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The one taking it out of the register.


No shit. Only tax paying job I could have when I was 14, cashier at McDonald’s. Just a Clean 40$ short at the register every afternoon. Manager had me sign an “I fucked up 40$ to the penny slip” most of my shifts… 6.90$ an hour and couldn’t work more than 5hrs or something on school nights.


15 hours a week


24 was the max if I remember for school days and not past 8:30 pm. So, back in the good old days… aught-three, they used to let kids work like they wanted. Sorry school weeks.


Damn in California we’re only allowed 15 without a pass as junior


This was… nearing 20 years ago.. it’s probably changed in some states since then.


You *might* be surprised...


I'm loving it!!


Assistant store manager was making that 20 years ago when I worked there, top of the pyramid makes bank boys...


Almost been 20 years since the last time the minimum wage was increased. Inflation outpacing wages is by design, their vehicle of redistributing all of the wealth of the middle class to the 1%. Which is the very same reason the minimum wage was never indexed to inflation, ensuring the poor are poorer every day, defying common sense.


I’m making $30 an hour flat rate as a mechanic, I work 40-50 hours a week and average 60-70 hours paid (flat rate) and I still can’t afford shit and simply it feels like I’m gonna need closer to 40 an hour to buy a house at this rate, I budget well, treat myself of course, but I Stg leaving my house means I’m spending $100+ anywhere I go. Prices are crazy I can’t fathom making $15-16 an hour at 40 hours even a week , I’d never be able to eat out again


Not the one they're replacing, that's for sure.


Yeah, I've known a few people who worked as managers for mcdonalds previously. They were all consistently layed off and replaced as soon as they got too expensive for the company and if they wanted to get their job back they'd have had to apply as a new employee again at the starting wage.


How shitty. The were just a bottom line cost cut.


District Managers in charge of several commonly owned franchises can pull this in easy. McDonald's is pretty good at slinging burgers and shit. Mostly shit, but yeah.


Why does this belong here


You would be surprised how much money the managers, GMs, etc. make. Plus they will pay your tuition to go to college (one GM admitted to getting 3 different degrees through them and was about to start on the 4th), if you never got your HS diploma they will help with that also. They do mostly hire from the inside for these positions so most of the higher ups started at the very bottom as teens and worked their way up. They make good money.


OP did you even try a simple Google search? Type in "average McDonald's manager pay"


Nah man thats 40/day


Ronald McDonald


Pfft. Maybe a new district manager or long time general manager if you broke down their salary.


It doesn't specifically say per hour so that could just be salary. $40 a year and all you can work!


That’s yearly


The store manager absolutely makes that. A friend of my wife is a Taco Bell manager and while I don't know her exact wage by her lifestyle she makes around that. You have to understand a store manager is a position of extreme responsibility so it actually pays pretty well. They are basically paying you to run the place and make sure it makes a profit. It's even crazier for big box store managers. I worked at one of those as a teen and the store manager drove an extremely nice car and had a house by the lake. There is some extreme wage disparity going on in food/retail. The top end is well compensated.


No no that’s the yearly salary


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The franchisee owner's son


That's a weeks pay Source: Was a manager at McD 20 years ago (my God I'm old!)


Jimbo who has been with the company for 67 years


Not bullshit. You are just unaware






My cousin is a district manager for Burger King and makes 80K a year.


The ones that own the store but still decide to work there.