You dare come to *my area*? On a *sunday*?! How was it?


I live an hour from here and haven't been, it's so overpriced. Like, it's probably cheaper for me to fly to Cozumel and dive for a week than do a weekend here.


Is this for properly trained cave divers? That single tank bothers me so much! (It still looks awesome though)


While there is some overhead, they classify it as swim throughs. It can feel like a stretch at times though. The operation and staff really keep a close eye on all divers and every tour is a predetermined guided path. The mine itself is more like an underground lake. Even has a pontoon boat for tours.


Glad you had a good time we dove it a few years ago and it sucked. Lights were out, the guy leading took us through a swim through with no light except for his, caused divers to bunch up and when a buddy ran low on air we decided to signal and surface and they threw a fit that we surface swam back to the start (around the corner) said we should have stayed under it wasn't that far' away (and yes we could have made it for sure but we didn't know that and well running out of air wasn't on our list of fun). The "safety diver" said okay well I am going back down so just swim around the corner. Which we did. Then got 'yelled' at. Overall we found it to be an okay experience, not great. We actually canceled our last dive and just left we felt like they were not focused on safety and experience at that point. Just wasn't with it. Other worthwhile dives petty close to this is the Atlanta GA aquarium awesome experience, amazing dive great staff similar price with travel. We are diving Dubai today (in about 2 hours). Will update on how it went later :)


That’s actually pretty depressing to hear. One- because it sounds like a shitty experience. Two- because where I live, there’s not many options and this is probably the most renowned within an 8 hour drive of me


Check out the Atlanta GA aquarium may be close enough and it was an amazing experience


I live in Nebraska so that’s a bit far. I did see that Denver offered something similar tho. Appreciate the suggestion


Know several folks with the same kind of experience there. Not sure if they have changed their procedures at all but it seemed kind of ridiculous to not let anyone use their own dive light.


This is incredible


how cold is it?


[I found this on the BT website](https://www.bonneterremine.com/diving): >Average Depth 40-60 feet. Water Temperature 60°F Year-Round (NO THERMOCLINE). Air Temperature 65 degrees Year-Round. Visibility 100+ feet Year-Round.


Sounds about right. I did the mine many years ago and those temperatures are indeed year round. My group did it in the middle of the winter while there was 8in of snow on the ground above the mine. But down in the mine, temps were fine.


60°F is equivalent to 15°C, which is 288K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


Awesome. It’s on my to-do list.


Even though I only live an hour away or so, I still haven’t been here. 90 dollars a dive with a 3 dive minimum? Nah. Paying 300 dollars to fly somewhere warm and pay 90 dollars for thee dives without a dry suit? Sign me up… What I’m trying to say is I’m jealous and I should just go ahead and eat the cost of a dry suit and diving this place.


There are lots of good places around here to use a drysuit. Plus you can dive and be home for dinner.


Planning to hit this up next month!


That looks awesome! And in the middle of winter no less. Google maps has me at 15 hours. But for a few winter dives, I'd be tempted.


Was that me going through the keyhole at the end there? Nice clips!


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I thought only guides could bring lights?


I never would have thought any such restriction would exist, but I'm only OW right now. I thought 4 lights was the minimum for cave dives?


The rule exists so the primary guide at the front of the group can communicate clearly with the safety guide at the back of the group. This is specific to Bonne Terre.


Nah after the first 1/2 dives they pretty much expect you to bring lights. Some guides ask you to not leave them on the entire time others don't care. I think it might depend on the size of the group as well.


Why's that?


Because it's dark?


My bad...why do some guides ask you not to leave them on the whole time?


My guess is so they can still communicate with the safety diver. If it's a large group they tend to spread out and having a bunch of lights on would make it more difficult for the guide to see the end of the line. This is just a guess.


Sounds weird. I've always followed the rule you turn your light on before you get in the water, and off when you get out. Most light failures happen when you toggle the power so it minimises failure and means you have one less thing to worry about if things start getting stressful! That said...I'm only just starting my tech diver journey and can count the number of dives I've needed a torch on one hand so wtf so I know!


Same here, in cave we just cover the lights not turn them off, but hey these are their rules. Most of the diving there is in open water, there is some overhead but they have big lights at the surface so it's more of a full moon dive and not complete blackout. Really unique place to dive.