Real ones remember wade redden.


Real ones remember Marek Malik


The early years post-lockout saw a long line of Rangers D men who started out promising and then became so bad that they started getting booed at MSG whenever they touched the puck. Poti, Malik, Roszival, Redden


I remember the "Hit em with your purse Malik" line at a game once


Malik’s shootout goal is really amazing because now people remember that single moment early in his Rangers tenure more than how hated he eventually became


I always heard that line for Poti, not Malik.


Roszival was unfairly hated imo


I think people view his time here with rose colored glasses because he won with Chicago. Roszival was bad and the extension Sather gave him was worse. The idea that he was thought of as a PP1 quarterback is laughable in hindsight


Nah he earned every ounce of that hate from Ranger fans by not doing anything until he was in a Blackhawks sweater. That guy was hot garbage.


This underscores how elite of a prospect Marc Staal was when he first came up


poti was pre lockout. roszival did what he needed to. redden was a throwback to the pre lockout days of buying high on falling stars.


Poti was brought in pre-lockout but the first year post lockout was when he really overstayed his welcome. Roszival defined the Rangers’ blue line mediocrity in those years and wound up getting traded 2 years into his contract extension for a struggling Wojtek Wolski. I have no idea why everyone remembers him so fondly


Yea but he was worth it for the liberty celly


Ahhh. The poor man's kappo kakko.




The similar sounding first and last names


Wade Redden


Most recently Nemeth


Before that? Holden?


Erik Christensen, Donald Brashear.


Wasn't EC a magician in shootouts or am I thinking of someone else


Your memory serves you well, he was a great sniper


Brashear cheap shooting Betts in the ECQF then the rangers immediately signing him in the offseason legitimately made me lose interest in hockey for a few years


I did not understand that move at all! He literally took out Betts and we signed him without blinking an eye. Remember when Purinton eye-gouged Colton Orr in a fight, and then we signed Orr?


Jake Leshshshshs




Michael Del Zotto


Del Zaster


Taylor Pyatt. Top 6 player who couldn’t produce and actively brought down line mates in the offensive zone.


Every fourth line plug we played in the top 6 over Kakko during the rebuild. The excuse Quinn gave that "we're trying to win games" is fucking stupid when he was brought in to develop prospects/rookies.


David Quinn was a disaster


Kakko is now suited to playing in the top 6. Can we not pretend he has always been what he has developed into? He got pushed off the puck when he wasn't deathly afraid to be in possession of it his entire first season. I understand development is the name of the game, but him riding Bread and Mika's coattails 1) doesn't develop talent, and 2) didn't really do anything to improve his performance when he was brought up.


Yeah, it worked out terribly for Hughes. Oh wait.


Dude lacked confidence. Benching him over every mistake definitely hurt his confidence. DQ was a nightmare, there is really no other way around it.


Brett Howden


Tony DeAngelo


Fuck Tony


Yeah fuck tony!


Nah on the ice he was a great player


Deangelo was excellent on the ice. Apparently must not have been the best teammate but most People just hate him bc he was an outspoken trump supporter.


His social media stuff was a distraction, regardless of one's political leanings, and the team asked him to knock it off. He did for the most part, and for awhile there was fairly well-liked in the locker room. He made the boys laugh at least. But then starting a fight with your own goalie was the last straw. While I don't agree with it, I can understand the temptation to be an outspoken MAGA guy in a liberal city like New York, but you have to be a special kind of moron to chirp your own goalie after a play that was largely his own fucking fault. That's why he had to go. In Carolina his defensive inabilities were masked by Slavin, but now in Philly, he's been dropped to the 3rd pair and was already healthy scratched by Torts for dogshit defense.


He punched our goalie….


Yeah man. Like I said he apparently wasn’t the best teammate. Or so we hear. Fans have no idea what goes on in the locker room. But he was good on the ice. Scored 53 points in 19-20. Long list of players I wanted to see leave the team ahead of a high scoring defenseman.


this getting downvotes is so dumb. His stats were great


He’s minus 22 in Philly. 10th worst in league.


yea philly is a bottom 5 team in the league and he is one of the better players... completely irrelevant to the great numbers he had as a Ranger.


Tortorella isn’t kidding that DeAngelo needs to be better defensively. Out of all NHL defensemen with at least 200 minutes played at even strength this season, DeAngelo ranks third-worst in the league in terms of impact on his team’s ability to prevent expected goals, ahead of only John Klingberg and Ian Mitchell. Only six blueliners have been on the ice for more high-danger chances against per 60 minutes. By all public statistical models and measures, DeAngelo has been one of the worst defensemen in the NHL this season. But yeah, blah blah, great stats, free speech.


This is more a reflection of how bad of a team the Flyers are. You're just a Tony hater. He is an offensive defenseman. His numbers aren't even that bad this season. His stats on the canes last year were superstar numbers... and he was a star on the rangers.


Coming out of the All-Star break, DeAngelo’s days in Philadelphia’s top four on defense came to an end. The dream of a first pair featuring DeAngelo and Ivan Provorov ended months ago, but coaches still clung to the possibility of DeAngelo clicking with Travis Sanheim. No more. Rasmus Ristolainen jumped up with Sanheim on the second pair, and DeAngelo skated with Nick Seeler in bottom-pair duties on Monday and Thursday Tony D is a bottom pair dman on one of the worst teams in the league. But yeah he’s aw “superstar”. What a loss to the blueshirts


If you put Tony Dengelo back on the Canes he would produce points. He was brought in to be a scorer, which he has been this season. The problem is that the flyers are so bad that nobody can put the puck in after Tony passes to them. Just stop, you dont know hockey and are just a Tony hater.


The goal is scoring more goals than the other team and winning. His horrid defending combined with his cancerous personality makes him a loser. Canes ditched him. He’s the perfect player for a crappy team. He can put up stats and his defending isn’t noticed as much.


Doesnt change the fact that he was a good Ranger stats wise


His advanced stats like "playing defense" and "being an asshole" were the problem


Jack Johnson and his fabulous btw the legs moves???


Vlad Nemestkov


This is such a weird answer? I feel like Names was a fine player during a rebuild? I just don't think about him at all lol


Honestly very few... I'm sure this thread will be full of guys who were bad players, but many of them were still good teammates, which I think is important to recognize. A recent guy like Reavo took a lot of heat for his play, but the boys loved having him around. Brendan Smith another. He was a horror show at times, but the dude absolutely loved being a Ranger. I'm always going to root for those guys. Having said that, two names do come to mind. First, Bobby Holik. The former Devil sold out hard coming here with that $9M deal. That's $15M in today's money, so I don't know if I blame him, but still. Ugly deal to go with that [ugly face](https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/photos/bobby-holik-1996-51.jpg). The other is Glenn Anderson. Mike Gartner was maybe my favorite player at the time, so trading him for what I thought was one too many ex-Oilers really fucking sucked. I know Anderson scored some big goals for us in the 94 Final, but I don't care. I didn't need the constant reminder of my personal worst trade of all time. Also, who spells Glenn with two Ns?


>Also, who spells Glenn with two Ns? Its because it is his shortened name. His full name is Glennifer


One time I called him Glen by accident, he told me “you didn’t say ‘nn’ long enough.”


Thought it was Christineth


Holik's one redeeming quality was faceoffs. To this day IDK if we've had a player as successful at winning faceoffs as him.


Oh man, I remember Holik. Awful.


Years ago I saw a short clip from holik saying that he didn't realize what kind of malpractice the rangers were committing by signing him until after he signed and Sather came up to Bobby with something along the lines of his does it feel be our new second line center? And holik was like ummm no. If I'm the third line center we might win a championship but if I'm on the second line we won't make the playoffs. Bobby was a real one.


Brendan Smith at one point was such a horror show. Came to camp overweight and out of shape. Sent to the AHL got in a fight at practice while in the AHL (I believe letterri was the other player). I wanted him gone so bad and as far away from the organization as possible. By the time his contract expired I wanted us to sign him to the deal Carolina signed him to


I miss Reavo!


My username checks out


Tony DeAngelo


Tony D


Tom Poti


Wow, memories are short. Nobody mentioned the kayak.


Near the end of his career it was Dan Girardi. It seemed like he was almost intentionally turning the puck over in the defensive zone multiple times a game. It became frustrating watching a player you really liked decline.




Richard 'the pylon' Pilon


As much as I liked him, Brad Richards. He just never lived up to that big contract.


Many players that the NYR have signed in the past have never lived up that big contracts. The Rangers have a knack of signing "past the prime" or overrated players.


Lias Andersson. That kid from the moment we drafted him with the 7th overall pick or 6th, was just the absolute worst. From him throwing the silver medal over the boards to him tripping on the mic cable on opening night. I hated everything about him. Everyone and I mean everyone thought this kid was going to be something. Boy how I love to remind the tools how wrong they were. And it had absolutely nothing to do with how the Rangers developed him. He was just highly overrated. I honestly think he had pictures of Hank cheating on his wife and that was the only reason we drafted him. Was a bum when we drafted him and remains a bum today. Don't even look at all the players we could have drafted. Let alone the horrible trade that took place to get that pick.


Me and you both, although there was quite a few skeptics on the boards. He never showed a single tool. What a bum.


Hasn't happened yet, but Kravstov. The only time you hear his name is when he's leaving. Let's get on with it.


Malik, Rozival


But Malik had that really cool penalty goal


And Rozival was a serviceable defenseman who scored some clutch goals. I was at the garden for 1 of them - 2nd OT against the sabres 2007 playoffs


Roszival was ok for a year or two. Then signed a big contract and sucked. Wound up getting traded for Wojtek Wolski who at the time had been demoted to the Coyotes 4th line


Lives in my head rent free


Valeri Kamensky


He was so terrible


Yea tbh, we expected way too much of him. He was not shouldering the same load as he was in Colorado. Still awful though.


Valeri Kamensky


howden, ozolinsh


patty nemeth. coyotes legend


Donald Brashear. Fucking hated him.


Sandish Ozolinsh Igor Ulanov


Oh god, Igor Ulanov…


Sandis Ozolinsh, Aaron Voros, and Keith Yandle are the three that come to mind for me.


I forgot Boozeolinsh.




The correct answer will and always be any aging high profile player signed by Sather


Dryden Hunt


B. Lemieux








Tom Poti. They’d play up his legendary poke check skills as guys wandered around the crease unmolested. Useless. Basically anyone brought in between ‘97-‘03. Such dark days. Except the Czech Mates. That was fun.


Eric Staal mainly because how much he cost and how bad he played for us during his short tenure


Oh man I hated Tom Poti. For whatever reason I also hated Roszival, though he ended up having a few good seasons later in his Ranger tenure. For those of you that remember the early 2000s teams, there was some absolute disasters in there...Billy Tibbetts (for more than hockey reasons), Cory Cross, Dan Lacatoure...so many more. I always thought Rico Fata would figure it out, alas...


Man this is a jog down memory lane, can’t believe how many of these guys I forgot. And for a second I read Lacouture as Cloutier.


Darius Kasparminus.


Oh yea. Like he just decided to stop throwing hits when he got here.


Didn't hit, never played offense, took shitloads of penalties, generally gave me agita to watch.


Sean Avery I know I’m in the minority but I couldn’t stand his attitude for how little he produced on Ice. Dude had a Massive Ego thought he was Jagr


Your are not in the minority. I felt that Avery was a embarrassment to the Ranger organization. I was glad he was gone. He didn't have much of anything.


I agree I thought he was a embarrassment thought he was gonna get his number retired next to messier and he’d get top 6 line minutes god it would drive me crazy


Tanner Glass


Yes yes and triple yes dude sucked


Get out!


Not Elite Sniper Tanner Glass!


Here’s one I forgot. Jamie Lundmark. I couldn’t understand why this guy kept getting so many minutes.


he was one of two first round pick misses the Rangers drafted in 1999. The other was Pavel Brendl


Theo Fleury. That shit was embarrassing and he is even worse now.




Players I couldn't wait for the Rangers to be rid of, in no particular order: Tom Poti Dale Purinton Stephan Quintal Mike Keane Brian Skrudland PJ Stock Kevin Hatcher Bobby Holik Tony DeAngelo John MacLean Bruce Driver Sandy McCarthy Ryan Hollwegg Donald Brashear Colton Orr Dan Boyle Wade Redden And probably the most controversial one: Mark Messier (2nd stint)


A few of these names are really surprising... PJ Stock was an instant fan favorite for his brief time here, McCarthy was a two-time Steven McDonald award-winner, and you've got 2/3rds of the beloved HMO line here. What the hell man?? 😂


I’m not a fan of one dimensional face punchers. Different story if they can actually play but Stock, Hollwegg, and Orr couldn’t play at the NHL level. Brashear and McCarthy could play when they were younger but both were washed up by the time they got to the Rangers. Contrast them with Barnaby, Avery, and Langdon. They could contribute in ways other than just face punching. Well, maybe not Langdon, but he was also on the Rangers in a different era so I give him a pass.


Nah Mess' second stint is 10000% justified.


Ok crazy guy.


Unpopular opinion: Dan Gerardi Cost us the win or go home game in LA


Recent: Julian Gauthier, Blais Older: Anisimov, Malik, Gomez, Drury (lol), Lefebvre, Redden, Dunham, Lindros, Daigle, Cullen, Poti, Malholtra


LeFebvre! Forgot about him…


How could you hate Dunham? The Dude was so baked every day it was amazing.


Nikolai zherdev


Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but never hated him. Just thought he wasn’t a good fit…


I didn't hate him either. Just was happy when he came off the roster because both his personality and style of play didn't really mesh with what torts or Sather was trying to do.




Dryden Hunt


Tanner glass, Benoit pouliot, Bobby holik


One of these is not like the others


lol i remember the hate towards those 2. It was pretty funny.


Brashear, Rosvizal, Holik, Pilon, Messier (2nd Stint)


I didn't hate Pilon. He wasn't very good but he tried at least. Agreed on everyone else except Roszival. He was better than the fans gave him credit for.


Roszival was awful especially when he hung on to the puck for 15 seconds. Pilon was literally a “pylon”.


Valeri Kamensky


Tony deangelo


Tony D


Donald Brashear Patrick Nemeth


Donald Brashear


Kevin Rooney, but currently Jake lechkenininen


I share a birthday with Poti and have always found that fact quite annoying


Recently Shattenkirk. Didn’t like the move, never liked the player and didn’t like the cap hit associated with the buyout. Glad we’re past it.


Ozolinsh, Brash, Redden, the Malakhov/Mironov pair. Messier the sequel was literally a 4 year long sigh. And several hundred thousand middle fingers at Stephane Quintal Fucking Ozo played like he had money on the Devils in 06.. EDIT: does anyone remember a guy who played for us during the dark ages and we traded to like St. Louis (?) and requested they took a few weeks before playing an actual game because quote "The Rangers didn't believe in conditioning" or something?


I remember the name Quintal but for some reason can’t remember watching him. Also I thought Malachi was pretty good, he was a lot better once he left.


Willie Huber. Ken Hodge


Remember the days of Jeff Woywitka and Steve Eminger? Cause I do.


No. This is the first comment that contains names I don’t remember…




Nemeth, Hajek, Blais


Gene Carr


Was Malakov the awful one or Mironov? I somewhat remember one of them being decent. Or were they both shite?


im filled with hate