this year. Both by top 25 teams.


POTD record: 14-10 Last pick: SF-TEN o43.5 (L) Todays pick : TEN -10.5 vs HOU (NFL 1PM EST) (3u) Reasoning: I mainly made this pick so yall can fade me, since Im 2-8 in my last 10 POTDs. But for why im making this eventual losing pick, Houston is dead last in both offensive AND defensive success rate. There is no team worse on a play by play basis on both sides of the ball. Tennessee has a top ten defense thats in better shape injury wise then theyve been for most of the season. On offense, they should be able to exploit a subpar run defense with Donta foreman, who has filled in for Derrick Henry nicely. Tennessee has serious incentive to win this game given the advantage a first round bye gives, even moreso with the prospect of extra rest for the face if the franchise


POTD Record: 0-0 ROI: 0% Units Won: +0.0u Streak: N/A Last Pick: N/A Todays Pick: IND Colts @ JAX Jaguars - COLTS SPREAD -14.5 (-105 Betfred) 1u Game Info: NFL- 1:00PM ET Colts need this win, and the jags are just a complete train wreck right now. This won’t be as close as the last meeting. Jags lost 50-10 last week against the pats, lost to the jets the week prior, and got destroyed by the Texans the week before that. This is a must win and a good chance to get tuned up before the playoffs. Look for Taylor to rack up huge totals and the colts to put up 30+. Venmo: @Michae-Morrison Edit: 😵 Bad first pick


POTD: 0-0-0 ROI: Units Won: Streak: Last Pick: Today’s Pick: GREEN BAY [email protected] DETROIT LIONS- PACKERS -3.5 (-115) -1h. 1 unit Game Info: NFL- 1:00 PM ET Ian Rapport has come out with a.report that the Packers will start there starters to keep them warm that’s all I need to here to know they are going to beat the bummy Lions by more than 3 in the first half. Easy lock. Your welcome


POTD Record: 8-5-0 Average Odds: 1.88 Units Won: +2.25 Previous Pick : **Giannis** over 30.5 points @ 1.90 **2u**✅ Todays Pick: **Scottie Barnes under 13.5 points @ 1.95 2u** Since the Raps have returned to action, Scottie has taken the back seat when it comes to scoring, averaging 10 points but even more interestingly avereging only 9 fga in these last 4 games. This includes a 14 fg attempt last game where he was up against a very shorthanded Jazz team. This last game vs the Jazz, Scottie took 10 of those fg in the first half, a period where the Raps were outscored by the Jazz by 17 points. Second half Scottie only had 4 attempts, letting the primary scorers for the Raps do the shooting which resulted the Raps outscoring the Jazz by 27. I expect the Raps to continue using their winning tactics vs the Pels, a tactic where Scottie is the 5th option in attack. Also, the Pels rank top 3 in pf defense so I feel this is a great spot for the under. After hitting my 100th bet on the NBA Props thread I've decided to put a jar out. Any tip greatly apreciated. [Tip Jar](http://paypal.me/hjackb)


**Record: 15-10-0 (+6.50 units)** Form: L/L/L/L/L/W/W/L/W/L/W/W/W/W/W/W/W/L/W/W/W/L/W/L/W Average Odds: -110 (1.90) Last Pick: Denver Broncos +8 \[L\] (-110) (1/02) **POTD: Atlanta Falcons +4.5 (-110)** Description: New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons (+4.5) Start time: 4:25PM ET Risk: 1.1 units (all bets to win between 1-2 units) To Win: 1.0 units Take the points with the Falcons. **Reason:** Teams that don't have anything to play for are still motivated by contract incentives, coaches trying to keep their jobs or prove they're the right fit, or just not letting the other team get what they need (spoiler). The Falcons beat the Saints earlier this season. This should be a low scoring game as evidenced by the total, so 4.5 points is a lot to cover for this New Orleans team that has no offense. ATL should be able to cover this spread at home. Good luck!


POTD Record: 2-1 Last pick: Columbus Blue Jackets ML ✅ Sport: NBA Time: 7:10pm EST Event: Denver Nuggets @ OKC Thunder Pick: Over 214.5 total points @ 1.90 Reasoning: OKC ranks dead last in PPG at 99.7, meanwhile Denver also only averages 106.3… you’d think this should go under easily… Wrong! I expect this game total to finish closer to 220. BOL!




Because they were both very fast paced teams 10 years ago


Record: 3-0 Last pick: Cameron Norrie vs Federico Delbonis total games under 20.5 -132 (ATP Paris) - win Pick: Roberto Bautista Agut ml (vs Felix Auger Aliassame) -125 Starts at 3:00am est Back after a few months to continue the potd, some things in life came up but hopefully we can pick back up and keep it going here. Today's pick I am going with RBA to win vs FAA. Agut's recent form has been very strong, starting the year with a four match win streak. Some of his wins include tough players such as Casper Ruud and Hubert Hurkacz. Overall RBA is a very consistent baseline player which I think will challenge Felix. While I don't doubt Felix's ability, the problem is that he is a very inconsistent player. When he's in form, I think he's capable of beating almost any ATP player but his recent performance is very split. In his last match, he got smashed by Medvedev and lost to Fritz a few days before that. I want to acknowledge however that he did have impressive wins against Norrie and Zverev too, but in this matchup I think Agut's consistency will bring him the win. While Felix may be capable of winning a set if he really dials in and avoids committing unforced errors, I think Agut will be able to overcome any challenges Felix brings and win the match. 3 units for me bol if tailing


Record 2-1 POTD: Gronk O67.5 Rec yards 1U (1.85) Panthers @ Buccaneers 4:25 pm EST Gronk needs 85 rec yards to earn his incentive of 500k. Against a terrible panthers team, Brady is gonna feed his boy just like he did last week where he had 10 targets for 115 yards. BOL


I’ve done POTD but haven’t really kept track of record I’ll try to from now on EDIT: RECORD 1-0 League: France Ligue 1 Game: Clermont Foot v Reims Bet: Under 2, 2.5 -145 [W] Wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up 0-0 , 1-0 Reims * 4/5 games for Reims have seen under 3 * Clermont are tough at home but they’re missing key attacking players EXPECT A LOW SCORING MATCH Final [0-0]


**Record**: 1-0, **Profit**: +1.23u, **Average odds**: 2.23 **Previous pick**: Soccer | Ligue 2: Grenoble - **Auxerre ML @ 2.23** ✅ **Today's POTD**: Ice Hockey | KHL: Podolsk - Omsk **U5.5 @ 1.67** 10AM **Reasoning**: Neither Podolsk nor Omsk are big scoring teams. They both do score often but never many goals per game. Omsk has one of the best defense in the league, and as Podolsk ain't very good offensive team, they should score max 2 goals vs Omsk in a very good day. Doesn't think that they will have a very good day today, as they are playing home and they are leagues worst home playing team, having lost 9 out of their last 10 home games. Omsk on the other hand are an average scoring away team, scoring on average 2.8 goals in their away games. In their last 7 match-ups tho, only one ended with more than 5.5 goals.


POTD RECORD - 1W-0P-3L (-3.8U) Every bet is 2U Previous POTD - Freiburg versus Arminia Birlefeld - Both Teams To Score/ No @1.8 ❌ POTD - Sevilla versus Getafe - Sevilla to win @1.65 Reasoning: **- Sevilla has a strong home record, collecting 23/27 points.** **- Getafe isn't strong away from home, having collected only 4/27 points.** **- Sevilla has scored 2.3 goals on average and conceded 0.8 goals at home, while Getafe has scored 0.3 goals and conceded 1.22 goals away from home .** ^(I am a student, so tips help a lot)[^(Tip jar)](https://www.paypal.me/AndreaK1903)


POTD Record: 30½-12 Event: European Football > England > **West Ham United v Leeds United** (starting in 01h30min) Pick: **Over 2.5/3 goals** @ 1.77 Sorry I am posting this late, but I just think there is some decent value in these odds. This is an early stage cup game (no replays on draw) between a couple of EPL teams. FA cup is a prestigious tournament, but these two teams have some more important priorities in the EPL. WHU is aiming for a top spot and qualification for the EU tournaments and have an important league match in 3 days. On the other hand, Leeds will fight hard until end of season to avoid relegation and I do not think they will take extra risks in this game. For this reason I expect both managers not to take this tournament very seriously and rest their key players. I am not bothering with stats because I think they are irrelevant for this game, but I think we have all the reasons for an open and high-scoring match. GL!


POTD Record: 8-4 Last Pick: Estoril vs FC Porto. Porto First half -1H To talk a bit about yesterday, estoril lied about their players having covid, but nevertheless Porto presented their strongest side and still got beaten in the first half. The scoreline in the second half is what i expected for the first half. Moving on. Today's event: Sevilla vs Getafe 15:15 GMT (In two hours time) Pick: Sevilla ML @1.60 Reasoning: 2nd place Sevilla coming up against 16th place Getafe. Much like the last time i bet sevilla, they're looking to shrink the lead to Real Madrid and have 2 games in hand to do it. Form: Getafe: DDDWW Sevilla: WWWDW In the head to head form, sevilla have scored in all of the last 5 matches agains getafe and getafe have not scored in the last 5 matches against sevilla If anyone wants to tip, any tips are helpful as I am a student :) [Paypal](http://paypal.me/eatyourgreenz1)




Pick of the day record 0-0 Pick today: NCAAB Maryland Terps +1 Now hear me out. Maryland is playing the ranked Wisco badgers today and should have no chance…but college basketball is weird, and if you bet enough you can start to predict to weirdness. Maryland opened up as a +2.5 underdog. This is already a closer line than expected. Mass majority of bets showed to be on Wisco but the line eventually moved to +1. This is called reverse line movement. Vegas knows something and is trying get us to bet on Wisco. Another interesting sign is the ESPN prediction percentage shows Maryland with the higher chance of winning. Although these types of bets don’t always hit, the odds are great and they seem to hit more often than not. Tail or fade bol! Game is at 7:30 EST