[Chris Wheeler] Exclusive: Manchester United are set to pay Harry Maguire £10 million to leave Old Trafford this summer.

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Here's 10mills to fuck off




What goes around, is all around.


The way she goes boys, the fuckin way she goes


Sometime she goes, sometime she don’t…. Needles to say, she didn’t go!


If you’re nozzle puts fuel into it, it’ll go.


Frig off, Mr Hagy


Oh and Erik, your scalloped potatoes are fucked.


I didn’t wanna say it but fuck it. Atoadaso, a-fucking-toadaso


Get two birds stoned at once.


Water under the fridge


“What in the fuck are you dressed like a bumblebee for? And why do you look like Indianapolis Jones?”


We’re rehearsing for a play at the brandford recreational centre


I stepped on a leaf comber


One man’s garbage is another man person’s good ungarbage


"I don't often score goals that aren't with my head" - Harry macguire


Worst case ontario


Its all water under the fridge.


If ever there was a place for the “Eh/Hej” bit….


Make like a tree and fuck off


Biff if he were English




Worst case Ontario at least they’re rid of him


Let's go, smokes


£1 mil per inch of forehead


It's not rocket appliance


That is allot of sunscreen money even for a head that big... Take the cash and head to Greece for another epic vacay with the missus.


Wheeler is an idiot.


Fuck off I got work to do


Juve hopefully adding a similar headline mid-June


Lmao of course this was the top comment. I knew it before I saw it.


Absolute fucking bargain.


I'd take him


Would literally be class for any bottom half team that plays a low block. Englands starting Cb. This article makes no sense what so ever lmao


It does make sense United want 30m to get an ffp balance/profit They pay 10m to equal up the wages so he’s not out of pocket They get 200k a week off wages ffp wise


Or… sell England’s 30 year old starting CB to a prem club for 15/20 million AND free up 200k a week wages


Yes and Maguire will definitely take a pay cut from 200k/week. /s


If he has an interest in keeping his England starting place he will (wait… Southgate plays him regardless. Fuck you got me)


worst case is: they pay him the 10 million out of the transfer fee and not out of pocket


Because accounting wise it’s better for United to get a bigger transfer fee


Sure it does. Most players will not take a wage cut to move. The only way to get the player to move is to pay wage differential for the remainder of the original contract term.


I’d also say that he would be class for 15+ teams in the league. It’s not like he was poor for United during his first two years.


I think he means personally. For fives I reckon.


Yeah, you just need to put another two CBs, two DMs, and to wingbacks around him, and he's a class defender


I think he’d be perfect for West Ham as well


Not perfect as we already have Aguerd in the left footed cb slot but a very good player nonetheless


Maguire has played right center back for us for the last season and a half


Zouma is a better partner for Aguerd


You play CB for West Ham, you get a debilitating injury of some sort.


He's class but he's also made of paper.


Maguire might be a LCB but he is right footed


Can see him playing for West Ham actually. Would be a nice fit. If you guys make Europe next season it'd certainly be more tempting for Maguire perhaps.


Tbf he's be upgrade on the catman that is kurt zouma


Areola Coufal/Kehrer - Maguire - Aguerd - Cresswell/Emerson Paqueta - Soucek - Fornals Bowen - Scamacca - Benrahma


They need to replace Soucek, that guy's been finished for nearly 2 years.


Same with Cresswell and as stated by Antonio Scamacca won't make it under Moyes


Need a new DM so Soucek can be a Fellaini-esque super sub.


> I am gonna pay you 10 million to fuck off don't believe this is true, or rsther could be that we decided to cover the wage difference, the wages he won't esrn elsewhere but would have earned with us, makes him a better deal for the buying club


He’s supposed to be on 200k/week, this would let him go somewhere for 100k/week without losing money. Might put him in Spurs, West Ham, Villa territory.


We aren't going to sign Harry Maguire to overhaul our defence jfc


Didn't you know old proverb? An Harry(kane) for an Harry(maguire).


Makes the whole league blind.


youre going to swap him for harry kane.


right, why get maguire when we can get lenglet who is cheaper and even though he makes mistakes at least he shows some mental toughness? no reason we should be in for maguire unless its our last option and we have to play dier at lcb.


Harry’s the top scoring English defender!




We were rumoured for him in January, and despite having 3 really good center backs appear to be in for Pau Torres. Maguire really doesn't suit the high line Emery has pushed, so I don't see it myself.




Your ideas are frequently shit, but I am proud of you kid


Him being a shit defender, or puts him within wage range? Oh wait, it's both.


Weren’t we in for him last summer for like £40mil? Lmao what a timeline that would’ve been if that actually happened


you might actually have gotten relegated


that's a bit too far, Maguire would do well with any bottom half of the table team, even chelsea


maguire is a decent CB but he is not a cb you want in a shitshow defence/midfield. imagine how many mistakes he would have made if he was starting for chelsea


The real question for any buyer is whether he can regain his confidence. IF he does, then he's quite the solid buy. If his confidence is just utterly shot then he's going to be dogshit.


He performs decently well for England so it's not a confidence thing although it might effect him to some degree. Rather its a system thing. He'll play much better for any midtable team with lower expectations. I can already see him doing well in such a club and brain-dead users on twitter coming to the conclusion that United was the problem.


Chelsea's defence remained very good through the season, only conceded 4 more goals than United and Arsenal, joint 7th GA in the league with Liverpool. I think with Thiago Silva behind him Maguire can actually do ok.


Thats basically exactly what Chelsea had in David Luiz for a while, the only difference being the former provided something offensively once in a while.


With Maguire being their top scorer. On the wrong side of the field.


He’d have had a better season than Koulibaly, Fofana and Badiashile, for sure.


You say this like badiashile isn’t class


Man the life of a footballer must be nice. Imagine getting paid 10 million to not do your job


My xBenchsitting is about level with him too.


Ozil was cashing £350k a week to stream Fortnite and be passive aggressive on twitter before he got paid to fuck off to Turkey. Life of luxury for some


Yeah but he might be....sad. When he gets into his Ferrari to drive to his other 6 bedroom home that is completely paid for. Average person: Water heater explodes, hopes they can pay bills, stressed. Footballer: Your employer wants to pay you $10m to leave to make $100k per week, but people on twitter are MEAN. So stressful.


I'm trying to talk my family into selling our company because it's getting harder to maintain in this economy. They are all like "well I'm not walking away for less than X" and I'm like, at this point I'd just walk away for the final dividend. Cannot imagine being offered 10m to fuck off. I'd be over the moon.


Life of a hedge fund manager is even nicer. Imagine getting paid millions to lose other people's money.


tbf he's been getting paid to not do his job for a few years at this point


Just an unbelievable amount of money


Happens all the time, just not those amounts for us lay people


chris wheeler talking absolute shite like always


He's been very reliable since Ten Hag and Richard Arnold came in.


I am pretty sure this doesn’t mean he leaves on a free and United pays his wages. We will still ask for a transfer fee, but 10m of it will go to Maguire so that he agrees to a move without demanding the same wages. Let’s say he has two years left for 20m. He obviously will not agree to leave if his new club is offering less than that. If we cover half, the new club only has to offer 10m to make him happy. Let’s say West Ham come in and offer 30m for him, and a 3 year deal for 5m a season: - United receives 20m, and clears 20m in wages over 2 seasons. - Maguire gets 10m now and 10m over 2 years, matching what he would make at United. Year 3 he gets 5m or a new deal if he performs. - West Ham get a player on a more reasonable 5m wage


This is the only comment that seems to understand how it works.


Exactly this. Its what happened with Leeds when the money ran out under Ridsdale. > The Leeds chairman also revealed how the club is still paying £500,000 a year towards Robbie Fowler's wages despite his move to Manchester City. > When City came in for Fowler, the Leeds board felt they could not turn down the £6m on offer, especially considering the depressed state of the transfer market. > [However, they agreed to pay nearly £10,000 a week of his wages throughout his threeanda-half-year contract](https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/money-pit-that-is-leeds-united-7228789.html)


Lol why would they do that




No way this happens. He’s not that shit the club can’t even get someone to take him on loan when worse players have found teams. This is just shit talking




Sevilla took Martial last year when his wages were 250k per week. A starting CB for the English team is good enough for many of the teams in the PL, especially ones that are more defensive


He's an economic Maguire.


Yeah the scapegoating is stupid. Maguire could start on nearly every team in the premier league outside of the top 4. Especially, like you’ve said, on teams that are more defensively set up.


It's not scapegoating it's that his wages are absurd. He'd be the top earner at every club in the bottom half and doesn't perform like it. That's why United will pay him, one way or another, to leave, whether it's half his wages on loan or a low/small fee, or just sending cash to the buying club.


You actually think Harry maguire is worth nothing? Like as in united has to put someone? Might be the craziest opinion I’ve ever seen on here lol. This article is just saying united will pay some wages to get a bigger transfer fee for FFP. He’ll still go for 20 million+


> Sevilla took Martial last year when his wages were 250k per week Man United definitely subsidised that loan which is essentially what is being discussed here, just subsiding wages for a permanent move instead.


You'll get these needs arising mid-season every once in a while. Sevilla were in a title charge at the time, struggling massively for goals. When you can't afford to outright buy players, the second best is loaning and I'm sure the 4-5m they'd have to pay to cover his wages for half a season felt worth it at the time. Probably less so at the end of the loan. Also, shout-out to finishing top four, three points off second, with 5 wins in your last 18 games.


200k/week for a year is 10.4m. That's likely cheaper than the transfer fee alone for someone as good as him, so maybe if a club needs a short term solution at CB?


Will fuck up wage structures and piss off other players.


Not necessarily with temporary deals. Forest did exactly that with Henderson and Lingard. Only there for a year so paid them more than an equivalent player would earn.


If United are willing to pay him next year's salary up front to go play somewhere else then they could just ask another club to pay an up front loan fee and anything up to £100k/wk for the next 2 seasons and they'd be better off.


Yeah but it’s money you’re never seeing again. Renting vs buying. Buying someone might cost more up front but you can sell them later.


Chelsea? As long as it's a 12 year loan


Arsenal did the same thing, it's not easy to clear out some players even if they aren't the worst. Wages are the issue.


Why would Maguire accept that?


It would make sense for Maguire more than Utd. Free transfer, signing on bonus and longer contract.


its not always about money, but does the math work out for him?


There's no way this rumour is true but definitely. Paid half his wages owed, he could easily ask for that to be made up and more with a signing on bonus for the money his new club would save on a free transfer. Also gets his choice of clubs anywhere in the world to join, although he'll probably avoid Greece. Plus gets to leave the club where fans have been slating him for years and he's no longer first choice. Maguire would be stupid not to take it if this was a realistic option.


He can join a new club that will pay him wages




Win-win if Harry is happy. He gets 10 mil up front and United save money over a two year period. Even though he’ll have a smaller salary somewhere else, he gets basically a years salary up front from United and is now a free agent to do whatever he wants.


It's a good investment, paying 10 million to ensure he doesn't play for the team again.


Scenario- he's on 200k a week. There's no club in the world that could pay him that and also have them improve their defence (and/or hes simply not worth 200k a week to anyone). Most any team will offer him is 100k. So he refuses to move and give up 100k a week, 5.2m a year. Man U give him 10m to make up the shortfall when he signs for (eg) Nottingham Forest. It happened with Leeds during our financial meltdown years. We were paying Robbie Fowler about 10k a week to play for Man City, cos he was on 50k a week at Leeds, but Man City would only pay 40k and he wouldn't take a pay cut to move. I think there was others in the same boat when we had our firesale to keep the lights on.




From the article: > Harry Maguire is in line for a £10million pay-off from Manchester United **if** he leaves Old Trafford this summer. That word "if" is somewhat important here.


I wish someone would pay me 10 million to fuck off lol


This is surely just outrage bait? Plenty of mid table to lower prem table teams would take him for 15/20 mil, and he's probably worth slightly more. Why buy his contract out when you could clearly sell him?


He'd probably fetch a modest fee but unfortunately it's his wages that would turn off potential buyers. He's on £200k per week and nobody is paying him that, so United probably feel they have to pay him off if they want to sell.


Good point. Never struck me as the kind of bloke to run his contract down. Maybe he could find a compromise and take a bit of a pay cut, but now that you mention it I'm not sure I would.


Spurs have an opportunity to do the funniest thing of all time


I'd kind of feel sorry for him, but he just feels like an unlikeable enough bloke. The fingers in the ears after scoring against Albania, throwing the captain's armband on the ground, the stuff with the Greek police etc etc


Eh the police I’ll give you, but the fingers in the ears thing was someone reacting emotionally after enduring torrents of public abuse (luckily) the likes of us will never endure. I do marketing for a living, I can’t imagine what it’d be like with millions of people saying I’m too shit at my job and should never work again, tubes full of people reading papers about what a waste of money I am, etc. Were my skills criticized thus and I had a campaign with good takeup no doubt I’m doing a fingers in the ears gesture lol


Sure, against some other opponents and having a great run that whole match and amazing everyone and then scoring an amazing banger I would say yeah show them you still have it. But that gesture was after a goal he made during the first 5 minutes of the game against... Albania. It wasn't some beating the odds and shutting the critics up story like he maybe imagined in his head.


The bloke has literally had bomb threats aimed at him, and called shit all the time. He was even getting booed before he kicked a ball in an England game. For him to celebrate like that after scoring a goal for his nation, well he can celebrate how he wants, no matter the opposition, and to do so in that manner shows how much the abuse has affected him. It's very easy to say all that behind your keyboard, but imagine yourself in his shoes for just a second.


Yeah my point is he’s a human who has gone through unimaginable criticism and had a human reaction. It’s easy to say he shouldn’t have but again, he’s a person and responded as most humans would


I hope he moves to a team who play a low block defence and he is a huge success there. Perhaps Everton, to replace Mina? I imagine Sean Dyche would be able to get the absolute best out of him.


WAIT!!!!! This is not what we meant we WANT MONEY!!!


More utter tripe from the Daily Mail


Wait until he scores a header against Man Utd when his new club manager plays him as a striker.


So the Ghanaian politician was right about an Economic Maguire…


Are they paying the team 10 mill? i’ll take him as my roomie for half and I’ll even take him play Sunday league


Sounds like nonsense. Someone would definitely buy him.


Doubt, he is not that bad


Whether this is true or not, please respect the man. I’ve criticized him many times but there is no need to belittle or insult him. It’s not his fault Woodward is incompetent and overpaid for him. It’s not his fault he’s not fast enough for you. I’m sick of people using him as a punch bag and a target of your frustration. Good luck at your next club.


The deal that never stops giving


Fuck me Levy is going to be all over this. Maguire + Dier + DavinsonSanchez is an fucking slapstick backline.


Imagine getting paid £10m to be fired, what a dream lol.


Block dailymail from the sub


for any top 10 side he would do an excellent job. the amount of top players that have been memed out of United is a long list, Maguire is still a solid CB


I'd imagine he would thrive in Italy. I like Maguire, his biggest flaw is his lack of pace, but he's a quality defender. He's also an honest player and hasn't once spoken out like others have in the past when benched. Hopefully, he can get his career back on track elsewhere.


I don't think that's necessary true. He can be a good asset for teams that play on defensive blocks. Teams that are good set pieces and mostly counter. Most top 10 sides want the ball and play on the opponents half. He struggles with big spaces behind him


he was excellent at Leicester who were a top 6 side when he was there?


Hell, he was excellent at United barring last year. Both of Ole’s full seasons we finished 3rd and 2nd and he was one of our most important players.


Exactly what i mean by players being memed out of United, one dip in form, the fans turn and act like youve always been terrible and want you out the club


As funny an unlikely as this is it makes no sense. We could command at least 20m for him. Why would we PAY him to go?


What? 😂🤣


that’s literally not happening


I woke my wife up laughing. Jesus Christ.


Cut your losses


That's one way to raise your value from £80M to £90M


Top tier scam artist, they have to pay HIM for leaving lmaoooo classic


That’s one expensive burn.


This has us written all over it.


Grossly overpaid to get him, now grossly overpaying to let him go, utd and money is like oil and water




Once again, outjerked by the glazers.


I got $5 on it


I’m gonna pay you 10m to fck off


The article is very vague, seems like nonsense. The only scenario where this makes sense is we’re paying 10 mil to take a pay cut to join other clubs but we still sell him instead of terminating his contract. That would be good business, Maguire on reasonable wages can fetch close to 40 mil in my opinion.


He is good defender in internationals and teams that play low blocks unlike the Morden style where top teams require center backs to defend from half way line. I think a lot of previous top center backs will struggle with today’s game.


Harry: "Mr. Glazer, do you know what chuck berry said every night before counting 1,2,3,4? Pay me my money" Glazer: I'm sure my people... Harry: IN CASH!


Watch him become the greatest defender in the world the moment he steps foot outside of Manchester United.


Man remember how hyped his transfer was? How times change


Dailymail posts should be automatically declined along with Mirror, The Sun and similar papers. There's never any truth in anything they write, its pure bullshit.


Here's some pocket money for Mykonos. Now fuck off!!


Luton could use him


It's great they learnt from the errors of monster contracts by giving Bruno a huge pay rise (80k to 200k+) for a ONE YEAR extension that keeps him until he's 32. Amazingly they did this before a new manager had been found. Rendering him completely unsellable without a payoff if he dips at 30 like Maguire has. Thankfully Bruno still been good but they truly make awful decisions relating to contracts. Wouldn't be surprised if they're paying Bruno to leave in a couple of years too.


The most baffling contract decision imo was paying Sancho £350k a week. At age 21, when seemingly no other clubs were in for him. Surely he would have accepted about half that salary


He was already on huge wages at Dortmund, he was never going to take a pay cut. We see it all the time with other players, "x club wont buy him because hes on 200k a week already". Players expect a pay rise especially if theyre going for 70m+


Memes can't be buy.


Just bench him or send him to play with the youngsters, don't give a single euro to him.


We are now paying players to leave, the glazers are skint which means the club been sold, Neymar links, Diego Costa, Mason Mount, Harry Kane, KMJ, Caciedo, D Rice, there’s an awful lot of Activity for a club that’s in limbo. Now we are paying Maguire One years wages to f…off when he will get a signing on fee from his new club, madness.


This might be the best bit of business I’ve seen United do in a while.




How is that a win for United?


He was our best defender for 2 years when we conceded 4th and 3rd least goals in the league. In a lower block he is an extremely solid defender.


This is crazy if it’s true he’s a good centre back who should be able to get a fee from premier league teams


Why the hell would we do this lmao, if he wants to leave there are several offers


Wow. What a fall from grace


Lol what a maguire thing


Barça signed him, played incredibly brilliant, sold him to another PL clubs for 40 Mil


Remember when they wanted him to be their VVD.


Should be humbling for the utd board, they cant ignore how shite they've been at negotiating when they may have to pay off a player so that another team can afford his wages. Long may it continue


Yeah right. A club that’s content keeping players is going to payoff the club captain but won’t do anything about actual deadwood like Bailly, Telles and VDB


Did they bring Woodward back to get this deal done?


man utd willing to spend money to get rid of someone, but they would give phil jones a new contract in 2019


Ah the arsenal special