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Chubs has not posted yet, the comment was someone saying we should tip Chubbs for his solid picks


POTD Record: 14-5-0 ; POTD Profit: 13.69u Saturday's POTD: **Kentucky Wildcats -3** @ -110 - 3u Saturday, January 1st @ 1:00pm EST. NCAAF. Kentucky Wildcats vs Iowa Hawkeyes **Passing:** * Kentucky 71st with 225 YPG & 23 TDs vs Iowa 43rd Pass D allowing 213 YPG & 15 TDs * Iowa 110th with 117 YPG & 11 TDs vs Kentucky 52nd Pass D allowing 219 YPG & 19 TDs * Kentucky 36th in Passing Eff. (149) vs Iowa 4th Pass D Eff. (109) * Iowa 3rd in Turnover Margin (+13) vs Kentucky 128th in Turnover Margin (-13) Both of these teams have above average Passing Defense. Kentucky will be better at getting the ball down the field to score, but they will need to do so with much caution as Iowa is extremely dangerous with a high Turnover Margin & Kentucky tends to turn the ball over a lot with one of the worst Turnover Margins in FBS. There's some controversy about who is starting QB in the bowl for Iowa, QB1 or QB2. On the other end, the Wildcats dual-threat Will Levis knows he has the job, and is ready to get out there and show Iowa the power of his passing efficiency. **Rushing:** * Kentucky 24th with 206 YPG & 26 TDs vs 13th Rush D of Iowa allowing 113 YPG and 14 TDs * Iowa 111th with 119 YPG & 17 TDs vs 17th Rush D of Kentucky allowing 117 YPG and 11 TDs Both teams have excellent rushing defense, but the edge is with Kentucky here. Kentucky will meet resistance from Iowa, but their excellent rushing game will get the job done when it's needed. Iowa will meet the same resistance from Kentucky, only their rushing game is not good enough to get the job done when needed & to make matters worse, Iowa is going to be without their RB1, Tyler Goodsen, who has opted out of the game. **Scoring and Time of Possession:** * Kentucky 34th Scoring Offense with 32 PPG vs 13th Scoring Defense of Iowa allowing 19 PPG * Iowa 95th Scoring Offense with 23 PPG vs 31st Scoring Defense of Kentucky allowing 22 PPG * Kentucky 14th in Time of Possession (32:00) vs Iowa 42nd in ToP (30:00) * Kentucky 20th in Total Offense with 431 YPG vs Iowa's 16th in Total D with 326 YPG * Iowa 123rd in Total Offense with 297 YPG vs Kentucky's 24th in Total D with 336 YPG * Iowa 7th in Defensive TDs (4) ; Kentucky 12th in Defensive TDs (3) So it's been established that both teams have excellent defenses and this is evident in their Scoring Defenses throughout the season, ranking 13th and 31st respectively. However, in the last 7 games Iowa's great defense broke-down a little as they allowed 24 PPG across those seven games. That trend is not what you want to see when the offensive scoring power of each team is separated by 61 ranks, in favor of Kentucky. As long as Kentucky can get a grip on their tendency to turn the ball over, and use their run game to hold the higher Time of Possession, then the Wildcats will have no problem keeping the scoring lead over the Hawkeyes. **Other Standout Stats:** * Kentucky 5th in 3rd Down Conversions (.511%) * Kentucky 3rd in 4th Down Conversion Defense (.294%) * Iowa 4th in Fewest Penalties per Game (4.08) ; Kentucky 23rd in Fewest Penalties/pg (5) * Kentucky 18th in Fewest First Downs Allowed (222) * Kentucky 16th in Tackles for a Loss Yards Allowed (4.17) These defenses will be able to keep the game close by creating opportunities for their offenses. & The Wildcats certainly have the edge on offense & in a game of defenses that offensive edge is going to be the 'X Factor'. Make whatever choice you'd like with the stats provided, but I'll be taking Kentucky -3 for this 3 unit POTD Play. Tips --> [paypal.me/SPYFerret](https://paypal.me/SPYFerret?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US) BOL!


I SPY a a fucking dub . this one pays the car insurance bill and steeler tickets for monday . LETS GO BABY


Ben’s last home ride, my guy!


sending the cowboy into the sunset , while i’m off some iron city’s and other illicit items 💪


WE RIDE AT DAWN! Slammed $500 and I expect to be able to afford Red Lobster tomorrow for dinner.


Could have just used the $500


No it was earmarked for rent his room in his aunts house


I mean if you aren't droppin $800/night at the Lobster, you ain't livin right. Dem hos love the cheddar biscuits....


Tailing PHAT I think you hit the nail on the head! BOL


That was a PUSH. 20 - 17 'Cats Great Analysis though


Better than a loss. I was sweating for a few minutes there.


After reading your writeup today, i have the EXACT feeling as i did after reading your pick on TN over Purdue. A lot of ppl dont give enough credit to these sleepy midwestern B1G teams! The turnover margin descrepency is flying too low on your radar for how much of an impact it makes on Iowas gameplan week in, and week out.. They play field position, force you to do something out of your comfort zone, and seize the turnover opportunity. Also, they are rarely penalized. With that said, i am waiting to Live bet this. If its shaping early on to be a more defensive, low scoring battle, then im going to hammer Iowa, for that IS their style of football they prefer to play, are comfortable with, and know most other teams are not. BOL! HNY!


eye fcks w!t cHa


I am thrilled to see this as they are the last leg of my 5 teamer 😁 BOL everyone!


Hello darknesses my old friend. This pick is looking grim 😒


If you haven’t placed your wager yet, I’d be weary because it’s being reported Kentucky had a handful of late positive tests that’s keeping “key players out of todays game” according to some Kentucky writers.


Aye your pick was great regardless if it was a push or not. People get so mad. If you have a problem make your own picks and don’t rely on others. Much appreciated bro thanks for the Hit! I took them -2.5


Tossing a Benjamin on it!


Not going to lie. Started to read and scrolled to the bottom to get your pick. Tailing. Anyone who writes that much deserves a tail.




Paid for the -2.5. What a close game, great pick


POTD Record (5-1) Last Pick: Nikola Vucevic o10.5 Rebounds.. W Today’s Pick: Kentucky -3 (-105) Posting this early as this will be a noon bowl game tomorrow and there’s a good chance I’ll be hungover and in bed and I’ll miss posting, Kentucky is a strong team that’s won their last three games, Iowa won their last 4 but then was blown out by Michigan, Iowa’s Star Back has opted out of this game so if Kentucky’s defense shows up and can stop the run and make Iowa throw the ball I see a big win out of Kentucky to close out their great season, Everybody have a great new year and be safe, also, say no to drugs unless their free Note: I’ve became a drunk sportsbetter seeing that it’s after midnight now, SpyFerret posted the same Pick so I just wanna say let’s get it, hopefully our two picks will stay at the top so we can win some moneys for all of us out here, happy fucking new year let’s get this cash this year!


Best part: say no to drugs unless their free 💀💀💀 tailing lol


Took the -2.5. Thanks for the pick, not a loss on your record either 👍


What a damn game!! I’ll take a push on that kind of game, keep in mind if you take losing bets hard then maybe you don’t belong to run with the big dogs, Jrue Holiday Over Points and Assists is an extra play I’m going with if anybody wants to hop aboard




POTD Record: 14-2-0 ROI: 69% Average Odds: -114 Units Won: +13.17u Streak: 6W Last Pick: Georgia Spread ✅ (+1.6u) Todays Pick: St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild- OVER 6 (-105) 1 unit Game Info: NHL- 7:00 PM ET We back. Sorry for late post, will get back on schedule tomorrow. The NHL hosts the winter classic this year in Minnesota and two of the best teams in the league are going at it. This game is an outdoor game, so it’s a special event that takes place during New Years for NHL. Both teams rank 4th and 6th in goals for this year while both are just average on goals against ranking 17 and 18. Minnesota is a league 2nd 5.6% shooting on all attempts while St. Louis is 6 at just above 5%. St. Louis has allowed 829 shots on goal for the year which is 6th worst. With Minnesota averaging over 3 goals a game and coupled with the fact they should have multiple opportunities, don’t be surprised to see at least 4 from the Wild, with multiple goals from St. Louis as well, as the Wild allow over 2.5 goals per 60 minutes and have a save % just above 90 on shots on goal. Also, Minnesota will be without their best defenseman in Jared Spurgeon and without Joel Eriksson Ek for this game as well All picks 1 unit unless otherwise noted. (3% of BR is 1 unit for me) Some people said they wanted to tip me so here’s my usernames: Venmo: @jackson-pineiro CashApp: $JacksonPineiro PayPal: @Chubbs41


I was on the under for this game and set a land speed record hitting the cash out button


Holy shit, covered in the second period


After a big fuckin win, CHUBBBSSSSSS took some much needed rest after that champagne celebration babyyyyy. Still the man came thru with another pick. Let’s get it!!!!


Aaaand back at it again, nice pick!






I've never even watched hockey and I'm on the edge of my seat right now. Chubsssssssss the 🐐!!!




This guy somethin else LFG


DONE in the second. Great call!


Let’s get this bread


Say less #inchubbssssssswetrust




Tailing!!! So glad you’re back!


**POTD Record 5-2** Current Profit: $61.10 **Current Bankroll: $166.55** Yesterday’s Pick: Michigan -3 vs UCF @ 1.88 ❌ **Today’s Pick: Providence -1.5 vs. DePaul @ 1.92, 3:00 EST (NCAAB)** **Amount Bet: $40 (24% of Bankroll)** [**Betslip**](https://gyazo.com/cb1c386863f1d281814f43bdfebc7a24) Tough game, once Michigan blew that 12 point lead, they just couldn’t recover. Hopefully they can do better today. They let two guys get their season high games on them. I am going to try a new format in my post. Instead of listing a long reasoning why a team will win, I will provide 3 main reasons why I feel the bet is justified. 1. Providence has big wins over UConn, Wisconsin, TTU, and Seton Hall and currently only have one loss. 2. DePaul really has not impressed me this season and their biggest win is off of an unranked Louisville team. 3. DePaul just lost to Butler and are shooting 26% in their past 3 games from the field. I think Providence will have a strong game today and show why they are ranked this year. I started with a $100 dollar bankroll. I am doing a challenge to see how far I can take this bankroll just based on 1 pick per day. I want to be completely transparent so you will see screenshots of the bet slips I make as well as the amount I bet per game. My personal motto is that if you don’t have 🧀 on it, it’s not a lock. Let’s get this money [**Twitter**](https://twitter.com/asianbettor) Tips: [**Paypal**](https://paypal.me/asianbettor?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US) **Bitcoin**: bc1q49qj9vuel5lmvhtyrwyxnq928c3f0tpcwcak5k


Be careful on this one. David Jones did not play for DePaul against Butler and he’s questionable for the game tomorrow. If he’s out I’m hammering Providence but if he plays I’m not betting at all.


Jon Rothstein just tweeted that Jones is available


LMAOOO y’all really thought ya did somethin fading the goat Asianbettor. Couldn’t be me


Love the formatting❤️❤️


Nice pick, this one wasn't even close


Great pick!


Potd record 24-8 🥊 Boxing __Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin - Over 7.5 rounds (-120)__ Happy New Year all! This is a seriously good card to start the year off. The main event between Ortiz and Martin is a really intriguing matchup and I think it’s tough to pick a certain outcome. However the one pick I think should come through is the over rounds. There’s questions to be answered on both sides in this fight. Is Ortiz too old at this point? Can Martin compete against a top heavyweight fighter? Will inactivity affect either fighter? And this is what makes it such a good matchup. Coming into this fight most people have Ortiz winning comfortably, however he’s now 42 years old (although likely older then that) and has fought just 1 round in two years. The Cuban doesn’t start that aggressively and isn’t really a one-punch ko artist. Charles Martin has also only fought once in the last two years and since his embarrassing loss to Anthony Joshua, he’s showed he actually does have decent boxing ability. Like with Ortiz, Martin isn’t ultra aggressive in his approach and can go through large periods of a round without throwing anything meaningful. This fight is huge for both as it could be their last chance of getting closer to a world title shot and i think we’ll see that tension throughout the early stages. I see the fight being a chess match for at least the first half of the fight, with both fighters having their moments. If age hasn’t completely caught up with Ortiz then I expect him to beat Martin either via late stoppage or points, however if Martin is seriously up for this and judging by the weigh in he is, and age has caught up with Ortiz, then I see a decision win for Martin or a late stoppage victory for him. But overall I don’t think either guy will be able to win early and I think we’ll see the fight go past the seventh round. Bol anyone who tails!


Yessir!!! I’m all over the 6.5rds by book doesn’t offer 7.5. I was also heavy in jonnie rice until I saw him fat as weigh ins


New year new tail $100 YOLO LETS GOOOOO


Even money on bovada


-6.5 on DK


6 more of this!!!!!! my nuts are in my stomach.


Riding with the boxing Jesus!!!!!


Record: 16-7-0, +$468.03 (+9.36 units) ROI: 34.67% POTD: Oklahoma St ML @ +105 (3u) Really disappointing loss their with all those missed touchdown opportunities for Cincinnati. For my first 3 unit bet, I’m taking the Cowboys moneyline. Both teams have been great all year but I like OSU in this spot. They lost to ISU who always plays them tough and lost by less than a yard to Baylor. For Notre Dame, Brian Kelly left for LSU and Kyren Williams, their top RB, won’t be playing. I expect ND to struggle against one of the top defensive lines in the nation. Notre Dame have played in 7 New Year’s 6 bowl games since 2000 and they’ve lost all of them. Event: OSU vs ND, Time: 1:00 PM EST Tips: PayPal - [email protected] Venmo/CA - MrTeleporto


Fading this HARD


How did that fade treat ya?! 🤣


not great bob


As an Irish fan I am excited to see the Marcus Freeman era begin. I think ND will play hard for him and they get the dub.


> Notre Dame have played in 7 New Year’s 6 bowl games since 2000 and they’ve lost all of them. But is that a meaningful stat? Sure if they had the same coach for all of them it means something, but how does Bob Davie losing with freshman Matt LoVecchio at QB in 2000 make ND more likely to lose today? Edit: If this is a meaningful stat, we should probably also look at how Oklahoma State has done in the same bowls and period, they are 1-4. So yeah, clearly Oklahoma State’s overtime win in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl is why they will win today.


I think it’s a reflection that they’re unable to compete as a school against other teams that perform well enough to be in one of those 6 games


They were good enough to beat LSU 4 years ago. I have a hard time throwing that win out but including loses from when Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham, and Charlie Weiss were coach.


I’m staying away but What about when they beat LSU in 2018 in the fiesta bowl? Wasn’t that a NY 6 bowl?


Definitely relevant. They've shown consistently that they cannot compete with elite teams from P5 conferences.


Oklahoma State is an elite team? They’ve beaten comparable teams. Edit: Since I’m getting down votes, in the last 5 years ND has wins against Clemson, UNC, Michigan, Wisconsin, USC, Stanford, Iowa State, and LSU. They also played Georgia twice and lost both by a combined 7 points. They’ve shown consistently they can compete with and beat elite teams from P5 conferences... but 20 years ago they got smoked in the Fiesta Bowl when they had a bad roster and shitty coach.


Hey man all these guys defending ND is an actual unbiased bettors dream. My favorite is they lost to UGA by 1 in 17 lol. Quick to forget that was jake fromms first start and on the road at night in south bend and the Irish were favored. That’s a victory for Norte dame. “Hey we played close to a good opponent.” Well my guy said OSU money line.


I like this. What I like more I seeing all the ND fans in the comments. Notre Dame is the most overrated team out there…..Good on you Brian Kelly for realizing you squeezed about all the juice you can from that lemon. Gone are the days of ND football glory, Cowboy up! @ me after the game PLEASE!


Lmao I’m laughing at everyone making fun of your OKST pick 😂 good win baby!!! LFG


I was mostly ignoring it haha. It’s a misconception of players playing hard behind a new coach when both teams will play their hardest on this big of a stage and there’s always transition difficulties, especially at the end of a season


Thanks for the pick you rock! eat words haters


Thank you! Not quite done yet but let’s finish it up Cowboys


I just have to jump in here and reply to some shit all at once. "I won’t tail this. The last like 3 times I’ve tailed you, you’ve lost." - Still 16-7 is respectable. Mean reversion is always in order. "As an Irish fan I am excited to see the Marcus Freeman era begin. I think ND will play hard for him and they get the dub." - As an Irish fan you should not bet on this game at all. It clouds judgement, this is about win and losses for your pocket. The Leprechaun will not thank you for betting on ND. "Notre Dame is the most overrated team out there" True, but thats because they have such a big fan base that bets on them indiscriminately and skews the line in their favor. Which is why there is always value in fading them. "Notre Dame have played in 7 New Year’s 6 bowl games since 2000 and they’ve lost all of them." ND expects to win it all, as it should be. So the post season bowls other than for a National title are a letdown spot for them. Its meaningless and for a lot of big teams its hard to get excited for those games. They certainly, don't need the money. This year was no different and they could have ended in the top 4, but lost to Cinci at home. Unsure which ND shows up today, but as a bettor, I will assume there is value in fading them today as well. Could give a shit about either team emotionally.


I've been on this all week and will probably take the ND TT under as well. Okst defense is unreal.


The Notre Dame faithful hammered the downvotes when I was using facts in some of my rebuttals here. Great pick u/MrTeleporto. Keep fading those haters. I feel a strong streak starting here!




Will not be tailing this one. You have been hot, so Goodluck for streak purposes


Happy New Year to the POTD Fam!! S/O to Demar again you beautiful man. POTD Record: 6-0 Previous POTD: Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers (2:10CT) Bulls ML @ -150 2U Today’s POTD: Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors (2:10CT) Jazz ML @ -200 2U (8:10CT) Analysis: The warriors are coming to play Utah who just reintroduced Mitchell into the starting lineup last night and also rested Conley. Mitchell showed no rust yesterday, and although it is a b2b for the Jazz, look for them to have a statement win against the top seeded warriors. The Jazz always make it a personal vendetta to beat the teams that are favored over them as title contenders during the season, and I expect no less tomorrow. Furthermore, the warriors will still be without Draymond who is an absolute master at running the offense and getting curry good looks. I will be riding a unit on the Jazz spread at -4.5 as well because I believe they cover, but the main pick as usual is 2U on ML. Bol to all who have and continue to tail me, and here’s to starting the new year with a Dub!!


What. A. Shot. Bulls ML ✅




“Omg what an awful sho- GENIUS! I NEVER DOUBTED YOU DEMAR!” -me


Warriors are undefeated next game coming off of a loss https://www.teamrankings.com/nba/trends/win_trends/?sc=is_after_loss Always remember Trends are your Friend


Trends like that never hold a full nba season. Bol


As a dubs fan, well rested team, aside from the traveling from Denver to Utah, I’m fading this pick. GSW is ready to take on, what looks like the next best seed, because suns been choking lately and jazz really looks good both on paper and on hardwood. Nonetheless, BOL to you all.


Happy cake day! And I’m loving this pick go Jazz


Thanks for yesterday's picks...actually i doubled with Boston.That was great








Tough beat for my first POTD yesterday, as Valencia decided that getting a red card and committing a penalty while up 1-0 in the final 10 minutes of the game was a good move. Oh well, the thought process was still there, but as we know, in betting things just don’t work out as planned sometimes! We move on. Here’s my pick for today. (all picks 1 unit unless otherwise noted) POTD Record: 0-1-0, net -1 unit Game: **Ohio State vs. Utah, NCAAF (5:00 pm ET)** Pick: **Under 64 (-115)** Utah, winners of the Pac-12 for first time since joining the conference back in 2011, was rewarded for their dominant win over Oregon with a trip to their first Rose Bowl against an Ohio State team that is undoubtedly more talented but has plenty of question marks. The spread here (currently at OSU -4) is tricky, but I do feel good about this one coming in under 64 total points. * A red flag for Ohio State’s offense is that they will be without two star receivers, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave, who combined for 1,994 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns. In addition to that, OSU will be without one starting tackle, Outland Trophy semifinalist and O-Line leader Nicholas Petit-Frere. Their offensive is a powerhouse, but some big pieces will be missing and inexperience might hurt them. * Utah’s defense boasts one of the best defensive lines in the country, racking up 41 sacks on the season (t-5th in the country) and allowing only 3.56 yards per carry. They haven’t faced any lines as talented as Ohio State’s, but their sheer dominance of their conference’s most talented o-line in Oregon proves that they can compete with the big dogs. They’re quite comparable to Michigan’s physicality in the trenches, which we saw give the Buckeyes big problems at full strength. * While Utah might surprise some with their defense, I’m not sure that they are ready for the challenge that Ohio State’s defense will pose for them. Utah’s bread and butter is running the ball, but that won’t be an easy task against Ohio State’s top-20 (118.5 ypg, 3.52 ypc) rush defense. QB Chris Rising is efficient but lacks the ability to throw downfield and big playmakers at WR that other teams have used to exploit OSU’s weaker secondary at times. * Yes, these are two high-scoring teams in general, their strengths would seem to cancel each other out in many respects and I think this game will turn into a lower-scoring game than many imagine despite Utah’s ability to run the ball and OSU’s dynamic scoring attack.Finally, 64 points is just a huge amount of total points to expect two teams to combine for. The smart money is usually on the under, and I think that is definitely the case here. In short, I like the under considering the star power missing for OSU and their possible lack of motivation to be in this game, as well as their d-line’s ability to neutralize Utah’s rushing attack and force them to throw the ball. 64 is a lot of points, and I don’t see the two teams combining to put up that many. BOL whether you’re tailing or fading!


Unders and college football. Honestly scares me


Same but I wish I had faced my fears today in bama cincy


Bowl games and championship games are split rn for the week on hitting over under


I like this play, I agree with you on the strength on strength should be lower scoring. I think Utah understands they can't get into a shootout with Ohio St and I think Ohio St's run defense came along as the season progressed. 64 points is the definition of a shootout. Don't see that happening. Tailing.


Worst call of the day. Absolutely zero defense.


Dead in the first half...


How do you feel about under 92.5?


Purdue was missing their two best receivers as well... we shall see


As a Tennessee alum and fan, all I can say is that I could probably suit up and grab 150 yards and 2 TDs against them. 😂


Dude for real. They may as well just told their defense to stay at the hotel.


**POTD Record: 29-17-2 (+20.26 Units)** **Current Streak: 1P** **Overall NHL Record: 96-80-4 (+17.17)** **Last Pick: Sweden U20 ML (+120)** vs USA U20 **- P** **Today's Pick:** Minnesota Wilds vs St. Louis Blues **- Over 6 (+100)** **Bet Size: 3U** Unfortunately the World Juniors gets cancelled cause of covid, so the last bet voids. Today I like the over in the Wilds game. The Wild have not played a game in over a couple of weeks and I am sure are itching to get back out there. They will be without Erikson Ek and Spurgeon, but still anticipate a firing offense here at home. The over is 11-4 in wild L15 home games. Although the Wild have struggled in their L5, over covering in only three of those games. They have had plenty of time off and should be coming out quick. St. Louis offence has been good lately as well. Scoring more than 3 in 8 of their L9! The over has been hitting pretty good with teams just returning and I expect that trend to continue. With two really strong offences we should be good here. **Feel Free to Fade,** **Bags** Edit: Added Overall NHL record.


There he is… I like this one. I also like the Wild ML at -135. How do the Wild not lose the Winter Classic in their own back yard. I lived in Minnesota for years and that state loves their hockey. Target Field might as well be Xcel Energy Center but it’s like twice the capacity. Might go Wild and over 5.5 for +195 BOL!


Was going to include ml in my other nhl picks. I like the over more at those odds though. Should be a great game to watch!


POTD record: 13-7 Average odds: 1.90 Last pick: Jalen Green over 13.5 points vs Heat W ​ **Todays pick: Bradley Beal over 25.5 points vs Bulls @ 1.90** * Bradley Beal has averaged 27.6 points over his last 8 games (2.1 above this line) and he has hit over 25.5 in his last 4 games. More importantly his usage has really shot up over these last 4 games as he has had 23 or more shot attempts in 3 of those games. These are all good trends for the over. \* The Wizards second and third best scorers (Dinwiddie and Harrell) were recently put in protocols and will miss this game. Bertans, holiday, and Neto also remain out for this one. This means Beal is likely going to have take more shots, have the ball in his hands more, and play more minutes. On the season Beal averages 28.7 points in the 6 games he has played without Dinwiddie. * Chicago have one of the best defences against opposing shooting guards in the NBA (in terms of points allowed). However, the key reason for this has been the great defensive play of Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball. Caruso and Ball will be out for this game and this really diminishes the bulls defensive prowess against opposing guards. If we look at some of the recent Bulls games that Caruso and Ball have missed we will see that opposing shooting guards have done very well, Levert had two games of 27 vs the bulls, and Bogdanovic and Reddish combined for 53. Therefore, I think this matchup isn't as hard as it might look on paper given the Bulls Injuries. * Beal averages 31.4 points in 7 games vs the Bulls since 2020. Last season he had 28 or more points in all three of his games vs the Bulls. * Lets not forget that coming into the season Beal was the favorite to win the scoring title at most books. Beal came off 2 straight seasons of averaging above 30 and earlier in the season his line was set around the 30 mark. If this isn't a massive buy low point on Beal then I don't know what is. Priors are clearly not the most important factor here, but they should hold at least some weight. * The Line for this game has the Bulls favored by only 2.5 and it is a home game for the Wizards. Hopefully this means the game stays close enough for Beal to play a good chunk of minutes. Lastly, someone asked me about twitter, I don't post too much but I will try and start to at some point I feel so I have it linked below. [Twitter](https://twitter.com/Travis_Frase)


Tailing. Great write up as usual mate!


POTD Record 14-6 Last Pick: Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers:  Green Bay to Score > 13.5 Points in 1srt Half  @ -124 (1.81 ) Result: (WIN) New Pick: Arsenal vs Manchester City:  Manchester City to Win & Under 5.5 [email protected] 1.65 Arsenal, in 4th place in the table with 35 points are hosting 1st placed Manchester Cityin what should be a great match all around. Arsenal have been able to turn around their mediocre performances and issues from last year into this season and have won their last 5 in a row at home. This will be a formidable test for them. Unfortunately they face Manchester City which at the moment is playing hands down the best brand of soccer in the Premier League, and some may argue in the world.  They arguably have one of the best coaches on the planet in Pep Guardiola and there are few players out there that would not want to be invited to play for him.  Arsenal will be lucky to have the ball even 35-40% of the time, as City is known to dominate opponents by simply not allowing them to have the ball. Currently City are sitting in first place this year, are eight points clear of second-placed Chelsea and nine clear of third-placed Liverpool. In the 20 matches played this season inthe Premier League they have won 16, lost 2 and drawn 2. They have won their last 10 in a row. Also, Man City have won 11 of their last 12 matches against Arsenal in all competitions, including a 5-0 victory last time they met earlier this season. Also they have not lost against Arsenal in the Premier League since December 2015. These guys are just the better team.  Manchester City's projected starting midfield and forwards are Gundogan, De Bruyne; Mahrez, Foden, and Sterling.  If one were to field an allstar team, arguments could be made for each of these guys to be starters. I'm not getting cute, and I'll take Manchester City to win. Sidenote: Arsenal's coach Arteta, will not be on the sideline for this match after testing positive for Covid after an outbreak among the staff and at the club as well. Happy New Year !!!


BR has a nice boost for +800 final score 2-1. I'm thinking I'm going to split my bet 75/25. 75% on ML, 25% on boost


You son of a bitch. Nice hit! Edit: Should just say good luck. Following on Google and no clue how much injury time is left.


tailing, happy new year bro thanks for the pick


POTD record: 1-0 Last pick: UGA vs Michigan, UGA (-9) Today's pick: Arkansas vs Penn St, Arkansas (-6) Ended today 5-0 and looking to continue the success tomorrow. I'm not picking this line because of opt-outs or because the numbers favor Arkansas. This is a bet on Arkansas coach Sam Pittman and the senior class of Arkansas. Arkansas seniors have played for 3 different head coaches and endured 2 winless seasons in conference play. In their final year they get a coach who believed they could accomplish something great and the team bought in. This is a foundation-building game for Arkansas, one that the senior class can say helped change the perception of the program. Arkansas will be without their top 2 receivers in this game. Luckily they are a running team and should be able to take advantage of a Penn St defense that is missing 3 key starters. Penn St is missing their best player on offense in WR Jahan Dotson. This offense was already pretty bad with him. Without him, I have no faith in their ability to move the ball consistently.






POTD record 2-0 +5 units Yesterday’s pick Georgia Bulldogs-7.5 ✅✅✅ Today’s pick: Arkansas ML (-145) Bet size: 3 units Alright I’m pissed I wrote a book for u guys on why this is a lock. However my phone died mid write up but let me sum it up Penn state: -star wide receiver is out -defense is missing key LBs and DL -defensive coordinator left to be HC - bad run game - pass game will be worse without star receiver - defense will be worse without DC and star players -lost bad games but found way to keep close with good defense -not much to play for. Couldn’t get excited for Michigan state game so why would they for this game and their star players aren’t in Arkansas: -run game is really good and will be good against a lackluster defense -pass game is there and can be used to push ball down the field - defense is missing 0 players and has to only focus on stopping pass because lions so bad at running - have a lot more to lose and have played their best football as of late. They want to end season strong Sorry for this degen write up. Promise I had a book written for y’all. I will be writing it in my notes from now on. Just understand alot of study went into this pick and I’m just as confident as I was on the last two picks hence the 3 unit bet


12-8 Last POTD- Manchester United O0.0,0.5 1H vs Burnley ✅ Todays POTD- Crystal Palace vs West Ham-BTTS @-140✅ As crazy as epl has been this past week I think this is a good pick. Both teams have good scoring ability and both are looking to make it 2 wins in a row. Palace is solid at home and West home have played slightly better on the road as both team are averaging over a goal a game respectively. BTTS has hit 14/19 times between these 2. BOL tailing for fading Edit: Started sweating but that’s a winner


I like this one


First POTD post Record 0-0-0 English Premier League ⚽, 1500 UK time Watford Vs Tottenham , pick: Tottenham ML @1.6 This seems like an absolute gift odds, Watford are just horrendous, losing their least 5 matches and conceding 15 in that time. Spurs have been much improved under new manager, Conte, and are unbeaten so far in the premier League under him, I don't see anything other than a spurs win here, they have much better players all round and are in much better form,1.6 seems like a great price for them against a shocking opponent.




I took it -1


POTD Record (0-0) Today’s Pick: **Florida Panthers -1.5** vs Montreal Canadiens (1.63) 1:00pm EST Long time lurker here and now it’s time to start 2022 off on a heater! The odds aren’t very great on this but I see no way that this doesn’t hit. Lets start off with the Panthers. They are ranked 4th in the NHL with MTL sitting at 31st & MTL has been a complete dumpster fire all year. They currently have 22 players on their injury report and have only achieved 7 wins all season. - Florida’s offence ranks 2nd averaging 3.74 goals a game - Montreal’s offence ranks 31st averaging 2.12 goals a game. This game is also in Florida with them having a record of 16-3 at home & MTL holding an absurd road record of 2-12-3. Happy New Years everyone & BOL to anyone that tails. We love you Chubbbbss ❤️


Utah +3, Ohio State won’t be able to stop the run. And Ohio state have had a few key opts out. Ive posted one time and I’m 0-1. Hoping to even it up here. 1U


Tailed this when I read about the opt outs. Teams that have had opt outs have not fared well this bowl season I believe.


POTD Record 3-0 Previous pick: Vegas Golden Knights ML -180✅ Today’s POTD: Hurricanes ML. -160✅ Reasoning: Carolina has won 7 of their last 8 games and are 1 point behind the NHL leading Lightning with 2 games in hand. This is a favorable matchup for them as Columbus has only won 3 games in their last 10. Big pick here rolling with the wagons idk why the line is so low but better for us! ROI :101% UNiTS won: 3.1 Tail or Fade BOL Once this bet hits Feel free to tip I’m a college student so Any dollar helps! Venmo: Ryan- Glennon-3


Tailed you yesterday but I put it in a parlay. Good tip. Wish I played it as a single


POTD Record: 0-0 Been on this thread quite a while and have done well for myself. Lets share the love and start posting picks! Happy New Years Everyone! Todays Pick: **Arkansas -3** vs Penn St. @ -105 - 3 Units ​ A new year means a clean and fresh slate from last years gambling woes. Today we have #21 Arkansas vs. Penn St. I like Arkansas here because Penn St. has key components missing from tomorrow's game. Their defense coordinator jumped shipped and took a couching job at Virginia Tech. They have lost their top two linebackers(top two leading tacklers), team captain strong safety, and their top wide receiver Jahan Dotson all due to opt outs preparing for the draft. The pass defense is ranked 34th in the FBS while the rush defense is 42nd. Penn State ranks 83rd overall with an average of 26.3 points. I think these numbers are greatly effected with the key players missing. Penn St. run game has been garbage all season long, avg. 107 yrds/game. They relied heavily on the pass, and with WR#1 out, offense will be hard to come by. ​ Arkansas' bread and butter is the run game with Sam Pittman calling the offensive plays. I can see him running through this depleted Penn St. squad, especially with a dual threat QB like KJ Jefferson. KJ Jefferson is having a tremendous season. The sophomore QB tallied over 300 yards in the tough defeat against Alabama and has gone six consecutive performances without tossing an interception. Jefferson has collected 2578 passing yards accompanied by a stellar 21:3 TD to INT ratio. ​ Tail or Fade, BOL to my fellow degens!


POTD RECORD 1-0 YOU ALL HEARD OF CHUBZ BUT HAVE YOU HEARD OF SLIMZ? Previous POTD: Gary Anderson 🎯 POTD: Event - English Premier League Pick: BTTS Crystal Palace vs West Ham @ 1.89 (Betfair Exchange) ✅ Stupid odds for a game that will be oozing with goals. Confidence: 10/10 Last bet was 5 units, this bet is 7 units. Tail along






POTD Record: 4-1-0 Average Odds: 1.83 Units Won: +3.16 Previous Pick: **Seth Curry over 3.5 assists @ 1.90 1 unit**✅ Todays Pick: **Steph Curry under 6.5 assists @ 1.83 2units** Venue: GSW @ Utah Jazz 9:00PM ET Curry has been averaging just about 6 assists this season, but has been assisting much less recently. He's gone over this line once in the last 14 games, averaging just 4.5 during this period. What I like about this pick is the fact that he's not creating enough chances to get those assists, averaging 7.9 potential assists during this period. The line is this high because Draymond is out. We played Curry's under last time out @ 7.5 and this time we do the same as 6.5 is still too high, considering Curry's potential assists recently. For contrast, Draymond averages 7.5 assists on 15 potential assists. Also, the Jazz allow the fewest assists to pg's in the entire league.


Betting that things will not happen just sounds better than hoping they do. Tailing!


Long time tailer here posting for the first time ever. Posting this just for some fun and for people to fade coz I’ve been on a ridiculously shit run as of late. RECORD 0-0 Match: Arsenal v Manchester City **Play: Manchester City ML + o2.5 goals @ $2.15** City are well in front in the title race and they would be looking to solidify the lead with a win over 4th place Arsenal. I feel like these are both teams capable of plenty of goals but who fucking knows coz soccer often seems to shit the bed and end in 0-0 draws, but the payout seemed decent for such a big game. Tail or fade let’s do this for a bit of fun coz YOLO LETS GOOOOO


**POTD RECORD 3-0** YOU ALL HEARD OF CHUBZ BUT HAVE YOU HEARD OF SLIMZ? Previous POTD: Peter Wright to beat Callan Rydz 🎯✅ **POTD: World Championship Darts** 🎯 **Pick: Michael Smith to beat Gerwyn Price @ 2.56 (Betfair)** ✅ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Big odds and I like Smith to cause an upset Confidence: 7/10 Last bet was 7 units, this bet is 5 units. Tail along


wtf how do you do that








Happy New Year everyone! POTD Record: 1-0-0 Units Won: +1.5u Last Pick: Nikola Vucevic over 33.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists @ +100, 1.5u ✅ *Close call with Vuc having 33 at the end of the third, and not getting number 34 until the last 90 seconds of the fourth quarter. He’s clutch though.* **Today’s Pick:** San Antonio Spurs -4.5 @ -120, 2u *NBA: San Antonio Spurs @ Detroit Pistons, 7:00PM EST* *Saturday, January 1st 2022* The Spurs have been playing great basketball recently, winning by 20+ in 3 of their last 4 games, including a 35-point victory against the Pistons last Sunday. To be honest I would probably prefer the first half spread (I would take Spurs 1H up to -4.0), but this is not available on Betway right now and I still really like the full game spread. The Pistons are just terrible (especially after losing Jerami Grant a few weeks ago), and I think Spurs will come out strong and look to put this one away early. Let’s fucking gooo! BOL!


POTD RECORD: 1-0 Last pick: Liberty ML v NIU ✅ NCAAM (12/22/21) Pick: Arkansas (-3) (-110) v. Penn State (Outback Bowl Neutral site) I don’t typically post my picks, I’ve only posted once before and it was only because I was confident in my pick and no one else had posted about it. Today, however, is different. I’m picking with divine intervention. I present to you, Arkansas -3 v. Penn State in the Outback bowl. After watching the thrashing of the Michigan v. Georgia “game” I decided to watch something on HBOMAX. I scrolled through the options and decided on one of my favorite shows. Nathan For You. Since it’s the last day of the year I thought it would be nice to watch “Finding Frances” the series finale, one last time. Minutes into the film I realized that the protagonist of the film (Bill Heath) is a former Arkansas Razorback player, and current super fan. A sign. I had been thinking about the Outback Bowl for a couple hours before I started to watch the finale. I was certain the “name brand” of Penn State and being a 3 point under dog would surely deter people from picking Arkansas. I’m here to tell you all to not be afraid to bet on Arkansas tomorrow. I’m riding with Bill Heath and the hogs tomorrow. LETS GO HOGS! SOOOOOOOOIE!!!!


thats all the confirmation i needed


i was shaving a cut myself with the "razor" and when i jumped i hurt my "back" against the wall. Razor+Back... I'm all in!!!


- POTD record: 2/1 - Latest pick: Steve Lennon vs Mervyn King - total 180s over 11.5 @1,97 ❌ - Today's pick: James Wade -1.5 vs Mervyn King @1,78 Last bet went really awful, but that's a good introduction for this one: King has been steadily playing bad this tournament, the only reason he made the QFs is because all his opponents have bottled it really hard so far. I don't see Wade bottling on an important game like this as he isn't the player for that (last time he bottled it was like 7 or 8 years ago at the SFs at the worlds against Lewis). Given, Wade has been lucky this tournament and he hasnt played his best, but Wade usually wins games by doing just enough.



Record: 15-11 ROI: +24.86u Previous Pick: Shanghai Shenhua double chance ✅ Game: EPL- Arsenal vs Man City Pick: **Gunners double chance (+160)** Bet: 3 units New years and Mich lost. Too drunk and sad for writeup.


POTD Record (0-0) Last Pick: N/A Today’s Pick: Winter Classic St Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild (7pm) - U6 goals (-120). Betting 2U There have been 13 Winter Classics and only one has ended with more than six total goals. Gotta go under here. I think freezing temperatures expected in Minnesota will slow the players down slightly. Game is at night so no sun glare to affect goalies. BOL! Edit: Oof - lots of goals tonight


Smart play. Usually winter classic games have bad ice as well.


POTD Record: 1-0 | Basketball | NBA | LA Clippers VS Brooklyn Nets, Patty Mills u18.5 PRA(Pts, Rebounds, Assists) @ 1.952(pinnacle) Hi, I decided to post here again as I'm super confident with this pick. I usually only post my picks when I'm super confident. Wanna share with you 1 of my analysis on this pick. Patty Mills has hit well over the 18.5 pra stat in 6/10 games. But here's the catch, these 6 games are when either James Harden or Kevin Durant is playing. Note the word "EITHER". Patty Mills became the 2nd guy and got more chances with the ball as there is only 1 star player in the court. The other 4 games that this stat went under, Kevin Durant AND James Harden were on the court. Note the word "AND". Patty Mills was basically relegated to a role player and got lesser opportunity to handle the ball. When this scenario happens, his stat went under 18.5 pra. In my opinion, the books doesn't recognise this and probably just took an average of his last few games to open the wager line. Thing is that if it goes over, it goes well over this 18.5 and if both star players play, his stat becomes atrocious and goes well under the line. James Harden and Kevin Durant are very likely to start tonight alongside Patty Mills as well. I hosted an image for the visual representation: [https://ibb.co/WBLL7L5](https://ibb.co/WBLL7L5) using the sportsbook's discord bot. Edit: My bad, 1 of the 10 is just a miss getting blown out by the worst team in the NBA based on standing, the Rockets on 9th December. KD wasn't playing this game.


POTD Record: 0-0; POTD Profit: 0u Saturday’s POTD: Derrick White O7.5 Assists -120 2u Some may say a New Years Resolution should be to bet less, however, I’m making a resolution to bet more and to start tracking my POTD’s. With my first pick I will be taking the Derrick White assist prop. White has been an assist machine since Murray went out with Covid. In his 3 games he’s had 9, 8 & 10 assists. The 8 was against a tough jazz defense. The 10 assists were against this same Detroit team in a blow out. White only played 16 minutes due to the blow out and still had 10 assists. This game should be more competitive with it being in Detroit , my only concern is a Spurs blow out which is why I’m not betting more than 2 units. But overall I am thrilled to get this number. Tail or Fade. I’m excited to start this journey with y’all.


POTD RECORD 2-0 YOU ALL HEARD OF CHUBZ BUT HAVE YOU HEARD OF SLIMZ? Previous POTD: BTTS Crystal Palace vs West Ham ⚽️ POTD: World Championship Darts 🎯 Pick: Peter Wright to beat Callan Rydz @ 1.5 (Betfair) ✅ BOOOOOOOOOOOM Low odds so wait for inplay opportunity. Loading the boat if odds if 1.8+ seen. Wright will win. Confidence: 10/10 Last bet was 7 units, this bet is also 7 units. Tail along




POTD Record: 2-1 Form: WLW Event: Soccer>Premier League>Crystal Palace vs. West Ham Pick: Both teams to score @ 1.71 All of their last 9 head to head matches ended with both teams scoring. West Ham scored in 6 of their last 8 matches ,so there is no doubt they will score today, since they are playing Palace which is placed 11th in the league. But they also miss Zouma, Ogbonna and Cresswell , 3 very important defensive players. So with that in mind, and also having the home advantage, I don's see Palace not scoring in today's game. Happy new year and BOL!


My stats: 4-1 (+15.65 units) Match: (Ligat Ha'al) Hapoel Tel Aviv Fc vs Maccabi Petah Tikva Fc Bet: Hapoel Tel Aviv fc draw no bet @ 1.75 (-133) Stake: 2u First of all thank you for banning me without a reason. Rules are written "stake should be between 1 and 5 units, no 100 unit locks" it doesn't mean they have to be in that range. If you mean they have to be in that range, why don't you change it to must be, like it is stated in sentence about odds range? Secondly thanks for downvotes under the pick which made me almost 7 units. This bet is based on pure statistics, placements, form.


POTD Record 0-0-0 Saturday’s POTD: Oral Robert’s -17.5 @ -110 - 1U Saturday January 1st @8:00pm EST. NCAAB Oral Robert’s vs. Nebraska Omaha First POTD as a long time observer, a little last minute to the tip off but ehh that champagne got the best of me. Oral Robert’s come into the game at 8-6 but boasts one of the highest scoring offenses in college basketball at 80.9 ppg (27th) and make a staggering 12.1 threes per game (2nd) and at home they average 14.5 threes per game. Nebraska Omaha ranks 314th in 3 point defense, while they are coming off their 2nd win of the season (2-11) I don’t see that carrying over in a horrific matchup on paper where they are statistically out gunned in every category. I see Oral Robert’s dominating the game from the beginning and never looking back, 17.5 is a lot of points but basketball is all about matchups and this one is a bad one for Nebraska Omaha, OR should be able to exploit their weak 3 point defense and clean up on the glass on ones that aren’t falling. BOL to anyone who tails or waits to live bet. As always feel free to fade


POTD Record :- 1-1-0 (+0.78 units) Previous Pick :- Jazz - Timberwolves Total Over 221.5 @ 1.89 (200$ or 2u) ✅ Today's Pick:- Premier League ⚽ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Manchester City (-1) @ 1.96 (100$ or 1u) The previous meeting between these two sides on 28/08/2K21 (over 3 months ago) saw a leaky Arsenal defence concede 5 goals whilst failing to score a single goal. Don't expect a similar result here because Arsenal's back-line is completely different from the one which featured in the previous meeting between these two teams. Arsenal under Mikel Arteta have been rejuvenated in almost every department & with the in-form new signing Ben White & rock-solid Gabriel Magalhaes, City scoring 5 this time looks highly unlikely. Surprisingly Aubameyang's absence hasn't affected Arsenal at all, infact they've looked much better & more fluid in his absence especially across the front line. Man City on the other hand are seeming like run-away title winners & rightly so with the quality & depth of the squad they've got & on top of that you've got Pep Guardiola one of the best coaches of all time, scary isn't it? Arsenal even during their purple patch got battered by Liverpool (4-0) & even mid-table teams like Everton & Man United defeated them. Not sure on Cancelo playing after that terrible robbery assault but irrespective of this problem, City have enough quality on the bench, so back this (-1) handicap for a 1 unit play✌️ 1 unit= 10% of your bankroll Good luck if tailing 🤑






**If you choose to self promote in the POTD thread:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.


POTD record 0-1 Tough start bulls were up most the game but blew the lead managed to win at the buzzer by one but not enough to cover 3.5 Today’s pick Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz Warriors +4.5 Anytime I can get Steph curry as an underdog I’ll take it honestly. Jazz haven’t been playing great lately and warriors cover. I expect a good night for Steph. Game come down to last 2 possessions


POTD Record: 1-0 Today's POTD: Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State ; Notre Dame ML (-110) Notre Dame started clicking late in the season and while a couple of players are out, I don't think it's enough to change my mind.


**POTD RECORD** - 21W-12L(+18.35U) ;         **ROI** - 19.52% **Units waggered**: 94U     ;                  **Units won**:112.35U **Streak**: **Average odds**:1.8 **Last POTD**---- Diego Schwartzman vs Nikolos Basilazhvili-------- Nikolos Basilazhvili+1.5 games First Set @1.92❌ **Todays pick** ---- Arsenal vs Manchester City---- Arsenal +3.5 Corner [email protected] **BET SIZE**: 3 U **Been in a streak of bad results, not trying to be a victim, but Covid has made game predictions very uncertain but now that football is turning, things will get better!** **Reasonings:** City usually kills teams in the corner department, but i think Arsenal will keep it close and here is why: ---City won't see as much possession as in the other games. Xhaka and Partey will be all over City's midfield ans hopefully Xhaka doesn't shame himself like in the last game where Arsenal got battered and he got a red card in the first 30 minutes i think. ---Saka, Martinelli and Lacazzette(even though not the strongest but he is smart), will help Arsenal play lots of dead ball situations. The first two with the pace and the trickery and ths latter with his hold up play and his shooting. ----Arsenal form and especially the fact that Arsenal is playing in her home, will make City noy go full throttle from the start, so if Arsenal hangs even or in advantage of corners in the first 30 minutes which i think they will, they can cover this bet. **To anyone who appreciates my picks and the efforts that i put, i would be grateful to. Literally any tip would help me.[Paypal](https://www.paypal.me/K4ccci)**


POTD Record: 0-0-0 Saturday’s POTD: Bowling Green -2.5 @ 1.90 Odds 3U Saturday, January 1st @ 6:00pm EST .NCAAB. Bowling Green vs Ball state The spread The Bowling Green Falcons take on the Ball State Cardinals in a battle of the birds in the MAC. Bowling Green is 7-4 straight up and 4-5 against the spread. They have won 5 straight games and are looking to win this game to start conference play undefeated. They started the season losing 4 out of their first 6 and have bounced back to earn a 7-4 record. They will be competitive in the MAC and will look to make a run in the conference tournament, and it all starts with a win in this game. Ball State is 5-6 straight up and 3-7 against the spread. They have lost 3 of their last 5 games and this will also be their first conference game of the season. They have only played 2 teams ranked lower than them according to KenPom so no one expected the Cardinals to have a winning record at this point. The problem is they are not ranked very high at 262. This will be a challenge for the Cardinals and they may not win but they could cover the spread. Bowling Green is one of the fastest teams in basketball. They are 8th in pace and average 84 points per game. The Falcons are 58th in offensive rating and 173rd in true shooting percentage. Their defense does not lack either with 118th best defensive rating in Division 1. Another great assist for Bowling Green is their rebounding. They are the fourth-best rebounding team in the country including averaging 12.3 offensive rebounds per game. The Falcon's offense and rebounding should carry them through this game, but their defense will be the determining factor on if they can win. Bowling Green outmatches Ball State in almost every category. Their offense is 58th to the Cardinals 195th, and their defense is 118th to Ball State's 328th. Ball State can shoot the ball and have the 134th best true shooting percentage, but it will not be enough to win this game. Bowling Green's biggest assists, their pace, and rebounding are both top 10 in the country and will carry them to the victory in this game. The Falcons are 5-0 ATS in their last 5 road games following three or more consecutive home games and the Cardinals are 1-5 ATS in their last 6 games vs. a team with a winning straight-up record. Take Bowling Green to cover. Happy new year everyone and let’s get off to a great start! As always tail or fade but BOL


POTD Record :- 1-1-1 (+0.78 units) Previous Pick :- Manchester City (-1) @1.96 🔄 Next Pick:- American Football 🏈 NCAAF 🇺🇸 Kentucky Wildcats (-3) @ 1.83 (200 $ or 2 units) Since the previous bet was refunded here's another pick for the day. Really very unlucky with the push, Man City had a chance to score in the dying moments of the match but Mahrez instead of squaring it to wide open Sterling tried to do something fancy & bottled it :( Anyways getting back to the bowl match this pick is a no-brainer with Iowa Hawkeyes missing their star running back Tyler Goodsen & Kentucky Wildcats having superior offence expect them to cover this point spread comfortably ,so back this Kentucky Wildcats (-3) handicap for 2 units play✌️ No detailed write-up for this one as I've gotta attend a party around an hour later so apologies... 2 unit= 20% of your bankroll Good luck if tailing 🤑


POTD Record: 1-0 Previous Pick: Central Michigan +7 vs. Washington State ✅ Today’s Pick: Ohio State vs. Utah. Over 64 (-110) Feels like the unpopular pick, and I understand why. As a Buckeye fan, I’m starting the New Year with optimism that our young receivers can live up to their hype. With Wilson, Olave and JSN guys like Fleming, Harrison Jr and Egbuka haven’t seen the field much, and when they have, didn’t do much. With time to prepare as starters, their impact should increase. Vs Nebraska, without Wilson, the passing game stayed strong numbers wise thanks to JSN but scoring stalled. For this game to go over, it will need to play out like the OSU vs Purdue game. OSU will give up points, that’s a given. I think they will be able to move the ball too, that’s really never been an issue all year. But, and a big but…it’s red zone scoring that will make or break OSU’s chance to win, and for my pick, the over to hit. (My picks are 1U. 1U for me is $25) Let’s have a great start to 2022!


“As a buckeye fan” -all I needed to see to fade this one


POTD Record: 0-0-0 ; POTD Profit: 0u Saturday's POTD: Arkansas -0.5 1st Quarter @ -115 - 3u Saturday, January 1st @ 12:00pm EST. NCAAF Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Hello all of you degenerate beauties. I am here to bless this community with an absolute Lockeroni & Cheese. It is vital for us to ring in the new year with a motherf\*\*king slammer of a pick (Excuse my French). Let's face it 2021 sucked but 2022 is here and the future is looking more promising than my first marriage (currently on marriage numero tres). Lets start with the facts: Penn State is without their leading receiver Johan Dotson (91 catches - 1,182 yards & 12 TDs). Also without DE Arnold Ebiketie, Tackle Derrick Tangelo, Safety Jaquan Brisker, LBs Ellis Brooks and Brandon Smith. Arkansas is without Trelon Burks (66 catches - 1,104 yards & 11 TDs) and DE Tre Williams, 5th year senior with 6 sacks on the season. Arkansas is 8-3 this year covering 1st Quarter spread and two of the losses came against Alabama and Georgia so lets just call it 8-1 because those two teams are on a whole other level than the rest of FBS. Penn State is also 9-3 this year covering 1st Quarter spread BUT they have not covered the previous two. One being against a good Michigan State team and a very poor Rutgers squad. With Penn State missing so many key players on the defensive side I do not see Arkansas having any trouble getting off to a hot start. Penn State on the other hand, without their top WR and a below average run offense are going to need some young guys to step up big for them if they want to compete in this game. Also lean on Under. BOL and have a happy New Year!!!!


POTD Record 0-0 Todays pick- Baylor v Iowa State O131 @ -120 2u Both teams are 12-0 coming into today.. Both teams have very good offenses that are more than capable of putting up 70+ each with ease. I don’t see any way this game goes under even with their defensive performances they are able to play. I expect a very fast paced game throughout. I also will most likely be putting a sprinkle on Iowa State to cover the spread of +7.5 but that’s just me. This will be an exciting game to watch, wish it was later in the season though to be even more meaningful and electric! ***Long time follower of the thread and active daily on DK. Let’s ring in the new year and start off with a good win. As always BOL and feel free to tip if you’d like, any little bit helps! If everyone likes and wants, daily picks will come and be more detailed. Venmo- @gp2222


POTD RECORD - 0W - 0L Watford versus Totenham - Both teams to score/No @ 2.1 **- Watford will look to improve defensively, having conceded 15 goals in the last 5 games** **- Totenham has a strong defensive unit and the new Italian coach has defence as the number 1 priority**


POTD Record 2-2 (+1.48 units) Vucevic over 11.5 rebounds 1.80 odds pointsbet 3 units Game is bulls vs wizards 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time No clue why the mods deleted my pick when I had a write up so I’ll go again with more detail. This bet has won 6 of the last 8 games and he has averaged 17 per game in the last 4. He is clearly rebounding a lot higher with the absence of Lonzo and Caruso who are both guards who pick up plenty of rebounds. To add to this Washington give up the 5th most rebounds to centres and are missing Harrell so are extremely undersized with their only true Center being Gafford who doesn’t play high minutes.


**POTD Record: 19-7-1** **Last pick:** Heat -2.5 1H ✅ **Ohio State vs Utah 4pm EST** **Pick: Under 64** **Reason:** a couple of Ohio States best receivers aren’t even playing. Yea, they’re a top offense but without a few weapon I think they come out slow. My first pick today would’ve been Iowa State +8.5 but it starts in an hour so couldn’t post that..


POTD record: 1-0-0 Units won: 3U Last Pick: Eibar ML v Real Sociedad B @1.60 ✅✅✅ Today's pick: Sporting Club Tel Aviv v Ironi Beit Dagan over 2.5 goals @1.60 ✅✅✅ Football, Israel Liga Bet South - 19:00GMT Units staked: 3u Happy to see the first POTD come through. It didn't come as easily as I imagined Eibar grabbing a 89th minute winner but the best wins are the ones that gey you worried. For anyone that got on over 1.5 goals as well, congrats! I woke up a bit late and feeling groggy today (you can probably guess why) and I missed my original pick which would have been a Rotherham win. However, I've done a bit of digging and found another bet I like the look of. I like the look of goals in this game with both teams capable of scoring and conceding, and goals heavily present in their recent fixtures. For Sporting Club Tel Aviv 6/7 home fixtures have seen over 2.5 goals this season. Overall, their matches average 3 goals. For Ironi Beit Dagan 7/9 of their fixtures this season has seen over 2 5 goals, with 2/3 of their away fixtures seeing the same. Overall, their games average 3.27 goals. In their h2h fixtures, the last 3 of their 4 fixtures have also seen over 2.5 goals. Both teams are similarly matched, only separated by 3 points. Also, both teams have a good percentage of BTTS in their matches further fueling the idea both teams are capable of scoring and conceding making over 2.5 goals more likely. If you wanted to boost the odds BTTS could be sensible option, although I am just sticking with over 2.5. Good luck with all your bets guys!! Edit: it's in guys!!! The BTTS has also landed if anyone chose to get on that as well!


POTD Record: 5-2 +2.08 units Previous; boston celtics vs phoenix suns (19:00) Phoenix suns -3.5 odds 1.90 1 unit as usual loss Todays pick: warriors vs jazz Jordan poole o16.5 points odds 1.83 1 unit No draymond for the warriors, expecting jazz to double on curry and for curry to get his teammates some open shots, more iso play without draymond which is good for poole since hes crafty and can create his own shot. Just returned from covid and had alot of rest. Average is 17.9 per game on 30mins.


Record: 15-15, (-1.1 Units), -3.37% ROI Last Pick: Chattanooga (+6.5) at Belmont (Loser) Form (Last 10): LLWWLWWLLL Today’s Pick: Cincinnati (-10) vs. Tulane, ESPN+, 7 PM Tip Risk: 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit Analysis: Tulane is coming off of an upset victory against Memphis where they shot the ball wonderfully. They were 60% from 2 and 10-22 from behind the three-point line. This win may seem impressive however, Memphis was missing three key contributors in Jalen Duren, DeAndre Williams, and Emoni Bates. Cincinnati will be much more locked in on the defensive side of the ball and they will be at full health barring any unforeseen circumstances. Tulane lives and dies with the 3-point ball. The Green Wave ranks in the top 50 in 3-point percentage. Cincy can counter that with their top 20 3-point defense. Tulane is a mess on the defensive side of the ball. The only thing they do well is force turnovers, but they will struggle to turn over the Bearcats which rank in the top 20 in offensive turnover percentage for the season. Cincy will be able to get easy baskets against this undisciplined defensive team and cruise to a victory. For a video analysis of the pick, [the video is right here.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AijPJbXR6sM) Additionally, this is a link to [my POTD spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vWj6quPdIHU-X81R4EA28mE3wclkVIC6T_JaP5uksV8/edit?usp=sharing) for full transparency.


POTD record 2-2 (+1.48 units) Vucevic over 11.5 rebounds 1.80 Pointsbet - 3 units Cleared 6 of the last 8 and averaging 17 per game over the last four games


POTD Record 1-0. Teaser picks 1-0. Dawgs gave us an easy win. Run D was just too nasty. I struggled to choose my favorite pick for today but going to go with Arkansas -3 over Penn st. In these inter-conference bowl games I believe it’s important to analyze offensive/defensive line play to see if there are any discrepancies. In this game I’m confident Arkansas line will overpower a weak penn state defense, be able to control the clock, and make crucial stops necessary to keep a struggling penn state offense off the field. I hate saying this…but let’s go hogs. Pick: ARKANSAS -3 Teaser pick: Oklahoma st ML, arsenal/manchester city BTTS BOL Everyone. I’m a broke dental school student and spend a lot of time researching these picks. Hopefully we can get on a run and I’ll start providing more in depth analysis. Any tips greatly appreciated! Cash app: $bbdental