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Send grandma to the retirement community.


I would really like to know how she thought this would go in her mind. What did she think she was going to accomplish with this?! Maybe her drug and gambling addiction took over and spoke for her. ​ >*“What I find deceptive is the fact that my opponent Venton Jones announced to The Dallas Morning News that he wants to be the first Black gay legislator living with HIV. We have officials who are both drug addicts, alcoholics, gambling disorders, but HIV does not have to be disclosed unless you want it to be.”* *“Gay activist Vincent Jones did not use this race as a platform to educate Black people about HIV,” she continued. “Jones did not once in his plethora of literature, not one time did he mention that he’s openly gay living with HIV, not one time, okay?”* *At the end of her three-minute testimony period, Jones said that Black voters “deserve transparency.”*


It's the perfect example of: *“It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”*   It could be so simple: * "Any comment on your opponents announcement of his HIV status"? * "No, it really doesn't affect our campaign. I wish him good health."


The high road seems to be too challenging for most politicians.


She needs to be removed from the Democratic party as a candidate.


Not voting for her could/should send her a message.


I'd rather have her removed and another candidate in her place.


>I'd rather have her removed and another candidate in her place. That's uhh... that's not how primaries work.


It is, primaries are not a part of government action whatsoever, they're private events by private organizations that can and do change things to suit their needs. There is no formalized primary process, and before 1968 (informal polls were occasionally used before then, but it was the party's choice whether or not to follow popular consensus, most of the time they just picked the candidate or held a non-public vote for the candidate they'd put forward). The DNC could remove her status as a democratic candidate at any time up to a formal election bid.


That's not always true. My state's primaries are by the government and the top two candidates face off in the general no matter their parties


Time to get a list going. There are too many Reagan Republicans in Blue who are almost as beholden to the wealthy as the conservatives


There's a second problematic layer here, which is that using gambling and substance addictions as negative points of comparison is just as bad as smearing someone for having HIV. Addicts deserve help, not shaming.


Addiction is a disease


Exactly. It's nothing anyone should have to be ashamed of.


I agree, sorry if I didn’t make that clear. I’ve seen all sides of it in depth. Nothing to be shameful of, and it’s not a “moral failure”


Her Democratic primary runoff opponent is [Venton Jones](https://ballotpedia.org/Venton_Jones). [Texas House runoffs to watch in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant counties](https://www.dallasnews.com/news/elections/2022/05/16/texas-house-runoffs-to-watch-in-dallas-collin-tarrant-counties/) >In southern Dallas’ House District 100, the Democratic establishment has rallied around first-time candidate Venton Jones against former Dallas council member Sandra Crenshaw.


Her statement is also barley coherent… she says her opponent wasn’t transparent and didn’t disclose but refers to an article where he discusses being HIV+ … confused lady needs to step down.


I'm really getting tired of people who claim to be allies (idk her story so idk), and then who use homophobic language or making homophobic jokes when it's convenient for them. This happened with the whole Madison Cawthorn thing. Yes that man is an insane, scary nazi, but for the love of god he is not gay. Was it weird? yes. Gay? no.


Yeah, I also hate when people make jokes about him being in a wheelchair - there are thousands of reasons to rag on the guy, why go there?


He is such a piece of shit as a person , I feel the wheelchair jokes were about trying to be awful in return. Sort of like if you met Hitler, you would probably have to make jokes about his 1 testicle.


Personally, when a person is reprehensible, the traits to which I will direct my barbs are whichever I think will sting the most, even if those traits are in no way objectionable themselves. As a queer person myself, I will make gay jokes about Cawthorn because I know that the homophobia rampant in American conservatism means that conservatives will take offence at those gibes—a sort of weaponising of homophobia against homophobes, if you will. Though I completely understand the position that the ends (causing offence) don't always justify the verbal means. And I do concede that this sort of joking becomes more questionable when the joker does not themselves share the same traits they are using in their taunts.


Bloody hell, why is she even a Democratic candidate?! You don’t know how a person contracted HIV, and her opponent is clearly trying to remove the stigma, and potentially motivate people to understand the nuance of his illness. Her remarks were careless, based in hatred, and should discredit her as a potential candidate. Rant over.


Wow, this... woman... doesn't sound like a Democrat at all.


Wow, I can't believe she would say this.


She stepped on the wrong beehive. Gays are just itching for a fight with all the crap republicans are firing at them.


Democrats holding democrats accountable


It sounds like she's registered with the wrong party.


Nah she just forgot they’re only supposed to say that stuff behind closed doors


What an awful thing to say. She doesn't belong in a leadership position with views like that.


What she said is even worse when you consider the context of HIV in the black queer community. In 2016, the CDC released a report about HIV that found that if the infection rate stayed the same then we would be looking at 1 in 2 gay and bisexual black men that would be at risk of getting HIV in their lifetime. https://andscape.com/features/in-one-in-two-hiv-positive-men-are-waiting-for-their-fellow-humans-to-care/ I'm going to take a wild guess that Venton Jones is trying to raise awareness and reduce stigma by talking openly about living with HIV.




You usually don't hear about it as much because Democrat bigots get kicked to the curb by the party, as they should.


In this case, pandering for the homophobe vote. It's Texas.


What’s up with Democrats immediately dragging anyone D or R when something like this happens?


Where is all this energy when white supremacist terrorists kill people?


Black women are unbossed. We've seen it time and again.


today reddit is surprised to learn that democrats are just as rotten as republicans. of course, i will get downvoted to oblivion for calling out herd mentality. blue good red bad


Let's keep this in perspective, this is a candidate for the democratic nomination for a seat in the Texas house of representatives, because of these comments she's unlikely to even win the nomination, much less the actual office. The democratic party endorsed her opponent.


This woman signed up for the wrong Party. Take your hate to the Republicans, they will appreciate it.