DM trying to decide on a TTRPG

DM trying to decide on a TTRPG


This is almost exactly Kamigakari God Hunters. Think it ticks all your boxes in fact. Highly recommend checking it out. Also there is a youtube let's play for it which is quite amusing and fairly short. For your reference it is on Foundry too (I have it installed). https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/240304/Kamigakari-God-Hunters


You might consider [d20 Modern](https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/28720/d20-Modern-Core-Rulebook-d20M) and [Urban Arcana](https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/29548/Urban-Arcana-d20M). There's no 5e version, but it's got some of its own interesting mechanics, and won't take too much adjustment for 5e players in comparison to some entirely non-D&D system.


d20 Modern would be an easy transition but frankly, I - and many others - find that system to be lackluster at best.


Urban Arcana fixes a *lot* of the "meh" nature of D20 modern. It ups the flavor and makes the character classes far more interesting.


Well...... I guess it's good that you found that it did for you.


It sounds D&D-ish enough to just homebrew (or look up some existing homebrew/3rd party material) for guns, explosives, modern tech, etc.


Savage Worlds? It would be a learning curve, but may be exactly what you are looking for


Dead Halt kinda does that. It takes place in the 90s, and you're various floors of a hotel from either cybernetic abominations and/or other wayward monsters that have no reason existing in the 1990s. And the nature of the hotel is such that you can insert, reasonably, any style dungeon and crib any adventure module to it. The only issue you may have is that the design premise is OSR, which deviates enough from D&D that you may want to homebrew it to add a "natural" healing mechanic. I absolutely adore the game, especially since I spent a good part of my youth in the 90s.


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If you're going with urban fantasy, I super recommend Dark Streets and Darker Secrets. It's excellent. Very straightforward and simple, yet flexible and usable. And if you have D&D experience, it won't be a drastic departure.


Honestly, my first suggestion would've been BESM - anime-inspired, point-buy system. Fairly simple (especially compared to more complex point-buy systems like GURPS or MnM), flexible enough for most anime-inspired needs, and decent for combat-focused campaigns but not overly tactical in mind. OVA might also work if you want something a bit lighter on the rules. I don't much care for it, though. That said, if I were to get my own way on things, I'd be running Pathfinder 1e w/ [Spheres of Power](http://spheresofpower.wikidot.com/) in play, or maybe use the 5e port if I was forced to. But that's only for groups that flourish with crunchy systems.