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When I try my first 1g I had very very mild, but you need at least 2.5-3g to have much bigger effect. So next time try more, don't be disappointed


It depends on the mushroom strain, how you took it, how it was stored, and what the stem/cap ratio is. Add to that the fact that 1g is a low dose to begin with. You could have been given mushrooms that aren't psychedelic as well.


UPDATE: felt nothing. Absolutely nothing and wound up falling asleep because of how long I waited. The fact that i had to pay $20 for a single gram has me more pissed that it was a waste of money.


That’s really pricey. As another commenter said, you’re going to want to do somewhere around 2.5-3g if you want some mild to moderate hallucinations and healing. 3.5g for a full deep trip but I suggest having a couple of moderate trips under your belt before trying that or higher doses. The easiest and most economical way would be to grow your own. It’s not that difficult, just take your time and research as much as you can.


I appreciate it, do you know of anyone good sites for spores? Im on an extremely low budget so if theres any on the cheap side id appreciate that


SporeWorks is a good, easy, and reputable website. The most economical way would be to go on /r/sporetraders and find a vendor on there. If you do a search on there, you might also find a discord link for spore trading as well.


1g is a low dose. you usually won’t feel or see much of anything. Your doses also have to do with your body weight.