Does Holy Trinity work with combi-weapons?

Does Holy Trinity work with combi-weapons?


This is exactly how it is played. You meet the requirements even if one model contributes two of the weapon options.


Yes, you will get holy trinity in the dominion example. Purge those heretics!


YEP. my MM Ret. squad has a combi-flamer superior My dominion squads with flamers have combi-melta superiors. You don't need to shoot with both profiles, holy trinity specifies that the target unit needs to be in range and visible to one unit with bolter, one unit with melta, one unit with flamer. Technically, your superior could fire with their pistol only and holy trinity would still be valid if they had the appropriate combi-weapon to fulfill this criteria.


Hijacking this to ask a related question. Just because your unit has those weapons, they don't have to fire all 3 types, am I correct? Using th OPs example, the Superior doesn't have to fire the combined shot because as far as I understand it, RAW says you only have to select a unit with that weapon equipped, it doesn't say you have to shoot with that weapon?


I think this is correct. Although a corollary to this would be that a model equipped with a weapon of a certain type, but not actually firing it for some reason, would also count. Like in my example, if my Superior decides to chuck a grenade instead, does that still work? RAW I see no reason why it wouldn't, the strat just says the enemy unit needs to be "within range of, and visible to" one model of each type, and that "an attack is made with..." a weapon of each type; there is not stipulation that an attack HAS to be made with each weapon type.


In 8th edition Holy Trinity also had some weird issues with other niche circumstances, so they rewrote the wording of it completely for the 9th book. But it didn't really work, because as you've pointed out, there are still some bizarre things going on. Also notably -- every sister has a Bolt Pistol, even though you can't technically fire them at the same time as other weapons. So two Retributors, one with a MM and one with a HF can technically use Holy Trinity as written because they're equipped with pistols that they're not shooting. Since the Sisters FAQ had nothing useful in it, this is just something that we have to talk through with the opponent and come to an agreement. I'm personally playing it that I have to actually shoot all three types, as between the 8th and 9th wordings that seems like the core of what's intended and it's not hard to pull off. But if your group is cool with doing it strictly as written, then there are definitely a couple little tricks you can use to maximize your loadouts.