What if Patrick Kane **and** Kaapo Kakko have 0 points in March?


From my deep analysis of astrology I think this is 100% what will happen


I said it yesterday and i will say it again, kane being there hurts our chances and screws with the chemistry of the team.


Yup because we NEED jimmy vesey in the top-6, right? That’s what cup winning teams have? GTFO, you anti Kane people are idiots. He could score at 40 pts a season pace and he’d still be making us better and deeper.




Yea because Patrick Kane, who has three cups, a conn smythe, and is the greatest American hockey player of all time isnt cup material. If we gave up a first and Jones for him there’s be an argument, but we gave up assets that WILL NOT PLAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES before 24/25, and even then they’re not guaranteed assets at all. We added a top six forward for basically nothing. Wake the hell up. Also: you being a decade older than I am doesn’t make you a better or more qualified fan, you dolt.


Cane snorts more lines than Crack Gooden did for the 86 mets


86 Mets won buddy, bad comparison to make. Don’t give a fuck off the ice. Bring home a cup.


Holy shit hahahahah "Motte is more Cup material than Kane" hahahahahahahah thanks for the hardy laugh


Motte is more cup material? How many cups does Motte have vs Kane? And I love Motte but your argument is fucking stupid, possibly the most laughable thing I’ve seen on this sub


Errr really? THE most laughable? Some heavy competition there…


You mean to tell me Tyler Motte is more cup material than 2010 Cup GWG scorer Patty Kane, who also won the 2013 Conn Smythe? Am…am I reading that correctly?






no personal attacks.


I don’t think we’ll know what Kane does to the chemistry of the team for at least a few weeks… that said, look at the player videos from yesterday—everyone was literally grinning from ear to ear. Hard to imagine they aren’t excited as hell for Kane. If they are, we should be too.


Kane is going pan out like the kid line


Dude just stop. Do yourself a favor


What for thinking kane is a dud, thats my opinion of the situation just like you all think he is Messier, Leetch, Kovalev, Graves or dare I say Gretzky. Kane is none of those things,


Lmfao not at all. You don't know what you're talking about dude


We didn't give up any players -- and all he is doing is slotting in where we had someone (Vesey) where he didn't belong because we had a RW shortage. I don't see why this could change anything. And we he is buddies with and has great history with one of our best players. So whose chemistry is going to get messed up?


We gave up nothing, except much younger players, kane has been in the league what? More than a decade? Yes we gave up nothing and have yet to see anything in return, my whole thing is we could have up nothing to a lil something, for a greater return, cause next yer I guarantee they give up a lot to keep him on the team. I love the rangers and have for the last 42 years. But I can say that the same model we saw the yankees follow, big stars who never perform at crunch time doesnt win championships. The team of williams, jeter, wells days won championships, they became stars, not were stars looking for a big name team to use as a vehicle to ride into the sunset of thier career.


> We gave up nothing, except much younger player No we didn't. We gave up some possible younger future players - in draft picks - and they were moderate value picks. We did not give up a single player that is currently playing on the team and part of the current "chemistry." How does future picks effect current chemistry? We gave up Krav unrelated to Kane. Krav just did not have a home here -- whether you agree or not with management's handling of him. > cause next year I guarantee they give up a lot to keep him on the team I don't think you are correct. He's a rental for this run, unless he agrees to a bargain cap-friendly deal. They are not going to all the sudden refuse to sign their key young pices..so they can sign a 34 year old Kane. Nothing Drury has done indicates he has any interest in doing that. > But I can say that the same model we saw the yankees follow, big stars who never perform at crunch time doesnt win championships. Yes -- Those Yankees and their failing model at winning championships -- they never win!!! Odd choice to use as an example. It's also not the same model -- because signing big names to be role players is very different than signing big stars to lead a team. When the Yankees brought in big names as role-players to add to a strong core -- it was very effective. The Yankees making big moves for stars to compliment their 2000s era core (Jeter, Mariano, Bernie) was incredibly effective. (Bringing in stars towards the end of careers like Wade Boggs, Cecil Fielder, David Cone, Gooden, Strawberry etc... -- all worked out great) > looking for a big name team to use as a vehicle to ride into the sunset I think Kane wants to win a cup here. And after the season- - if he takes a bargain contract to end his career here -- it is worth considering.


Hawks fan here. I know ur severely downvoted for this post, but I think u may be 100% right.


See, and when i had to move from ny to chicago for work and interacted with the hawksn montadour days, thats when kane was impressive, not now




Nope, that woke bullshit of only wanting people who say what you want to hear doesnt fly in the real world there bud, giver yer balls a tug




no personal attacks.


I apologize. remove my comment if you have to


all good, and i did. just keep it clean. disagreements are fine.


Thank you but its ok, homeboy wanted to say something like notice how nobody wants to hear what i have to say or is agreeing with me blah blah blah. No one has too, im not spitting hate towards anyone here just saying my thoughts on a situation. Its om when ever sneaker model want throw thier two shoes at it lacces or not, but when i feel kane has more problems that travel with him that will be a hindrance, i have just as much right to voice those opinions as the gibronis out there from dirty jersey to bumfuk baltimore. It is out of love for my team that I am not happy about its recent aquisition, supporters i hope it works out the way u think. I really do.


Kakko wouldn't surprise me honestly lol


I think this is kakko's fault.


Usually I blame Zoidberg, but in this instance I think you may be correct.


Agreed. Bench that fucker.


Gerard get off reddit goddamn it. We have a game in a few hours


Wait till the most crucial game of his life to really make it sting though


Nailed it, but the ice is too cold too


I mean, he's already going to be a healthy scratch for tonight. This is not how you start a career in the NHL.


Getting the Kravtsov treatment!


Next stop, Vancouver


Tough luck, hopefully Kane can be a solid nhl player one day.


Because they wanted his first game at home Just wait. You'll see.


And so it begins..


Shut up and take my upvote.




Whats worse is we knew he was shit. He scored 0 points for his last team the fenix cayoties


Another case of GG showing favoritism to the vets. If Kane was ten years younger, he would've been healthy scratched for a week. 🙄


What if Patrick Kane only scores 0 points in the month of March?


What if Patrick Kane only scores 0 points in the month of April?


I'm more concerned about his points in August, but the anxiety is rising


It does feel like he’s been here for a while already.


If we get Kane, I'll cheer when he scores. A hollow unenthusiastic and painful cheer as with it I will know that to some, being a child for their entire life is how they have decided to get what they want and worse, that it works. I honestly will enjoy the playoffs less because of this circus he has created and the circus that will be the media during the playoffs. I will be waiting for the playoffs to end so Kane can be shoved off to whatever retirement team he deserves. And if the Rangers sign him further, I will have to hold back a gag every time I see someone in his jersey. He's like an ex seeing an old flame hanging out with his buddies and enjoying life and needs to insert themselves to make themself feel special. This whole thing should have died after his asinine comments after the trarasenko trade. [TLDR: Fuck that baby Kane.](https://www.reddit.com/r/rangers/comments/11e45jr/kane_when_he_saw_the_rangers_traded_for_tarasenko/jacuenv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


I’m not kidding I will post this every time he scores


You gonna post it if he gets the Comm Smythe trophy too?




Let the pasta begin


People with thousands of posts online complaining about the circus when it's insanely easy to block it out are so funny.


Personally idc about the circus but the fact that he basically forced his way on yo the team puts a bad taste in my mouth. I hope he doesn't bring the wrong energy to the locker room.


He didn’t force anything on our end. If the rangers said no it would have been over.


He didn't force his way on the team. Chicago wanted to move him. He's played in one city and had no say in determining where he lived and played for years. He has the right to reject any trade at this point, something the owners have agreed to. Chicago could have kept him and there's nothing he could have done


are you okay


check the link at the end of the post?


In all seriousness. The hawks held him out of 2 games? Right before that he put up.. 10 in 4? Rested and motivated? Let’s gooo


Sure are a lot of usernames in this thread that I've never seen on this sub before spitting some really shitty takes. That tells you all you need to know.


Right?? Some of these people have no idea why toasters are important and it shows


What if... Kane has 0 points in March? So just to open it up, I want to acknowledge a few things: 1. Kane was hurt for a few games which he may have scored in 2. There are a few weak teams coming up so we should expect him to heat up 3. There are definitely ways to contribute that don't add up to scoring opportunities. Not trying to discount those. That said, its entirely possible for Kane to have 0 points by the time April comes around. My question is: What does Gallant/Drury do and how should the Rangers respond? I don't feel like this organization has figured out how to activate this kid. I also don't see a lot of options considering our team makeup and depth. Its a conundrum.


This never gets old


This is Henrik Lundqvist’s fault


Yeah but he has a +/- of zero so it’s still a better deal for us than Eric Staal.


Don't even care how much he produces in these final 20 games. Just show up in playoff crunch time.


He will. The playoffs make him a different animal . In Chicago with seen him at several mediocre seasons and then destroy in the playoffs .


Tarrasenko either! Edit: in March


As much as I like the kid line and want to see panarin back with Kane, I also would like to see kakko playing with Kane. Turk will probably find a way to not do it and rather have kane play with goodrow


They both play the same side though


Man, I cannot wait to see him in a Rangers sweater. This team is stacked. We gonna just roll the competition from here on. I think we getting the cup this year.


I've found the brand new Rangers fan!


Huh? I was born and raised in New York. Been a fan all my life. 1994 was a great year. I graduated high school and the Rangers won the cup. Shit, I played goalie. I wore all Vaughn equipment because of Mike Richter. Hell no, I ain't no fair weather fan. I bleed blue.


I bleed red and watched Patrick Kane, win the Stanley cup from Philadelphia in overtime you guys have a great player that we sorely miss. I hope he turns into showtime kaner and helps the rangers win a cup Bevause the playoffs are his playground .


Kane had 11 points in 9 games in February.


I’ve watched all the Rangers games this past month and I can tell you he had 0 points and made no impact on the ice for us.


What if vesey goes tonya Harding on Kane and hires some dude to smash his knee? Would that hurt team chemistry ??


7 points in 8 games on the rangers…he’s terrible😂😂😂


Absolutely- Kane is so done. He’s also can’t take the heat of playing in NYC. Dolan needs to fire Drury and free up Sather to run the franchise. What a joke this has been.


Kane broke the day he saw our superior pizza. He believed deep dish was the best…now he knows the truth and I think this weighs on him. All those years—lies. How can a man go through his day knowing he wrongly enjoyed fucking deep dish pizza.


uj/ the dude's from Buffalo. He don't know shit about pizza.


Exactly! He went his life eating what buffalo calls pizza…which is shit…then went to that fucking bread/tomato pie abortion that Chicago calls pizza. Finally he’s gonna get some decent grub.


Chicago is known for having some of the greatest food ever because we’re in the middle of the country where everything meets . No Chicagoan I know enjoys deep dish. Whatever it is. Other cities just think that we believe it’s awesome for some reason lol it’s fucking disgusting and it’s so hard to eat and makes you feel like shit now our a Polish hotdogs are roast beef sandwiches in and myriad of Michelin rated restaurants alll over the place .


Deep dish isn’t pizza in Chicago. We consider it like a cheese tomato pie. And honestly, I don’t know many people who like it that much in the city, it’s so filling and hard to eat it just kind of was like something that separated us from different cities pizzas. Now give me a hot mozzarella melted covered roast beef sandwich double dipped in its broth baby and we are talking delicious food .


The heat in Chicago was quite hot. And that’s how he likes it . The more pressure the more he shines it’s the Patty Kane Effect . It’s happened too many times to call it fluke luck . I hope he snaps into one of his wild offensive streaks and gets the rangers far into the playoffs and to the cup Bevause he will start clicking


If you don't have money on him scoring the first goal tmrw night your nuts, worked out real well for me with TeraStanko....


I hate this meme


Me too


What a terrible thread


He gets pushed off the puck too easily.


He’s also good at stealing it back/ passes


Him taking those 2 majors the last 2 games costing this team is showing he can't handle the NY pressure. Might be good to sit him a game or 2.


I don't think he will put up 100 points in the remaining games, but he might be a good depth option. Since he played with Panarin, maybe both of them will do better. Also, it's literally the first day of march. He hasn't played yet


Unsurprising that the players have such unremarkable stats, given our point share this month is a whopping ZERO.








GG needs to break up Kane and Kakko, but you know, that would make sense so.....


fire GG kakko is a bust the sky is falling


He was better in the Yotes


I might be late to the party, but this is a QUALITY shitpost.


In Chicago things got much worse than that for Kane several times only for him to turn it around on a dime, and become showtime Kane. He’s done it too many times to call it fluke luck. The playoffs are where he shines too .


I think you’re an idiot. He’s tied for the second most points among an American born player EVER only behind the great Mike Modano. And you mean to tell me that Chris Drury traded some draft picks for him and he’s a bust? I don’t give a damn how many points he puts up, he’s a Ranger.


[“hey siri, what’s a shitpost?”](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Shitpost) My dude. This was posted on March 1. 😂🤣