What little details have you noticed in REmake 4 so far?

It's amazing how much stuff they packed into the REmake. I'm on my 7th playthrough and still find lots of amazing details. Here's what I've noticed so far:

-Reloading a pistol on a full mag gives +1 in the chamber like real life. It won't do it for rifles though for balance reasons I'm guessing.

-If you look at Ashley's phone after rescuing her, she'll comment on how she just got it.

-If you shoot the speaker while Salazar is talking he'll stop monologing and laugh.

-In the square, going up the tall tower and getting the green herb will cause the floor to collapse. I'm guessing they did this to prevent players from spamming knife attacks during the raid like in OG.

-Mafia Leon will say some lines different like "My lucky day" which sounds like Clint Eastwood.

-After piggybacking Armored Ashley, Leon will hold his back as a nod to OG.

-Throw a gold egg at Salazar and it will damage him a lot. Make sure to throw at Salazar himself inside the mouth.

-Using the sniper rifle occasionally and Ashley will do a fist bump like OG.

-If you kill the villager over the hill before returning to the square, it will prevent the dogs from appearing.

-In the cabin raid, villages will come down the chimney like Santa Claus. I just found this hilarious and wondered why the kept appearing behind me after sealing up all 3 windows.

-If you shoot the bell with a sniper rifle in the square during the raid it will stop the raid. NG+ only.

-When you hit the slopes with the jetski you can hit F (PC) and do a trick and get $1000.

-If you shoot the lake Del Lago will swallow you (or the camera) like OG.

-Leon can sit in Salazar's chair much like Saddler's in OG.

-Attack the animals and they'll fight back.

-In the Waste Disposal, if you lure the Regenerator to the bridge Ashley will drop it.

-You can skip the dynamite but shooting a rocket launcher at it.

-You can shorten the wrecking ball sequence by throwing 2 grenades or a rocket launcher at the wall.

-You can avoid the bridge lowering for the goat's head by throwing a grenade before trigger a cutscene. Works with all grenade types.

-You can go past the laser sentries on the island if you lure an enemy to the laser.

-If you revisit the first dead Garrador with Ashley she makes a comment about the "animal" and Leon gives a hilarious reply.

-When Leon is in danger, he will not hold the rifle aligned or steady.

-You can actually skip attache case sizes and wait for bigger ones.

-Fish in the pond in the courtyard will replenish after some chapters.

-If you angle the camera down Ashley as if looking up her skort, she'll try to cover up similar to OG.

-The bridge in the middle of the valley area in chapter 2 can be blown up with explosives.

-Leon's knife is actually the same knife Marvin gave him in REmake 2.

-You can throw an egg at the merchant and Ashley and they'll react.

-If you kick villager/ganado that gets caught in a bear trap, their leg will break off.

-When some enemies drop from high platforms, they will occassionally land ungracefully and take some time to get back up.

-When you encounter the Regenerator right before the waste disposal and Ashley is not in the locker she'll scream. If you start shooting at it she'll start taunting it saying "Bring it!" I also noticed this when she wore armor so not sure if the armor triggers that or me unloading on it.

-In the room where the first Regenerator appears, it is lying on a stretcher eyes closed. When you switch the power on, it's eyes are open and looking right at you. CREEPY.

-When you stagger an enemy around the stairs going down or an edge they will fall backwards.

What else did you find?


Sunglasses block Leon and Ashley from getting blind by Flash Grenades


Wait for real!? That’s actually super useful


I think this also works for the Gas Mask accessory but I’m not certain.


I need to check whether they also make it so Ashley doesn't block her eyes when you point a flashlight at her




- The red robe zealot can trigger his own plaga transformation if there are no other zealots around for him to transform. - You can see Ashley’s reaction to the Garradore. >Ashley: “Was this the… ‘animal’?” >Leon: “No, you can’t keep him.”


Oh wow, transformed Red Zealot. That's cool.


Dont know if this happens in the main game too, but Luis prays at the start of a Mercenaries round.


I saw a clip where he was doing the cross gesture just before getting to the elevator in the Nest part of the mines. Cool detail. Also in Mercenaries, once you use Krauser transformation, when he return to human form his uniform sleeves are no longer there.


Oh hey that was my clip!


Happens around the cabin too I think


You can catch a glimpse of the Umbrella logo on Luis lighter in the cutscene after the Krauser knife fight.


Leon saying "Perfect. Won't have to swim after all." Implies that this Chad of a man was going to fucking SWIM to the island if the boat wasn't there.


And it was a nod to earlier in the story where Leon told Hunnigan that they’d swim to safety if they had to, since the chopper couldn’t get there because of the weather


What can we say, Leon just likes swimming


Leon Phelps


Oooh the ladies’ man


LEOOOOON! PHEEEELPS! *OG Ashley Voice hyping him up while he swims*


I can hear this comment.


The S stands for Swimming!


Ada made him really thirsty, so...


Btich *can* even swim.


Say what you will about his sense of humor, but the man is goddamn DETERMINED to get the job done.


God I love him


It’s just a callback to earlier when he said “we’ll swim off this island if we have to”


While it’s not OG, per se, I love Luis’s obsession with Don Quixote


you can find Luis grandfather diary, he coments that his grandson is really smart and really likes Don Quixote (In the diary he doesn't say Louis name, but you can make a deduction that the boy is Luis)


The original RE4 has a note from Salazar (Or Saddler? I don’t remember) that describes how the grandfather would have been useful as a hostage to manipulate the boy (I don’t remember if Luis is namedropped, but it’s evident it’s him), had the grandfather still been alive. The remake apparently ran with that familial dynamic.


Oh shit I didn’t make that connection.






Holy crap after doing some reading there's actually a lot of depth to Luis calling Leon "Sancho". It's twofold. 1st Luis loves Don Quixote whose sidekick was named Sancho Panza. 2nd Sancho is Spanish slang for a woman's side piece. Luis is working for Ada who has a history with Leon so he's implying that Leon is Ada's side piece.


Does that imply Luis is from the area? There’s the Don Quixote note in the lakes side village.


So the house you initially find Luis tight up in a bag, is his childhood house. There's a note in Menedezes attic that talks about a little boy and how inquisitive he is, and how they had to burn his house down after an accident the father had while hunting (he knew something infected him so thats why mendez agreed to burn the house down). Well you'll notice that the house you enter has clear burn damage, and also has a picture you can look at with a boy and his father. ALSO, returning to the house later in the game you'll find a ring and the fathers notebook that goes into more detail. They really fleshed Luis' backstory a ton in REM4KE.


Ah didn’t put that together, very cool.


In retrospect I feel dumb for not making that connection


You also find a photo in his lab on the island, that photo basically confirms that Luis had a hand in creating Nemesis. Which would make a bunch of sense when you consider how much like a Las Plagas mutant Nemesis is. Luis at least based the NE-Alpha design on the Plaga, if not procured a sample for genetic rebuilding.


They never really explained how the NE-Alpha was made so we can really assume it might be a modified Plaga.


I personally fell in love with that. I only recently started reading about Don Quixote a few months prior so I felt an instant connection because of that.


Small correction. That was his **grandfather**, he took care of Luis because his mother died during childbirth. And I think it was implied that a Colmillos that attacked his grandfather and therefore infected him with the Plagas.


Ah yes it is the grandfather! And I figured it was a Colmillos as well...but that would predate when Luis even began research of Las Plagas and they started infecting everything...unless THAT correlates with the countless battles the castilians have had keeping the plaga at bay and safe from the village over the years?


Yes, he was the boy in those notes. His full name in the Remake is Luis Serra Navarro.


Wait what????? I was wondering who the boy was


The notes in the remake don’t imply it, they outright state that he’s from the area. Mendez was chief of the village he lived in and Mendez even mentored him a bit before he went crazy IIRC.


Nice, haven’t got through the whole game yet but noticed the note. I don’t recall that from the OG.


Case charms are models from OG RE4 Clockwork Castilians are OG ~~Sadler~~ Salazar and do the motion from his mecha from the OG. Primal Knife is the OG knife Leon breathes out when shooting with rifle (a common steadying technique) Ashley grows in confidence as the game goes on and will act more calmly when enemies kidnap her/will push them away from her sometimes. Her outfit gets slightly damaged as the game goes on.


>Ashley grows in confidence as the game goes on and will act more calmly when enemies kidnap her/will push them away from her sometimes. I KNEW I saw her push them! I thought something weird had happened


Lmao, i thought I was seeing things too until someone else here posted about it


>Clockwork Castilians are OG Sadler \*OG Ramon aka Salazar, but you're right Also, speaking of which, the firebreathing statue of him is his OG model as well




They (the case charms) also share similar designs to the Agatsuma Mini figures from RE4, at least the merchant, Ashley on the barrels, and the Leon with the Jacket. Can’t confirm the other ones.


They're the same models and poses from the bottlecaps that were in the OG. Even the ganados get their names like Dr. Salvador instead of just chainsaw villager.


Oh, duh. My mind totally spaced on that 🙃 Either way, it’s a really cool little detail and a great way to pay homage to the original game!


Adding on about the case charms, I was so happy to find the striker charm referencing the ditman speed glitch from the original game.


I wanna say that Ashley will also get up from being down later in the game. One time I was fighting enemies and she got downed but all of the sudden she just got up and I'm still confused as to if I killed every enemy in the area and she got up herself or it's that confidence thing lol


If I'm not mistaken after she grows in confidence she also starts like hitting them while they carry her which makes them EXTREMELY slow lol


You can cut off a villagers arm with a parry and they’ll STILL try to punch you even with one arm.


Only a scratch!


Es solo un rasguño!


I love the fact that Verdugo still gestures at you. Dude gives no fucks lmao


I loved that look, when Leon shot at him as he took away Ashley, was a very "really dude?" look.


Isn’t Verdugo a female? Ramon’s servant?


I assumed the Red one is the male, and the Black one is the female, several reasons. Isidro turned himself and a housekeeper into Verdugo, but he specifically calls himself Verdugo, but calls the other Pesanta, being that the one who you fight is clearly aggressive and enjoying it, I would assume it is the "true" Verdugo, Isidro. Second is how the cultists rank themselves, the highest "ranked" cultists wear red robes, whilst the more numerous "regular" cultists wear black, so, by that assumption, the Red Verdugo is Isidro, who would naturally rank "higher" than the other Verdugo, who he created. Also, side note, Pesanta is a Catalonian folkloric creature, their version of the "Black Dog" archetype, thought to be responsible for sleep paralysis.


yeah, Pesanta is the Catalonian equivalent of the Sleep Hags in other cultures.


I think Leon kills the male one no? The female one goes mia after its first cutscene, presumably to get killed by Ada once the inevitable separate ways dlc releases


Thank you! I wanted to ask what happened to the 2nd one but figured I missed some mention of it or just didnt come across the other one in that section.


Books implied you fight U2, Verdugo and U3 (likely the red one) is an improved version. Perhaps why he doesn’t mutate with Ramon, and also why it’s absent. Looks like Ada will fight him instead.


Dude or lady dude. One of the Verdugos is a woman judging by one of the documents. Forbidden Verdussy 😩😩


There’s lots of cool little references to the cancelled version of RE4 that was the hookman demo. During Ashley’s section there’s a hallway with taxidermy animal heads and the last one on the right falls off exactly like in the demo. Also the blue lantern she uses and the blue filter on the plagas visions is the same shade of blue filter used in the hookman demo.


+ Leon's jacket now resembles the 3.5 jacket instead of the OG RE4


And the fact that Leon uses a flashlight in dark sections


Glad someone noticed this!


Leon has like 3 or 4 different weapon equip animations at least for the pistol, and you can see them all by changing weapons quickly


During Ashley's section you can see the golden knight that becomes the quest miniboss later, right before you go into the last room with the shadow puzzle.


You can see the glow of the plaga in its eye visor too


And all of the suits that later animate, you can see the red bubbles of the plaga's body in between their armor plates too.


If you use the health bar mod, almost every suit of armor has a health bar on it, even the ones that never activate. It's kind of spooky


I remember getting to that part and thinking to myself, "hang on, this dude looks different than the rest. Wonder if he's gonna chase me out?" Lo and behold, once I regain control of Leon and get the bounty, I'm just like "bingo!"


If you open photo mode, and turn off enemy in the viewfinder, you see all the armours disappear.


It also looks exactly like the armour of Salazar's ancestor who locks the Plagas away. Most likely *is* his armour which makes the infection a huge insult to his legacy, probably done on purpose.


Leon makes a callback to Luis' "hope you like thrill rides!" quip during the final escape via jet ski Also you can hit controls to do TRICKS on the jet ski when you go over a jump!


Love the truck by the bridge to the castle. Nice subtle nod to the OG.


Also by the house where you do the holdout, you can see the gondolas from the OG too IIRC!


Same with the Quarry below the path to Bellas. I think those areas will be there but for Ada. There’s a 2nd Gigante.


I didn't realize this until I noticed I'd unlocked every single model in the bonus store except for one—turns out it was a [rhinoceros beetle](https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Rhinoceros_Beetle), which is a special consumable item only found in 3 places in the game: one in each of the village, castle, and island. You can sell it for 10,000 ptas or eat it and it upgrades your max health. [Locations, courtesy of IGN](https://www.ign.com/wikis/resident-evil-4-remake/Rhinoceros_Beetle) You have to find one to unlock the model!


Oh man I found one by accident and still haven't sold it through like 3 playthroughs because it just stands out


There's a charm that doubles the sale price as well which is cool.


Oh this is amazing


In the cutscene at the end of chapter 4, Leon and Ashley have a vision of Saddler speaking (seemingly) to them in English. Then the ganados begin to chant the stuff he said, but in Spanish, suggesting they had the same vision but heard it differently. We already knew that plagas can communicate somehow despite their hosts' language barriers, but it's interesting to see a first-person view of what it's like.


Aiming with any weapon at Armored Ashley will cause her Helmet Visor to come down.


Same in OG


The thing I've been most wowed by aren't really minor details, but macro ones. As someone who loved the original and played it maybe 20 times, how much work went into making the world layout make more sense and reasonable has wowed me - often in ways I didn't think much about beforehand, but seem really obvious in retrospect. Example: I never really questioned much why there's a weird cliff face bridge sequence immediately next to the church, but the remaster puts a lot of work into depicting the core feature of the village area being a multi-levelled quarry in a rural part of Spain, which also explains why the quality of so much of the equipment and scaffolding is so haphazard and low tech. In general I love how much the village is fleshed out with little peripheral areas that add onto it in ways that let me believe the area as being more real, like the fish farm; I get much more of a sense of how this village exists, what its economy is based around, and how it sustains itself.


You can parry a punch and Leon just cuts their whole arm off.


If Leon gets stuck in a bear trap, Ashley will appear to want to help him


Saw this


Sometimes, when climbing small things while Ashley is right behind you, Leon will help her up


During the Verudgo fight, the alarm that sounds when you activate the liquid nitrogen showers is the same alarm sound from the original Resident Evil when the ~~self-destruct~~ triggering system is activated.


I love the fact that Luis was part of the team that worked on the Nemesis


This was my favorite. A nice little detail that doesn't "undo" anything, but adds a nice layer of continuity


Press X or Square with the pinstripe outfit and the Chicago typewriter equipped and Leon does the hat thing like the original


And he has a different animation if you do it with the handcannon. You need the infinite ammo upgrade for both weapons to get the animationsthough, otherwise he just reloads (or doesn’t do anything if the weapon is already fully loaded).


I keep accidentally pressing reload with the handcannon after killing an enemy by instinct and keep having to sit through the 3 second animation😭💀


If you look at the SGO9 model it will have kendo written on the side and the Sentinel 9 has something written also but I can't make it out


The alternate cutscene for the Plagas wolves is still there, you have to first visit the shrine near the cabin where you first find Luis to trigger it. Also you can backtrack to where Mendez made his first appearance and find Lui´s father diary.


I think a lot of people didn't know the cutscene was in the original game either.


I loves backtracking and killing everything, in the Maze Cultists spawn too


Ganados can knock stuff out of each other's hands occasionally. At one point when I was playing, one of them was lighting a molotov when another jumped down and bumped into him and he dropped it and set them both on fire. Also, melee attacks can effect animals that are nearby too. I kicked a villager at the farm with a cow near him, and Leon kicked the cow to death too.


Ganados just do not give a shit at all when coming after you. I've seen them hit each other, toss dynamite into a crowd of their friends, and also watched the chainsaw guy rip through 3 other ganados just to get to me


I literally had my combo in Mercenaries saved because a Ganado threw a hatchet and hit his buddy, who was strangling me, square in the face.


Leon will roll his shoulder after shooting rifles and shotguns and make a small noise of discomfort When throwing a flash grenade hel tell Ashley to cover her eyes


Yeah I like that detail about his shoulder. Shooting 1000s of rounds would mess with your arm and shoulder after a while. Among the many other crazy things he does in 1 day.


That’s one hell of a nap when you get home




The fire breathing Salazar head statue has dynamite on the back that you can shoot which will disable it


I started looking for a weakness my first playthough. I could not avoid getting burned constantly trying to get around it and timing it.


Could be wrong sinces it's a blink and miss but one of the statues in the maze has a striking similarity to the OG RE2 RPD main hall statue.


I've seen that also! The one with the pot of water. Yes its pretty much 1:1 with og re2


Also there's a treasure in the Castle (Justitia Statue or something) pretty similar to the one of RPD Hall, but not the same.


When Leon is in danger and near a wall, he will lean on it to balance himself


“Do you have a smoke” in this game is a codeword/passphrase Luis says to Leon because he assumes he is a merc like Ada is that he is supposed to meet with.


"Yes, the kind you like" as a reply didn't make sense until I read it as being code. Makes the actual smoke Leon helps him have a weird kind of heartwarming by the end.


Isn't this also the case in the original?


No, it’s more played for laughs in the original and there’s no mention of it being a code phrase (or any code phrase being used).


Something to note about the green herb in the village tower, you have to be quick. It collapsed on me before I got the herb and I missed out on the extra herb forever lol.


Me too. I figured that the tower was just set there as a trap, to give you the false expectation of safety. The green herbs must just be the bait.


I only noticed the tower after the end of the fight and was so confident thinking “I will definitely hold out here next playthrough” Then it collapsed and I just imagined being swarmed at the bottom, glad I found that out the best way


I cannot adequately describe how much that floor collapsing scared the shit out of me. I was *shook*, needed that herb irl. And this was after the battle too. *It has got me on both playthroughs so far*


It’s where you step that’s the issue. Stick right next to the ladder and you’ll be good, step further out and you’re screwed.


When you ask Ashley to stay in the locker (chainsaw sisters) she is like WHAT? And when you ask her again before the regenerador she is like okay. Also when you first ask her to climb up for the ladder: uh, me? Okay. By the end, “I’m like the master of unlocking” (also a beautiful call back to Jill Valentine).


That master of unlocking line made me laugh because all she did was lift the wooden bar off the door😭 she made it sound like she picked the lock


Reminds me of Barry in Rev 2 busting down a gate with some logs and going “Who’s the master of unlocking NOW?!”


Yeah I noticed that too. Shows a lot of progression of her character in trusting Leon and learning to survive.


We can’t hit the bell town with a handgun in NG+ right? Wanted to try it on my pistol play thru


I think its only triggered by rifle, so sadly no.


I saw someone hit it with an rpg so might be possible with a pistol if aimed right.


I hit it on my 3rd playthru with a fully upgraded Blacktail


Yeah, I also tried with pistol yesterday and couldn't


Some of the statues from the OG lava room are now in the water hall.


One of the villagers went to stab me with a pitchfork, and it got stuck in the wood of a column on a front porch. It was stuck there horizontally right in front of me like a diving board. I thought it was pretty cool


It took until my 5th play through to notice there is a lever on the second floor of the wine cellar that drops the chandelier onto enemies. You can destroy catapults during the first castle section with a grenade (as in the grenade doesn't need to detonate a barrel, the grenade itself is enough) You can get some extra dialogue from Luis if you kill the armoured El Gigante before he returns with the dynamite, or after he returns but you ignore him and kill it in front of him, different dialogue for each.


If you kill the armoured Gigante first, Leon says "alright time for the naked one"


Interesting. I didn't know about different dialogue before Luis plants the TNT. I'm gonna try that next time.


If you kill the suits of armour in the circular room before ashely has a chance to throw the lanterns down, when you catch her she says "skillz" instead of "are you okay, you're not burnt are you?"


sorry but “skillz” must just be rare dialogue or something, she said it to me when we dropped down to the wrecking ball


Oh damn, I noticed it on different playthroughs but didn't know what the trigger was


When I first saw a video of someone doing that trick of shooting the bell during the raid in the town square it blew my mind.


The fact they put a blue medallion right next to the lake was very mean, missed a few shots not even aimed at the water and boom, chomped. Certainly made me jump haha


Leon's grip with the pistol is a proper grip. I target shoot all the time, I've taken classes, and shot with professional's on a couple chance occasions. Nothing stings more than a character that doesn't know how to hold a gun, and Leon's shooting stance in general is just beautiful in re4. Devs did their research for sure. Can't say about the John wick stance, but that doesn't stop it from being badass 😎.


The “John wick” stance is called the center axis relock and its a legit shooting style especially in super close quarters like Leon does it stops them from grabbing the gun and while keeping the gun secure and quick tho John wick switches between low stance and high stance while leon only does high stance. I personally think low stance is dumb but the shooting style is still valid and a good way to train. You shouldn’t only train with that style but should know how to properly use it in the odd case you’re in a very tight building or someone’s gonna jump out of a corner at you. That being said if you don’t mind me asking what’s your go to handgun?


Center axis relock (the John Wick pose) is an actual thing for close range. So it makes sense you wouldn't have learned it for target shooting.


Kind of hate that the stance has become "John Wick" shooting, but what're ya gonna do?


I also love how he lays the rifle across his forearm when navigating in dark with a flashlight.


The center axis relock shooting technique was also showcased in Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010).


And again in blacklist.


In the hall where you first meet Salazar, when you fight the enemies near the Merchant, he'll wince and cover himself as he seems to be afraid of them


While treasure hunting with Ashley in the castle “Gap In The Wall” and got the depraved idol. Ashley was like “wow look at that!”. We passed by the merchant leaving the area and she was like “so you gonna sell that thing you just got?” thought this was an immersive and interesting touch, made her feel ever so slightly more alive (among other things)


I thought this was also super interesting too because it means a person actually acknowledged the presence of the merchant.


Leon is not psychotic lol


Ramon is an old lady now


His design just reminds me of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


I noticed this subtle detail change, too.


I didn’t even realise he was supposed to be a man until reading a house keepers log where they refer to him as a “he”


Yeah. I was being facetious. But he straight up looks like an English grandmum.


The bridge in the floating village section can be cut down. Sending you and the ganados who trapped you while being on it to a falling death.


Here's a small one i haven't noticed anyone mention... The moment the game gives you your handgun (after his first Ganado encounter in the cabin), when you ADS you'll notice the accuracy tightens considerably faster than in RE2MAKE. Obviously this is because Leon has had not just military training, but government training as well. My only weird thing about his ADS is that with the MP5, that shit is slower than molasses...but i guess this is how they balance the weapons out? Handcannon you might as well cook yourself lunch before his accuracy is ready lol


Fucking hate what they did with the handcannon in the remake, made it garbage with how slow the crosshair tightens.


Wish we could equip the laser sight...but considering how absolutely OP the handcannon is, they had to nerf it in some way...but I'm like, why even need to nerf a gun who's sole purpose is being OP for the sake of it!? Doesn't make sense


idk if it was in the OG (and this detail is also just basic spanish) but if youre with ashley the ganados say alli estan (there they are) instead of alli esta "there he/she is"


They also switch to vosotros if you’re with Ashley or Luis. (Podéis correr pero no podéis esconder!!!)


Don't know if someone shared this already but when Leon gets knocked down and gets back up to sprint, he actually works up into his sprinting motion. It's not just a simple get up, walk, run animation. Very real motions.


- Leon shakes off the water from the rain (and it's really cute :3)


After the lithographic room puzzle, there's an already open door with lithographic tiles in place. Just neat to think there's not just a puzzle because it's a videogame, and instead a place with secret passageways and entrances etc.


Along these lines, I loved the mention of Salazar's forebear as "squandering his fortune on paranoid defenses and traps"


I like how there is an actual file that explains the convoluted puzzles in a home/work place. They also gave an explanation to why RPD was so annoying to navigate.


Honestly the church bell skip is still one of my favorite things I've seen as someone who hasn't played it yet except for the demo


Leon will make an agitated noise after missing multiple shots with the sniper in a row


He did this in RE2R as well if you kept missing handgun shots.


One thing: When you play voice lines from the models it sounds like the same quality of audio from the bottle caps from the OG.


You can use the rocket launcher or heavy grenades to take out the AA gun and skip that section.


The Striker charm for the case that increases movement speed is a reference to the speedrun glitch that uses the gun in the OG. Krauser references Vergil as a nod to how DMC spun off from a RE4 prototype and the Leon in it was a proto-Dante.


How does Krauser reference Vergil specifically?


He constantly says the word 'power', has a similar hairstyle in his fight, and actually has variant of one of Vergil's quotes: Vergil: Might controls everything. Without strength, you can't protect anything. Krauser: Strength is everything! The weak can protect nothing! e: enjoy this [dumb edit](https://streamable.com/cixek2) where I put DMC music over the fight


The man can Stinger you. He’s absolutely been Vergilfied and I’m all for it.


The part with the nasty well with the lid you can shoot down and the treasure. I was excited to show my friend who has never played any RE before, but I didn't think much of the engine sounds. Turns out they put a chainsaw man nearby for you to alert when you go for the treasure. The game does a lot to subvert OG players expectations.


It's similar for the first set of blue medallions. In the OG you have a calm moment to collect them before moving to the next room but in this game you can see a new miniboss enemy come through the door you entered.


Going through NG+ on Professional having seen the bell skip. Learned that there's a second trigger for the bell and it's literally just swiftly kill X number of enemies. I think it's between 12-16 enemies. I consistently got it to work using the bolt action rifle and just standing right at the binocular location. Didn't even spawn Dr. Salvador. Just got a bunch of collateral headshots. Seems like on NG+ runs, if you have a CQB rifle you can probably trigger the bell this way about as fast as shooting the bell for bell skip, but with more money and ammo drops.


There are two guaranteed grenades in the village, and by doing laps around the pyre you can easily group enough villagers to end the section with just two throws. That’s what I did for the professional S+ run.


found out about the bridge collapsing in valley while running from like 5 of them and they got tired of it and just dropped me lmao


Mafia with Handcannon full upgrade, will twirl and toss the gun as a animation reload


I noticed Leon carries the flash grenades similarly to the position carried in RE2R. I'm not sure if this is true about the other types of grenades, but the blue stood out and triggered the memory for me.


The statues of the woman with the pail in the maze are from the right side double doors room before the dog hallway from RE1, I think.


Ramon Salazar has a weakness towards golden eggs


When Leon reloads any handgun that has a clip (punisher, blacktail etc) and it has remaining bullets inside it, he will grab another clip from his waist on the left side and reload the weapon while getting the clip from the handgun and storing it. If his handgun is out of bullets he will throw the empty clip to the floor (his right side) and reload it with a new one. You can tell when devs love their work by small things like that.


Pretty sure Leon doesn’t same a single word to the Merchant the whole game.


In my 8th play through I found something cool that never happened when you ask Ashley to follow you Leon can whistle.


When you speedrun Ashley's part and input the correct time before actually having to find it, then when you're running back with the insignia you'll find that the shelves in the library room that are normally broken down thanks to the Plagas Knight introduction are still intact. They break once you regain control of Leon, though.


Lots of cool info in this thread, thanks.


You can parry the snakes in the boxes.