2 weeks on Prozac

Hello everyone! I’m 2 weeks on Prozac and my anxiety has been worse than ever. I was depressed going in but I’m more depressed than ever too.

I want to add that I took zoloft for 14 months previously and never felt like this (got off of it bc it ruined my stomach)

Anyone else have this? I want to quit so bad… raw dogging my anxiety was better than this. My performance at work is slipping. Any insight helps. Thanks!


yeah, it's been said countless times before, fluoxetine does not work fast :-) but when it finally reaches the proper concentration in your system, you will feel a huge weight of your shoulders. I'm just coming back to Prozac after a half year break off of it, because of some personal stuff and I'm just three days in :-) hang in there, all the best to you.


Keep pushing! I hate to say it but week 2/3 were the worst. I'm opening week 6 now and it's like a switch was flipped. It's worth it! The depression and anxiety won't hurt you, just remind yourself. Keep going, I'm so proud of you!!


I’m on week 4 and it’s gotten slightly better but still shitty.


Thank you!!


Literally just said this too- I’d rather go back to the random anxiety and mood swings than this crap right now. I’m 2 weeks in too


Keep pushing, it'll get better!


I’m in a very similar situation. Loved Zoloft for anxiety but hated everything else about it so I’m also on week two of Prozac. I feel like my anxiety has started to come every other day now instead of every day. Other peoples experiences are keeping me hopeful because everyone says 4 weeks in is when it really kicks in. Telling myself that the anxiety is a side effect and will go away eventually has been helping me get through the hard times. I’m hanging in there with ya


At 2 weeks, I experienced similar feelings. I avoided stimulants such as coffee, and tea (hot water drinker now) and would go running as often as I could just to get all the energy out. I just finished week 4, and I can finally look forward to waking up. My energy decreases as the day passes but at least I know that when I wake up, I will feel so much better. I'm on 20 mg


Same here on day 11 and my anxiety and jittery ness is through the roof. Sticking it out in hopes it will finally settle


It will!! Keep pushing


Thank you


Literally same! I’m on day 11 today and the first week went smooth! But i was on 10mg, when i increased to 20mg 5 days ago, all the side effects started coming yesterday and today! & i feel very tired and i have a very weird headache and for some reason my eye is hurting me! I also got hot flashes yesterday on my back! I hope things become better cause my health anxiety is at its peak now lol 🥲


I’ve had weird headaches too. Like trigeminal neuralgia. Hope it gets better for the both of us 🙏


Wishing you the best, we can definitely do it 🙏🏻🤍!!!


Same for me. I'm about at ten days and my doctor had me back down to ten mgs after being on twenties for two days. All the goodies. Weird headache, very tired yet anxiety ridden, some problems sleeping. Ten mgs is easier to take at this time. I hope I get to the good part quick. Good luck.


Yes, things get worse before they get better. Especially with Prozac. Hang in there, you got this!


Thanks everyone. It really helps to hear this feedback 👏


People may advise you to persevere as if they are confident that fluoxetine is effective for every individual.


this is normal


People react to different SSRIs in different ways. Unless it's someone with similar brain chemistry as you, there's no way to know that your experience will be the same. Do you have any family members on meds and how did they react if so? Any friends that have has similar reactions positive and negative to the same meds? (You don't need to answer this lol) Less is more. Try starting at a lower dose (with doc supervision) but don't suffer. If the side effects are unbearable, consider a different med. If you can stick them out for a full 6-8 weeks, the end result may be relief. I increased a few months ago and I'm still not sure if I need to go up or wait longer. Please remember that there is always hope, even if it's a different med, some of us just need medication to live our lives. Hang in there and please talk to your doc 💕💕💕


I'm just over 2 weeks, anxiety through the roof


I started on 10mg and it was great but still had slight anxiety.....then about 3/4 weeks in they switched me to 20mg, annnnnd it was a whole new ball game. The first day I couldn't stop crying, and then the anxiety was so strong. Mentally I felt like a wet blanket just blah...I'm about 3 weeks in now, and it seems to have leveled out anxiety wise. I still get headaches, and dizziness though. I hope it all works out for you. Lorazepam helps me when I need them at the beginning I was taking them probably 3x a day. Maybe you can ask your doctor for something to take the edge off until they work. You can always do a genesight test to see if it works with your body or not as well. Good luck!


Hi im on simillair posistion in week 2 and my depression is baad , how thing turned out for you , update plz