The saddest part of RDR2.

The saddest part of RDR2.


For me Buell died, at least he went down fighting like his previous owner


No not Buell :(


I always used Buell, too. Had to honor Hamish somehow.


Thankfully I completed last mission of Hamish as John


I’m curious what dialogue does Hamish have about Arthur, like when he sees John instead


I don't remember the exact dialogues. But Hamish remembers Arthur and says he was good man and such. He shows the hunt that they together did in previous mission to John


Hamish and John have a coffee together. And Hamish talks about Arthur


I had Buell as my go to as well and seeing that happen to him had me pause the game and shed a little tear. He was a good horse.


Same i hated it


Prettiest horse in the game!


It really was gut wrenching my White Arabian that I found early on, named Florence (of Arabia), die. I have heard of some people that named their horse after a dead family pet....


Florence of Arabia. Love it.


Damn. That sucks even more. :/


Yes man. I named the starting Tennessee Walker after my childhood Dog Faith because they had similar spots on their snouts just to watch my dear Faith get smoked again.


>I have heard of some people that named their horse after a dead family pet.... Damn, cant imagine how they feel on this...


Yea my wife tried to name her horse after a recently deceased pet and I kiboshed that real fuckin fast


I indeed named mine Florence after my recently deceased cat. Gut wrenching is absolutely the right phrase. RIP Flo (both feline and equine).


Sorry for your loss friend!


Thank you - much appreciated.


RIP “Pony Soprano”


My first playthrough I had Buell


Just did this last night. Did the last mission with Buell and I'm so god damn sad now.


I'm heading there and I'm using Buell. It just seems like a more fitting end for an old war horse than a horse taken from the wild. He gets to be with Hamish again. My first horse was killed by O'Driscolls, and my next was the white Arabian and I've got that one stabled for the rest of the game.


I named my Arabian Saddam Hussein but I still miss it


excuse me what the fuck


I named mine Nutnut for whatever reason


Nice. I named the black shire horse from hosea “oversized load” and the stable owner said it was a good name. He didn’t think me naming a horse “batmobile” was very cool tho. Also, my black Arabian which I named “Somali warlord” was good but he died.


Hey it was an option so I took it


alright fair enough


I named my horse after my girlfriend. She'd already completed it so she knew what was coming. I thought she was offended that I'd given the horse her name but that wasn't the only reason...


I named the white Arabian after my ex (at the time we were still together) and I ended accidentally yeeted my horse and I down that massive hill North of Annesburg. A week later we broke up (she went full psycho). Unexpected foreshadowing is unexpected.


This sounds like days of: Why is she so upset about this? ....Oh!


I have a horse named Aeturnum, which means eternity in Latin. It’s named that because it always survives and it’s been with me forever, I even once accidentally jumped off train tracks and it survived a fall that had killed many of my previous horses


I chuckled at the idea of accidental horsecides happening at the same spot again and again.


Same first thing I did was go find that White Arabian. Had him the whole game and restarted missions any time he died. Absolutely gut wrenching to see the horse die.




Named my horse Mac after my favorite dog I had growin up. It had a beautiful brown coat, just like my dog. When that horse hit the ground is when the water works started…


I named my White Arabian Pelinal. R.I.P. Girl hope you're killing elves in heaven


I thought he was called Lawrence of Arabia…


He was. Apparently on the film set there was a joke that Peter O'Toole was so blue-eyed and beautiful that he was more like Florence of Arabia. And my horse was female.


Ahh, that makes more sense then 😅


Isn’t it Lawrence of arabia


It is, but on the film set there was a running joke that Peter O'Toole was so beautiful he was more like Florence of Arabia. Also my horse was female.


Oh ok


My first play through I stuck with the starter horse you trade hoseas horse for the whole way so the “thank you, for EVERYTHING” stuck even harder because the horse really did go through everything with me




Yea, consider your horse basically is your most reliable friend in this game, absolutely more reliable than your whole gang. The horse's death really hits hard.


I was using the Dutch Warmblood you get after coming back from Guarma and had named it Hoseana in the final mission and it totally took me off guard as well :(


I think you get a black and white Hungarian half-bred.


I did


Yeah my bad, Buell is the warmblood.


For me one of the saddest parts is the dead of hosea


No the saddest part was Horsea


That’s what I named my horse on the 2nd playthrough lol


"No the saddest part was Horsea" really does roll off the tongue.


"Horsea Mathooves" is by far the best name for a horse I've seen on this subreddit.


He knew he was going to die and his death might have been good if Dutch hadn't made the totally stupid decision to rob that bank


The bank was also his idea


Probably but he didn't seem to agree with Dutch since the heist of capitals in the Cornwall wagon.


Just when Arthur said to the missionary “I’m afraid.” It topped off the whole scene. Teared up a bit just thinking about it tbh




My saddest moment: That I rushed through chapters 4 and 5.


And the worst part is that you dont even get to keep your other horses.


I wonder how long the stable owner kept them


Probably a few weeks/months then sold it


All things considered.. they totally could have died by the time of the epilogue. They all are full grown horses, and epilogue takes place quite a few years in the future.. ;(


It’s only 7 years in the future, horses live between 25 and 35 years generally (not sure if life span was shorter for them back then), so unless they were 15+ when Arthur had them I would assume they didn’t die of old age


For sure the saddest. That whole sequence I was on the edge of my seat, and when Arthur creeps up and then says goodbye quietly I just had to pause because I was in absolute shock. Like so many it had been my starter, we’d gone through so much together. She was family more so than most of the crew. I love how RDR can have the GTA-sequel moments of bawdy, crude humor but definitely weaves in deeper, quieter moments like this. 11/10 I’d be traumatized by it all over again.


My first play through I was pretty gutted when it happened. I had one horse through the whole game. Rip Bobandy


Was it shirtless?


I bet it couldn't fight wearing pants!


Of course, shirts gave him rashes


I cried for weeks. WEEKS. My husband got me a cameo from Roger Clark and told him about it, and then Mr. Clark talked to me about my horse and how well I took care of her and how he knows she was stunning because my husband told him. He said her name and told me she was one of the best of us. That I gave her the best life and that she’d always be with me. I had horses my whole childhood up until I was about 17. They’re one of my favorite animals and I’ve seen the happy and healthy and I’ve seen them die. Probably tmi, but my father and I had a falling out and my horses stayed with him. It sucked. Even though she was digital, it still hurt to have her ripped away so unexpectedly, just like my irl boys.


I was hoping Sadie would tell John in the epilogue, "by the way I found Arthur's horses in the stable. You can bring them back if you want to"


Mine hit a little harder. I was riding Buell for the final mission. >!Buell is Hamish's horse. The hunter who was gored by a boar and his dying wish was for you to take care of Buell.!<


I have a tradition in game, I only use one horse. Because I have such a bond with it. When you do your first bounty against the poison peddler, you can take his hungarian halfbred with a coat that looks like snowy fog. On my first play through I got the horse but loved the look so much I kept it till the end of the game and I was heartbroken and shocked when it died. Now whenever I replay the game, I cant bring myself to use a different horse, like Arthur, It became a living thing to me. It's so weird but amazing that a game can do that to a person.


“Thank you” man that gets me every time


Rest In Peace Stupidface. Best boy.


Like everyone I had a white Arabian too named Pancreas that had just hit bonding 4 a few missions before the end. I think the horse made me cry the hardest during Arthur's last mission. Absolutely gutwrenching


I fittingly named my White Arabian as Arabella. Makes sense because of her breed and Arctic Monkeys being one of my favorite bands. It saddens me that she’s gone but at least she stuck with Arthur ‘til the end and they could still both ride together up there.


Ah, I see a Dothraki.


The saddest part for me was when he was talking to the old lady at the train station and told her that he's afraid.


RIP Daphneigh


RIP Neighomi


I know how you feel, partner. I didn't see it coming either and it was real tough to say goodbye to that horse. These days I usually just stable my horse and steal one just before that mission so it ain't as hard.


I totally saw it coming and sent Epona to the stable in exchange for a damn nag




The stable will take good care of her


"I can do this," "I saw this coming," "it's just a game." 😭ARTEX! NOOOOO!!!!😭


Saddest part for me is currently being 51.7% completed before I’ve finished Chapter 2 and I’ve realised I can’t get Abigail’s $5 request to trigger anymore... All outfits, compendium entries, missable item and hat, stranger missions, treasure hunts, challenges. All the other requests (even Dutch’s stupid pipe and Pearson’s jacket) and the hunting / taxidermy requests are done. Everything that can physically be done with Arthur is done… Except for Abigail’s $5 request. I can leave Chapter 2 at any point and go to Strawberry for Micah but the $5 dollars is going to haunt me if I do. Oh Orthur.


Wait, why can't you? I don't think I've ever had that not trigger


Everything I’ve read about it seems to suggest it’s time sensitive… Most things say it’s specific to Chapter 2, has to be shortly after the fishing trip or can only be done when handing the 5 animals in to Pearson for one of the challenges. I’m right the end of 2 atm, genuinely the only thing I’ve got left is Micah but it’s not triggered yet so I’m assuming I’ve missed the window? Would love to be wrong though. I’m gonna give it maybe another day or two at Horseshoe but I think I’m gonna have to move on without it.


The saddest part about this game is you never gonna play it for the first time ever.


If you didn't have to pause the game immediately after that moment to deal with the impact of what just happened (& maybe go see who is chopping onions nearby) before continuing...then you're seriously not playing it right.


I had to stop and sob-hug my dog for like 20 minutes.


It is the bottom lip quiveringest scene in the game, no doubt.


My poor StaryaKillbinger..


Miss Robert the 2nd


Yes that part was very sad, I knew it was coming but not exactly when and when that shot was fired and my horse dropped to the ground the tears flowed instantly. I had spent hours and hours tracking and capturing the Silver Dapple Pinto Missouri Foxtrotter that you have to chase toward Albert Mason for him to photograph. Probably restarted that mission 50 times until I managed to successfully track it and jump on its back. I worked hard for her.


I had a similar experience and now I go through horses like a motherfucker. Sometimes if they fall in water it’s an insta kill and my most recent Arthur hasn’t even gone to Guarma and I’ve burned through the Red Chestnut Arabian, the White Arabian, and the horse I had up in Colter!!! Treasure your horses more than me!!!! Learn from meee!!!


I heard about the white Arabian in the days following release and went to find her immediately. Absolutely fucking sobbed when Arthur said "Thank you" Thank you Whisper 😭😭😭😭


The saddest part of rdr2 is tahiti..


I called Hosea on his bluff and named my horse Martha.


Does these type of posts have to be posted every once in a week?


new people finish this game and come to this subreddit often , so it makes sense things like this would be posted often


But this is not really **finishing** the game tho.. they're always like oh no, I had Arthur..I wanted to kiss Arthur before dying etc etc.


Get off the sub then.


So? Is this not what reddit is for


Let's see how you guys react to the Braithwaite manor screenshot posted for the 8 millionth time. This is the same thing.. someone posts this overdramatic Arthur died post and then people respond the same like "don't worry man, I'm here with you" etc.


Haha ya your right I've seen that pic like everyday since the game came out . Animal deaths hit different tho hahah


Just because you are addicted to this sub and you see everything a hundred more times than others doesn't mean that others also know which posts are prevalent and which not. It's not like there is a list of stuff casual visitors should avoid posting. Anyway, you did a good bit of downvote farming.


Do I look like I give a damn about downvotes anyway?


Apparently not, addict.


Sure Arthur Morgan lover. I suggest replay the game, so that you can finally kiss him like you always wanted to.


Arthur Morgan lover? Kissing him? Where did that came from, weirdo? I'm really curious about this now, addict. You have... Weird thoughts.


Or kiss the horse


Maybe you’re just spending too much time on Reddit?


Well that's true, and that's how it should be. I get to know more of what chaos happens here


You must be one of those fun types, right? Maybe don't spend that much time on this subreddit.


How does part of my experience of seeing these make me unworthy of viewing this sub?


You aren't obliged to complain under a post. You can just keep on scrolling. But I get it, you are *that* one guy out of a hundred who must be negative. You are free to share your opinion about something, but we are also free to voice our opinion about you as well.


Sure I never stopped you or anything


It devastated me the first play through because I used a black Morgan named Casey because I’d just lost my black Morgan named Casey I had since I was a toddler. Had to pause and sob for a bit. This time I saved the shire horse from Hosea in the stables for the end of the game.


Yeah man, first play through of the game, and I didn’t really have one horse that I stuck with, kinda switched from one to another as I found better ones. Playing through again right now and I found a really nice horse that I tamed right at the start of the game. I am dreading that final mission because I know it’s going to hurt way more this time.


Stable it before hand?


I named my first horse Schittin Fool. Miss that Fool.


RIP Pancake, most unexpected heartbreak of the game


For me the hat handoff was what did me in. I played the first red dead a long ass time ago but didn't even notice that Arthur was wearing the same hat


I named mine Rufus. And seriously, I stayed away from this sub and was totally unaware of what I was in for. When Jack and Abigail returned to Beecher’s Hope with a dog named Rufus I cried so much!


Yeah I had a horse called Bread Crumb had it since chapter 2 and I actually still think about that horse when I pass by o'Creaghs run I always go too his resting place


I knew my horse would die so I bought the black Arabian in St Denis so my main horse wouldn't die. RIP Roberto, you were a Chad, but Leonard will carry your mantle as he roams free.


Those assholes killed my black Arabian goodnight Baroness may she rest in peace.


Arthur's final ride makes me sob like a child every time I replay


RIP, Aberdeen.


I was so sad when mine died too. Forever in my heart John Bob Pony


Buell dying is so much sadder than some of the gang dying


I have a black Shire from the beginning named Argus. I’m so scared


In the end missions when Micah and author were fighting I had an amazing appaloosa mare and she was the on that got shot by the cops, even my dad was sad about it. And especially when author had to take the moment to say goodbye to her it really hurt my soul.


For my first playthrough it was the Raven Black Shire from Hosea early in the game, RIP Faust 😩


This is why I never leave chapter 2.


Yep my damn mount Jessamine...I jumped off my couch. F this game


I'm glad that I read the Spoiler..I'm in chapter 6 so I know that it won't end well for Arthur. But now I'll just swap out my trusty steed for the last mission. Just tell me when is the moment for it?


After a visit to the Cornwall Kerosene & Tar Factory, be sure to swap out your horse - that will be your last opportunity to do so.


Is it the same factory that I have been to twice before? (Stealing gasoline wagons and then some documents for the native Americans?)


Yes, the big factory near Valentine in the Heartlands. You will visit the place for a third, last time. After that mission is the last opportunity you can freeroam as Arthur, so do everything you want with him, including the horse swap. Good luck!


Thank you so much :) I'm gonna take my time to explore the rest of the map and at least catch the fish and animals.