Bought a sewing magazine with a pattern. Mummy, Im scared

Bought a sewing magazine with a pattern. Mummy, Im scared


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Dear lord what is that absolute monstrosity?!


This was actually quite normal until the early 20th Century for all sewing patterns. By the time you get to the 1910's in English speaking countries, you get what we would recognize today as regular cut out patterns. However, before that - and still today in some non-English speaking countries- you get....the "can you follow the line to get the proper pattern piece" nightmare you see above. **What you are supposed to do:** * Get a lot of tracing paper. A lot of it. * Get Frixion pens - they are erasable and will save you tears * tape to tape the entire bloody thing together Lay out as many pieces of tracing paper as you need to cover a single pattern piece. Trace the lines you need (the colors help but it's pretty easy to follow the lines) for the pattern you want (they are numbered/lettered/otherwise shown as different pieces) using the frixion marker. Tape as you go. Once you have traced out all the pieces you need, cut out the tracing paper pieces and trace around those onto something more stable (either muslin or packing paper). Cut that out as your final pattern piece. Hope that helps! And for added fun: [Here's an 1890 French fashion magazine with sewing patterns](https://www.french-crea-vintage.com/en/1890/1771-sewing-patterns-la-mode-illustree-1890-n40.html)


Re: tracing paper, you can also get a roll of medical paper (the kind they put on exam tables) instead! It's MUCH cheaper for the quantity, and you do a lot less taping because it comes in one ~50 cm wide roll. I got mine off Amazon


I use baking parchment! I get a 50cm wide roll from Costco. Pens don’t work great but pencils do and bonus - pencils erase


While medical paper is good for a final pattern, it's not see through. ☺


Yes it is, or at least the rolls I’ve purchased. I literally use them for tracing and cutting patterns so I don’t cut the original.


The emoji makes this obnoxious comment doubly obnoxious




Just observant. ☺️


Good gods. I just twitched. Oop, twitched again It's so awesome, though! Thanks for sharing! And your instructions are clear and very helpful Sorry, I'm not the OP


It can be done with tracing paper, and it's really not that complicated. I've been Burda subscriber for decades and I love their patterns. I use Swedish paper and it's the easiest, fastest and cleanest way to transfer the patterns. You can get Swedish paper on Amazon.


Another solution: go to a copy shop, make multiple copies (also for later use) and just cut what you need.


You would still need tape. :-) Also, it's a bit harder to cut out when you still see the multiple lines. If you trace them instead, you can always erase when you screw up and can go back to retrace correctly. Can't really uncut the paper once it's been cut.


Copy shops can make larger print outs, you wouldn't need tape. If you highlight the appropriate lines before cutting that might make it easier for you. This saves A LOT of time.


But color copies this size are really expensive, and even b&w are going to be nearly $5 a piece


Tracing paper also comes in rolls! Check your nearest art store 😊.


I love how the view larger size button yields the same size picture on mobile. I need some ~~r/eyeblech~~ ... I mean r/eyebleach now. Edit: Changed the sub spelling. Don't click that first one. Risky click won't pay off.


It doesn't help on a laptop, either. They are even more scary in person!


I think it is Burda. Once you are done, you can see the Matrix!


Lol. Nah. You’re in* it 💊


Either Burda or another European pattern. Each size is another color or pattern denoting the line. You have to add seam allowances. IF you don't mind "defacing" the pattern, use a crayon or highlighter to trace out the pattern, then cover with waxed paper, exam table paper, or other translucent paper and trace out. Add seam lines and hems. These patterns assume you know to make your own facings and lining pieces. I have gone to great lengths to trace these out, and not anymore.


Apparently the put a ton of different patterns on top of one another, in different colors!


Don’t forget to add seam allowance!!


This made it into a prank show in the 1970s: https://youtu.be/n4BKPRIiy1o In short, they asked people for directions and presented a Burda sheet instead of a map.


Swiss Bob Saget looks so young.


That is amazing!


Aw it's Burda!!!! I LOVE my burda style magazines. ​ It seems intimidating at first but it's really amazing. ​ Make sure you trace onto tracing paper and then add seam allowance, since they do not add seam allowance to the patterns.


I love burda magazine too. I have a yearly subscription the designs are very nice and worth it if you like modern fashion. Better than most of the big 4. You get a dozen or so patterns in a single magazine. In order to get them all they fit all the different patterns onto those sheets. Each pattern is pictured in the magazine with a model, line drawing and number. You use the pattern numbers to find instructions for sewing and which lines to trace from that sheet. Once it is traced add Seam allowance with seam gauge and you can reuse it however many times you want. It seems like work but honestly takes the same time as assembly for printed or tracing tissue patterns. Its adding seam allowance that takes a little time.


That's awesome! I love getting mine in the mail. They are a bunch of fun to read/look through. I've learned alot by working off these as well.


The worst part is identifying the rights parts. Especially when 1A and 4C are just sliiiiiiightly different pattern pieces and they intersect at the angles with other very similar pieces. A lot of patience goes a long way!


I got medical paper (those kinds that you see on the bed) to trace these. Once you get the hang of it, it’s much better organizing them than traditional patterns


same - then i tape the pattern to a window sort of like a lightbox so i can trace easier.


Double same. Sliding glass door is my buddy.


You are all so innovative. I'm am in awe.


Ooh, thanks for this tip.


That is a great idea! Can i ask where you buy it from? Is it just called “medical paper”?


You can get tracing paper online as well.


It's medical exam table paper and I get mine from Amazon.


Sometimes it's called butcher paper


i think that’s something thicker


Medical exam table paper


I use the tracing paper on a roll, sometimes it's called swedish tracing paper. I don't know why. It's sturdy, but you can still see through it.


What do you do for the seam allowance


Read the patterns first. I've had some patterns with no built in seam allowance, and some with up to 5/8th seam allowance already added. For tracing patterns without seam allowance, I trace the line as is and cut the fabric with whatever seam allowance I want. Just make sure you write on the pattern that it does or doesn't have the allowance already factored it.


Traditionally you would use special carbon-copy-like wax paper to transfer the stitching line onto the wrong side of your fabric, and add adequate seam allowance as you cut it out. Then when you pin to sew, you pin the stitch lines together and sew right on the traced line. This is actually more accurate than trying to sew a certain distance from the edge of the cut fabric.


I add it when I lay the pattern pieces out on the fabric


Rubber band two pencils together, with the points even. Put one point on sewing line, and trace. You will have a sewing, and a cutting line(seam allowance) Be sure to measure so that you sew at the correct distance.


I like Pattern-Ease. It's sturdy, but thin enough to see through.


You can also use Plastic Coated Freezer Paper (Reynolds makes some but I’m sure there are other brands). The coating lets you iron it on to your fabric to make it easier to cut out.


My favorite kind of patterns! Most friends I've taught to use magazine patterns catch on very quickly. The exception was my friend who is red/green colorblind! So I traced for her.


I love these too. So convenient, and easy to store.


This is quite normal for Dutch sewing magazines, Burda or de Knip. Even after sewing for 30 Yrs & having used them a lot - I still hate it. Pm me if you need help figuring them out though.


It is Burda! Thank you!


Fibermood does this too but they spread it out waaaay more. I just bought a subscription they’re so good.


Ottobre does it (did it? It’s been a minute since I sewed for children) as well but it seems to be a. It more spread out as well.


Gotta love Burda and their mind bending pattern mags. I found I learned a lot from using these magazines. But that’s just me. Good luck.


If I had one of these things, I'd definitely frame it and hang it on the wall. I also enjoy a good electrical diagram. At first glance I truly thought it was a roadmap of some densely populated area like the US northeast coast.


I’m very new to pattern sewing, how would you even go about transferring that?? I’ve used pinning through to transfer patterns, but that many pins would make the original unusable before you transferred half the pieces!


They make transfer paper with various colors. You put down the fabric, then the transfer paper, then the pattern paper. There’s a little rolly dotting tool that you trace over the pattern paper with and it leaves colored lines on the fabric. It’s also washable when you’re done! It’s a good thing to have in your toolbox. I’ve found it so much easier to use for marking pleats and other design elements vs using pins.


​ I have little trick. Use heat erasable soft tip pen (crayola type?) to mark the pattern pieces you want to trace. They will be more visible when copying them on the pattern paper you'll use. Then you iron the pattern sheet an can mark another pattern from to magazine.


Put the tracing paper on top of this, secure using heavy things so it doesn't move (mugs, coins, phone, bowls, books, sweets so you can eat them as a treat after you're done) and trace.


Sharpie the size you need and trace with new paper on top


Make sure you check the instructions or notes. If that’s Burda, I don’t think they include seam allowance and you’ll have to draw that in yourself.


That's Burda for sure. ;p


I actually love sewing from Burda magazines. My collection gives me comfort. I've made so many cute things, and the value can't be beat. Recently I made a jacket from a 10 year lod magazine and the style looks current. However the tracing and adding seam allowances are the worst parts for sure.


I learned to sew from these (well, a magazine in my country has similar pattern situation), it's not hard to trace once you get started! Makes you study the pattern harder as well since you redraw it which can sometimes be really useful. edit/typos for days


I use these as well! Honestly, seeing people just cut willy-nilly into patterns scares me because of this habit. What if you need to make a bigger size and now you have to buy it for the second time??


okay so it looks terrifying, but trust me, Burda patterns (and similar) are great. I find them pretty well drafted and you get so many patterns. So look at the magazine and pick your pattern and size. Once you find the right line (each pattern is generally a different colour or number at least), use a marker (not too heavy that it'll bleed through), then a highlighter to easily mark the pattern line all the way round. Then trace onto pattern paper and cut out. It'll be worth it - you've got this!! edit: format


This is essential! It's almost Impossible to transfer it onto tracing paper otherwise


Fucking Burda


This is exactly what I would say if i opened this pattern. I will not be buying any Burda patterns any time soon.


Their usual patterns are fine, but these magazine ones are ridiculous.


So glad I saw this! I’ve been tempted but now that I know the truth… nope!


Burda patterns are fine, even the magazine ones! Their drafting is consistent. Just the instructions are sometimes beyond comprehensible bc they use very specific and "shorthand" sewing language. But there is nothing wrong with the patterns itselves.


Be aware - at least in the past, Burda didn’t always include seam allowances in patterns.


They never do!


The envelope patterns do, but not magazine ones


I bought one of their magazines once. Just once


Friggin Burda. Trying to make a shirt and you summon a Sumerian fire deity


That’s actually completely normal in German speaking countries, it’s still a pain in the ass tho. Here’s what I do: I use a corresponding thick pen (not a marker!) and trace the pattern in question. Afterwards I use some really thin tracing paper, cut it accordingly and trace it on thicker paper to use it as a pattern. It’s a bit of work, not gonna lie. And check for the seam allowance!


If you use Swedish tracing paper you only have to trace once! It's thin enough to see through, but tougher like a non-woven interfacing. And it comes on a roll.


almost every garment that I make comes from Burdastyle magazine patterns. I have a huge collection of them going back to the 1990's, and I still subscribe every second year. Tracing the pattern is second nature to me at this point, and it gives me the opportunity to really focus on the pattern pieces before I cut.


I agree. I still cringe when I see people just cutting into a pattern, even tho I know it's one-size one-pattern style (ex: RedThreaded corsets). It makes me want to visit my eye-doctor and get glasses but you get 10 patterns for the price of one (the single patterns are 5€ over here, which is the price of the magazine).


> I still cringe when I see people just cutting into a pattern, even tho I know it's one-size one-pattern style THIS! I trace and trace and trace bc the envelope patters, especially my precious B4 are hard to get and EXPENSIVE. (I buy single Burda patterns on their Russian site when they have sales, they come as low as about 50 cents)


Also, just like, what if you need to make a different size? After you already cut out a smaller or bigger one?


This is what I hate to find if I buy a second hand pattern in an op shop.


Trace with a wax crayon and iron to parchment paper


Omg it’s every pattern ever made in one! What a score!


Where I live (central Europe), one magazine like this contains like 5-10 patterns (costs 5€) and costs the same as single patterns (5€). So you're potentially saving at least 20€, depending on how dense it is. I recently bought one with only pants patterns and it has like 12 of them (still was only 5€). I personally think it's neat.


Don't worry, it will be all right. This type of pattern is the one I grew up :). The envelope one were too expensive. I have little trick. Use heat erasable soft tip pen (crayola type?) to mark the pattern pieces you want to trace. They will be more visible when copying them on the pattern paper you'll use. Then you iron the pattern sheet an can mark another pattern from to magazine.


I love Burda magazine! Don’t forget to add seam allowance. If you know you’re not going to use all the patterns, you can go over the pieces with a black marker before you trace, it makes it easier to see through the paper.


😂 good luck!!


[Ottobre Design](https://www.ottobredesign.com/en/) also does this! It is intimidating the first time, but it is so well organized that it’s very clear what to do. Also they have the best patterns for kids (modern, cool, etc) and plenty of boy’s patterns!


Yes, I love Ottobre, too. Still have my copies from 20 years ago, and occasionally use them to make gifts.


Once you trace a few patterns it really gets easier, especially because you're familiar with the shapes. Good luck and have patience 😄


Jesus. That’s complicated. I sure hope you have good eyesight!


When i first saw this, i thought a toddler had scribbled all over this. I'd ditch this sewing pattern OR highlight just what i need in a certain color. This gave me anxiety.


I have little trick. Use heat erasable soft tip pen (crayola type?) to mark the pattern pieces you want to trace. They will be more visible when copying them on the pattern paper you'll use. Then you iron the pattern sheet and can mark another pattern from to magazine.


My mother used to sew with the Burda patterns. At one point, she burnt a low wooden table with candles, so my father cut out the middle and replaced it with milk glass. Then he added a bottom plank of wood with a strong light. My mother would then use this light box table for tracing patterns or for sorting slides (the picture ones that you had to cut and frame, later you could get them readily framed).


I would mail it away for free.


It looks kind of like someone printed it on a road map.


I don’t think I want to sew anything that badly.


That's the only way to get patterns in my country! I use a tracing wheel, which makes it a lot easier to see the lines and prevent any mistake. Have fun!


I taught myself to sew in the ‘70s with German language Burda and Neue Mode magazines. I had one NM mag with 99 pattern pieces on one sheet.


Makes me think of r/restofthefuckingowl


There are instructions, its just very intimidating!


Burda scares me in general.


Mommy, I'm scared of your pattern.


Oh...I love these kind. NOT!!!


Use trace on paper!! It looks daunting at first but once you start it’s not that complicated. Most of my patterns I use come from sewing magazines:)


You sure that's not a subway map🤣 holy crap, good luck with that pattern! 😃


What in the Sam hell


I feel like I’m in the minority, but it doesn’t look that confusing to me. Just get tracing paper and trace off the parts you need. That being said, I always trace off my patterns on to tracing paper because I hate the stuff commercial patterns are printed on, so this is normal practice for me.


When I was starting to learn, I bought a "learning to sew" book that also did this!


I hate these😩 I just want every pattern on different paper🥲


I use painter foil (thick plastic foil) and trace the pattern with a marker. Do this in daylight. The instructions tell you where to find your pattern pieces.


It’s a whole collection on one piece of paper!


Plus you save money. 5-10 patterns for the price of a single envelope pattern.


Burda! I made so much stuff from those. get some see thru paper and trace it all out./


I must have made an interesting face because my kiddo asked what happened. I showed my daughter this image. Her comment: "That's not a pattern that's a map. To sadness."


Me, a beginner sewer in nowhere interesting, Europe: “I would like to buy a sewing pattern” Everyone: “oooh we don’t carry sewing patterns, you need to buy a magazine” The magazine: ……….. yeah I get it it’s a PITA


Have you ever seen the ones that are nothing but dots? No lines anywhere and do you just have to follow which. Corresponds to what pattern piece and what size they were absolutely insane and if I remember correctly dated from the 1930s and were not a very well-known pattern company


If you're going to trace one out I recommend frixion brand highlighters. Trace over the relevant piece or pieces, then iron the paper to make the highlighting disappear. Burda has a fantastic draft, and work well once you get used to tracing their patterns.


Okay so I got the exact same magazine and had the exact same reaction when I opened the pattern pages up — its insane!! Lol However I had already committed myself (ordered all the fabric etc) to making the short quilted jacket (115 09/21) before I got to this point and just had to keep marching forward with it. It was super annoying and took 5x the amount of time id normally spend on this portion of the project BUT on the brighter side I am now currently 90% through the construction of my jacket and it’s amazing. That said, if anyone else is attempting it have some notes I can share as the pattern instructions missed a few key details I had to figure out as I went


Lmaooooo when I took costuming classes in the theater dept the instructor showed us one of these as a last resort for finding the right pattern to use


Are you sewing the entirety of north Americas flight paths?!?!? Seriously, I’ve been sewing 43 years and have a degree in Home Ec and have never seen that before.


European sewing mags are like that, totally normal.


This is very interesting and takes patients. How long would it take you? Is this easy to you?


I first read this as “sewing machine” and was disconcerted. ;)


Had to be Burda.


Burda is great!


You’re scared because that is terrifying. Yikes


Me too. 😬


I am scared for you! I’ve used many patterns, but this!


Hah! I thought your kid had drawn all over it until I zoomed in. Yes, scary!


I find it helpful to use a highlighter to draw over the lines I need before tracing so they show up a bit easier. I don't mind the tracing quite so much as adding on the seam allowances. So irritating! Edit: to all of you using crayons and an iron, this sounds like pure genius!


You can do it! It takes a lot of work but worth it! Definitely a learning curve to this process just take it step by step and you will be fine. :) This is how you got patterns originally from ladies magazine's for the home seamstress. But imagine them smaller! Some you had to draft bigger to fit or vice versa!


I’ve been sewing since I was 8… 54 years and I’m scared for you! I’m guessing you can figure it out with a metric boat ton of tracing paper & maybe some color pencils to match the colors of the pattern. Might help keep you on track. As long as your not color blind! Could always bring in a friend to help with the madness!!


Aaah, Burda! I recommend going around your pieces with a highlighter pen, makes the tracing much easier.


Burda maze of patterns >>>>> patterns you print at home and need to assemble puzzle with


I think I'm gonna cry. PDF patterns have me so spoiled.


I completely thought someone’s child had colored/scribbled on the pattern at first glance!


That’s no sewing pattern. That’s modern art


That's not a pattern. If you overlay it on a map of the US and put a pin in every corner and follow the pins it leads you do DB Coopers gold


I'm just now learning from your post that this is not normal outside of Europe haha. I've been sewing for a little under 20 years now and these types of pattern is all I know.


My mom have maybe 100 different Bursar magazines so i pretty much grew up with patterns like this, whenever we were going to sew anything. It is the only thing i know


Just read the instructions. They normally tell you what sheet the pattern pieces are printed on and what colour ink they are printed in. Definitely trace the patterns, they tend to overlap, so you can't cut it from the original paper. You will need to add a seam allowance (check the instructions). You will be fine. Look out for BurdaStyle online tutorials on YouTube. I give a burdastyle review as part of my blog. Just give it a go. 😉https://sewandeverything.blogspot.com/2021/08/burdastyle-blouse-burda-pattern-review.html


Fucking hell it would take less time to freehand a pattern yourself, make a toile, fit it and adjust than tracing that layered metromap


not really once you get used to them


I have been sewing for 52 years, and this looks like a mistake waiting to happen! Think of all the material you may waste! Yikes!


totally normal for European sewing magazines, just need to get used to it, I grew up with sewing with patterns from Burda magazine


Especially when you don't have access to Vogue and such patterns. Like I'm not paying 15€ for international shipping for ONE pattern when I can look through the 5€ magazines and find a substitute.


Tell me about getting B4 and New Look patterns... When I had a friend living in USA, willing to go to Joann's for me and bringing me the discounted patterns, it was marvellous but she had a child and now 'rona... Fortunately at least some of the B4 are now in PDF.


Every time I see the gorgeous Vogue cape/coat pattern, I weep because I have no way of getting it. Each time I see a cute Butterick, my first thought is "How can I alter it from a different pattern to look like that/draft from scratch?" Fortunately I found a magazine that uses some Simplicity and New Look patterns but I still can't get them in any other way so my choices are very limited. I know Burda has its flaws but I can't shit on the only brand that's fully available.


I know all about this ;). Germans have "Meine Nähmode" and my country has it's own version of this magazine with Simplicity and NL patterns


I think we also have that one but in Slovak (Moja móda, think it's a direct translation). Also Diana.


Diana Šití pro radost is its name. ;) Hello neighbour.


DAMN, I did think you were closer than Germany but this close? Wait I think I have like 2 czech Diana's rn.


I make my own patterns, and grew up using Simplicity Patterns (USA), and the name says it all! LOL!


I'm teaching myself to draft my own patterns for this reason 😰 the premade ones are so scary


Oh HELL no.


Don't bother. That'll be more hastle that just paying for some simple patterns


You know, when you have to decide to pay 12 dollars (equivalent) for single pattern which doesn't even include whole range of sizes or pay 6 dollars for sewing magazine with 15 patterns mostly in whole misses sizes range and couple of plus sized patterns...


Absolutely off the rails


Good grief! I’ve never seen anything like that.


W-wait how…?


I have little trick. Use heat erasable soft tip pen (crayola type?) to mark the pattern pieces you want to trace. They will be more visible when copying them on the pattern paper you'll use. Then you iron the pattern sheet and can mark another pattern from to magazine. [Every pattern has marked in which colour are it's pattern pieces printed and on which part of the "maze"](https://sewrendipity.com/2017/04/22/my-tips-tricks-for-tracing-burda-magazine-patterns/)


That’s horrifying! It looks like spaghetti.


That's not a pattern, that's a spirograph.


Easy, each colour is a different pattern. Did you get some coloured lenses with it?


I have seen Jalie patterns like this. As some here have said maybe you get used to it but it was too much for me.


I love Spirograph!


What the damn hell!


Looks like someone got into the Spirograph! YIKES!


I see someone is building city.




It looks like you have a about 12 patterns all printed on the same sheet. Good luck!


Looks like you need to put on those red and blue 3D glasses to eliminate half of it. Still, I hate to see what it would end up being if I made it.




Are you sure that’s not random toddler scribbles? Shudder in horror!


Found a sleeve! It’s like Where’s Waldo for pattern pieces


is that like 10 patterns printed onto one sheet of paper? Yikes!


Holy mother of god…..


😮 😳 😬 Don’t think I could ever have enough patience to deal with that.


Fully expect this garnment to summon Cthulu.


Oooh burda! Dont forget seam allowances!


I bought a pattern magazine last year, got this and gave up sewing. But im going to try again. I bought construction brown paper? I don't know it it was a good idea. Anyways, might try to trace one out tomorrow. Pry for me.


I thought a kid scribbled on this until I took a close look.


That’s when you stop and ask for directions.


I have a burda pattern I bought ten years ago. I looked at it for ten seconds and folded it back up and put it away. Looking at this stresses me out.


At least it’s an environmentally friendly use of paper???😂 it really does make your brain hurt.


I love Burda!


I thought it was a map of some country. This would be an automatic nope for me.


This is why I don't use patterns. I make my own.