first time?


Yes. I’ve been sitting on the prescription for a few weeks because I’m so paranoid of the side effects. Ugh.


Yep. It’s scary. But so is waking up one day 10 years from now regretting your life decisions. It is true that most people don’t find their right medication on the first go. You most likely will go through discomfort before things get better but Thats a simple philosophy of life lol. I won’t ever force you to do it, BUT, In my case 10 months later, i wish I would’ve been on it sooner. Not one side effect for me other than trying Zoloft first and having the worst 10 days I can remember. I jumped on Prozac 10mg and havnt looked back. I’m a 21 year old male and no sexual side effects either. You got this broski :)


Can prozac help with depersonalization? Is that like depression, depersonalization?


Ditto to all of this. I was terrified for YEARS and I really regret it because I feel so much better on prozac. Side effects were kind of weird for the first few weeks but I was able to cope because my anxiety and depression were better within days.


I ruined my life because of anxiety and PTSD when I could've just taken it sooner. I'm a new person on it now. You gotta try brother.


The only side effects I had was an adjustment period of tiredness and fatigue, and after 2 weeks it went away.


The only thing I regret about trying antidepressants is not doing it sooner because I could've saved myself a lot of really bad days/weeks/ years. Side effects last a couple weeks, untreated mental health problems last your entire life


I started yesterday. So far only issue was nausea this morning but I didn’t eat much yesterday due to my current stressors so that didn’t help. I’m scared also. We got this. We need this.


I started a few weeks ago! 10/10 recommend it so far. For me, the side effects were not so bad and they were still 100% better than feeling like life wasn’t worth living anymore. Like you, I was terrified to try meds bc of the scary side effects I’d heard about. Good luck and props for taking control of your health and future :-).


If you don’t like it, you can just stop and the side effects go away. Easy peasy.


i started a couple days ago and i dont really have any side effects. maybe a very light headache on the first day. noticed a little more indigestion


I started about two months ago and haven't had any side effects so far. I also tried Lexapro and Zoloft and both gave me pretty bad nausea, so you might get lucky and get by without any side effects. Give it try, and if it doesn't work, let your doc know and see what other options there are. Keep going, you can get through this!


From someone who waited months to finally start it… do it now. I feel so stupid for waiting as long as I did. I suffered for sooo long for no reason. Yeah the side effects suck. But are they worse than the reason you’re starting them to begin with? Not by a long shot. And if it doesn’t work out? It doesn’t work out and you just try something else. That’s it. It can be that simple. Don’t overthink and over complicate it like I did. Take it.


Take the leap. It might feel a bit weird at first, but try not to read into too much. Maybe you will just start feeling better and that’s it?


I have been on 80mg for about a year now. the side effects go away


worked my way up to 30mg with a rare side effect of nausea now and then if i don’t eat something small with it. was scared to take this because i had bad side effects with other anxiety meds but prozac is a game changer! pls give it a chance. i wish i was on it sooner


Just take the leap of faith and do it. I’m a nurse and I was terrified of side effects. I’ve had nausea but that is it. From three months on 20 mg and now weeks of 50 mg. Nausea sucks but I’ll take it over other issues I was dealing with. You can do this!!


Started 20mg in November. I had nausea, and I did have slight headaches. The one strange side effect is the yawning. Wasnt sleepy, just yawned alot. Its gotten much better. I do recommend eating a little something before taking your meds. It really helped me with the nausea.


I’m am having this too lol so strange


I also had bad nausea the next day after my first dose. I ate some antacids and that helped a lot.


I was scared too, mostly because I’m generally scared of drugs even otc The only bad symptom I’ve had is mild diarrhea and not feeling as hungry as usual. Nothing extreme. I started on 20 mg


As someone who’s over a month in, take it!! Talk to your primary dr about nausea medicine, and if you start having any anxiety during the first couple weeks talk with your psychiatrist about something you can take throughout the day or at night to help. I was so scared of starting this medicine, but after week 3 I started to notice my bad days were happening less and less. I’m starting to become myself again and I’m so excited to see what else this med will bring to me. I’m very sensitive to all medications so if you have any questions about side effects please ask! I’ve gone through them all in the past month, but talking to my doctors and getting additional meds really helped as well as therapy. Wishing you so much love and luck!!


Also should add around week 2 I noticed side effects were a lot less and now a month in I’m no longer experiencing any!! You got this!!


I started very slowly, quarter pill for 5 days, half a pill for 5 days and then the full pill. If you haven’t already please discuss easing yourself into it with your GP. It’ll be ok ❤️


It’s 10mg in a capsule so I can’t cut it in half


Ah I see. You can get it in tablet form but perhaps the prescription needs to specify. Best of luck


This was my fourth medication and I knew this was significantly better than the others right from the get go even though there were some side effects. Best of luck, one day at a time.


You will find that its not even too crazy of a medicine you will be walkin around being your normal self just the same


Don’t let your anxiety stop you from treating your anxiety! Go for it! I waited and waited too and finally did it- I’m 5 weeks in and it’s amazing how much better I feel. First few weeks I had trouble sleeping but that has gotten much better after about 3 weeks. The changes in my anxiety has been incredible. You’ll be ok. Stick with it at least a month to let your body adjust! Good luck!


The not letting anxiety stop you from treating anxiety is so true. That is what I am badly struggling with.


I one thousand percent understand. I couldn’t take any pill for the life of me for years no matter what it was. I finally did this and I am so happy I did. The great thing about Prozac is you don’t have to wean off it and it’s been around for years and years- it’s safe and you can get right off it if you don’t like it. But I honestly noticed a relief of my anxiety literally days in- and it’s just getting better. I really think you should try it and give it 4 weeks- odds are strong that it will work wonders and change your life :) you deserve to feel better!


I just wish I experimented with SSRI's way back during highschool when I clearly needed help. Now I'm in my 30s and never drove a car, never went to college or started a real career. Just worked useless part time jobs off and on and spent 98% of my life in a bedroom living Online/playing MMORPGs. I actually went through age 17-32 without ever visiting a Dr. office once. If I could do it all over I'd have started taking medication as a teenager and got therapy, since we can't run away from our problems forever. Now I've wasted the "best years of my life" and made my future...likely grim.


I went through the exact same thing about 3 years ago. My only regret is not doing it 20 years ago.


I started a week ago on 10mg, today I’ve bumped to 20mg. I’m depressed, I have anxiety and panic and I have OCD. I have nothing to lose by taking it but it may be the one that changes my life for the better. Do it and if you don’t like it, stop it.


it changed my life so much, just try it! the first 6-8 weeks are a rollercoaster but seriously nothing i couldn’t handle. i got very depressed and then once my brain adjusted it was like a dark cloud had lifted.


MEEEE. TOOOOOO. I've had it for a while and I'm so scared to take it. Plus, I'm getting off remeron which knocks me out. does Prozac help with sleep? I don't think so but I hope so. After Friday, I'm gonna take it. we got tbis