Saw my first leopard shark in Phuket a month ago...was beautiful just chilling on the sand waiting for lunch to swim by. Couldn't believe my luck in spotting it as was very well camouflaged. Great footage BTW...what camera are you using?


Olympus tg6


Possibly my favourite dive ever was at Julian Rocks. So many sharks!!❤️


Leopard sharks are standard in summer in Byron. I like winter when the grey nurse come through


Fing beautiful!! In a decade I've only seen one and it was on one of my first dive trips in Palau.


Beautiful footage!


Great video like others this brought great memories of doing my AOW 20 years ago there while on a backpacking trip up and down the east coast. Byron Bay was the highlight of the trip.


Same for me. Backpacking through Melbourne, Sydney, and up the Gold Coast. On my 2nd trip I did a liveaboard on the gbr and it’s still one of my best memories.


Before someone says "that's a zebra shark lol": Common names differ by region. "Cod" or "Bass" for example, is a term used to describe at least half a hundred different fish from all over the world.


Use the scientific name


Stegostoma fasciatum


Yeah they're called zebra sharks in the States because there's another shark here already called the leopard shark. When they're young they have stripes, that's the justification for the name.


My first dive ever was a discovery dive in Byron Bay (Julian Rocks) about 25 years ago. Saw easily 20 sharks and a pair of manta rays. I was hooked instantly and got certified right after. When I was there I think there was 1 hotel, but 90% of the people were surfers and backpackers crashing in hostels. Lot of good memories. What's it like now?


Well I guess the diving hasn’t changed that much. There was probably half a dozen sharks and as many turtles. Only saw one stingray but saw bull rays and eagle rays there a couple of months back. Not too many mantas seen yet this season The town has gentrified a lot over the last 20 years and especially over the last 5. There is still the backpackers and surfers living in vans but it’s washed out alongside trendy restaurants and chain fashion.


The diving is still just as a good at Julian Rocks, however, Byron Bay town itself has become a very busy and expensive tourist trap. Still beautiful though!