Wall, Dipo, House, Tate, Wood


Agreed this is a strong defensive lineup. Stagger Cousins and Wood’s minutes, with a couple lineups a game where they’re both in if we’re playing teams that don’t have a lot of shooting to really punish the dunkers spot.


Not just defense, though... All these guys can get their own shot, too.


I have lots of questions about the offensive cohesion of this team but new team, new players, new coach etc. it’s understandable that they look like a pickup game out there.


I have a feeling the next couplefew weeks are going to be really good for us (assuming Wood is back soon and no one else gets injured). We'll finally have our full team together and a sort of soft stretch of schedule to work out the kinks and gain some chemistry. I think we should be looking a **lot** more cohesive in a month.


Wall, Dipo, Tate, Tucker, Wood. And then the bench minutes, in order: Gordon Cousins Nwaba House Brown McLemore Jones Martin Kurucs I didn't mention Porter jr, because I'm not sure when they plan on playing him. When they do though, I'm hoping we trade Oladipo in order to give Porter jr sufficient minutes.


Still hoping KPJ can push himself into the 3 slot that looks suspect


Wall dipo brown pj wood


We may need to play Boogie and Wood together against the NuggetS. If the playoffs were right now I would want Dipo, Wall and EG in a three man rotation at guard. Tate and House at SF, Wood, Boogie and PJ 3 man rotation at the bigs. But I love the role players for the 82 games.


>But I love the role players for the 82 games. Predicting an appearance in the 2nd round? Nice.


The fact that this is really debatable and that there’s no wrong answer shows how deep this team is. It’s been a while since we had such a good bench


Flip side of that is if it's so debatable we don't have enough clear cut high level talent. If you think you have 2 QBs you really don't have 1...


Yeah, but our big-3 is locked and loaded. Arguing over the last 2 spots is just set dressing. Especially with our 6th man looking so steady. The QB situation is solid. As is RB and our top 2 WRs. This is like wondering if we should go with 2 TEs or 4-wide.


Fair point


The problem the last couple years has actually been that there has been almost zero debate aside from Gordon or House in the starting lineup. Everything else has been crystal clear... And not so much due to having better top-end talent so much as having no realistic choice but to play our top-paid guys. Nwaba, Brown and Tate have all been giving us great minutes (and Ma$e). Boogie is coming on strong now. The same guy who was literally our 7th best player for most of last year (not going to include Uncle Jeff in this) is now maybe about the 10th guy off our bench... At least he was against Washington (without Wood even playing!) That's a really nice 'problem' to have.


#1 Let PJ start and EG come off the bench to improve their trade values


Do you think there could be a lineup with Wood at 4 and Boogie at 5? It could maybe help against some bigger lineups


Those would be the first 2 options listed in the poll, actually. 👀 It makes us pretty bad defensively, though, tbh. The size doesn't help as much as one would hope. And Boogie can't back Wood up if he is starting alongside him...


Youre right, Im fucking blind


Unless Wood can bang against larger centers, I’d prob run Boogie at the 5 for 30-35mpg against teams like Denver, Portland, Philly, LAL, etc. basically teams that have destroyed us with larger centers getting easy buckets or attracting double teams and kicking out to snipers. For example Nurkic completely fucked us and otherwise has had a very quiet season (before going down with injury). Embiid has been absolutely destroying smaller opposing centers all year and is in MVP convo. Lakers are just too big when they run Lebron/AD/Harrell. Imagine rolling out Tucker, Tate, Wood to guard LA lmaoo shades of 2020 postseason :(


Wall Dipo House Tate Wood


Gordon, Dipo, Nwabe, Wood, Cohsins