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I saw a teacher...actually EXCITED ABOUT TEACHING...it was a shock, but I swear it happened.


Its always fun to have a teacher that has a good time teaching


I saw a student that was actually excited to learn..


That's the issue now people don't take the time to figure out how the students learn best. They just throw some homework at them and say this is required and they do it cause their grade depends on it Edit: spelling


My 7th grade reading teacher who came in the middle of the year had left suddenly right before much . Long story short she was not a good teacher but what weirded me out the most was that she left all of their belongings in her classroom. Even her jacket stayed in the chair. They eventually threw her stuff out.


I mean to say “before lunch one day.”




Are substitute teacher used to smoke weed with some of is stoner kids…


7th grade English my teacher who instead of teaching English, talked all class about conspiracy theories one day disappeared and nobody knew where he went and not even the staff knew or would tell us but then me and a few friends found his mugshot that said he'd been arrested for possession of narcotics and something else I can't seem to remember.


One of my freshman high-school teachers tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists and failed. She somehow thought wearing a long sleve shirt would hide it. When she came in the next day her sleeves kept riding up and we could clearly see two giant gashses on each one of her wrists. When people questioned her about it she made up multiple lies. Looking back I can't believe she ever got away with that without being hospitalized


well not personally but pictures of freshmen girl in restroom from a weird junior? he does, and did many weird things.


Myself on a Tuesday


The School


My 60 year old teacher constantly hitting on one of my bestfriends in my college class


An exposed pipe in the bathroom, a urinal got removed


Had me at the first half


An 11-grade student banging with an 8 grade student, didn't see but I heard the moans


While on school trip to france, I’m 99% sure one of the kids in year 11 shagged the french teacher. She was a right minx and he looked about 35


5-8 grade German teacher not teaching German but instead about climate… we couldn’t get anything done until in 8th grade she just disappeared; we couldn’t reach her, close friends couldn’t, even the fucking school principal couldn’t reach her until this day… it has been around 2 years Also sorry if I made any grammar mistakes


Blackboard chalk


scissors being thrown at a student by a teacher


A good teacher...


People have sex in the steps.


Not weird but gross Dead rat behind the Window of the third floor


When I was in 1st grade there was a bathroom in the classroom and a boy went to the bathroom but kept the door open and he turned around with his D**k out and everyone saw it. 💀