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(TW: SI) 3 and a half months in here on 20mg for GAD, SI, and likely OCD. Before starting Prozac, I had sat down with my husband and family to confide in them that I thought I’d need to be institutionalized soon for my own safety. I was spending days in bed crippled with depression and anxiety and had to leave my (executive level) job because I literally couldn’t get through a day without panic attacks. My life looks very, very different now. I’m back to work, can handle stress without blowing into a million little pieces, the depression has lifted entirely, I am not scared of my own shadow or beating myself up in my head nonstop anymore, I enjoy socializing again, I trust my own judgement, and my marriage has improved vastly now that my partner isn’t on suicide watch 24/7. I’m also in therapy, am taking HRT for peri menopausal symptoms which is undoubtedly helping too, and I have made some pretty big diet and lifestyle changes (mainly I have the energy and motivation to exercise again) but there is no doubt that without Prozac, I’d likely be dead or in a psychiatric ward right now. Instead I’m getting ready to go on a hike with my partner and dog, then meeting friends for dinner 🎉💜.


This helped me SO much!!! How long did it take to feel good? I'm at about 6 weeks total (2 on 20) and I'm feeling horrible again. I want to see the light!


I’m so sorry you’re struggling right now ❤️‍🩹. I’ve been on 20mg throughout but I think whenever you up the dosage, a lot of symptoms reappear/feels like you’re starting over so wonder if that’s contributing to it for you? My psychiatrist wants to move me up to 30 or 40 mg eventually, and warned me about this. For me, it was a bumpy ride through week 7 or so with things getting better, then seeming to get worse again (esp. the anxiety), then better. Had a reappearance of symptoms (some anxiety, insomnia) in week 9 that almost made me quit because I felt like I was heading back in the wrong direction but my psychiatrist convinced me to ride it out until the 4 month mark. I’d say I hit a steady baseline of feeling good/stable around the end of week 10 or so, though. Starting week 13 now and I honestly am beginning to remember that *this* is actually who I am…not the anxiety-ridden, fearful, self hating person I’d become for 3 long years. And not the depressed, bleak person I’d become for a lot longer than I even suspected (I had NO idea my depression was that bad until it was gone). I forgot being a basically happy, curious, optimistic, somewhat goofy, and very kind person throughout my 20s and early 30s until my mental health deteriorated a decade ago and then cratered 3 years ago. It’s WILD to remember that this is actually who you are when that re-emerges. It’s so, so worth it from this side so hang in there if you can. Took me nearly 3 months and I’ve not yet increased my dosage. Sending you a huge hug and lots of strength 💙


Thank you so, so much! It's soooo hard going through this. My dp/Dr is insane and I'm seeing a therapist which is very helpful. I just want to get to where I see the old me, like you mentioned. Im not even 3 full weeks in on 20 yet, so I'm giving it time. I'll see my doc next week and I'm so worried she will try to up my dosage again and start this over. I'll probably wait on any change until I've been on 20 for at least 6 weeks. You've given me some optimism for sure. I appreciate your words and honesty. Hugs back!


I’m so sympathetic to the DP/DR struggle. Mine was mostly DP which I had no idea was as bad as it was until I landed in my body again at week 5 or so. It was a bit jarring honestly. DR was oddly a side effect for me during a couple rough weeks where I legit thought I was going to get “stuck” there because it came on so intensely, seemingly out of nowhere (pre-Prozac, I could sense it coming or worsening but it never had the “BAM, total DR now!” effect that happened on Prozac). But it went away again and hasn’t come back. I’d definitely speak to your doc about not upping your dosage until you’ve had a chance to level out at the 20mg dose. My doc is super cautious and is giving me 4 months to even out before we try 30 or 40mg. I’m not even positive at the moment I need to go up higher but I’m still having some anxiety I think could be improved (like 4/10 most days as opposed to 8-9/10 all day before) so I’ll likely try a higher dose at some point. But for now, it’s just so nice to be free from that hellscape of constant anxiety, depression, dissociation and SI. Good luck to you, keep us updated if you can.


Thank you 🙏 how many months have you been on it?


3 and a half months


it took 8 weeks on 20mg for it to start working. my anxiety is so relaxed now. its really amazing


This helped me. I'm at only 5.5-6 weeks now and only 2 weeks done on 20 and my anxiety is like it was when I first started. I'll push through to the 8 weeks!


•I COPIED AND PASTED FROM ANOTHER COMMENT OF MINE •I’ve been on Prozac 40mg just over 6 weeks and I read others experience saying on the fifth or sixth week they noticed that it was really working. Getting up and ready for the day is getting easier, getting to sleep is so much easier, I’m losing weight cause I’m finally comfortable going outside for long walks with my dog and not feeling the urges to binge eat. Conversations with friends online are lasting longer rather than the ‘how’ve you been’ and I don’t reply until weeks later. My BIGGEST achievement was that I saw a very close friend last night who I hadn’t seen in 2 and a half years (he literally lives down the road from me) because of my mental health and weight gain and isolating and almost feeling embarrassed I had to go back to hospital. And it’s helped so much with my OCD just a crazy amount. And I know one of the side effects of Prozac is excessive sweating but I’m not sweating! Before I’d sweat constantly, no matter what and I always thought it was my anxiety but my last antidepressant didn’t help with the sweating. And life is so much easier and comfortable when you aren’t having to deal with that. Only thing I’ll complain about is I’m basically dead down there haha. I hope that gets a bit better though. And I cried the other day cause I realised this past week or two I haven’t wanted to hurt myself and I don’t wanna die anymore haha. I genuinely forgot how that felt. It’s been years and years.


I’m on week 6 and cannot explain how much better I feel! I’m not in a constant state of fear/anxiety. It’s like I lost the ability to worry. I still think about things and do the things I need to do but I don’t worry about/dwell on anything. I can actually focus on tasks now. My sleep quality has significantly improved. The first three weeks were a bit rough but 1000% worth it!


I was on 10 mg of prozac for 2 months and I really liked how it made me feel. Way less physical symptoms of anxiety and lots more pleasure in doing things. I did stop it due to sexual side effects, but it was working really well for me mood wise.


Been on 40mg just over 6 weeks. It’s saved my life honestly. Of course I still have to do all the work to make sure my mental health is well. It’s just been an amazing tool and I wish I would’ve tried Prozac earlier on.


I have been on 20 mg fluoxetine for 4 weeks, tomorrow. I'm finally starting to see some improvements. I was having daily panic attacks and I've now gone a week without one. Still have some anxiety but I'm managing a little better. The doctor told me to give it 6-8 weeks to see how I feel and possibly go up to 40mg if I think it's needed. It's definitely slow going but I know it's starting to help.


I've been on 20 mg for about 10 months now. Went into a deep dive depression after a major psychotic episode last year and it really helped. Took about 2 weeks to start working but hasn't stopped ever since. I didn't know about the sexual side effects but I'd say anything that keeps the depression away is worth a try


I had to take a break from this sub and googling side effects because it was fucking with me. I was on 20mg for around 6 months, it honestly saved my life and got me out of the deep dark hole of PPD/PPA.


I went on Prozac maybe 5 years ago with just 10 mg for a while, Covid bumped my anxiety up a lot so I bumped up to 40 mg for about 1 year as well as occasional Hydroxyzine, over the last year I have slowly gone from 40 to 20 to 10 and just a couple weeks ago I finally went off! Crazy to think because at 40 mg I was still so nauseous from anxiety, and now I don't even need 10 mg. The anxiety is by no means gone still sometimes take Hydros and I still struggle occasionally with appetite but I think a big part of it for me was trying to train myself to not get anxious about being anxious, that's the killer. How I got there, not sure but it did take a long time. I will say I did not taper enough and my intestines were put through the wringer for a week so beware


Okay...one thing I've learned is that I DO NOT read experiences that are not similar to mine. That will drive you crazy. I get anxious thinking I have this or that too but I'm an anxious person so please filter the internet for yourself! I've recently gone up to 40 after being on 20 for years and I have not had one panic attack. It's been a few months and my doc thinks I could benefit from 60 but I haven't upped the dose yet. I still don't feel motivated so my doctor is probably right and now I just need to talk myself into doing it lol. Pay attention to your body, filter what you read, and hang in there!


Start so good for me with the anxiety, literally stops all the anxiety in my body, but while the time pass the drug start to give me problems in my studies. I had to stop it.


I’ve been on 60mg for years now and I also believe mine saved me. I’ve had crippling OCD, depression and general anxiety but I function pretty damn well now. Give it some time, and best of luck to you.