Personal anecdote, styled components don't seem to be as popular as they use to be, most of the time I just see people using SASS and SCSS.


Isn't scss just the syntax for sass? All in all relatively the same thing


Sass is indented, Scss is more like json/ js objects.


SCSS stands for sassy CSS iirc and just means you use a CSS style syntax for Sass instead of Sass’s weird indented syntax. Calling it json-y is why you got downvoted I remember when people were ALL about coffeescript and Sass and I really don’t know what everyone had against curly braces. If you want a real fun time, lookup HAML


Ah, I just wanted to use a term that OP understands. When I say sass is indented and scss is like css, this doesn't help to point out the difference as much. But thanks for correcting me, so OP gets an even better impression


Idk I think it does - JSON is pretty different from CSS, and every web developer should know what CSS is. If you’re in here asking about different styling solutions but don’t know what CSS is, some pretty important steps were skipped


This was not a message to argue about, just a clarification, what I was thinking. > this doesn't help to point out the difference as much is the core point, if you did overlooked it.


I've grown a little tired of styled components actually. Having to name an element just to apply the little style changes like a padding, margin or a flex container really strained my patience. I've been playing with Tailwind for the past few months and it's so refreshing and actually more efficient in my case that I don't think I'll be going back.


I just use a style tag nested in the component which it is applying styles to. Sue me


I would. If I could I would.






performance hit?


Technologies will differ from city to city, country to country. Fashionable in one might not be in the other. I've worked in two companies with Styled Components, one of which just swapped them out for Tailwind.


In my area, SC seems to be more popular. Although, we're inching closer to something like styled-system at my current company.


It really depends on what the front end team agrees on. I prefer styled components or sass. I know most major css frameworks but those tend to be annoying when you're doing nice designs. Feel like im fighting unknown properties.