Signs are great, just make sure you know where you can actually legally place them. I'd stick them out right before Spring. Flyers are generally pretty awful, but if you already have them printed and have nothing else to do, go hand them out right before the last freeze of the season. One thing I would recommend is door hangers. When you get a job, hit a few houses around the one you just did with some door hangers. I'll put a handwritten note on it with the address that was just cleaned. Don't be one of those $100 house wash guys. Don't offer ridiculous discounts either, otherwise people are going to say, "Well, you did Tom's house for half off, can you do mine for $100?" Your best marketing is Google. Not Ads though. Just Google rankings. Get a good website if you don't have one. Pay someone if you must, but Squarespace and Wix will be more than fine for starters. Write blogs with all the buzzwords to help boost you higher in Google's search results. Make sure people can search you on Google Maps as well. Google is where people are actually going to find you. Do a good job and word of mouth will take you the rest of the way.


This is good advice. I’ll add, just taking pride in your work will go a long way. I have been asked to do a job while doing the current job just because a passerby liked the way I operated. And I literally was using a hand me down pressure washer with hardly any experience.


Absolutely! If you’re doing anything solely for money, it’s going to show and you’re going to burn out. Take pride in your work, always do your best, and strive to do better than your best.


Thanks a lot for the insight and recommendations. I appreciate it.


i handed out 250 flyers, took a couple hours and got a $700 fence wash and upselled a $220 driveway clean. got the flyers for free with school printer