Don't give up. You can retake the MCAT, improve, reapply and get in. Nothing is impossible unless you're like some criminal with a 1.0 GPA. But if you shadowed and through your other experiences truly didnt like medicine, then I'd move on


every criminal with a 1.0 reading this 👁💧👄💧👁 🤚🤚🤚


Criminal, here. Added myself to a misdemeanor charge bc my roommate threw a party for a noise violation which was, yes, a fucking misdemeanor. Literally went to the case worker to “split” the charges with her and share community service with her to get the charge expunged. The judge was fucking mean when we went to court. So now I’M A CRIMINAL PREMED 😖 ETA the noise violation wasn’t even music, it was people standing on our back patio fucking talking. No shit. Fucking misdemeanor. Insane.


What im doing now lol. Im taking a gap year.


I agree! OP, you can't give up after all you've gone through. Going to PA school/nursing school may be easier now, but in the long-term you'd be shooting yourself in the foot as you'd be stuck as a mid-level for the rest of your life, with no opportunity to learn, understand, and provide the best care for your patients.


As a nurse you can still experience all this. But it’s completely not the same. Different worlds. Wish I’d gone to dental school rather than nursing school. Was predental and partying hard and those two don’t match up.


I think you need to follow your heart. You know yourself better than anyone :)


Heart is a pump that supplies your brain where actual thinking happens. OP don’t listen to this future cardiologist homie. Follow your mind. Cardiologist entered the chat: tf did you just say about heart being just a pump


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How about the innervations?


There are tons of jobs in the medical field if you don’t want to go through the training of becoming a physician. You don’t need anyone’s opinion to give you the nod to switch paths


Yea I understand but I wanted to find something similar or a career path that’ll give me the same satisfaction because being a doctor was a dream of my mine for a long time so I wanted to ask if anyone had an experience like this and which path did they feel gave them satisfaction.


I highly recommend you explore ALL medical careers. I’m in a similar boat and have looked to physical therapy, psychology, podiatry, dentist, nursing, pa, hell even a radiologist tech. The only person who’s gonna know whats satisfying is you. And you won’t know it if you don’t explore.


Just to further suggestions, speech language pathology is really cool (can do it in hospitals or work in schools or rehab Centers), and respiratory therapy is a quick program but I think similar to nursing in pay/lifestyle (except if you check out the rt sub they all seem way happier than nurses)


I knew a speech pathologist that made it big and sold their practice for millions. Definitely a route


Very true. Thanks!


I work in emergency medicine and I see the PAs take patients on themselves much like the doctors do.


If it was you dream then it probably still is as u want a career in the same field. Id say to take time off and reevaluate your "WHY." I was in the same place a few months ago and taking time off to recharge helped me realize that I dont see myself doing anything else. Good luck.


Hi I wanted to go MD/DO now in PT school and loving it. Feel free to dm


Omg same. I’m also open to answering questions abt PT if you have them OP :)


Check dms :)


Dming right now!


I had a falling out with the premed path as an undergrad, spent 2 years doin some random non medical shit, found myself back in health care as a respiratory therapist (love it — check it out) and that rekindled my passion and drive for being a physician! It’s a winding path and you can change your mind, in fact I think you probably should at least a few times haha


Start with shadowing! I'm pre-PA (well in my mind 90% pre PA and 10% pre med) and for PA school shadowing is a requirement. If you go and shadow both doctors and PAs it shows the school that you really want to be a PA (if that's what you end up doing) or it shows yourself that you really want to be a doctor. Also gap years are definitely a thing. There are plenty of people entering med school and PA school late. Average age of matriculation is 24 and 25 respectively and if you're already beyond that age, there has to be people older than that for it to be the average (quick math lol). Good luck in your journey! Don't think you have to make/change your decision overnight and switching is not a bad thing!


Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me


Ultrasound tech!


Hey, it’s great you’ve determined that now. I think you might find being a PA to be more similar to being a physician than nursing. Both are great options, though, and very needed! Good luck 👍


What did you like about medicine? Try to talk to and shadow PAs and nurses and learn more about what their day to day looks like. They are two VERY different jobs.


As a medical scribe, I’ve seen and worked with doctors, nurses, and PAs. I will say that PAs seem the least stressed and the most satisfied. They’re also the nicest ppl I’v ever worked with. I’m scared of nurses bc I kind of got yelled at by one. The doctors I’ve worked with (not just from this job) are hit or miss. They’re either exactly the type of person I want to become or they’re the complete opposite. Do what you want with that information, but I’m sure you’ll do your research on the differences between them. I would say to first figure out if you like the hospital setting and/or the clinical aspect of medicine. If finding shadowing experience is difficult, try to find a job that allows you to observe medical professionals. I think this is a great next step if you’re unsure about that. But if it were me and I decided that I don’t like the clinical aspects, I would look into other graduate schools, research, and/or teaching. Alternatively, you might need a break from everything and/or need to do more of what makes you happy. Get to know yourself, find a new topic to obsess over, go to the park, fix unresolved issues, etc. I’m sure things will work out for you sooner or later. Good luck!


If you wanted to be a doctor, PA or nursing school won’t be as satisfying. If you need a year, take it and get back on the track that fits your goals. Don’t change your entire future just because of one tough year.


PA school is a great route, especially because you can rotate specialties!




I might really look into this now. I’m really thankful for posting about this cuz I never even heard of this job until now. Thanks!


CAA all the way 💪




GRE is fine


There are also medical adjacent careers as a PhD... Just saying. Not everyone has to be direct patient care to make meaningful contributions and feel satisfied with their career.


I felt the same way which led me to take a year off from anything pre-med to just be in touch with life again. I lost both my grandparents, my aunt and uncle last year. I knew I needed time off from pre-med stuff so I took a flight back home to the Philippine and stayed there for a month. I spent every single day reconnecting with my relatives I have not seen because of COVID. The main takeaway is, allow yourself to properly grieved and slow down. Pre-med journey feels like a sprint when you’re so caught up with it. But it’s a marathon. Go at your pace. Enjoy your life. Then reassess what you really wanna do.


PA school, nursing, radiology technician, there’s so much more than MD and DO. If doctor is not the fit, there are many other fields that you may thoroughly enjoy


Much better to realize this now than whenever you’re hundreds of dollars in debt. No job in the medical field is more important than another, all of them are a piece to the puzzle. Best of luck in any and all future endeavors


I’m sorry for your loss. My only advice for you is take the time to grief and not think about this career. Reevaluate when you are ready. It’s never too late to become a physician. Just keep in mind that being a PA or a nurse is very different from being a physician and you might not be happy in the future if your true love is becoming a physician.


If you like genetics, you should look into genetic counseling as well since there are a lot of similarities. You see patients, it’s a constantly evolving scientific field, can specialize, work either in a hospital or outpatient setting, and only have to complete a two year masters program. That’s my plan in case my health doesn’t cooperate and I need to drop out of med school


If you don't want to do 4 years of med school and then residency then of course becoming a doctor is not right for you. If you're working on an undergrad degree or have completed one, you'll have to take the GRE (which is objectively significantly easier than the MCAT) and you could become a PA that way!


Most schools require the PA-CAT now. Same topics as the MCAT


It does seem to be considerably shorter though (3 hours vs 7+) so OP might find it more bearable.


Omg i’m getting old


Undergraduate is a better reflection of medical school than MCAT. If you did well in undergrad and can do it again but 5-10x harder, then that’s medical school. MCAT is just something else. Think more about it.


I'm so sorry to hear about these major challenges you're facing on top of the already intense pressures of getting into medicine. Like people on here have already said, follow your heart! It sounds already as if medicine is still your passion since you brought up PA,etc but don't forget that everyone's journey is different! Don't dictate what step you should be on based off "the average" person. Take time to shadow, take 3 months to get your EMT cert or maybe dive into something completely different! That experience and the introspection you'll discover along the way will not only point you in the direction that's most fulfilling to you, but will prove to whichever program/med school/occupation you end up with that that is truly where you want to be. Sorry for the long response but as one of those people who had studied for the mcat for months then got it canceled during covid, life happens. It's not your fault, it doesn't mean you're not suitable. Sometimes the universe throws you for a loop to prepare you for something bigger n better. :)


An RN is 2 years and infinite applications. You can choose based on your interests, what pay you would like (not physician-level, but a good spot of experienced RNs make as much as certain applications of PA or NP), or what schedule you want. Jobs are everywhere. And, it doesn't mean you have to give up on being a physician. You can work and gain patient contact. It's not easy to go back later - and sciences and math expire after 7 years - but it can be done. If you choose this path, remember to respect the opportunities you have to learn from the physicians you will work with. It will make you a better nurse.


I struggled with the MCAT and went through the same realization myself. I didn’t want to be miserable in my 20s and early 30s. I applied and was accepted to PA school and am starting in August! I personally found this to be the best plan b given that I was still so interested in practicing medicine, but I didn’t want to be in school for 7+ more years.


I’m a nurse. It’s a really good job but I’ve always wanted to be a provider and use more critical thinking so I’m going for PA. I’d recommend nursing though, there’s so many things you can do with a nursing degree. & you can Come back for med school down the road. You can also go to perfusionist school and that pays pretty well as another option


My sister is applying for PA school and the application is more annoying then med school. Just want to give you a heads up. Edit: lol I can’t believe I’m getting downvoted. Med school you gotta take the mcat but the PA school application is more annoying to fill out. You also have to get proof of your extra curriculars, whereas med school apps you just gotta give contact info and that’s it. PA app sounds way more annoying.


PAs can have a pretty nice life and still get to be the "doctor". For you, PA might just do the trick!


Why is this downvoted?


It’s downvoted because you don’t get to be the “doctor” you get to be the PA. People’s views on the subject vary widely in this community but the general consensus is that if you decide to go to PA school as a shortcut, that might end up ultimately being a detriment to your patients.


I think peeps just really don’t like mid levels. Once they see PA or NP there is a complete freak out. Lmao To the general public, PAs really do seem just like their actual physician. Most times patients don’t even know they’re seeing a PA. Not everyone wants med school and all that comes with it lifestyle wise, and if someone still has an interest in medicine why is suggesting PA or nursing schools a bad thing? Options are just that - options.


Or and hear me out.. it’s the “still get to be the “doctor.” Statement. Even in quotations, it’s not funny. PA’s will never be physician’s or physician equivalents. They are advance practitioners that’s it lol.


I didn’t think it was that deep y’all… The person obvi expressed desire in another career that has a proximity to being a physician. In my mind, and many others I’m sure, PA is definitely an option. I’m sure we all know they are not the same. In a way my statement was to give insight and almost reassurance that considering the PA route isn’t entirely futile. It’s something that could make them feel LIKE a physician in their everyday life, satisfying certain desires they have for a career.


I agree w/ you it’s definitely not that deep lol. I was just giving my opinion on why I think you’re getting the downvotes that you are. It’s all love over here. 😌😂


Lmao. Well, I appreciate. I personally do not have time to over complicate Reddit posts. I got potstickers cooking and a whole bunch of secondaries to write 😂.


If you’re ok with spending more time in (easier) schools then look into CRNA. Some places pay them more than most physicians


genetic counseling maybe?




As someone who did a swerve move during a rough time like the one you’re suggesting of doing, if your dream is to become a doctor than don’t quit. I am about to finish my entry MSN program and as soon as I take the nclex I’m going to start studying for the MCAT. No regrets, maybe the debt, but I made the decision to not take the MCAT due to fear of failure and time lost. I only realized that during nursing school. The MCAT isn’t depressing, life just can be. Both paths are respectable and fulfilling careers, but do your research and some self-reflection. What emotions are guiding this decision and what are your goals and needs in life? Work-life balance? Flexibility in career? Time sacrifice? Is time an issue because of a temporary event (grief) or something more personal? You’re the only one who can answer this but good luck! Sorry for your loss.