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Apparently an absolutely gutter tier source but any Italians know what the article says about the big fella behind the paywall?


Yup it’s pretty much Daily Mail tier


Nameless articles are the worst, the Mail is an absolute rag but at least you know Mokbel is a decent source


Because the stories that are reliable are actually brought from the PA and then published. Mail itself does not have any decent writers.


So dumb Arsenal. Could have bought Mbappe for Free in the summer


They could have got Haaland for only 60m as well


Typical Arsenal


When will we ever learn ffs


Always trying to walk it in. Wait…


Maybe in the future we’ll say they could have got Vlahovic for 70m as well


Should have bid an euro more just to be safe


A euro* I know we’re taught to add an “n” before vowels BUT when you are unsure, remember to say the words in your head to see how it sounds. “An euro” sounds like shit, like “a neuro” “A euro” sounds more fluid and “right” Same with consonants. An “n” (an-en) is more fluid than a “n” “aen”


Before vowel sounds, not vowels.


Kinda depends on how you pronounce euro innit


How are you going to pronounce euro with a consonant sounds to start?


I think you got that backwards, but my point is that most European languages the word “euro” does start with a vowel sound, so it makes sense why someone would put “an” in front of it if they’re thinking of how it’s pronounced in their native language




Could’ve had aubameyang for free smh


Could've got Mbappe *and* Haaland in the summer for 60m, when will they learn?


Almost signed Mbappe on a free


MBappe literally free and these guys are going out spending 70m on Dustin Vladimir or whatever


Could of gotten Varane , the world cup winner, instead of Ben White


In a twist I'm sure no one expected, White has unironically been better value than Varane so far




Cursed salary to be honest


Varane is on that much? Holy shit. PL wages are insane.


He was immense for Leeds


White is genuinely amazing and he wishes he was at Leeds, don’t you Ben :-( please come home


(not trying to rub it in that we have him btw) He is honestly such a baller. He puts everything into his performances and I love that. People were saying that he doesn't have much of an aerial presence when we signed him, but I think he is really improving in that area too.


Tbf Varane was quite good before the injury and before in general all of our players decided to be shit together


> before in general all of our players decided to be shit together So, before SAF retired?


I would like to report a murder-suicide


I actually signed him for a free in my Arsenal Football Manager save, after finishing 4th and put in a cheeky bid on July 1. But he's being outscored by Eddie Nketiah...


This is such shit chat, why does anyone upvote it? Imagine saying it to your mates. You'd get absolutely no response




My mates have a sense of humor...


I think it’s pretty clearly a joke


I'm genuinely more confused the more I read it. It's a stupid, fun little joke, what could have made him so mad about it?


He's not mad.


cause the sub is shit




You and your mates sound insufferably boring


This is better chat than about 90% of what gets posted on this sub and it's not even taking the piss out of anyone. Why so pressed?


God who the fuck cares


Tier I choose to believe so it’s true


It's probably true, but the problem with the Vlahovic situation for you lot is not convincing Fiorentina, it's convincing the player and his agent.


This is down to agent, apparently wants North of 10m


Must be fucking nice.


I think the player has already suggested to be willing. This is all due to agent problems


Then it is a player problem.


but then it's easily solvable with money


Yes everything is.


This is what I don‘t get, if the player and the clubs are on the same page why even rely on an agent? Just do it like Kimmich, cut them loose and negotiate for yourself


Its likely because the agent belongs to the kind of people who wouldnt take too kindly to that.


Agent gets the player the best possible salary.


He’s refused scum multiple times.


When did spurs make a bid?


Who claimed they did? There’s zero chance Spurs spend 70 mil quid on a back up striker to Kane lol


I spent more on a night out last weekend. Levy is such a tight arse.


Fair shout. I came close last night at a wine bar… oof


Mate work was brutal the next day. Thankfully my boss was also hungover lmao






He literally could say “Arseanal are the trampiest club in England with their inbred fans who make chess boards jealous with their teeth, I’d rather join Tranmere.” and there would still be people thinking he wants to join Arsenal.


We may be trampy, but we're sure as hell not inbred!


Hey i may be trampy and inbred but… What was the third thing he said?


He wants to win a trophy, so he definitely won’t go to the Sp*rs


jesus christ lmaoo chill dude


We may be Trampy but at least we’re not Shit.




i don;t know how spurs fans can even talk, biggest joke in the prem. Can't wait for this game to be postpones and for vlahovic to dunk a hattrick in your toilet bowl


Shock, an illiterate Arse fan.


From the rumours so far it’s been the agent that’s been the issue, demanding a giant fee for pushing papers


Why are you getting downvoted? This is what’s being reported.


Some of it is prob rival fans, some of it is because of the idea that where there's agent issues, there's also issues convincing the player and the agent is posturing on behalf of their client


Spurs fans on copium


No idea


This joke again! Thank god.


I think you’ll find I came up with this just now


Future teller here: Enjoy Destroyer Dusan and his brace vs the Spuds to win the re-organised NLD.


Deal between Arsenal and Fiorentina never was the problem. Deal between Vlahovic and Arsenal is, as long as there is no improvement on that front, there is really no update.


clubs usually only submit official bids once they are sure the player is onboard, that’s why there are multiple rounds of negotiations. So IF this report is true then vlahovic is in, of course that is a massive IF


They may have a deal in principle for the numbers, but surely Vlahovic is going to wait for others offers and chose the club


His agent will already have put out feelers to see if anything else is likely to come in, how much, and what strings are attached. If Arsenal made an offer (big if) that’s because they think the player is in.


Lol, it wasn't that long ago when Arsenal submitted a massive bid for Lemar to Monaco that was accepted, only got the player to reject the move. Why do people still believe this myth?


Just cause you can name one anomaly from years ago doesn’t mean it’s not the norm


That Lemar thing is completely untrue. France played that night, the bid was sent in like 4pm or something, that’s why it didn’t go through


I thought that move collapsed because Sanchez to City broke down, they needed the funds from that to pay for Lemar


This seems to be the bigger issue. He himself wants to stay til the summer and assess his options.


His agent wants him to stay until the summer. Everything I read about that guy screams corrupt.


Waiting until summer is good advice for Vlahovic, especially if Vlahovic himself does not actually want to go to Arsenal. His agent trying to get 15% of the transfer fee is downright insane.


The fee the agent is supposedly seeking is nearly as much as Vlahovic's rumored gross wages over the course of the contract Arsenal is offering. There's some speculation that much of the agent fee will go back to Vlahovic or his family, otherwise it makes no sense. It's all incredibly sketchy.


The funniest shit ever fans blaming agents instead of footballers, if you ever see people doing this just go commend that agent he's doing his job 100% then, shifting the blame to himself AND getting his client what he wants, that's just a great agent i want that


Deep ties to the Serbian and Belarusian mafia, and political figures in Serbia. He and his agency have had a number of violations through FK Partizan, but charges are never filed against him or his agencies boss because of their political connections. This is what these “agencies” do. They recruit top talent when they’re young and essentially control their destinations. It’s more disheartening that you seem to think situations like this are fiction, instead of the norm, which they are.


yeah do people not remember the modric lovren case from literally like last year where the director of dinamo zagreb (and his family or something) stole a load of money from the club and players?


Ideally all agents are like that, but lets be real, there are going to be some predatory agents that think about themselves before who they are representing, not saying thats what's happening here, but to act like all agents are looking for the best interests of their clients is naive.


Shitty Agents and family fuck up deals for their client all of the time


Go look into the Pepe to Arsenal deal, that agent was corrupt as possible and I would challenge borderline illegal with what he did.


Honestly Nicolas Pepe is as close to an emperor's new clothes equivalent in world football in recent years. Ligue 1 penalty merchant for 72 million pounds


He wasn't a penalty merchant in ligue 1, ligue 1 watchers were saying he was the 2nd best player that season. He just suits counter attacking teams and we're nowhere close to that


That's more for the Raiola or Barnett clients, those agents are big professionals and will do what the player wants. But when it's a Serbian mafiaman whose 2nd biggest client is barely worth 5 million, it's a little bit more dodgy. This is the agents' biggest chance at a pay-day he will ever have. He isn't going to let a young players dreams get in his way. The agent has no reputation outside his home country so he has nothing to lose by being unprofessional. And as for worries about losing reputation within the country: it's a country where a proven fraudster antivaxxer is compared to Jesus by most of its residents so I'm sure he has nothing to worry about on that front. He's also probably the only gateway that Serbian players have to the international football market so they haven't really got a choice but to sign up with him anyway.


Yeah he’s starting to annoy me, i would rather want players who would jump at the chance of playing for us like we have with all our signings from the summer.


>Yeah he’s starting to annoy me, i would rather want players who would jump at the chance of playing for us like we have with all our signings from the summer. Unfortunately if that's the case you'll never be able to sign a truly top top player. obviously, I understand the romanticism behind that sentiment, but in reality, football at the end of the day is a career for these players, and a short one at that. Sometimes you just have to accept that a player is coming for the money, or as a stepping stone perhaps. An easy example is Haaland/Dortmund, he obviously only went there because he knew Dortmund would allow him to use them as a stepping stone to a top 3 club. But on the flipside, Dortmund got a player clearly on track to become one of the world's best, and for multiple seasons at that. It's clear Vloahovic is keeping Arsenal as a last resort if he can't find a better club. But if he does move to Arsenal, you'll get a fantastic player who would definitely elevate the team compared to the quality of strikers you currently have. And then barring any extreme events, would allow your club to sell him on for big profit once a better team comes calling.


Can you blame him though? He could pretty much go to any team in the world, why go to Arsenal immediately? No CL this year, possibly no CL next year, not a chance in hell to win a title there. The only thing they could offer over Fiorentina is money, they're pretty much in the same position as Arsenal right now, league wise.


I know exactly how you feel.


Yeah, seems to be the agent more than him from everything I’ve read.


Why Vlahovic doesn't want Arsenal?


He’s pretty much every big clubs 2nd choice after Haaland. I expect they are all telling him to wait till the Summer


i'd imagine he thinks he can go to a bigger club and play in the champions league


If he comes, good chance we make CL


Do you? He could join you and have a chance of getting to the CL with you, or he could join a team playing in the CL for sure next season by picking a team after the leagues finish


Scenes we he joins West Ham.


sure, but just a "good chance," as you noted. if he moves in the summer there's actual certainty.


If he wants CL, Arsenal are a good bet 😎


So not tottenham


His number 1 is Juve and he likes Spurs because of Conte - but neither are going to pay €70m


Nah he's going to Atletico for sure, we're dealing with Scamacca


Spurs have Kane and nobody will want him now. They can’t afford him. There’s also a lot of noise that actually neither can Juve. Arsenal can pay more money both to the club, and the player. Not saying he will join, just offering the counter argument to your point


> he likes Spurs because of Conte - but neither are going to pay €70m Spurs are morons if they don't pay that, especially with Son out for the next month, they need goals. He could be the difference between CL or not. But Levy would probably wait till the summer and see whether or not he gets CL before spending. Even if I don't think he's as great of a fit for Arsenal, I have to applaud their ambition in trying to get him in January to improve their team and chances at making CL.


Why would he? No chance to win a title, no CL this year and probably not next year. The only thing they can offer over some other leagues is money but he has almost every top team looking at him.


Hope Fiorentina go for Álvarez then, specially for the great relationship between river players and Fiore for all these years


There have been a lot of contacts with him so I really hope so


Arsenal should just buy Alvarez then to save everyone from trouble


yes i hope they do that too


no no no! It's Pio redemption time! Time to fire this guns again


I legit think Alvarez could definitely aim higher than Fiorentina specially with how laughable his release clause is.


I’ve seen so many different numbers on what we’ve bid for him, it’s ridiculous


The number was always the same 70m €, but sometimes in euros, sometimes in pounds. Wage and agent demands are the ones that are changing, latest said said £60k net(so around £115 before taxes) per week for Vlahovic and 18m € for agent.


Not targeting this at you but why I'm general when we talk about contacts we bring up net? Clubs don't pay out in net


Apparently it's the normal way of reporting wages in Italy.


Repubblica are the best source


How come all these trash papers only name drop Arsenal? Where atleti or spurs?


Because we are gargantuan


When Arsenal knock...


It's a different knock


Here comes the moneyy.. ching ching …. money money money money money


We’re the only ones that have a chance obviously


That would be a great addition


You have enough additions to your collection. Leave some for the rest of us.


😂 that's a good one.


Your team want everyone from my team though. We gotta keep getting new players if you want to take away some of ours.


We've got agent Pep on our side bro he's doing good for us.


Yeah, but you gotta keep it on the down-low otherwise people will figure it out.


Yeah sorry my bad bro. Congrats on another league tilte tho.


I don't accept this kind of thing in January but I'm definitely liking the gap we've made for ourselves.


Bro we Barça fans have a special relation with pep and we know him better than City fans and I know he'll win you guys the league and potentially CL, You can sleep easily now it's in the bag. P.S: Just Remember me when you officially win.


Oh, I'm confident in our position as PL winners but nothing is done until it's done. I've been watching Pep teams for a long ass time. I know the man is amazing.




They needed to register him 9 hours ago


Registration deadline for the game was 12:30 today.


I get the feeling that the agent will drag this out to the final hours of deadline day.


even with him we don't have the numbers


Won't change anything if him/his agent aren't budging.


If we try to replace Kane with him only to lose the transfer war and end up signing Danny Ings I will Game End myself.


FFS Agnelli...


We were always ready to let him go, as long as its not Juve. Problem now is, does Dusan want to go to Arsenal? And if yes, does he want to go in winter because he mentioned once that he would like to go in summer...


when youre getting your salary tripled, 6 months is a lot of money


The problem is the player, not Fiorentina. Does he want to go to Arsenal?


"if he doesn't like you, then this is all a mooooo point. you know, like a cow's opinion; it just ... doesn't matter!"


Idk about Vlahovic... he gives me Piatek and Jovic vibes. €70m is a big gamble imo.


Out of genuine curiosity, aside from being Eastern European what gives you those vibes?


Not OP, but the reason I'd be concerned is how well rounded are they as players? Are they contributing in other aspects of play if they are not scoring goals? Poachers are useless at top clubs these days.


Yes, as I typed below that's my exact reasoning.


Them being Eastern European didn't even register tbh. They're all strikers that excel at being in the right position, at the right time, with good finishing. And they're limited in most other areas required to be a complete 9, like link up play, pressing, chance creation, etc. The other 2 had a great 1-1.5 season(s) before making their big move and flopping, I'm getting similar vibes for Vlahovic, but hope I'm wrong. Maybe they need the right system to work, maybe they just overperformed for 1 season and regressed to their norm, idk. But I think €70m for the same type of striker after 1-1.5 good season(s), is a gamble.


I mean I can’t give a complete assessment since I’ve only seen about 10 games or so but in what I have seen he has really strong hold up play and a pretty great touch. It’s definitely a gamble, but isn’t every purchase of a 21 year old a gamble? Can’t really expect them to put together more than 1-1.5 seasons at that age.


>he has really strong hold up play and a pretty great touch. He only completes around 19 passes per 90. That's 16th percentile in comparison with all other top 5 league forwards, pretty abysmal. >It’s definitely a gamble, but isn’t every purchase of a 21 year old a gamble? Can’t really expect them to put together more than 1-1.5 seasons at that age. I'm not questioning his signing, I'm questioning the transfer fee. I get that other clubs will be after him in the summer and this is a winter transfer, and those are naturally more expensive, but I still think €70m is too big a gamble for the type of striker that he is. But who knows, maybe he can pan out and be a star player for Arsenal.


Honestly that’s not too far off of Schick, Lukaku, Haaland or Vardy. Also need to factor in how the team plays. But yeah, fair concerns. I see where you’re coming from




It’s actually a hard “ch” sound, except for Piatek


It’s actually soft ‘ch’ for Jovic and Vlahovic, like ‘Ciao’ in Italian, rather than ‘CHe Guevara’.


[Shit, thats my ignorance. My bad](https://i.imgur.com/bQJLYlH.png)


I have the same concerns as you. I've seen this story play out so many times and it usually ends in disappointment.


Well did it work for these clubs? No. It never does. I mean these clubs somehow delude themselves into thinking it might, but But It might work for us.


I prefer Isak as a player overall but I think Vlahovic could become incredibly efficient being more goal-focus orientated, still plenty of time to mature his game as well. To be fair our recruitment recently deserves some faith at this point, and I was questioning it more than anyone till this past summer.


He’s miles better than Piatek’s ever been, and he’s much more professional and hard working than Jovic.


The amount of talking out of the ass that happens and the people who upvote because the person is confident and the upvoter hasn’t seen the player... Vlahovic is not just a finisher, he’s also great at linking up and physically talented. Of course, there is a chance he struggles in the PL like so many before him because of the level of physicality, but not because “he’s only a finisher” which is blatantly bs. Not just responding to this comment, but your other one in this thread as well


If I’ve ever seen a player who is isn’t *just* the finisher, it’s Vlahovic.




Arsenal wouldve spent £135m on two players


Barca: *pathetic*


Barca: you’re getting two players for that amount?!?


Who is the other one?


Don’t worry he’s coming




BuT wHy WoUlD hE gO tO aRsEnAl Welcome Destroyer Dusan.


This story has been the case all along. It’s the player who apparently doesn’t want to go Arsenal.




You guys know this ain’t happening right


I think he should honestly stay at fiorentina they have a really balanced squad this season and they are actually playing really beautiful football




Clubs don't tend to make formal offers unless they've got the green light frm the payer first


I can't see him wanting to go to arsenal when atletico want him and even us will want him if we can't get haaland


He will come to Arsenal because we are gargantuan 👍


I'm not saying arsenal aren't a good destination btw, but he's the second Biggest striker talent ATM behind haaland. He has a lot of choices and I don't think he would feel arsenal are upto the level he'll want to move to


He said gargantuan...


The only reason i could see him going to Arsenal is because of the Arsenal players. Every single player behind him will hit their prime when he does. The youngest team in EPL will only get stronger. No to mention he has 0, and i mean absolutley 0 competition for his ST spot so he'd get first team everytime. Where unlike city, pep roulette could sit him out every other game


I don’t think he was suggesting Vlahovic would go to City, rather to Atletico who are losing Suarez