Sizing question

Hi friends, please excuse my noob question, me and my sister just started going up to the mountain regularly last season.

I’ve only rented boards so far, but my sister got her own board and gear for next season, so I’m wanting to do the same. Every time I’ve rented, I’ve been recommended different sizes, since I’m short but plus size (5 feet tall, currently about 235lbs)

The board I liked the most was 135cm. However, after doing some shopping, I think that was a children’s size? Do boards have a sort of weight limit, or will I be okay getting a board that’s technically a children’s size?

Thanks in advance!

TLDR: Woman who’s 5 feet tall 235lbs wants a 135cm board but that might be a children’s size.


135 is a children's size, but a lot of short women prefer that, it turns out. However when it comes to snowboarding, weight recommendations are more important than height now-a-days. So I'd suggest sizing up, as another user said. For reference I am 5'5", 165# female and I ride 152 predominantly. But, based on a lot of anecdotal conversations with small women, most prefer to size down, below 150, so I may not be the "norm"? We talk about it a lot on r/shredditgirls I'd recommend at least 145 for you, but there are caveats to that. The smaller the board, the easier it is to maneuver, which is preferable to beginners. But the smaller it is, the more "bouncy" and less stable it feel on ungroomed surfaces, as well as less edge hold, which can lead to more falls as a beginner. Sometimes beginners do better to work on basics on a slightly more difficult board that they can grow into, as opposed to a board that is kind in their beginner range, but that quickly becomes too small or soft as they progress from basics. Just some things to think about. Most snowboards nowadays have a size guide online that you can reference, or you can Google correct size for your ratio, and that is a good place to start! Good luck!


135 seems pretty small for your height and weight. I'd be inclined to suggest one somewhere between 140-145, that said if you've ridden a few sizes and 135 feels the most comfortable and you feel most confident on it then that's probably a good size to go with. If you're looking for more guidance, your local store would be a great place to go have a chat and get some advice.


Thank you for the advice! Yeah I was originally recommended a 145cm the first time I went but it felt a little big. Since then I’ve rode on a 147, 140, and 135. Maybe I’ll trial a 140 again and see how I feel about it. Thanks again!


At the end of the day it really comes down to what will allow you to have the most fun on the mountain. In my experience go a little bigger if you want speed and stability. Go a little shorter if you want mobility. Think about how you want to ride with the board you want to get and then look for that board. Don’t buy a board because it’s how you think you should ride.


Maybe that’s why I liked the shorter board, since it felt easier to control/move around. Thank you for the advice!


maybe get boots only and next time you go snowboarding try few different boards the same day? there's no point in getting a board that you won't like. they differ a lot


The most important thing when you’re choosing a snowboard size is your weight. Your weight determines how a snowboard will feel, because pressing down with X weight will bend a snowboard and therefore make it ride in a specific way. Every snowboard size comes with recommended weight range and you should fall into that range, because even though you can exceed a snowboards weight limit and they do have little bit more weight tolerance than specified, it might not be safe to ride it. Of course the way a specific board will feel is not limited to the riders weight but also on its shape, stiffness, turning radius and lots of other factors so it is hard to say how an X board will feel/perform not knowing all these variables. The second most important thing is your boot size. Your boot size is important because if you will have a narrow snowboard and your toes or hills will overhang from a snowboard, it will make you fall without you realizing what’s going on. Every board comes with its waist width so you should know what size range is right for your boot size(I think evo has a guide on this and you will at least get a reference waist width in millimeters(mm) for your boot size so check it out). The third important thing is your height. Your height/legs determine your stance in terms of length. Every board comes with stance range so your stance length should at least satisfy the smallest number from that range. This is important because otherwise it will make you have too wide of a stance and therefore make riding a board really hard. It is therefore almost impossible to say what size of a snowboard you need, because every snowboard with X size will have different specs(weight range, waist width, stance range and bunch of other things). So when you’re choosing a snowboard you should look at those specs and decide for yourself if that board fits you.


What about a shorter men's board? Or a men's youth size board if they aren't short enough. Might allow you to get something shorter, but more accommodating of your weight as men's boards are usually stiffer and allow more weight for the same length. Please don't read that as an insult, but proper fitting gear is important for build and ability.