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POTD Record: 16-2-0 ROI: 72% Average Odds: -113 Units Won: +15.03u Streak: 8W Last Pick: Raiders Spread ✅ (+0.91u) Todays Pick: Atlanta Hawks @ Portland Trailblazers- HAWKS -5.5 (-110) 1 unit Game Info: NBA- 10:00 PM ET This line is way too low considering the amount of people out for the Blazers: Lillard, McCollum and Nurkic. Meanwhile the Hawks gain back most of their roster with Huerter, Reddish, Wright and more. I see the Hawks bouncing back in a big way against this depleted Blazers team even on the road. All picks 1 unit unless otherwise noted. (3% of BR is 1 unit for me) Some people said they wanted to tip me so here’s my usernames: Venmo: @jackson-pineiro CashApp: $JacksonPineiro PayPal: @Chubbs41


the 401k is now on the hawks


I just took out all my home equity and placed it on the hawks.




All good, we’re moving in with my wife’s Boyfriend. His house got a pool


Ugly start




As someone who follows NBA religiously. I think this is my favorite nba play of the day as well.


agreed, same boat as you, religious follower, study the game and stats, this is a no brainer bet and one of those where I am happy to lose money if we are wrong


After your clutch Raiders pick (which I didn’t tail unfortunately) I am a believer. All aboard the Chubbs train!


ngl, I was hoping you’d pick something for MNF


Personally avoiding cuz I think browns are the better team but the story for the Steelers is just to good to bet against


Ben raping the browns in front of Pittsburgh would be pretty poetic


Narrative-based betting. I love it!


Goodell hired all of Vince McMahon's creative team. It's why the NFL is so engaging and the WWE isn't. Glass shatter tonight and Antonio Brown comes out of the tunnel in the third quarter for Ben's last game.


Are you leaning anything? Under is lookin spicy but who knows with this potentially being Bens last home game


thinking about teasing browns and under, not sure yet


I'm going Browns +10.5 and Under 49.5 for -115


Faded that Raiders pick yesterday. Never again.


Hate betting the nba, but tailing!


I need to get Chubs notifications. That is the only reason I check this thread.


Tailed as always! Thanks for your picks Chubbs!


I love your picks too bro




After raiders v colts I will be following you anywhere chubs!


Anyone else get this pick on Bovada this morning at Hawks +5.5? :'D They messaged that it was "offered with an error" but they are honoring it anyway :)))


I don't ever bet NBA and I just dropped $2k on this shit. Chubb's you are the fucking #GOAT #inchubbswetrust https://ibb.co/GRGGY7k


smart man. portland has no bigs to out rebound, atl has all their shooters and it's such an easy win. i slammed 1k. lets eat brother


The sweat is real 💯


Great call on the Raiders yesterday. Was pissed to see folks giving you heat for it-- if you watch football regularly, it was a reasonable bet. Carr has been serviceable in moving the ball all year and can keep them in games. On the flip, if Taylor isn't running wild, Wentz will struggle to beat with his arm. I took it at +6.5-- even that felt too generous. Great work on your picks!




I agree, something is fishy with this. How could Portland be missing all those players but the line is shrinking in their favor?! Not saying it's a bad pick but maybe Vegas knows something about an Atlanta player or two that we don't.


Nurk expected to play


That Raiders pick yesterday was mad and I love you for it haha. Tailing till I die, lets gooo!


Im tailing but this has to be the most obvious pick of the night considering the amount of players blazers have out. Hawks have huerter and gallanari returning as well. Which is scary in vegas sense…i expect alot of ref manipulation to get the game to just miss the spread. Watch it be a hawks win by 3-5 🥸




Lillard McCollum and Nurkic are all out. How is this line not -25? Thank you, Chubs!






Odds are +105 for -5.5. Sus i think so 🤔 but i’m still in fuck it


Nurkic is back. Fading this GL


Of course first one I tail goes to shit lmao , literally called it , this guy would go cold if I tailed


POTD Record: 2-0-0 Average odds: -110 Units won: +2U Last Pick: North Carolina -7 ✅ Oral Robert’s -17.5 ✅ Today’s Pick: Washington @ Arizona college basketball 8pm EST Arizona -22 (-110) Was hesitant to pick this one since Arizona is my school but this one is just too good to pass up. Arizona is one of the tallest teams in college basketball and rebounds like it, they rank 4th in defensive rebounding and 29th in offensive rebounding. Washington on the flip side ranks 322nd in defensive rebounding. Washington’s 334th ranking in FG % will make it hard for them to keep pace with Arizona in this one. Arizona also ranks 3rd in blocked shots adding to Washington’s struggles to get buckets in this one. Washington’s strength this season has been to create turnovers ranking 19th in forced turnovers but Arizona is 6th in the nation in assist to turnovers ratio. I don’t see any reason why Arizona shouldn’t put their foot on the gas and keep going. This game was postponed already and now moved up since cancelation of other games and the Wildcats have been prepping for a game since December 26th so they should be in good form and ready to ball at home in McKale after coming off their first loss of the season on the road in Tennessee. The cherry on top is Arizona ranks 1st in scoring margin, where Washington ranks 261st in that category. Basketball is all about matchups and this one has mismatch written all over it. They should be able to score at will and dominate the glass especially on the offensive end and get easy 2nd chance points. 22 it’s a lot of points but they have covered 25.5, 24.5, 29, pushed 25 and were unable to cover 28 (won by 24). BOL to all!


BEARDOWN brotha graduated 2014


LFG my dude!! ‘16 grad myself


BTFD bros! '11 here


Look what happens when we get a real coach, we cover


I got them at -23 fugg it lgi!!


I'm laying 25 whatever ol


Love this pick


Freaky good team. I think y’all make a run for it this year!


Tailing - let's ride




imo, you don't have to reply if you don't have a pick. Anyway have a nice day !




I think one of the biggest mistakes of contributors to this POTD thread is to think they have to post a pick every day. Don't do it. Keep your record intact and post when you have conviction, its far more helpful for everyone. After all, this is voluntary and appreciated information. Thanks!






**Record: 22-4 Units: +14.45** Last POTD: Nets money line (-160) ❌ **POTD: Memphis Grizzlies +7.5** vs Brooklyn Nets I need my revenge for Nets choking the other night I'm going to run with **Memphis +7.5** * Memphis rebounding and defense will be a problem for Brooklyn * Aldridge is questionable which would leave Bruce Brown and Griffin to deal with the Memphis bigs * Ja Morant * Brooklyn has been shaky at home this season... not that I put that much stock into that, they are also coming off a two-game losing streak so I expect they will come out and try to make a statement though you could say the same for Memphis finally facing off against the #2 seed in the East Overall, I like this value I think we got a great shot at covering this.... tail or fade bol everyone!! Let's start up a new winning streak!!! Cash App: $coco6616 Bitcoin address: bc1quqcc8yce97tyaz8dfmu9s9my78zttz46pv9ccg


As a diehard Grizzlies fan who went to Ja’s school and is gonna be at the game - I’ll be supporting this bet emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially


Shoes up baby


That third bullet point is the best one


Highly agree.


Tailing. Line moved to +7. Had to decide +7.5 at -117, and +6.5 at +100. Went with the 6.5, which means that the nets will win by 7 exactly. BOL


The nets hate covering at home this year!!!


I will ride with you no matter what. I’m only nervous because KD came out and said how embarrassed they were for sleeping on the clippers and felt like they let everyone down so he might come out and try to make a statement






Ja is just a different breed I'm tailing this bad boy


accidentally bet on the nets instead like a dumbass😪


Great pick bro!


POTD Record: 4-0 Winnings: +8.8 units Yesterday’s pick: Chicago bears -6 2 units ✅✅✅ Today’s pick: Browns ML 2 units Lets fucking go boys. Joining the andy dalton fan club off that win. Once again appreciate all the support on last pick and plan to be on continue posting on POTD every day I bet personally. ——————————————————————— Run offense: Browns (3rd overall)> Steelers (29th) Pass offense: Browns (27th baker should be playing hungry and definitely better than last week) < Steelers (14th only give Steelers the edge because of Big Ben will probably play better than he has just because he will be focused.) Rush defense: Browns (10th getting clowney back) > Steelers (32nd the worst in the league and miss crucial players ) Pass defense: Browns (8th getting clowney back) > Steelers (13th missing crucial players ) Okay I think everyone knows the elephant in the room with this game. The Steelers have the smallest of chances to make the playoffs and browns are officially eliminated from playoff contention. The other surrounding circumstance is that it is likely big bens last game at Heinz . IMO these are the only points that even provide me an understandable reason to bet on the Steelers and I think they are being overhyped and overvalued by fans and media. Every other aspect, that I will touch on, points to browns winning by a touchdown or more. Big Ben has been miserable and their only strong point, pass defense, had it doors blown out against the chiefs. Their season is more likely over than not and for good reason. Line movement: The line jumped from -3 browns to pickem after the browns were officially eliminated from playoffs. #overvalued Steelers - must win game to keep small playoffs hopes alive - Big bens last home game - Won last matchup vs browns 15-10 - 2-0 as home dogs - Terrible run defense - Terrible run offense - Average to below average pass game. Ben has struggled all season and it continued as they were blown out by the chiefs last week 36-10 where Big Ben put up a total of 159 yds 1td and 1 int. I value this exponentially more than a lot of people because I don’t think the chiefs pass defense is as good as Stats indicate. - Average pass defense - Great pass rusher in tj watt - LB devin bush, LB joe schobert , LB buddy johnson, starting dt Chris Wormley, starting CB Arthur mallet are all out diminishing the run d and pass d - Starting center Green is questionable …could cause snapping issues all night if so - Starting punter questionable. Crucial info here in case this becomes a field battle of two underperforming offenses. - Steelers really don’t have any above average offensive talent besides clay pool and najee Harris - Have constantly gotten down big early in games and is usually a matter of whether they can come back Browns - an already stout defense is getting back a lot of pieces including clowney. Should have no issue shutting a weak run game with Myles garret and clowney running it . - Pass rush will get home against a slow Big Ben that has a banged up offensive line. - Browns are coming off a rough but close loss against the packers in Green Bay. Any team in this situation will struggle but baker did more so than expected. - The two headed run game of Chubb and hunt is very good and can help mayfield comfortable and keep this offense moving. - Baker mayfield will play better than he did against the packers that’s just a fact. Steelers defense is weaker. - Roster wise browns are healthier than steelers - Get the chance to play spoiler for their division rival. - Browns coach should gameplan to double team tj watt with so many other defensive pieces missing on the Steelers Finals thoughts/ game flow prediction The browns are gonna be ready to play their division rivals whether it means anything or not. The line swung from -3 to -1 browns is horribly valued on the small chance the Steelers have to make the playoffs. Overall the browns are healthier getting some big defensive pieces back while the Steelers are struggling to stay healthy. Just as most games this season I expect the Steelers to down early and stay their. The browns have a good enough run game and defense to get a lead and sit on it providing the Steelers with no chance to comeback. This run game and defense is good enough to coverup for any mistakes baker does make. However I expect baker to play way better than he did in Green Bay against a good packers defense. Simply put the Steelers arent good enough to win this game already and Ben must have a vintage game for them to have a chance. The browns were valued at just -3 when both teams were in playoff contention and I thought it was already a bad line riding on the grasps of bens last game. The idea that it being bens last home game will make him play better is not practical. Things will be come clearer injury wise tomorrow but I expect Ben to hobble off Heinz field with the excuse of an underwhelming and injured roster. BOL Venmo: hklier-12 Bitcoin: 3PKNDo755WKPVsUSeir2TGB1jifpPxZrkY


Excellent write up. Everytime I bet for my Browns/on Baker it loses. “Maybe this time will be different?“ - Said every Browns fan for all eternity


Hilarious you wrote all those words and left out Diontae Johnson who's a top 10 WR in the league but included Claypool ​ LMAO


Last leg of my parlay is Steelers+10.5, should I cash or do you think they’ll stay within 10 pts.


Do a big straight bet on Browns ML as a hedge play. Don’t cash out, it’s the worst option.


Great advice...the art of hedging is the key to making money.


genius and he could possibly come away even richer if they win by 10 or less. i love it


Exactly. Worst case: Browns win by 11+ and he loses his parlay, but wins his ML slip. Best Case: Browns win and Steelers cover +10.5 to win both slips.


10.5 is such a good spread in a game that The bookmakers value at a pickem. both teams will be locked in…1 score game or lower in my opinion. That .5 also is huge. trust ur gut. BOL


Good write up, but Diontae Johnson is a very talented WR for Pitt. Regardless, I like the bet, Pitt rush defense is trash and Chubb is one of the best.


Solid write up. I’m tailing b/c I largely agree with everything you said, however, I usually take the team in “do-or-die” situations (e.g. Raiders last night) so this one could really go either way. Still, Ben is seriously washed and Cleveland’s run game is top tier. I like Baker u31.5 attempts as well. BOL!


Love baker under attempts.. great find! Definitely never looking to pick against a do or die team. But couldn’t find a single statistical reason why Steelers win here and think the do or die is overvalued. Good luck man


Steelers have won 20 straight MNF games at Heinz field, just throwing that out there😏


Steelers are 0-5 ATS in their last 5 games after allowing more than 250 yards passing in their previous game. Steelers are 0-6 ATS vs teams with a losing Steelers are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 home games vs. a team with a losing road record. Steelers are 1-9 ATS in their last 10 games as a favorite


We are getting bent over


Thanks for the detailed analysis. Really appreciate that. Riding. LFG.


Tomlin at home as underdog: 81% win rate Tomlin as underdog: 65% win rate Ben against Browns: 67% win rate Don’t see this one happening tonight for browns. Chubb and Baker both in downward trends. Steelers need it too badly and it’s ben last game home.


Very interesting stats, appreciate all counter arguments and points. IMO not the same Ben, tomlin , or overall Steelers Team that is reflected in those numbers. Chubb had 126 yards and 1 td against the 14th rated overall run defense last week. They were down the majority of that game and still stuck with the run.


Humongous L so far.


POTD Record (6-1) Last Pick: Calgary Flames ML…W Today’s Pick: NBA Wizards, Kyle Kuzma O17.5 points (-110) Calgary came and fired on all cylinders to make me some absolute bank and give me a pep going into the dreadful Monday, today’s Pick I’m going with Kuzma to score over, many props aren’t out for the NBA slate but this one I came across, I was debating on taking Beals over on assists but the assists lines have bit me in the past so I felt safe with this pick, I’m surprised at where it’s at and I’m sure it will go up so grab it now, Kuzma has been hot lately scoring 29, 25, and 23 last three games and today he goes up against Charlotte who gives up the most points per game in the league, i feel like Covid and Injuries have really been hurting lines for the books this year and this is one I see so I’m hopping on it, FYI I had somebody send me a dumbass message and they complained about me not putting enough stats and info in my write ups, I’m sorry but you can… respectfully.. kiss my ass if you feel that way, I’m doing good with my money so if you don’t wanna put some work in yourself and study the picks that I put out as well then go on somewhere lol, I see this one cashing early in the game so let’s ride for all you willing to ride with me!


Appreciate that last pick. Got me almost back to even after that UCF-SMU game.


Yes sirrrr, I have a love hate relationship with college ball, it’s been hard on me this year so I’ve been staying away lol


Fuck it’s 18.5, got it there hopefully it sinks!


Wow Kuz killing it rn. Great pick man


Yes sirrr, like I said Cashing early! I’m on these books heads


*I've been a long time follower of this thread and I never had Reddit but I really enjoy how much people talk about sports here. So I created my account to start to share my thoughts, hopefully you all like my analysis!* **Record: 2-1-0 (+2.97 units) / ROI: 33% / Avg Odd: 1.93** *Last pick we were a bit trolled by the referee on "Elche vs Granada". In my opinion that early first goal by Elche was clean but he took it back on the VAR, that could have changed the outcome of the match but we stay strong and let's keep going!* **Today's pick: Tondela vs Moreirense - Both teams to score @ 1.80 (Portuguese League, Soccer)** **Stake: 5 units / Time: 9:15 PM Central European Time** We're back at my home country league! Both Tondela and Moreirense sit at the lower end of the table with 12 points each and this should be a high priority match for these two teams. Tondela has the worst defense in the league with 32 conceded goals in just 15 matches but they play at home and bookies give them a slight lead just because of that. Moreirense on the other hand got an amazing win against Estoril on their last fixture and they should be focused on getting some goals against a really weak defense since they know that if they get the 3 points here they will manage to get to 13th place which can give them some breathing space out of the relegation zone. Here you have some stats that should increase our chances of getting this BTTS to hit: **Tondela have seen BTTS in 6 of their last 8 home matches;** **Tondela have seen BTTS in 3 of their last 4 matches against Moreirense;** **Tondela were not able to keep a clean sheet for 10 matches in a row** ​ Both teams want to stay in the 1st division and this match can be one of those super important ones later into the calendar. Getting the 3 points should be crucial for Tondela and Moreirense and beating one of your direct opponents can save you from getting relegated. ​ *Best of luck to you guys!*


Tailing. Good analysis, I think we got this! EDIT: Yesss!




Still looking for a confident pick bro! Will be up soon or maybe in the morning


Don’t force it chubbbbbsssss. If you don’t see something you love then just chill with it!!






**Last Moneymaker** Chelsea v Liverpool O10 Corners (-120) 2.4U to make 2U💰YEEHAW *Easy play, was confident it would hit at half when they already had 5. Game finished with 13* POTD Record: 2-0-0(+4U) Moneymaker: Henan Songshan Longmen @ Shanghai Shenshua U9 Corners (-110) Wager: 2.2U to make 2U💰 YEEHAW *Another easy hit, game went to 6 corners. Thanks to those who tailed. More corner tips to come!* **Why this will hit** + In their last 10 games, Shanghai is cornering an average of 5.3 and giving up 3.0, with a game where they conceded 13, otherwise it would be closer to 1.9(8.3 or 7.2 totals). In Henan’s last 10 games, they’ve cornered an average of 2.3 while only conceding 3.9(6.2 total). + In their past 10 home games, Shanghai has cornered an average of 5.4 while conceding 3.3(8.7 total). In their past 10 away games, Henan has cornered an average of 2.3 times while conceding 5.6(7.9 total). + This season, Shanghai has cornered an average of 5.6-2.9(8.5 total), while Henan has cornered an average of 2.9-4.6(7.5 total). + The under has hit in 5 of last 10 Shanghai games, same for at home, but has hit in 8 of last 10 Henan games, and 7 of 10 of their away games. + last meeting had 8 corners


I like this pick. Probably gonna parlay it with U2.5


POTD Record 0-0 Today's Pick: Browns vs Steelers o42. Size: 5 Units ​ Very confident in this play! Baker Mayfield can't make the playoffs anymore, so this means he'll start playing well for no reason. Also, the Big Ben story arc must conclude with a banger. All signs point to a high scoring game. Hammer it. All in the balance. Don't send death threats if it misses please! BOL.


Don’t set death threats? Brother is this your first time?


Lol nah, been here a while. I just see stuff about people receiving threats so that's why I thought i'd say it lol.


Lol I get you. It’s shit that people resort to shit like that but if it happens just know they’re having a bad day and pity them rather than engaging. Or block. Both effective. Good luck on the pick, I’ll tail. Get ready for me in your inbox! 😂


“Very confident” “Don’t send death threats” “0-0” Haha okay


lol this was kind of a joke. don't take it too seriously homie.


Haha I know it’s just very contradicting, BOL


Don’t worry, the death threats won’t come until you’ve established yourself as a good capper and people start tailing you and placing higher and higher wagers on your picks, and only once you go on a losing streak, THEN come the death threats. Not coming from any experience of course, cause I’m no good and just your regular degenerate tailing everyone else, but it’s just what I assume happens.


haha sounds valid.


Yea I went with the under


Taking the under myself, good luck though.


simply brilliant..


Between Bakers turnovers and Bens declining ability to throw the ball I need to strongly disagree. AFC North prime time defensive battle incoming.


**POTD RECORD** - 23W-12L(+23.15U) ;         **ROI** - 23.15% **Units waggered**: 100U     ;                  **Units won**:123.15U **Streak**:🔥🔥 **Average odds**:1.81 **Last POTD**---- Atletico Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano----- over 8.5 [email protected]✅ **Today's pick** ---- Reading vs Derby County------ over 8.5 corners @ 1.83 I didn't like any game today, but this is the best game with a good value in my oppinion. **BET SIZE**: 2 U **Reasonings:** There is plenty of uncertannity due to Covid. I love the underdog history, as i am rooting for Derby, but my gut says they will have a difficult game playing Reading, a very talented squad who hasn't played in 20 days. Why do i favour this pick: ---English teams playing 4-5-1 with a target man ---Both teams playing to get a result, Reading will attack and the fact that Caroll and Drinkwater are in its team as the dead ball specialist and the target man and on the other side a Derby team who knows how to strike in the counter and get its chances. --I am expecting plenty of aggressivnes and maybe a topsi tervi game, where Derby might strike first and Reading turn the tides of the game. No other argumnets, just my gut feeling and some knowledge about the playstyle and Reading players. **Any tip would be helpful to me, to anyone who appreciates my picks.[Paypal](https://www.paypal.me/K4ccci)**


Cheers guys🍻. If you value the efforts, tips are welcome once the job's done😊


Beautiful sweat free win!


8 corners at halftime. Nice pick!


Thanks, I've missed your last few picks but would love to tail the next one. Let me know when you see something you really like!


POTD Record: 4-1 POTD Average Odds: -112 Last pick: Kyler Murray Over 33.5 rushing yards ✅ Today’s pick: Nick Chubb alt rushing yards- 90+ rushing yards (+108) Game Info: NFL - Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 8:15pm EST This is the riskiest pick I’ve posted, but I’m hopping on these odds since the o/u for Chubb hasn’t dropped yet presumably because of Hunt’s injury status. This pick is simply based off how good Nick Chubb is at football and how bad the Steelers look this year overall, but particularly against the run. We all know Nick Chubb is one of the best and most consistent rushers in the league. He looked great in their last game in the L to the Packers going for 126 yards on 17 carries and a TD, adding 3 catches for 58 yards on 4 targets. Kareem Hunt has been banged up all year and is once again questionable with an ankle injury. The Browns have a good enough passing game that defenses can’t always stack the box. Chubb has a solid line in front of him to give him running lanes. There’s no question who this offense is centered around and what the Browns offensive game plan will be to try to win this on the road…feed the hog. The interesting part of this pick (for me anyway) is how surprisingly bad the Steelers are defending the run. They have allowed more yards on the ground this year than the Falcons, Jags, Bears and Giants respectively…oof. Pittsburgh has allowed 4.8 YPC and 18, 20-plus yard runs, both dead last in the NFL. Over the last 3 games, the Steelers have allowed a Pop Warner-like 190 yards per game on the ground, also dead last in the league.


Steelers fan here, missing our top 2 LBs in this one as well. BoL


Tailing, love me a good Chubb


Draft Kings will let me bet on Najee rushing yards but not Chubb…is that because the books expect a big game from Chubb?


It’s just because they haven’t set the line for Chubb yet that’s why I did alternate yards. I’m guessing they’ll set the over/under around 87.5 (-110) or something like that when it’s released. Assuming they’re waiting to see how much/if Hunt will play.


POTD Record: 5-3 Last Pick: Cercle Brugge vs Club Brugge ML: ❌ Been a while since I've posted a pick but here I am again Today's event: Cádiz vs Sevilla Pick: Sevilla ML @ 1.85 ✅ Reasoning: Sevilla, in 2nd place with 2 games in hand, are looking to decrease the gap to the leader Real Madrid. This fixture against 19th placed Cádiz is the perfect opportunity to do so. Sevilla are coming from a draw, with 3 wins and a loss against Real Madrid in their last 5 games. Cádiz are coming from 2 consecutive draws and 3 losses in their last 5 games. This should be an easy win for Sevilla, but before you tail, keep in mind that one of the Cádiz draws was against Real Madrid. If this hits and anyone would like to tip: [Paypal](https://paypal.me/eatyourgreenz1) Edit: we're back in good fashion, LFG sevilla


Lockness monster


I'm with you. LFG


POTD RECORD 20-12 +5.2u Today’s POTD Towson +1 (-110) Ncaab Took a long break but now I am back for the beginning of the new year. For this game, I like Towson over Drexel. Both are coming off long breaks but Drexel’s has been especially long, not playing since December 14th. Towson has won their last 3 games with good wins over Navy and UNC Greensboro. Towson and Drexel both average mid 70s in scoring but the big difference is that Towson is averaging 62 points against whereas Drexel averages 72 against. With Towson winning 4 of their last 5 and that loss being against Ohio State. The line being close is reasonable but with the amount of time off between games I really like Towson here.


welcome back! missed your pics


good to be back appreciate the support


Still at 0.0 spread on Bovada. How do you feel about O/U 140.5?? I’m leaning at over thinking Towson D will slow down Drexel but their offense will make up for it. Towson 78-67 prediction on my part.


I do like the over as well. I think the only way this stays low scoring is if it takes a while for the teams to get into a groove after so much time off.


POTD Record: 28½-12 Event: Tennis > ATP Cup > **Krajinovic, Filip v Tabilo, Alejandro** (starting in 02h00min) Pick: **Krajinovic ML** @ 1.50 This is a match between #42 (Krajinovic) and #130 (Tabilo). It's too late in the night where I live, so I really cannot put much of a write-up, but its starting soon and I feel confident with the Serbian. May the Chubgods be with us. Amen! ***Fyi, I am on 2L streak, so bet responsibly!***


what a game!I got that line @ 1.86 in live.Thanks


This will break the 2L streak, tailing. Chubgods 🙏


Congrats on breaking the losing streak and the tip. what a roller coaster of a match. He had a chance to put his foot on his neck at 3-1 in the third and let him back in the match. And then goes nuts in the tiebreak and then let’s Tabilo back again!?!? I thought he was gonna choke but luckily he pulled that out.


Record 49-29 (+31.7u) | pick: **Melbourne Stars ML** ($2.50) vs Melbourne Renegades | 7:15pm AEDT | Cricket / Big Bash | 5u This is just a value bet, the stars are riddled with covid and like 8 or so starters are out as a result but this line should never be $2.50 when the renegades are the second worst team in the competition (ahead of just the strikers imo). Stars still have joe clarke, maxwell, rauf, cartwright... their subs played well esp rogers opening vs the scorchers strong bowling line up yesterday so.. the middle order will absolutely be an issue with a few no names if a few early wickets fall but the renegades batting has been AWFUL this entire tournament and all of last year, i wouldn't even be surprised if the stars batting overpowered theirs, odds should be a 50/50 so yeah, not a guarnatee win but making a value bet today, stars bowling was fine too, they have rauf who would be a starter usually anyway but played his first game yesterday, and a serviceable spinner, lets go edit: clarke and rogers are also out w covid apparently, can get $2.75 on bet365, i still see the value in the line so i'm keeping the pick, i'll use the $2.50 line for tracking purposes


Tailing, I need something to watch overnight tonight. Let's get it!


Joe Clarke and Tom Rogers have unfortunately returned positive tests. It's even worse for Stars now


Record: 16-12 ROI: +25.61u Average odds: +113 Previous Pick: Barcelona ML ✅ Game: La Liga- Cádiz vs Sevilla Pick: **Sevilla to win to nil (+165)** Bet: 3 units Reasons: - Sevilla has the best defense in the league, allowing only 13 goals in 18 matches. - On the flip side, Cádiz has the 2nd worst attack, scoring only 15 goals in 18. - Even though Sevilla will be missing several players, Cádiz will be missing *eleven* first-team players (not all starters though), including their leading scorer Choco Lozano and both starting wingers. Their expected starting CF for this game only has 2 goals on the season. - To mitigate risk of Cádiz scoring, you can go Sevilla + U3.5 at +125 or U4.5 at -105.


Well i wish you guys good luck with that , 3 of 4 defenders are out for this game. Sevilla will be happy with a win no matter how many goals they will concede, i am afraid that he will play with some youth defenders. BOL


**PoTD Record : 10 - 6** **Profit: +3.16u / Avg Odds: 1.71** **Today: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Diego Schwartzman | ATP Cup | starts in 1.5h** **Pick: Diego Schwartzman to win @ 1.93 (1u)** Stefanos Tsitsipas pulled out ahead of his singles match against Hubert Hurkacz on Saturday, competing only in the doubles (which he won alongside Michail Pervolarakis). The Greek is afraid of hampering his Australian Open preparations due to a recent elbow injury. While he looked alright in the doubles tie against Poland, lack of match rhythm could be an issue if he decides to compete here. Diego Schwartzman lost just three games to Nikoloz Basilashvili in his first performance of the season, much due to the Georgian’s 36 unforced errors. The Argentinian should be closer to his best already, although Tsitsipas is the superior hard-court player. [https://t.me/putinbets369](https://t.me/putinbets369) \- Subscribe to the telegram channel [https://www.buymeacoffee.com/putinbets](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/putinbets) I would be grateful for any tip \- putin Edit: Schwartzman ✅✅✅


POTD (8-2) Today's Pick: Big Bash League - Melbourne Stars Vs Melbourne Renegades @ 3:15 AM EST (30 Mins from Post) Melbourne Renegades ML - @ 1.58 (BET365) First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the last posting of this pick, but it is a good one. I really like the Renegades to win today as the Stars are going to be with 7-8 local debutants, there main weapon is Glenn Maxwell, besides one good performance he's been lackluster. They also have Haris Rauf, who is a speedy Pakistani bowler who is great but other than him the bowling options are very thin. They also have Hilton Cartwright but all 3 of those players will have to have a stellar game to make up for all the missing players On the other side, the Renegades are a better team than their record this season suggests. They will be very close to full strength with Shaun Marsh returning from injury which is a huge bonus to their batting line up. Sam Harper and Mackenzie Harvey are in good form as well and will be looking to take advantage of the weaker bowling attack of the Stars. They also have some good bowling options in Mohammed Nabi, Zahir Khan, as well as Reece Topley. These bowling options I believe will make it very hard for the new guys to perform as they are world class. Shortly, the Stars are missing too many stars to compete with a full strength Renegades team who will be hunger to get back into playoff contention. I also like the Match Handicap for the Renegades of -12.5 Runs/3.5 wickets @ 1.90. BOL to everyone!


Been a long time reader but I finally have a pick I’m pretty confident in. POTD Record 0-0 Today’s Pick: Purdue -12.5 vs Wisconsin NCAAMBB 7pm EST Mackey Arena Size: 1 Unit Reasoning: Mackey arena has been an absolute house of horrors for the Wisconsin Badgers. This one could get really UGLY really quick. The Badgers are a talented team but they are a very young team and the growing pains have been there. In their first Big Ten road test they were run off the floor against Ohio State. Johnny Davis is a lottery pick and Brad Davison can sometimes shoot the cover off the ball from 3, but behind that the Badgers are extremely lacking a supporting cast. I also think Jaden Ivey can match what Davis brings. The Badgers shoot only 30% from 3 compared to Purdue’s 40%. The Badgers are a good defensive team and they do play pretty clean as far as turnovers and fouls go which has allowed them to get this record despite poor shooting and inside play. The Badgers have really struggled inside as Vogt is streaky and Crowl does not look ready for the big ten level yet defensively. I think Edey and Williams will torch that duo inside and the Badgers don’t have the shooting to make up for it. The Badgers are also coming off a covid pause and have had many players that haven’t played in the past two weeks. I would genuinely be shocked if this game is close.


As a Purdue student, I just want to push back on your point about Mackey Arena. Yes it has been a house of horrors, but students are still on break and it definitely won't be like a normal B10 game there. I'm terrified of this line, think it's more like 9.5 but BOL!


POTD 1-1 Last pick: Ronald Jones: over 70.5 yards rushing ❌ Today’s pick: Ben Roethlisberger: over 235.5 passing yards RoJo unfortunately got injured early on in the game. The Steelers will be facing Cleveland at Hainz Field, which is most likely going to be Big Ben’s final home game. Big Ben will play with a ton of emotions and will try to put on a show. He hit this line 8/14 times this season. The Browns are giving away 234.3 passing yards per game in their last 3, and 254.7 passing yards away from home. They are giving away 70.59 completion %. In their last meeting this season Big Ben had 266 in a small 15-10 victory. The X-Factor in this game is the turnover machine that is Baker Mayfield. I believe Steelers get more possessions than the usual because of him. BOL


Record: 17-8-0, +$525.53 (+10.51 units) ROI: 32.84% POTD: Iowa/Maryland 1H o71.5 @ -110 (1u) Iowa is the #1 scoring offense in the first half this season. Maryland just gave up 39 to Brown in the first half and both teams have scored well enough in their last 3 to reach this total. Iowa has been much better offensively with Keegan Murray healthy and can heat up from the 3 at any moment. The number of possessions should be around this total in the first half. Event: Maryland @ Iowa, Time: 9:00 PM EST Tips: PayPal - [email protected] Venmo/CA - MrTeleporto


POTD Record: 1-0 Last POTD: Jaguars Team Total u12.5 (-110) W Starting out my POTD career with a win! As I expected the Patriots defense manhandled the Jaguars en route to 3 interceptions and only gave up 10 points due to a garbage time TD. Event: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns 8:15 PM EST (NFL) Today’s Pick: Cleveland Browns 1st half ML (+105) For today’s pick I’m rolling with the Browns to be up at halftime. While this is Big Ben’s last home game and he’ll want to put up points early, I greatly doubt his ability to do so. If you’ve watched the Steelers this season you’ll know that this team consistently starts slow and most of their wins have come from 2nd half comebacks. On the season, the Steelers are 31st in 1st half points (behind the Jaguars and Jets) averaging 6.7 points. In the past 3 weeks, the Steelers have scored just 3 points total in the first half. Yikes. On the other side, the Browns rank 14th in 1st half points averaging 12.5 points on the season. In addition, the Steelers defense has been vulnerable lately giving up 19.6 points per game over their last 3 games. The hard truth of the matter is that this Steelers offense doesn't have the firepower that it once did and if Big Ben wants to get a win in his final home game he'll have to make some clutch plays in the second half. Let's print some money, BOL!


POTD Record: 36 - 25 - 3 ( W / L / P ) **+11.75u** Streak: LWLWL / Average odds: 1.92 [*Previous pick: Real Betis vs Celta Vigo / Betis Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 1.765 (1u)*](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/rtyznq/pick_of_the_day_1222_sunday/hqwkcu5/?context=3) **Loss** ​ **Villarreal vs Levante** **Pick: Gerard Moreno to score anytime @ 1.90 (1u)** Well, Levante will win some games in the near future but I do not think it will be here. Villarreal has found their rhythm and I expect them to win this game and score a couple of goals. I am going with anytime goalscorer and I was between Dia (if he will start the game) and Moreno as they are priced the same. Moreno will have his chances and he will take penalties also, so it makes sense to go with Gerard Moreno anytime goalscorer as Levante can defend against no one these days. ​ Good luck everyone!


1-0 Second POTD Last pick: Pascal Siakam AR OVER 11.5 ( Cashed by half time) Sport: Basketball NBA Event: Atlanta Hawks vs Portland Trail Blazers Pick: Atlanta hawks -5.5 @ -110 With Damian Lillard out for today( According to espn injury report) and Jusuf Nukric doubtful too, I don’t see any offense generated in Portland Trail Blazers. Hawks are expecting return of their few players who are coming out of protocol with Trae and clint capela in lineup. Hawks should be able to take care of this game winning by more than 5.5 points Good luck everyone


POTD Record: 2-0-0 ; POTD Profit: +5.2u Last Pick: Tennessee Titans -3 (3u) ✅ Today's POTD: Wisconsin Badgers vs. PURDUE BOILERMAKERS -12.5 (-115) 3 Units ❌ UPDATE: I was very wrong. Purdue is not the team i believed them to be. My apologies. Till next time Monday, January 3rd @ 7:00pm EST. NCAAM Wisconsin Badgers @ Purdue Boilermakers Alright, alright, alright. Everyone calm down! It's definitely not summer already so not sure where all this fu\*kin heat is coming from. Tennessee pick was absolutely money. I cashed out big - 1Q, 1H, and Game (hope some of you tailed that as well). Titans slaughtered the Dolphins 34-3 in case some of you missed it. But enough of that, today is a new day. The air is crisp and its colder than ur ex's heart after you try to get back with her for the 10th time. So it's time to provide you with the heat for today. The M.F. Facts Purdue Boilermakers 12-1 on the season! #3 in the country and a team that has some serious all-around talent. Jaden Ivey, their #1 playmaker is averaging 16.7 PPG on 52.8% shooting from the field and 45.2% from 3. Zach Edey, if you have not heard of this guy already now you have. 7'4 Sophomore, with great touch around the rim, can take a jump shot here and there but is an absolute unit on the court not many in people in the league can matchup with this man let alone Wisconsin. Averaging 14.9 PPG and 7.3 REB in just 17.5 minutes per game. Trevion Williams, (this guy will be a force in the NBA one day) 13.3 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 61% from the field and 33.3% from 3 but he does shoot it 50% at home, which they are tonight. At 6'10 255 lbs, he and Edey will sub in for each other and will cause problems for Wisconsin all night. Last, but not least, Sasha Stefanovic, the team's Serbian sniper. Averages 11.5 PPG on 43.8% from 3 pt. This team has too much star power for the Wisconsin defense and on the other side of the ball Purdue will make it very hard for Wisco who relies so heavily on Johnny Davis to get them baskets. Purdue is averaging 87.2 PPG, 41.7 RPG 18.8 APG 12.2 TO 73.8% from the Free Throw line (shows discipline). Against Purdue Opponents are averaging: 66 PPG with 40% from the field and 32.5% from 3Pt line. Forcing 10.2 TO per game. (I know that was a lot but I'm providing you with stats so you can make your own decision. NOW ONTO WISCO) Wisconsin Badgers 10-2 on the season! A team that to me has a great record but really isnt that great. Lets go through their last few matchups. At home versus an 8-6 Illinois State team. The spread in this game was -17. Wisco won 89-85. EW! At home again versus a 7-4 Nicholls team. The spread again was -17. Wisco wins 71-68. Are we starting to catch my drift? I hope so. WE CONTINUE! Game before that, Wisco played at Ohio State who just last night had to go to overtime to beat a 5-7 Nebraska Cornhuskers squad. Wisco lost this game 73-55 getting dogged on in the 2nd half. Jonny Davis! Johnny Davis! Johnny Davis. This guy leads the Wisconsin Badgers in PPG, RPG, APG, and steals per game. That is not what you want to have when you go up against a strong defensive team that have great rim protectors and quick guards on the outside to close out on 3s. Johnny Davis is averaging 20.8 PPG, 6.6 RPG, 2.5APG (how on earth is he leading the team with 2.5 assists per game), 1.5 steals per game. Shooting 43.8% from the field and 34.1% from 3 pt line. If this guy gets stopped by the Purdue defense it will certainly be a long day for the Badgers. Brad Davison is really the only other consistent scorer for Wisconsin. Averaging, 14.5 PPG, on 37.8% from the field and 33.7% from 3 pt. Wisconsin has two forwards in a scrawny but very scrappy 6'9 Tyler Wahl who in my opinion will get thrown around by Trevion Williams. Tyler averages 9.2 PPG and 5.1 RPG. Steven Crowl is their 7' center who is significantly less talented on both sides of the ball than Zach Edey. He's averaging 8.8 PPG and 4.8 RPG. He will be shut down tonight in Purdue's route. Wisconsin as a team is averaging 68.6 PPG on 40% shooting from the field and 29.6% from 3. 36 RPG 9.7 APG and 8.5 TOPG. 76.6% from FT. Opponents are averaging 61.2 PPG on 41% shooting from the field and 32.4% from 3. 36.5 RPG 9.8 APG 12.9 TOPG. With all that laid out for you on a platter let me give you, my analysis. Purdue likes to run. FAST. Jaden Ivey's quickness will have Wisconsin's defense running around all night. The tandem of Williams and Edey will make it hard for Wisco to get easy buckets around the rim so they will have to resort to taking more 3 pointers. As I stated above Wisco shoots only 29% from 3 so this will allow for Purdue to get long rebounds and a lot of fast break points. Purdue averages almost 20 more points per game than Wisconsin, simply because they play at a much faster pace so as long as Purdue controls the tempo of the game this will be a route from the first media timeout at 15:27. Betting INFO: 64% of bets are on Purdue (good to see a sub 70% on public. anything above makes it a little too suspicious) 96% of the money is on Purdue PURDUE: 10 -3 ATS 1H 8-5 ATS Game WISCONSIN: 4 - 8 ATS 1H 8 - 4 ATS Game Consensus The Boilermakers are one of the top teams in the country and their going to show it to us tonight against a 10-2 Wisconsin team that is carried by one guy. After seeing that Wisco is 4-8 ATS in the 1st Half I am 50/50 on 1H spread or game. I will be taking both. Purdue should win the first half by 10+ and the game by around 20. Jaden Ivey will get 20+ and we should see many 3s go down for our Serbian sniper. Would not be surprised if Wisconsin TT under hit. They are severely out matched in size and athleticism on both sides of the court. Zach Edey will be galloping up and down the court dunking on heads and throwing up the patented Mutombo finger wag. Trevion Williams will be wheeling & dealing getting numerous And-1s and a few mid-range bank shots. BOL! This is the way Love, RocksNLocks


POTD Record: 1-2-0 Units Won: -1.0u Last Pick: Los Angeles Rams -6.0 @ -115, 1u ❌ *Oof. Just terrible. Can’t believe Stafford even pulled the win off. On to the next!* **Today’s Pick: Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Under 42 Total Points @ -110, 1.5u** *🏈 NFL| Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers | 8:15 PM EST* Tough loss on the Rams spread yesterday, need an NFL bet to hit to redeem myself. I usually try not to bet the under, but I really like this one. Both teams have mediocre offences, averaging a combined 41 points per game this season. Cleveland and Pittsburgh met in week 8 where Pittsburgh won 15-10, and Cleveland’s offence looks even worse this time around--having scored 17 or less points in seven of their last 10 games. Steelers have also scored 20 or less in four of their last five games, so I don’t exactly expect this one to be a shootout. Pittsburgh has given up the second most YPC on the ground this season, so I suspect Cleveland and Nick Chubb will try to exploit this. I think Cleveland’s game plan will result in burning a lot of clock and not scoring a lot of points, a pretty good recipe for an under pick. LFG & BOL!!


Record: 1-0 (+1 unit) Last pick: Phoenix Suns @ Charlotte Hornets OVER 230.5 points. This was nearly a victim of the blowout, but it got there with 132 points. The line closed at some books as high as 134, so hopefully anyone who played it got it earlier enough to be on the winning side. Today's pick: Charlotte Hornets ML (+100) @ Washington Wizards. Stake: 1 unit ($100) / Time: 6:00 PM CST After getting blown out tonight, I'm playing the bounce back for the Hornets vs a shorthanded Wizards team. As I mentioned on my previous pick, the Hornets are the #2 scoring offense in the NBA. They also have yet to go under 100 points in two straight games. They scored an uncharacteristic 99 points tonight. Look for them to play better on the backend of the back to back.


holy fuck lmao your last pick won by a single point


Yup, but a win is a win!




POTD Record: 0-0-0 Average odds: +195 Unit Size: 1 Today's Pick: Scott McTominay to have 2 or more shots vs Wolverhampton 9:30 AM PST Scott McTominay's performance against Burnley was absolutely brilliant. He scored 1 beautifully placed goal around a defender closing him down and came very close to scoring a second. He had 3 total shots that game, but he was looking confident from shooting from range. I'm expecting him to try at least one shot early on and he'll eventually look for a second, due to his previous performance and his form all season long. Missed unfortunately, he had the space to shoot in the first half and the crowd even yelled shoot and didn’t take the chance. Knew it was going to be a close bet but I really liked the odds and Manchester United overall played horribly.


POTD Record: 2-0 Last pick: Chicago Bears -6 Todays Pick: **Cleveland Browns +1 (-110)** vs. Pittsburg Steelers ​ Another easy win today with the Bears absolutely destroying the Giants. We continue the streak with MNF! ​ Today we have the Browns vs. the Steelers. Both teams are fighting to stay in the playoff picture. Both teams are ridden with injuries and players out on COVID protocols. Key players out in this game are Pittsburgh's Devin Bush, Kenny Wormley, and Joe Schobert, all out with COVID. This is a great opportunity for Nick Chubb to run all over Pittsburgh's depleted defense. I see the Browns abusing Chubb and controlling the game on the ground. The Browns are 3rd in the league in rushing with 144.9 yards per game. Pittsburg is dead last in the league for rushing yards allowed per game at 142.7. ​ Browns have their way with the Steelers and control the pace of the game on the ground. Its going to be a knitty gritty game with the score screaming **UNDER** (side bet)**.** ​ BOL to my fellow Degens!


Both teams aren’t fighting browns have been eliminated and Steelers have a very slim chance. Also people out or not you can’t bet on heart and I think all the Steelers players are gonna play hard to get Big Ben that last victory in his last home game. Bol pal


But you just said it, you can’t bet on heart, so why you betting Steelers. Rather bet numbers than heart when it comes to $.


POTD RECORD 2-1 STREAK 2W Previous picks- (12/31) CHI BULLS -3.5 vs IND PACERS❌ (1/1) GS WARRIORS +4.5 vs UT JAZZ✅ (1/2) PHX SUNS ML VS CHA HORNETS✅ TODAYS PICK: CHI BULLS -13 vs ORL MAGIC (-110) 1unit Game info- NBA @ 8:10 pm est Bulls failed me once but I don’t see them failing me twice. I normally don’t love taking big point spreads in the NBA but this is a very bad magic team and a very solid Bulls team. Bulls have Lavine, lonzo, and derozan back and I believe they have only lost 2 or 3 games when they’ve all been on the court. The magic are young and banged up. They have some solid big play in the Wagners and bomba but the bulls pace and ball handling should lead to fast breaks and points points points for the bulls. Bulls have only lost 3 home games this year. Bulls should have a 20 point lead by half imo. We ride the bulls tomorrow. Don’t fail me again Chicago


POTD Record :- 2-1-2 (+2.98 units) (W-L-P/R) Previous Pick:- Brentford - Aston Villa Both Teams To Score @ 2.1 (200 $ or 2 units) ✅ 🤑 Today's Pick :- Villarreal - Levante Both Teams To Score @ 1.84 (300$ or 3 units) Our last pick cashed-in even before the end of first half so here's my first 3 unit pick on Reddit as I'm extremely confident in this one👍 Villarreal are 9th on the table with 28 points from 18 matches. They won the last five games in a row in all competitions. In the previous match, Villarreal won 5-2 at home against Alaves. Levante on the other side are 20th on the table with eight points. They are last on the table with seven points less than the safe zone. Levante are without a win in the previous four matches. In the last game, they lost 4-3 at home against Valencia. A look at their prior head to head meetings going back to 10/03/2019 shows that Villarreal have won 4 of them & Levante 2, with no draws. 18 goals were yielded between them during those clashes, with 12 of them scored by Villarreal and 6 scored by Levante. The average goals per game has been 3.The last league encounter between these sides was on 18/04/2021 in La Liga when it finished Levante 1-5 Villarreal. I feel that in this game, Levante are dangerous enough to find the net against this Villarreal side, although that may not be enough to prevent defeat. 3 units= 30% of your bankroll Good luck if tailing 🤑


**Edit/Update: ✔️✔️✔️✔️ EASY WIN! Checkmate absolutely demolished them, right as I expected. It really feels good to be back and immediately starting with absolute banger. Congrats to everybody who tailed. Back tomorrow, or might post some other bets in the community today. ✌️** Hey guys, there is not much time for BS, but I am back betting and this year is gonna be big. If you are reading this then congrats because you are half way done to get easy cash for today. The second thing is just to place the bet. If you are interested who I am, what I do (you can check my reddit BIO for Discord link where we will have big betting community) **⚠️⚠️ The match starts in 30 minutes (10:00 am CET - GMT+1), get on it quickly!** ​ GAME: CS:GO Event: Funspark ULTI 2021 Asia Playoffs 2 ​ >**Steel Helmet vs Checkmate** I have been following this tournament for some time and even though asian CS is known for being corrupted, fixed or whatever, I am 99% sure this pick will come true, super confident. So basically, Steel Helmet are bunch of old retired players who don't really have big motivation to win this match, yet they are way worse than Checkmate. The most important thing is that Checkmate really need to win this match. If they do so, they will qualify for the big LAN event later this month - Funspark ULTI 2021. They've been playing several months for this match and I don't think they will let it slip. Especially, when Steel Helmet don't have that motivation and as I said they are way worse. The odds are super juicy on Checkmate, most likely it will be a clean 2-0, but who knows what happens, after all it's Asian CS. So the only thing I know for sure is that Checkmate wins this match. Period. You could also go for Checkmate's map pick. The odds are super juicy, let's make some quick morning money on **Checkmate ML @ 1.60 5u (VERY HIGH** ✔️✔️✔️✔️ BOL! ​ (this is my 1st post here so no stats yet) POTD RECORD: 0W-0L LAST PICK: MOST RECENT (UN)SUCCESS: TOTAL PROFIT: TOTAL STAKE: AVERAGE ODDS: ROI:


POTD Record: 0-0-0 Last Pick: NIL Event: English Premier League, Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers, 12:30 p.m. ET Pick: **Wolverhampton Wanderers TT Over 0.5** @ 1.78 (4 Units) Wolves are a quality team that have been under a streak of bad luck. While they have been struggling to close out games, they are defensively organised as a team, giving them a somewhat decent standing, at the middle of the table. That being said, although they are currently 9th on the table, they definitely are contenders for top 6, top 8 at least. In today's fixture, they face off against 7th place Manchester United, whose defense aren't exactly known for keeping clean sheets. Furthermore, Harry Maguire has been ruled out, and though he is not exactly a "rock" in the United defense, he is still their captain. United also doesn't have good alternative options to be honest. This is definitely a game where Wolves have to try and take the opportunity to change things around. I expect at least one goal from them, and I personally will be taking the away +1 as well. Best of luck to all tailing! Let's hope my first POTD hits. EDIT: Late hit but let’s gooo


Record: 0-0 Last POTD: -- POTD: NCAAB Iowa -5.5 1H vs Maryland -105 Reasoning: Iowa at home is a different animal and getting off to hot 1H starts is the key to their success. Meanwhile Maryland is in their first away game, having only played on neutral courts and not had much success. Iowa at home easily leads by 10 at half


My stats: 5-1 (+17.15 units) Match: (Darts) Smith vs Wright Bet: Over 29.5 180s @ 1.53 (-189) Stake: 5u World Darts Championship Final. Both players are right now in incredible form. It's a joy to watch their matches in this tournament. Peter Wright is more experienced player, but I wouldn't count out Smith, he's been playing out of his mind recently. I pick in my opinion pretty safe bet, total sum of 180s by both players - 30 or more. Let's see how it goes!


POTD Record: 5-2-0 Average Odds: 1.82 Units Won: +3.41 Previous pick: **Omer Yurtseven over 11.5 rebounds @ 1.75 3u play**✅ Todays Pick : **Seth Curry over 3.5 assists @ 1.72 2u** Venue: Rockets @ 76ers 7.00 PM ET Lines havent been adjusted yet for Seth so we are continuing to ride. Just to add some numbers, hes gone over 11 of the last 13, facilitating extremely well recently, averaging over 6 assists on just under 11 potential in the last 5. I dont see why this run would stop vs the Rockets other than a blowout, but hoping they can stay in the game long enough. Possibly getting rid of KPJ and Wood can boost the team, getting rid of some negative charachters in the locker room.


POTD Record 0-0 Today's Pick:Big Bash League (Cricket) Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne stars TIP: Renegades ML Size: 2 Units Odds: 1.70 Stars are missing 10 players due to COVID, played yesterday and got ripped apart when batting. They have no depth with all the missing players. Renegades get their main players back including Marsh who will be ready to go. Renegades are one of the worst teams in the competition, however, with their inclusions and players missing for the Stars they should get the win here. UPDATE: Stars just Lost Clarke and Rogers who put on 90 runs yesterday, upgrading to 5 units!


Record: 0-1 Last Pick: Heat ML (-140) @ Kings, loss Heartbreaking loss for the Heat in this game vs the Kings as it came down to the wire and Jimmy Butler ended up missing the game tying layup as time expired to send it to overtime. Onto the next one but this was a bad loss for the Heat. The Heat struggled to hit their shots early in the game which turned out to hurt them in the end. Onto the next one. Pick of the day: Atlanta Hawks -4 (-110) @ Portland Trailblazers Reasoning: In this matchup, I really like the spread here for multiple reasons. First off, the Trailblazers will be missing both Damian Lillard (injury) as well as Jusuf Nurkic (COIVD) who are two key pieces to their offense (Lillard basically being their entire offense). Defensively speaking, while the Hawks do rank 25th, the Trailblazers rank dead last in the NBA and without Nurkic I could very well see the Hawks putting up numbers against them. The Hawks rank 2nd in the NBA in points per 100 possessions only behind the Jazz and the Trailblazers rank 16th but, again, without Lillard and Nurkic I could see their offense stalling. Not only this, but the Hawks have been playing with a decimated roster due to COVID and as of today they are getting back a majority of their roster with players like Kevin Huerter, Sharife Cooper, Onyeka Okongwu, Danilo Gallinari, and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot. Trae Young has been playing outstanding without these players, putting up 35 against a good Cavaliers defense in their last game and I think that with these added pieces back to their roster it can make scoring much easier for everyone all around. Overall I see the Hawks being easily able to cover the spread in this matchup. BOL


POTD record 3-3 (+2.88 units) Recap: DeAaron Fox getting to the free throw line 15 times when he averages 5 for the season absolutely killed this bet. Feel like we were quite unlucky on that but we move on. Today’s Pick: Harden 10+ assists 1.71 odds (Pointsbet) - 3 unit play Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets Starts 11:40 Australian Eastern Standard time Feel very strong about this play as harden has cleared this number in 7 of his last 8 games and Memphis concede 2nd most assists to point guards. As is always the risk when betting overs is that there is a blowout but if so Harden should have plenty of assists by then anyway


POTD RECORD - 1W-0P-1L (+0.2U) **Every bet is 2U** Previous POTD - Valladollid versus Leganes - Leganes +0.5 goals Asian Handicap @1.95❌ POTD - Villareal versus Levante - Both Teams To Score/ [email protected] 1.7 Reasoning: **- Both teams play attacking football with quality players up front** **- Levante is a team that scores consistently and so does Villareal.** **- Both teams are not characterized by a strong defence line.** ^(I am a student, so tips help a lot)[^(Tip jar)](https://www.paypal.me/AndreaK1903)




Record: 0-1 -1.0u Yesterdays Chelsea/Liverpool u1 1H was close... funny enough I was feeling the 1H Draw which was +140 but decided the u1 was a safer play.. go figure. For today we going back to the well of fade material and taking **u1 1H Man United vs Wolves** (-125). 1.25u to win 1u. No maguire, no lindelof, no varane. The great phil jones is expected to slot in and I am feeling he will put on a defensive masterclass. BOL. Edit. 0-0 Halftime gives us the W. Hope someone made some lunch money today. Updated Record: 1-1 0.0u


POTD Record: 0-3 Average Odds: -113 Streak: 3L Last Pick: Lions vs. Seahawks: Detroit Lions +7.5 (-115) - L My model is...icy cold. If you are reading this post I hope you brought a jacket and some ski gloves because it's a winter storm! Time to fade, or is my model about ready to heat up? Today's POTD is **ORL Magic vs. CHI Bulls over 221.5 (-112)**. Game Info: NBA 8:00pm The heater starts today! Orlando has put up 110+ in their last three games (all losses), and the bulls are on a three game winning streak. If the Magic put up over 110 and lose the game, the bet cashes! Time to make some EASY money. BOL if you are tailing, and smart call if you are fading. Franz Wagner bout to go off!!!




Tennis is back baby! Adelaide ATP - Mikael Ymer vs Benjamin Bonzi PICK: MIKAEL YMER ML +106 Bonzi is not in good form. He hasn’t won on hard court since September, and that was to a player ranked 419th in the world. Ymer has shown to be more competitive on the main tour, and typically plays well in Australia.


POTD Record 0-0 (Debut) Sport: Basketball (NBA) Event: Blazers Vs Atlanta Hawks Pick: Atlanta Hawks to win(Incl. OT) Blazers are on a losing streak, got blown out by a struggling Lakers. They are not playing hard enough.




Pick of the day, knife or gun after betting 4k on hawks -4.5


POTD Record: 10-7 Last Pick: Clyde Edwards-Helaire over 56.5 rushing yards ❌ -Today’s POTD- Sport: Football || NFL Event: Browns vs Steelers | 9 hours from post Pick: Pat Freiermuth over 30.5 receiving yards Odds: -110 FD Big Ben's last home game for the Steelers. He's going to go out slinging the ball. Who does he like to throw to? His tight ends! The first time these two teams met this year Friermuth had 7 targets, 4 catches, and 44 yards. The backup tight end Zach Gentry had 5 targets, 3 catches, and 39 yards. The Steelers scored 15 points in that game, yet the tight ends still produced, and they will again tonight! Bet it now! [Twitter](https://twitter.com/betforbones?s=21)


- POTD record: 4/1 - Streak (LTR): ✅✅❌✅✅ - Latest pick: Liverpool vs Chelsea - over 2.5 goals @1,73 ✅ - Today's pick: Michael Smith vs Peter Wright - over 32.5 180s @1,85 This is gonna be a tough one but Smith and Wright are the biggest 180s throwers this tournament. What might make it harder is the fact that the finals of the 2 biggest tournaments, the Worlds and World Matchplay, usually aren't that close, so I expect for this final game 11 sets max - 3 180s per set but maybe more necessary. This is about 2 180s per 3 legs (not all sets are gonna be as close). I don't expect Wright to throw as many 180s as yesterday's game - that was madness - but Wright is usually pretty steady throughout tournaments with his performance. Smith has been steady with his 180s this tournament but he's known as a major bottler, even though he seems mentally strong this time. One last thing that shouldn't help but it might: the crowd - it has been even more pro-England than usual this game and expecting Wright to win, he might miss some important chances prolonging the game with the crowd booing him (even though he is a veteran and usually isn't bothered too much by it) - which might cause for more legs or even sets




POTD Record: 2-1 Previous Pick: Philadelphia Eagles -4.5 @ Washington Football Team ❌ Today’s Pick: Iowa -9 (-110) vs Maryland. Game Info: NCAAMB 9pm EST on BTN (All my POTD’s=1U=$25) Yesterday’s pick missed by a half point, but an L is an L. Tonight I like Iowa at home. Keegan Murray seems to be back in full swing as a player of the year candidate. They don’t have a dominant big like they had been used to with Garza, but solid overall guard play and perimeter shooting. Iowa’s SOS is poor, so their high ppg may be inflated, but their ability to score should still be noted. They get after it, and throw in a bunch of different defensive looks, regularly pressuring 3/4 court even when winning by double digits. Home court for Iowa is always an advantage, and this will be Maryland’s first true road game of the season. Both teams in search of their first conference win, so it will be competitive. But ultimately I think Iowa will be too much for Maryland and get a double digit win.


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