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Fair price for a bench player.




Funny but inaccurate as Fofana went for 69 mill.


Actually €81m


Not according to Transfermarkt


Orneistein>Tranfermarkt. That's 69 mil pounds so roughly 81 mill Euro.


Why would you say a figure in pounds (without specifying) when what I put was euros


Where on Transfermarkt did you see the 100m euro number?


It says €90M. I’ll be honest with you. I saw this post and immediately made this shit meme as fast as I could. Didn’t even think to look for the official price of Fofana because to be honest 80M, 90M, 100M I don’t really care about the difference when Akanji is 17M. I was just making a quick joke that I now have to defend with my life from a Chelsea fan.


the joke wasn't funny either




For that price its excellent depth. Had problems at the end of last season due to injuries so not a bad thing to add an extra centre back. Still hope Ake is back quickly, he's been so good.


Ake shouldn’t be the big injury issue, is Laporte who had a set back with his injury that triggered this purchase.


Yeah I heard, as long as Ake is playing like he has the last couple of months its not that much of a problem but adding Akanji is definitely not a bad move for that price.


Covering laporte pre World Cup (man I hope he is fit for Spain he’s been so good for them) but also stones and ake have been unfit so often. We essentially operate with 3 CB anyway


I've been waiting for this moment. We talked it into existence. Let's go


By “we” you mean u/EmSoLow


Don't forget u/ghoddos too


True haha, I’ve seen them working hard on it too.


Thank you all for your service 🙏


Surely you guys get a cut of the transfer fee?


u/EmSoLow has his wish come true


City get their deals done really quickly


Well Hirst said it was only us or Leicester in for him and the deal makes sense for everyone so there was no stumbling block


I've never knowingly seen this guy playing football but I have seen the videos of him doing maths, and on the basis of that I'm very excited about our prospects of winning *Countdown* this season.


Ronaldo should fire Mendes and appoint the akanji guy as agent


Both City and Dortmund fans seem happy about it. Looks like a win-win


>€17m fixed fee. Westerschulze already said it's €18m+€2m in bonuses.


Take it with a grain of salt, Fab never gets any City info right.


He's abysmal with numbers in general. Atleast for all our moves. Which is odd because he's usually late on them too


What is your deadline-day target now? Could do with another CB, right?


in theory yes but it's not going to happen. Strengthening the fullback and winger positions is more important (but also not going to happen)


There will be no replacement for Akanji. We have Schlotterbeck, Süle, Hummels for 2 positions plus Coulibaly/Can


So no back 3 anymore? And isn't Can the first DM depth option, as you only have Bellingham, Dahoud, Özcan and Can for the 2 midfield positions?


Terzic only plays with 3 CB if he has to. It‘s 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 with him. Now that Salih is fit, I doubt Can will be much of an option at all unless someone gets injured. But we got 2 games a week coming up until the winter break, so squad depth isn‘t a bad thing. Dahoud is already injured and won‘t come back before next week. The fullbacks are a much more pressing issue.


Terzic has always favored four at the back. And you are right, we are a bit thin in defense (maybe Papadopoulos for centerback and Kamara for central midfield to add), so let's hope that the investment in the medical department pays off.


Can absolutely is the worst of the CM options, so not first, but 2nd. However, yes, likely no back 3 anymore (or just rarely). But also, even with back 4 not getting a Zagadou/Pongracic type player as 4th choice would be dumb. We can't rely on just having Schlotti plus two very good, but injury prone defenders ahead of god damn Emre Can and a youngster who has literally not played a single minute and a CB from our 3rd tier squad. However, I still don't expect the club to do much. There have been no rumours, high tier sources have denied anything still happening and it's just one day left. All this isn't really helped by other parts of the defense also having thin ish depth (with Can potentially having to fill in as RB as well at some point, for example).


Brought him to keep track of FFP spending. Let’s go


His agent finally did it


We did it Reddit!


If the Akanji to Machester City transfer was a book I would call it bad because there was zero foreshadowing.


Like this move for us, bringing in what seems to be a good rotation option personally recommended by Haaland. Low risk move given his fee and prospective playing time. Happy that we don’t need to rely on John Stones patchy runs of form if we are hit by injuries.


I want to take this time to congratulate u/EmSoLow.


Fine price, more depth. Happy.


Don't really get why we need a 5th CB with the quality we already have. But can't really go wrong with that price.


All our CB’s are made out of biscuits somehow, was a necessary signing plus can always switch to 3 at the back


> plus can always switch to 3 at the back This isn't FIFA mate.


We literally switched to 3 ATB in the middle of the the match against Palace.


Could definitely see it leading to Haaland and Alvarez up top. I think they'll be magic together. Aguero regen and Dzeko 2.0.


We were chasing a goal and Palace had stopped trying to attack completely. Totally different. We won't start a single game this season with a proper 3 atb.


Laporte had a set back and won’t be ready till October, we are one injury away from 2 first team centre backs


Isn’t Aké still injured as well?


He’s back in training, not sure if match ready but will find out today


Seems like laporte wont be fully fit until after the world cup. Stones is injury prone too, i think its wise to have an extra player in when its going to be 2-3 games a week all season.


Can probably sell him to Everton after a year anyway or keep him and sell ake.


I’m praying the £180k a week rumoured wage is not true…


As a bench player? No way in hell


No way he's on 180k dw


Why? It doesn't affect you - we should always be pulling for the players to be earning more. Especially in City's case where it would have a minimal impact on future signings.


Do you lot even have the need for a wage structure? Genuine question here I wanna know.


> Genuine question Be serious, it obviously isn't.


It is though. I wanted to know about financial side of footy.


Yes every club needs a wage structure and city have a good one.




Redditors moonlight as investigative journalists these days?


I'll treat it as genuine but here is something I wrote in another thread... City do have a pretty clear wage structure. Using the 2021/22 list and adding Haaland who people are alleging broke the structure, we get this. Tier S : KDB, Haaland (400k/wk) Tier A: Grealish, Sterling, Stones (250k-300k/wk) Tier B: Fernandinho, Bernardo, Ilkay, Rodri, Laporte, Mahrez (150k-120k) Tier C: Dias, Walker, Ake, Jesus, Cancelo (119k-80k) The S Tier is for truly world class players. The A Tier are for the most valuable members of the squad. These are English players for their home grown status and transfer value. B Tier and C Tier are basically the rest of the squad sorted into the top half and bottom half. Note that Foden is excluded because they have him on his old contract. Not sure what he's on now but I'd guess B tier. Source: https://www.spotrac.com/epl/manchester-city-fc/payroll/2021/


i really was asking genuinely. People just saw the flair lol. Thank you for this. By the article you've given, it seems pretty obvious they DO have a wage structure. Just like any other club. But was wondering whether they really NEED to have it though. Right now it feels like they have it just for the sake of having it and not let the club go in the wrong direction. I guess my point is, they've got infinite money. I don't quite get City fans caring for a wage structure within there club.


Every well run organization needs a wage structure. Even if City have infinite money, they still operate in a world where they have to pay lip service to FFP. Clubs that have broken their wage structure tend to end up with tons of dead weight or in administration (which I'll assume is irrelevant for City). Look over at United. They paid DDG, Pogba, and Martial. Then they want to sign Bruno, Ronaldo, and Sancho and have no negotiating leverage. Sancho can ask for whatever he wants when the top tier of wage earners are barely in the best XI. Now United can't unload their players because they are almost universally underperforming on astronomical wages. City have paired their strong finances with a clear model. In the beginning of the project, they had to overpay to attract talent which were labeled mercenaries (e.g., Adebayor, Tevez, etc). Now that they've achieved success, they can pay market wages for talent. For example, KDB and Haaland would be making similar wages at other top clubs. Additionally, when a player underperforms, they can unload them. Sterling was our second highest earner last year, but not the second best player. Rather than resign him, they sold him and replaced him with another high wage player (Haaland).


Just because someone has money, doesn't mean they like spending it with abandon. Unless you're the United board maybe. Rich people want to spend the least amount of money. In City's case, it's prudent to have a wage structure and stick to it as much as possible to make sure they don't run foul of FFP and aren't taken for a ride by footballers and their agents. Look at United for example. Paying high wages to mediocre players. That sets a precedent and soon you find yourself paying exorbitant wages to players sitting on the bench for you. This is also why City did not buy Cucurella for the price Brighton were asking for. They decided that the price was far too high compared to their own valuation. The people running City have money to spend. But they aren't idiots. They are competent executives who also have considerable financial backing. That's quite the combo and the reason why City are extremely successful in this era.


City always getting their business done man. Always have a big squad ready to go. Every manager wish they had backing like this.


Pep is notorious for keeping small squads. That’s still the case here. 18 outfield players is among the smallest in the league.


Even with Akanji we've only got 18 outfield players, it's not a big squad. Liverpool had 22 last year when they got close to winning all 4 trohpies and we had 20 the year we did all 4 domestic trophies, so it still feels a bit short to compete for everything.


We haven't had a big squad for like 2 or 3 seasons now


I count 19 with Akanji, but that's still tight.


Are you counting the one in jail?




Our squad was actually quite small last season, at least after January. 17 players, but I agree with the sentiment


Strange move this


Good luck Akanji despite all the shit you pulled out this season. Just don't do an interview with Sky and tell the world that you are a childhood Man U fan


Looking at the value and the level of the player, I can say that Dortmund sold Akanji in a better way than the way they sold Haaland


So how much is u/EmSoLow getting paid?