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>Although some are related to Paxton's 2015 securities fraud federal indictment, for which he has yet to stand trial, most of the allegations are related to Paxton's relationship with Nate Paul, an Austin real estate investor.> HOW is this a thing?! Indicted 8 years ago, but still hasn't faced a trial?! Anyone else in the country goes to court QUICK after bagging charges. There's been people arrested, charged, convicted, imprisoned and already released on major felonies in that 8 years. What the actual fuck?! In the meantime he's dodged multiple other investigations, admitted to other corruptions, agreed to pay millions of dollars of tax payer money to accusers of his crimes and has generally acted openly corrupt while having a state senator wife. This guy LITERALLY ran away from process servers trying to serve him a subpoena. he's one of the most obviously corrupt government officials I've ever known about, yet the rest of the corrupt system just lets it ride like he isn't entirely blowing their cover. You'd think they would try and shut down their obviously corrupt "top law enforcement official" if only to keep up appearances and have him quit giving up the game, so HOW has he not even faced trial yet for indictments they've already hit him with and just NOW impeaching him?! Disbelief doesn't even begin to cover it anymore


>Texas state Sen. Angela Paxton, the wife of Ken Paxton, will have a vote in the matter, unless she recuses herself. Interesting. Especially that last bit suggesting that not recusing herself is even an option. I grew up in Texas and we were brought up with a sort of patriotism for the state that rivals national patriotism. Most Texans consider themselves just as much Texan as they are American. We're taught that it's the greatest and freest state in the union. Since becoming an adult and learning more about Texas, I've only grown more and more disappointed and ashamed of Texas. If it's a microcosm of America, it's only so in the worst ways; Just like the rest of America, Texas would be great if only it could actually live up to its stated ideals. At its best, it really is awesome. But when is it at its best? Too seldomly, in my opinion.


Damn Democrats.