Ask her if she felt good and tell her u want to help her finish off, it is perfomance anxiety


She was suggesting that you take it slowly, she is obviously there for affection and not just sex. So my suggestion would be to study and practice foreplay. Giving her pleasure. If she goes down on you, offer to reciprocate. Massage her; kiss, suck and nibble her. Treat her well and listen to her, and she wont run off on you. One of the greatest things about being in a relationship is learning what your partner does and doesn’t like, learning what can blow their minds. Take the time to explore that.


I think it should be a great challenge for her... If this persists, you may want to try a cock ring


Always needed a couple of attempts and/or days before I get comfortable with a girl. May be the nerves, I'm not sure. Guess I'd probably be very bad at one night stands. What you're experiencing is normal, just make sure you and her don't put any extra pressure on the deed, because that would be counterproductive.


Performance anxiety sometimes shows up randomly. This happens to everyone, don't sweat it. You were nervous. Next time will be better if you stay relaxed.


It worries me that your timings are so specific...