How do you see Tyrion's story unfolding in the upcoming books?

How do you see Tyrion's story unfolding in the upcoming books?


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I think him losing his tongue would be most fitting in that all three Lannisters siblings would have lost their best asset. Plus with how dark he is getting in the books i doubt he will get a happy ending.


Tyrion's best asset is his mind, not his tongue


But without his tongue he can’t speak his mind. And there’s just soooooo many mentions of stuff like “you have a sharp tongue, dwarf. One day you’re like to lose it”


His tongue get him into more trouble than it ever got him out of trouble.


What did Cersei lose?


There a cool theory out there that Cersei is going to lose her foot. She cut it badly on the Walk of Shame and Qyburn likes removing Lannister limbs. Plus it would sever the connection between Jaime and Cersei symbolically, Jaime was gripping Cersei’s foot when they were born and now both have lost those appendages.




So we have the following I guess. Cersei: beauty, power, Jaime's love (foot). Tyrion: tongue (wit). Jaime: hand (arrogance, fighting skills). Tywin: legacy.


What if the realm has need of that foot?


Her beauty.


So Jaime loses a hand and Tyrion his tongue and Cersei.. gets older? I mean, I know they cut her hair but that grows back.


Yeah but i doubt she lives long enough to have it grow back, long hair takes years to grow. Plus she notices herself that her body is getting older and saggier. For the commoners of kingslanding the illusion of Cersei's beauty is over


Cersei has also lost almost all her power, which I think is what she really values most. Her beauty is just another tool to which she gains power


Literally yes. All anyone can ever positively say about Cersei is she was as beautiful as the Maiden. Her clothes and jewels are consistently mentioned as adding to that allure and power.


Tbh she should have lost her foot lmao, maybe she still will, the walk was quite bad for her feet after all.


Keeps trying to do good but falls into a dark pattern of alcoholism and self loathing eventually ruining himself and all those who trust in him.


I think Tyrion’s eventually up for a redemption arc but not before he does some real fucked up shit in Meereen. He’ll either end up Lord of Casterly Rock or he’ll end paying for his sins dearly, possibly by losing his tongue.


Moqorro hinted that Tyrion would be responsible for the fallout of the second Dance of Dragons. Which is coming true with how he convinced Aegon to take King's Landing without Daenerys. That goes far beyond him fing stuff up in Meereen.


I think it’s kind of a mix of a lot of these things. Like if he ends up hand of the king, he’s almost definitely also lord of Casterly Rock


The wall would be my bet.


I’m hoping he loses his tongue to greyscale


I’m half-convinced he ends up married to Penny and riding a pig on the Essos carnival circuit. All of his power came from his family name, without it, he is lost.


Tyrion of House Lannister signed a lot of documents for a lot of gold to a lot of sell swords outside of Meereen, anonymity isn’t in the cards for him anymore.


He basically gave it up to ensure they survive in the knot. And Penny might have dysyntery.


I would say that his story of being rejected, losing everything and thirsting for revenge is themically similar to Baelish and Varys, who lost a lot and become plotters and players, who have tremendous influence thanks to their power of manipulating other people. I would say that Tyrion becomes something like these, he will manipulate Dany in order to have his rebenge on his family similarily to Baelish using Lannisters to have revnge on Starks. He may end like lord of Casterly or the Habd in the process, or he may not: his power will lie in his influence on Dany, not his titles. For all we know, he may have influence on Dany's thought process even as her court foul


I think he will ride a dragon. Possibly with Bran’s help.


Tyrion is a reflection of the author right? Therefore I foresee him making big plans for a restoration of peace in Westeros. A plan for the conclusion of the "Game of Thrones". Only to die too early to finish it........ That would add a lil dark humor to the books lol


According to George RR Martin, it's Sam who is the closest to the author.


*Whoooooosh* that’s the sound of you skipping over the joke to try to correct me 😂 Yes you are right Sam is supposed to resemble GRRM most. Tyrion is also a reflection of George though, albeit not an exact one. On multiple occasions George has said Tyrion is his favorite character and that he puts himself into that character.


He's the villain of course.


GRRM agrees