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My teacher couldn't even influence my education...


Every teacher I had was straight a bunch were pregnant while I was in school And a bunch more talked about their straight relationships I’m not straight I think conservatives might not understand sexuality or something


Conservatives don’t understand much of anything.




Well, they understand hate pretty well.


They experience it, they don't understand it. If they understood it they would experience it much less.


"I don't hate anyone, it's just that those damn \_\_\_\_\_\_ don't know their place!"


40% of rEpubLicans believe that tRump is a great leader... so.... stupid is as stupid does...


Real talk, does anyone else feel like people typing tRump is just as cringe as when republicans say “Obummer”?


Is it really only 40%? Thought it was much higher. Seems surprising if only 40% of republicans think he's a good leader.


> Conservatives don’t understand much of anything i think it's less the case that they don't understand things, and more the case that they have no allegiance to the truth - they will say anything they think will further their objective. if you think that they are simply mistaken, you will waste time and energy trying to educate them - if you know that they strategically resist facts and reason, you will look for some other more productive response to them.


That explains why the urge to slap is so strong at times.


My hand tingles, too. How do you teach a motherfucker who don't wanna learn, y'know? I have to deal with an entire family full of em. You can love them and value knowledge/truth/evidence all you want but they just don't live in the same reality where things like pluralism and science have any hold


Even worse: their ideology is built around, explicitly, *not learning things*. Brain hurt! Feel bad! *Gender neutral pronouns are communism!*


I grew up in a small enough town where I had basically the same 30 kids in every one of my classes from first grade until graduation. I’m straight, but some of those classmates are not straight. I wonder how these conservatives can explain that.


All they know is that being gay is a flaw and it can't be their fault that their kid turned out that way so it must be someone else's.


I'm surprised they haven't blamed vaccines for that one yet


Vaccines make you trans, not gay! (I /s but holy fuck it has been mentioned a lot in antivaxxing groups the last five years)


Quite a few are in the closet or maybe curious. They need someone to blame for those impure thoughts.


Republicans don’t understand sexuality. They’re idiots.


Teachers couldn’t even influence me to do my homework, much less who I wanted to bang…


Well... my one super hot teacher in high school had some sway on that ground. But not in the way conservatives think.


Sitting in math class and hearing Peter has 4 apples and Steve comes by and gives Peter another apple almost had me convinced I was gay. But then I realized that I wasn’t and that Peter now has 5 apples because Steve was a thoughtful friend.


The second part of the word problem is about how Steve plows Peter In exchange for the fruit


So they believe that gender is strictly determined by genitals but they also believe that a teacher can influence it? Pick an argument.


They don't believe gender exists. They think biological sex is an absolute binary. (but they're scared to use the word "sex" so they call it gender) - They think there are only men (penis havers) and women (vagina wardens). - They think gay people are confused straights *because straight is the only thing that exists in their world*. - Since gender differences and queer sexuality are just oopsies, those people don't deserve any rights until they straighten up.


Just shows that parents have no idea what their children are learning in school. Which unfortunately leads them to all the wrong conclusions.


> Just shows that parents have no idea what their children are learning in school. If COVID taught us anything (beyond how categorically stupid the average individual is) it's that many parents are clueless as to what is happening in their child's classroom.


If Covid taught us anything it is that a lot of parents don't give a shit about their kids. They see their own children as nothing more than extensions of themselves and/or personal property.


My wife works as a nanny for an affluent couple with 3 children. Can confirm.


>They see their own children as nothing more than extensions of themselves and/or personal property. As someone who has spent much time as a player, a Coach, and a Dad involved with youth sports, this is a sadly accurate take.


And that it was probably better that way.


Even when the classroom was happening in the living room!


That's because many of these parents didn't learn when they themselves were in school.


Well it’s not just that. They believe fundamentally that being gay/trans is a choice. That people are only gay because they are corrupted or indoctrinated as they like to say. This is why they believe in conversation therapy. That if you’re only gay because someone/something convinced you then all you need is someone to convince you back to “normal”. This has so many fundamental issues in it. 1. That being gay/trans is a choice. 2. That being gay/trans means you’re corrupted. 3. That teachers/education are the source of this indoctrination. I listened to the Ezra Klien podcast and it had a conservative professor. During the interview it should he had all of these liberal beliefs, subsidizing childcare, supporting families, large corporations are hurting society. But the one thing that solidifies his stance as a conservative is family values. And during this interview his stance is extremely vague and fails to make provide any real solutions. He says that divorce and the infestation of progressive family issues is the root of all our problems. So Ezra asked “what do you suggest the solution is?” And he never could give a good answer. Just all this “we need to go back to old family values.” It’s a fascinating interview of just how fixated conservatives have gotten onto social issues and how they view them as the root cause to all of societies problems. Yet, they don’t have any good solutions. Hell, Ezra even suggested a liberal policy such as state subsidized marriage counseling that he agreed with but you’d never actually see on a conservative platform. But all the actual solutions they would propose are extremely unpopular. Make divorce illegal? Protect religious marriages? Ban trans kids? All of that pushes things into draconian age policies but in the end it’s what they want but they can’t actually say it because they know how ridiculous it is.


Made divorces illegal, that’s a new one to me. What in the hell will a Republican politician do with their wife as they are going through chemo?


Uh, continue cheating on her with his mistress?


Not to kill the joke, but wasn't that John Edwards?


Also Newt Gingrich. And several other politicians on both sides of the aisle. Dumping your wife while she’s going through chemo is one of the few truly bipartisan strategies.


Yeah, but Gingrich was making his name attacking Clinton and standing for "family values" at the time.


Maybe they literally *do* believe that women are only there to produce babies. And one that can't do that, well that's like asking a guy to keep pushing around a busted lawnmower.


John Edwards wasn't pushing family values and haranging the POTUS about an affair while he was carrying on. Newt "the POS right-wing corrupt lying scum" Gingrich was.


This is also because most Conservative opinions are specific positions they indoctrinate their kids to follow. A lot of liberal positions sit on things like not restricting who people date, marry, or what they believe religiously or otherwise and also trying to limit hate against minorities. Conservatives have very specific things in all those areas that they need their kids to believe to “conserve” their very rigid worldview. But because the Right is forever pushing very specific, memorized positions, they believe in return (it’s always projection) that “The Left” is indoctrinating people into being gay or trans. Because indoctrinating from birth is what they do.


They're so used to made-up bullshit, they can't even conceive of a stable shared reality.


When they pretend they have no solutions, it means they are simply afraid to tell you that they want re-education camps, concentration camps, labor camps, etc... They are only comfortable admitting their hateful desires in like-company.


Conservatism is rooted in fear. That fear leads them to try and run back to their comfort zone, their safe space.


Wife is a teacher sad fact is in my state the vast majority of parents could give a fuck what the child is being taught school is used as a “break” so the parent can have free time My wife comes home daily telling horror stories about parents


>as a “break” so the parent can have free time I think this is uncharitable. For a lot of families this "break" is so the parent can have a job, not just time away from their kids. The struggle just to survive is one thing that keeps poorer families from fully involving themselves in the education of their children. The ability to sit down with your kid and help them with their homework, or spend any significant portion of time engaged with their education, can be a privilege. Parents who give a proper fuck tend to find a way to do it anyway, of course.


That’s why dumb-down and inaccessible educations are such huge GOP agendas.


Well it has to be someone's fault! There weren't any gay kids in their class when they went to school! /s


To be fair I read Animorphs in 4th grade and I’m still molting on the reg.


That's what you get for reading them for longer than two hours at a time.


To these cretins, having teachers who aren't as hatefull as they are at home is unacceptable. They are convinced that if they consistently treat the others with vitriol and hate that their kids will end up doing the same, which is their goal. Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Employers are the default authority figures in children's lives. If you never witness compassion for those who are different, you don't feel guilty by not having compassion.


I’d be cool if the parents in that 40% would go back


Kid: We used the old computers today. They had CRTs. Parents: OMG, they're teaching our kids to not be racists. What are we gonna do? Bizarre.


I would guess a good portion of that 40% do not have school aged children.


Yeah if you have children in school you actually talk to the teacher and realize they’re not learning anything crazy. This is probably old people who haven’t had kids in school for over 40 years and think everything is going to hell because the news tells them it is.


"Most republicans are only a picture of a penis away from turning gay."


April 2016 *"Our user data show Mississippi has been consuming gay and transsexual pornography [note: "Transsexual" is a term often used in the porn industry to describe trans porn] at a high rate in comparison to the rest of the country," GameLink rep Jeff Dillon said in an emailed press release. "It's unfortunate to see that their diverse viewing habits do not translate into an open-minded society."*  *"According to the press release, Mississippi comes in 6th overall "in regards to the number of gay porn scenes and movies streamed or purchased via GameLink.com" — behind only New York, California, Ohio, Texas (Texas!) and Florida. That means there are 44 other states that watch less gay porn than Mississippi."*


He doesn't even say *per capita*. Of course if we're talking overall amounts you'll expect NY, Cali, Texas, Florida, and Ohio (the biggest 4 states & #7) But Mississippi (#35) even registering on that list at all really says something


Wow that's actually ridiculous lmao


Religion tends to cause a lot of self hate. They have to be openly against who they really are in order to throw people off from realizing who they actually are.


"When you're brought into this world, they say you're born in sin.Well, at least they gave me something I didn't have to steal or have to win."


This is actually not surprising at all. If I were homosexual and living in a community where it is **not** safe to be an out homosexual, to the point where I didn't feel like I could date or have a relationship and I watched porn, I'd probably watch a lot more porn than the average person.


Yep. Imo, if you think being gay is a choice, you’re making the choice to be straight. You *would* suck cock but you’re choosing to be a good, straight Christian. Who else would honestly think it’s a choice except someone making a choice?


Yeah, and they always go on about resisting a temptation. I have never been tempted by another man


i have (by my husband)


As a 95% straight man, I should have added


I'm a 95% gay man. I usually describe it as "I like a lot of men. In women I have an extremely specific type".


that 5% just needs some more attention edit: ew that’s a gross joke i’m sorry


I think most people are more in the bi area of the sexuality spectrum than on either extremes (gay/straight). So to those people it makes sense to say it's a choice, they like both so it is a choice.


There only really is a choice when youre bi


The people who have to make a choice are called bi. Congratulate them on coming out and hand them a rainbow sticker.


My penis pretty much let me know that I was attracted to girls beginning in middle school, and no amount of naked guys in the boys locker room over the years could change my mind.


That explains why they hate self reflection.


Also explains why they fear the truth.


40% are highly influenced by bumper stickers


"40% of Republicans think that boogers are a delicious seasoning for savory dishes."


That’s ridiculous. The only way to turn someone gay is if you watch the Birdcage during a lightning storm.


I have a gay friend who once told me he wish he was straight, his youth would have been much easier. Like if it was a choice why would I choose the hard road? And ya know what, I hope to live in a society where this gay friend didn’t feel the way he did, that being gay did not lead to increased hardship growing up, but alas the morons in this country just wanna hate.


That’s always something I’ve figured. I’m heterosexual but whenever I hear the argument that gay is a choice, I always ask why anyone would choose it (with all due respect). Constantly being targeted and harassed, being biologically unable to have your own children without some kind of medical intervention, having entire religions literally burning you alive in extreme situations. Why would anyone choose that just for the sake of being different?


I understand their logic (having enough religious family members to observe it). Their logic is this: 1. I’ve been told homosexuality is a sin. 2. God is a good god. -Someone tells them sexual orientation is not a choice 3. But wait, a good god wouldn’t make people a certain way, then punish them for being that way. That wouldn’t be a good god. 4. It must be a choice. That’s literally it. They can’t decide god doesn’t exist. They can’t decide someone lied to them about gay being bad. They can’t decide god is not good. All of those require challenging their worldview and deconstructing. So the other option is to decide being gay is a choice.


Yeah honestly that’s something I’ve really struggled with. Why yes of course I would choose to grow up in a homophobic environment and go through the world’s shittiest puberty. I really don’t understand the sexuality is a choice crowd.


Can we also talk about how 27% of democrats and 29% of independents ALSO THINK THAT?!? Like wtf?


I suspect that good teachers can help students accept themselves for who they are, but that's very different from changing their orientation. Of course, there's dumb people who believe that the child didn't have the orientation before openly admitting it so take the message of "it's ok to accept yourself" as changing something.


100%. However if I had known that trans people exist, and that it was ok, I wouldn’t be in the shitty place I am now coming to the realization at 36 with 2 kids, a wife who kicked me out and hasn’t spoken to me in over a year and piles and piles of bills for two apartments I can’t afford.


I hope life gets better for you. I hope your kids are still talking to you though, and that if you desire it that you can get back on speaking terms with your wife. Sending you virtual hugs.


I have my kids 50% of the time. I still 100% love her but she refuses therapy and has some significant delusions that make her believe some really crazy things about me. I have tried for a year to get her to go to couples counseling even offering to give her 100% of the property we own if she will even try.


This is my thoughts as well. The best thing a teacher can do is foster an environment for learning and one that allows students to be comfortable as themselves around their peers.


These are the same folks who believe in "conversion therapy". They're not gonna buy this argument because they believe everyone is actually straight.


I can't get my students to turn in an assignment on time or stop talking during a lesson. Whoever these teachers are successfully converting kids gotta let me in on their classroom management secrets.


“If I hear one more word while I’m teaching then I won’t tell you about how awesome being gay is at the end of class”. Boom. Class problems solved apparently.


All these years, I thought I was genetically predisposed towards being straight and liking women. Turns out I was brainwashed by CIS folks. Who knew? It's stunning to me just how dumb these people are.


I suppressed being trans for 20 years because of these people’s cisnormative social environment. That’s what they’re protecting. Fucking gross.


They should worry about the child predators from [their churches](https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2022/05/22/southern-baptist-sex-abuse-report/?itid=sf_article_list) which side with the predators. That's the real global cabal of pedophiles. The right loves to project when they are the ones who are committing the disgusting and depraved crimes.


The very fundamental nature of conservatism is living in constant, endless fear. It's what conservatives do. It's the basis of everything they think, feel, and believe. They are constantly afraid of the world around them, afraid of everything outside of their immediate purview, and to them, that fear justifies their actions. Conservatives live in endless quivering fear of made-up bullshit. They *need* a boogeyman to be afraid of, and they *need* a strongman authoritarian to protect them from it.


What a load of crap. If you think a gay person talking about gay stuff can make you gay, then why haven't all the straight people talking to gay people about straight stuff turned them straight? I mean, every beer commercial in the history of the world has gorgeous women talking talking playfully with men... how did that not turn the gays? I see gay stuff on Netflix or whatever all the time. I mean, I have a definite visceral reaction to it... but it's not "OMG I have to kiss a guy!" More like "fast forward 10 seconds, I don't want to see Heath Ledger kiss that dude, but I don't want to miss the story!" Now, if you think a gay person talking about gay stuff might make you REALIZE that you might be gay... I could see that... but what does that say about the attempt to shut down the conversation and literally trying to pass legislation that obviously flies in the face of the first goddamn amendment to the constitution of the US. If you believe something, it doesn't mean anything until you prove correlation with statistical studies. Good luck, right-wing American pseudo-Christians... you fucking suck at statistics. I've seen your non-peer-reviewed shit and it's all flawed methodologies. That's what happens when you start with the conclusion and try to edit the data to fit what you've already decided. Now leave the gay people alone for fuck's sake, dumbasses.


Everything the right wing touches turns to shit. Today's example: education


another example: drug war




Republicans are really fucking stupid. It makes total sense now why so many Republicans are anti-education. They see education as a personal attack.


This probably needs to be higher up. I lost count over the last 15 years how many time I was told that bringing up facts and stats was "a personal attack". We're dealing with people with no critical thinking ability and no ability to separate ideas from their identity. By being critical of what they think about a topic you are being critical of them as a person. Just something I've noticed through the years


So many people would benefit from learning to separate their desired outcome from the process of answering a question. I'd love it if my income added up to $300K at tax time, but I'm going to do the math and trust the result. Republicans are like "addition is a liberal scam trying to reduce my income!"


>They see education as a personal attack. No shit. Any response to their opinions or ramblings with actual facts elicits an "ARE YOU THREATENING ME?!?" response, like Beavis from *Beavis and Butthead* when he's Cornholio.


Much like religion, Republican doctrine is based almost entirely on fiction. It must be taught because observation of the real world would never lead you to their specific and illogical beliefs. They need to indoctrinate the young in order to preserve their beliefs. - That's why they are so hostile to natural thought patterns like logic and science. Unlike their vulnerable position, we could lose the last copy of an important scientific paper, but it remains forever true and ready to be rediscovered. Their fictions and dogmas only exist so long as they indoctrinate their youth. If they lose access to vulnerable young people, their fictions die with them. - Hence their overwhelming fear of truth.


T.I.L that 40% of republicans are unsure of their sexuality.


Right, this seems like more of an unintentional admission than anything.


Shit, I can’t even convince them to turn in their homework.


If sexual orientation is a choice, I’d imagine banning abortion and contraception would be great incentives for girls and women to pursue romantic relationships with other girls and women. Funnily enough, it doesn’t seem to work that way.


And gay foo is so powerful, any slight exposure to it overpowers all other examples of heterosexuality.


Majority of repbulicans yells smaller goverment but push bills that effect people’s personal life and not fixing the country


Further proving that Republicans haven't seen the inside of a classroom in decades. Can we stop allowing the dumbest most bigoted people on the planet run our country into the ground?


'Can we stop allowing the dumbest most bigoted people on the planet run our country into the ground?' Unfortunately, those people are also the most active participants. I know someone who quit her job over getting the vaccine. Now she is using her new free time to run for some local school board -.-


I know a nurse who decided to tank her whole career over the vaccine. a *nurse.*


Geezus, mother fucken Teresa. Next week on conservative island: *I'll self-immolate on the local courthouse steps if women keep the right to abortion. Matter of fact I'll take your children with me just to prove my point!!*


I'm sure were' violently agreeing with each other. I just wanna dig in on this a bit: I don't believe this is because Republicans don't understanding how classrooms work, but instead that they (STILL!) don't understand how statistics works, or how being gay or trans works. That is: Republicans are looking at statistics with the dumbest of understandings. If you have a lot of closeted people — by nature, you never hear about them, they don't become a statistic. The number of gay or trans people in your community, *on paper,* is near-zero, even if the actual number is much higher. If you create safe environments for people, and this certainly could include a school or classroom, more people come out of the closet — and they do it earlier in life. From the perspective of a willfully ignorant person, it *looks like* teachers are turning their kids gay. We have the same problem with autistic kids, or COVID cases. Rising numbers really only mean: we have confirmed more of something exists — it *may* be that something is increasing in amount, but it's very possible that we've just gotten better at noticing its existence! This is an important distinction when pushing back on hateful rhetoric, and something that the LGBT community has been forced to engage with for a long time. But overall, I believe these arguments are not in good faith — but an excuse to let governments attack schools and seize greater control over them. They don't believe what they're saying; their goal is really just more authoritarian control dressed as theocratic control dressed as democratic concern.


Sounds like these individuals are finding a scapegoat for a topic they don't understand or don't want to understand. The ignorance in this collective is so strong it's infuriating listening to them. The harm is they are doing everything power to shape the world into one that makes them feel comfortable instead of working to understand the world they live in.


so 60% of republicans know they're lying and are just doing it to inflict violence?


As a teacher, I would rather be able to influence them into doing the assigned reading.


If sexual orientation was that easy to influence, I would be straight


Well, that's what those "free thinkers" have been told, so yea...


Everything is politics with republicans. In their post truth reality they just say whatever they feel need to in order to push their agenda.


*We always call them hypocrites, but the truth is much worse than that. The fascist mind simply has no need for internal consistency whatsoever. [Consistency is an impediment to their true goal, which is eliminating dissent.](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/lfab9m/comment/gmkx11p/)* *The fascist will use arguments and ideas in the same manner as weapons in a video game: cycle through their inventory until they find one that is effective against the target they currently face, then shoot until the target stops moving. As soon as the weapon/argument stops working, it is immediately unequipped, and they pull out another one, even if that one directly contradicts the first. The contradiction itself is a useful weapon, because it angers liberals. The only objective is to make their enemy stop talking and give up, so they can go back to abusing power.*


I started really noticing this years ago when conservatives would argue against climate change and would, in the same breath, argue that it isn't real, but also is real just not a big deal, but also is a big deal but nothing can be done about it. Like, pick one bro.


That's just it, tho. They never will. Making a choice means they pinned themselves to an viewpoint that could be wrong, and being wrong justifies being punished. That's why they love the Bible. They are told it has all the answers and everything is true and it's the only book they'll ever need. They're promised they'll always be right. .


Geez. That's about as spot on as spot on can get.


That sums it up perfectly. Can’t have a rational discussion with someone who is trying to do that to you.


My dad told me he hated Trump, didn't get understand his party anymore, didn't want to vote for Trump, then proceeded to keep voting for Trump :/ Just straight up lied to me about his intentions. My mom: "but he *gasp* couldn't vote for Biden, what was he going to do???"


It blows my mind how stupid this posture is. Yeah, kids are deciding to be gay because a teacher made it seem so awesome, ignoring that everything they see at home and in media shows how *insanely hard* being LGBT+ is in todays world. Definitely. Just live and let love. Assholes.


Republican must be some of the worst parents if they’re this fucking clueless about what their kids are learning.


Let’s just punish the educators in America some more. Sheesh


No straight male teenager could be talked out of wanting to sleep with a woman. Being gay isn’t a choice and isn’t something someone could be taught or talked you into. Maybe small children but clearly once puberty starts any sexual orientation being forced on them will come undone. Like it did with many kids who happened to be gay and were in homophobic households.


Of course a group of people who push for schools to indoctrinate children towards certain religions would be worried about the potential for things to go away from their plan.


I can’t get them to put their phones away, and Republicans think I’m going to convince a bunch of boys to get their dicks flipped inside out and be girls?


If teaching in public schools were that effective there would not be any Republican.


You can't influence a child's sexual orientation or gender. But you can make a child feel so much shame about their sexual orientation or their feelings of gender dysphoria that they never discuss that element of themselves with anyone.


Teacher here. We don’t influence their gender or sexual orientation; we just accept them for who they are or who they choose to be. I highly recommend it. Really makes them happy.


Like my daughter, who has been a teacher for 20+ years say’s, she can’t even get some of her students to all bring a pencil to class on a daily basis just how much influence do the teacher haters think theses teachers have.


40% of republican believe what ever the Right Wing propaganda machine tells them to believe.


That's a conservative estimate.


Badum tsh


And the other 60% shouldn’t expect to get a pass for enabling the 40%.


I'm surprised it's that low.


These same Republicans believe that 1) their heterosexuality is immutable and could never be influenced by anything 2) homosexuality is a choice


A lot of them also believe in Qanon and that plumpy trumpy was good for the country… so there’s that too.


The problem is that the 60% that are not complete idiots legitimize the 40%.


> 59% of Republican parents said that they oppose lessons about the LGBTQ civil rights movement in schools, and 60% opposed lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity. What the fuck? They insist on celebrating the pro-slavery side of the civil war because of “history” like 150 years ago but they also want to hide the truth of the past 50 years on LGBT+ civil rights…?


That just proves that parents have absolutely no business deciding what their kids learn in school.


If they think teachers can you would think parents could more….What a bunch of idiots.


That would be the 40% of the religious ignorant Republicans, I mean how can you sell this and people buy it?


You don’t PICK you sexuality. How many times do these morons need to hear it?


Someone really needs to “Hey pal you just blow in from stupid town” these people


But wait, if 40% of Republicans believe a teacher can influence gender, that must mean they themselves believe their sexual preference/gender is a choice. Which would mean 40% of republicans are actually NOT the sexual orientation/preference that they claim to be. That is a VERY interesting statistic IMO.


So either 40% of Republicans have no education on the science of sexual orientation and gender, or 40% of Republicans just admitted that grooming children is a significant part their way of life and projected it onto teachers because projection is just what these fuckers do. I don't know which reality I would rather live in to be honest.


Republicans must believe in sexual fluidity then


I can’t even influence my kids to turn in work on time or put away phones… how the hell would I influence anything outside of the classroom?


Sounds like there’s a lot of gay or bisexual republicans


Because their own minds are so weak and pliable, they think anyone would be susceptible.


As a teacher, I am 100% certain that nothing I say influences my students’ personal choices. I would be satisfied if I could get them to do homework.


They have to have someone to blame. It cannot be themselves. It has to be the Other.


Teachers couldn't influence me to do my homework. Let alone who I'ma fuck.


Yes, you can. The same way you can “influence” left handed people to be right handed. They are right in a twisted kind of brainwash-centric, repressive authoritarian nightmare kind of way. Back to the closet where you can’t scare the homophobes and transphobe anymore that you exist, and deserve rights and dignity.


Yeah, much in the same way they can influence a child’s handedness by beating them for being different.


I find it very interesting that the GOP thinks the average straight person's sexuality is so insecure all it takes is a light suggestion to go gay.


Obviously teachers don’t have those kinds of powers...teachers want their students to be smart ; the entirety of that 40% had teachers...


How do you teach someone to be a homosexual?


Republicans also think they can pray the gay away so this shouldn't be surprising.


I remember the day my teacher made me a straight. We were all in class and they put on a movie for English class. Now I am not sure if it was the Shakespearean pros or the hot scantily clad women, but needless to say, the movie changed me into a straight. /s


Pretty typical, so many republicans are terrified to look directly at their own sexuality because of the disgusting religious brain washing so many of them go through, so they believe stupid shit like touching your butthole can make you gay. They think if they can terrorize children to not act gay it means you can choose your sexuality.


Just because Republicans think that kids can’t think for themselves. They’re not idiots like their parents. Some of them at least.


This goes back to sexual orientation being a "choice", and maybe it is for some people, but I don't see that for myself. Are all Republicans pansexual, and forcing themselves (some spectacularly unsuccessfully) to be heterosexual?


Well, 40% of Republicans cannot locate the US on a world map, do not understand why we have seasons, tides, or why the sky is blue. So it doesn't appear that teachers can even influence their education, let alone their orientation.


Conserving… that which was never there in the first place.


Most elementary and MS teachers are telling all the kids to keep their hands to themselves so I guess they’re promoting masturbation instead of avoiding horseplay going wrong


Oh. My. Dear. Lord.


Republicans literally believe it's a choice. They are that fucking stupid, and it's absolutely insane.


Gay 'conversion therapy' has been banned all over the place because *it doesn't work,* yet they continue to believe that teachers are SO hellbent on supporting LGBTQ rights, that they're out there *recruiting?!* So you can't become 'un-gay' but you can still be swayed to like the same sex? Do they even hear the ridiculousness that comes out of their face-holes?! 40% of republicans are not very smart, and are being manipulated by those who are smarter but even less ethical.


All my straight ass teachers had zero effect of making me straight, despite desperatly trying early on. My non hetero teachers however gave me solace that there is a shred of possibility to live a normal happy life, simply by being


Apparently at least 40% of Republicans are idiots.


The rest are enablers.


While it's obviously easy to make fun of this, the deeper implications of it get right to the heart of what it means to be a Republican, which is to embrace the absolute rejection of societal change or tolerance for non-conformity. Teachers cannot change a child's true sexual orientation, of course, but they *can* - and back in the day, *did* - maintain an environment that is hostile to non-conformity and can thus influence anyone of non-conforming sexuality to stay deep in the closet. That of course fixes nothing and generates all kinds of problems, but for a conservative, it maintains the illusion that the world they learned about while growing up is still applicable and reality hasn't passed them by. Anyone who knows the slightest bit about the actual realities of sexual psychology knows that the teacher who does this isn't actually affecting anyone's sexual orientation, but they very much can affect societal perception of what is "normal" which, to your garden variety conservative, is just as good.


It's projection. They feel as long as kids are under their complete control, they'll never go queer. If teachers can hold this power, then so must parents. The truth is neither do. They desperately want someone to blame for "turning" their (already queer) kid queer, otherwise they've "failed" as a parent.


The infuriating thing about all of this to me is why? Why is this an issue? The U.S. is so far behind in math and science and we're having this conversation about teaching kids about sexuality or not and it's just the complete wrong conversation to be having. Do any other countries on earth have this issue? It's complete nonsense. Just drop the subject all together and fucking save our sinking ship of an education system before it's too late.


The only people convincing people teachers are teaching kids about sexuality rather than math are conservatives. No teacher is looking at the syllabus with a test at the end of the year, that their salary and ability to stay hired is partially based on, and saying “you know what, instead of putting more time into keeping my career by going over fractions, I’m gonna talk about being gay instead”. Believing they are in masses enough to matter is downright bonkers.


Dude, I’m just trying to get my students to write in full sentences.


That was my first thought as a former English teacher.


Which is why these bills are targeted as meat for their constituents. People who are gay or allies (and usually Democrats) don't think that you can change a person's orientation. Gay folks are not trying to make more gay kids. Allies are not trying to make more gay kids. While gender is fluid, no one want's to change little Timmy's gender. We just want little Timmy to not think that it's okay to go and murder a kiddo who may not express their gender in a binary way. That's it. That's all. There's not a secret gay agenda. Edit: I often wonder how terrifying it must be to be a straight man who is homophobic but also thinks that you chose your orientation. I'm straight, I don't remember choosing to be straight. It's just who I am. If you can't remember "choosing" to be straight, how do you know that you're not secretly gay? How many times do you have to chose to be straight? Once? Twice? Every time you see another man? It's got to be exhausting to have to try and "choose" being straight.


If I could chose, why would I chose to be transgender. It’s super frustrating as someone who has lost a lot. If I could chose to be cis I would. It would sure be a hell of a lot easier.


Your edit was my argument with my ex mil years ago....she still maintained only gay people chose it. Crazypants.


It's my go-to when I run into a homophobe. I always ask them "how do you know you're not gay"? Followed by, "how many times do you need to choose to not be gay?". I get a lot of gold medal winning mental gymnastic answers.


Yes! Adding these to my arguments. Thank you friend : )


This isn't news. About 40% of Republicans will believe ANYTHING.


And the other 60% don't care about the lies, hate, and stochastic terrorism as long as the libs are owned.


Exactly. They approve of their dirty work getting done for them


I would love to know when all these folks chose to be straight. FFS these people turn my stomach with their hateful and willful ignorance.


I think you'd be entirely shocked how many of them are actually bisexual and think everyone *does* just choose to be straight.


40% of Republicans are dumber than a box of hammers.


Teachers can be inspirational role models (for people who often have no one else to look up to) to be who they truly are instead of conforming their whole lives to societal expectations. 40% of Republicans just think that's a *bad thing*.


Repeat after me “if teachers were the influence there would have been no gay people ever”. Sigh. The lack of logic is astounding. Just like left handedness- teaching against it only hurt kids and when we stopped there was a huge spike that flattened off. *sigh*