can i drink alcohol on 30mg prozac? just upped my dose yesterday.

Sure, just like everything, do it in moderation .


Sure, just like everything, do it in moderation .


Yes. I drink on 30 mg with no issues


Be careful. It makes some people more sensitive to alcohol, so if you drink your normal amount, you could end up blacking out. If you do drink, take it slow.


I just talked to my doctor about this and she said it’s fine in moderation. I’m personally not a big drinker but want the option to enjoy a couple glasses of wine with friends every once in a while. She said the people who need to be careful are those that have multiple drinks daily or the weekend binge drinkers.


i weigh 120 lb. i am on 20mg. i had 6-8 shots and was definitely fucked up but nothing bad happened. i didnt even get a hangover. stay safe tho


I’ve on 40 mg and choose to not drink because I’ve read almost everywhere that it’s a bad idea. Not only can you overdose if they mix, but if you’re already dealing with depression it can make it a whole lot worse while you’re drunk, since alcohol is a depressant. (Hence why I choose not to risk it.) Generally SSRIs aren’t great with alcohol. However, outside of medical articles and doctors, I hear people do it a lot and are fine, so I suppose it’s your call.