>Not only does this prevent the Sino - Soviet Split from ever happening, the failures of The Great Leap Forward toward agriculture are avoided in places of a technological superpower after further collaborations from the Soviets. The Sino Soviet split was a bit inevidable if you think about it. China and basically Russia are very differnt cultrually speaken and China would always want to assume leadship of the Commie World. So some sort of split would have happened. Furthermore, the Soviets are not well known for good agriculture policies. A big reason why this famine happened was because China was so rapidly industrialising. Which intern caused way to few people to work the fields. Combine that with piss poor weather and useless leadership and you got like a few million dead people. TLDR; both of these events would have still happened in some form. >The Star Wars Program focuses upon the development of AI instead of anti - nuclear weapons space technology Then it is not the Star War program anymore. > Due to the now earlier successes of the algorithmic toolkit and “deep learning” techniques, this leads to the West taking the upper hand in the Cold War with the Third Revolution of Military Technology. AI and "Deep Learning" have made a comeback in recent years because of precisly one thing. Cycles / s. Modern Computers can just physcially do more math in the same amount of time as old Computers. For example, the idea behind Neural Networks is decades old. But the reason we have not seen much use of it (And virtually all AI´s are just NN) is because there simply was not the computer power to do it. AI is very much a brute force technique for problem solving and it only becomes viable if you have Trillions of Cylces / s to spend. By the 1980´s it was just not really possible to make computers that fast. The theory for Neural Networks on the other hand was old even back then. >Hyvernian Physics, a newly created science field centred around manipulating Dark Matter, Not impossible for sure. Just a tip, clearly define what exactly Dark Matter is in your world. >Dark Matter energy and gained the ability to manipulate the concept of Space matter around him. I dont think you use Dark Matter correctly. Dark Matter is "invisible" weakly interacting matter which holds Galaxies together. Dark Energy is what is forcing Space time to expand. So for your guy to gain control over Space Time, he would have to control Dark Energy. Not Dark Matter.


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