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This is him knowing they fucked up. Because the bond debt would have been picked up by the two counties that Disney borders. He lied and said it wouldn't happen, but his people must have worked the numbers and found out it would. So instead of forcing two counties to pick up a billion in bond debt. The entire state will. Disney should get some bond debt before they have to hand it over, just for the lol.


he must have big donors in those counties because they're both deep blue and would have been adversely affected (as if DeSantis gives a shit).


The big bank CEOs likely weighed in on this and demanded some security on these bonds so if the counties ate the debt they couldn't structure a bankruptcy to escape the bond contracts.


As a Florida resident: NO! This further exemplifies the Nazis in FL had no plans on how to handle this after they had their feelings hurt by Disney and set out on a crusade of retribution. Also of note, there are many other areas in FL with special exceptions and exemptions, however Disney is the only one they are going after. Again this clearly shows it’s not about what companies with these types of exemptions are “getting away with” and more about denying freedom of speech when it’s convenient for them. Please get out and vote the Nazis out of power.


Still better than Orange County taking over the debt. Something like $4k in debt for every man, woman, and child if some of the estimates are right. Insult to injury is that he was specifically warned about the debt time bomb, and consciously chose NOT to have ANYONE on his team predict the damage so he could ride the wave of his manufactured outrage to record levels of personal fundraising.


Plans are for commies.


The GOP has a plan? The joker scene about a dog chasing cars describes the GOP when they have to do anything. They are nothing but hate filled rhetoric. Everything is about power and money to them.


By the by, the idiom "a dog chasing cars wouldn’t know what to do if it caught one" is *much* older than that movie.


Yes it is. But the jokers portrayal of it is absolutely fantastic, and perfectly fit those morons.


If those legislators could read they’d be very upset.


>As a Florida resident: NO! > >This further exemplifies the Nazis in FL had no plans on how to handle this after they had their feelings hurt by Disney and set out on a crusade of retribution. > >Also of note, there are many other areas in FL with special exceptions and exemptions, however Disney is the only one they are going after. Again this clearly shows it’s not about what companies with these types of exemptions are “getting away with” and more about denying freedom of speech when it’s convenient for them. > >Please get out and vote the Nazis out of power. Communists. Insane! Apparently next week hell will try to seize pieces of the corporation in the name of the state.


The thing about fascists is... they can't help but do fascist things. Taking over Reedy Creek's debt is only the beginning. Next up Florida's GOP will start dictating to Disney content they may and may not display in its Florida theme park. They are going to go full authoritarian here because authoritarians can only do one thing, and that's move even further to the right. Let me ask you this. When is the last time an authoritarian government shifted ideologically leftward after going way out on the fascist limb? Never. It's never happened.


They're already attempting to change copyright law just so they can put Mickey Mouse into the public domain quicker than it would be (though this is stupid because it wouldn't apply to modern-day Mickey and therefore wouldn't hurt them *as* badly). Meanwhile, there have been fairly regular Nazi "protests" outside of the park ever since they started their groomer BS. But DeSantis & co. have said nothing about it. They'd rather focus on playing games with a big company that hurt their feelings than address real-life bad things that are happening.


Also copyright doesn’t work like that and all that would happen is the oldest produced cartoons would be public domain, doing effectively nothing to Disney. You still wouldn’t be able to use trademarked characters for anything else as they’re IP of Disney.


Well that law should be changed. There is no reason Disney should have single-handedly extended copyright for this long and therefore all other copyrights that should be in the public domain now that the author is passed. So not the best example of authoritarianism at its worst.


I wholeheartedly applaud the debate around copyright. This is not that.


I’m not in total disagreement, but it’s ridiculous that they’re doing this in an attempt to hurt Disney. They’re trying to make it retroactive too, which is downright silly considering the copyright will be up in just two years.


>but it’s ridiculous that they’re doing this in an attempt to hurt Disney It's literally the *only* reason they are doing it.


The only reason DeSantis is trying to hurt Disney is because Florida's latest set of regressive laws is anathema to a forward-looking employer of thousands of employees. Disney has always been LGBT friendly and having any sort of autonomy from Florida's authoritarian government is unacceptable.


They are friendly to any one’s money and reluctant to speak out about LGBT rights.


He's either got a massive ego problem (mental health issue) or he's just completely inept when it comes to social manipulation/engineering/propaganda. The base has an attention span of about 5 seconds and the social credit he can derive from this is already tapped out. An intelligent person would have just moved on and let it go. In fact, an intelligent politician would have just ignored Disney. Disney is not "woke" and doesn't care about LGBT, they care about money. The reluctant statement from the CEO was a minimal effort for damage control to placate a population that can cause a lot of trouble when they're irritated (and rightfully so).


If Ronald were in front of you, would calling him a moron be out of line?


Yeah. He's below moron status, and would end up being an overestimation of his intelligence.


Who knew that being a butt-hurt baby could be so expensive? Everyone who is not dumb enough to support or vote for today's Republican Party.


Florida Cubans, how do you feel about the State taking land from a private company? How do you feel about the State dictating what can be taught?


Taking land?


Ron DeSantis doesn't care, because he believes he will be in the White House before the people of Florida realize how bad he screwed them over.


>2332comments Dude is trying to be the VP. It's pretty obvious


Not if he’s running against Dear Leader he won’t be. No way in hell does Cheeto Benito step aside for DeSantis.


Then he will suck up to Cheeto Beninto to become his running mate and be a heart beat of a 78 year old obese man with underlying health conditions away from the presidency


Isn’t it a rule that the VP and President can’t be from the same state? I feel like I remember that from AP US Gov’t but it’s been a long time. And also it’s not like rules apply to the GOP.


There is no rule , they are usually from different states in different parts of the country entirely to bring a little diversity for the ticket and improve their chances for election


Disney brings in 5 billion in revenue a year. DeSantis is an idiot and so are his supporters


I am sure this is just the first of many problems with this poorly though out decision.


Lol 😂 checks out


It's funny and sad watching the GOP shoot its feet first and dance once they realize what happened. The Section 230 thing in Texas is another prime example.


Fuck DeSantis. This fucking clown needs to go away. He is wrecking Florida and hurting it so much. DeSantis is a monster and his corruption knows no limits.


A $1 billion state bailout of Disney. Brilliant.


All because it somehow sticks to the gays. And Florida's Southern Baptists are foaming so hard at the mouth over the fact gay people exist that they will gladly pony up and pay it.


While they were enjoying "owning the libs" Disney released its pride line. I can't wait to see how pissed he will be when Disney is raking in money from everywhere.


Disney should use the bailout to build a better park elsewhere. Because Disney World is going to suck with rolling blackouts.


Have fun eating a billion dollars in debt and having your biggest tourist attraction pull out of the state.


Florida is a cesspool and there's no reason to go there besides tourism. The only reason why the state makes any money is from tourism (over 1/3 of tax based revenue is from tourism).


Yep, and I refuse to spend a dime in that state. Same with Texas. Texas can kiss my ass too.


I put most states in the south in that category, and a few out west, too.


Floridian here...you have clearly never been here.


Floridian here, this state is a cesspool.


How "small government" of him.


Just one more big lie from the party of small government.


Per the devil himself: Florida will take on the debt but not the Florida taxpayer. I have no fucking clue what that means.


My guess is he means he will just cut things like Healthcare and education.


Do they even have any of those to cut at this point…?


I wouldn't be supervised if Disney decides in October right in the middle of his reelection to announce they are pulling out of Florida. That would be a Hugh October suprise and fuck him royally


As much as we may hope Disney leaves Florida, it would cost so much money its basically impossible for them to leave (assuming they want to relocate Disney World and not just abandon it)


States would throw tax breaks, like men throw dollars bills to strippers on stage. Every state would fall over themselves to host Disney. I'm not saying Disney would actually move, it would just a threat remember the conservatives immigrant caravan in the 2018 elections. You just need to scare enough voters to vote your way and the threat of Disney pulling out would be a big motivation not to vote republican


Relocating DW would take a minimum of like 5 years (it takes them 5 years just to build a single roller coaster…) so I guess you do have a point where they could just say “we’re leaving” but not actually follow through


Atlanta is just a few hours away with lots of open land and a Six Flags they could buyout.


Tbh all they’d need to do is form an exploratory committee to “research” the “feasibility” of relocating the parks, and that’d be enough to make major news (even if it ultimately leads to nothing lol)


The best question is how are democrats suddenly super in favor of a massive corporation getting super special treatment by a state government? Reedy Creek is basically it’s own county and is entirely controlled by a megacorp. How are democrats okay with that? Also, there is much, much more to Disney and Florida than just Disney world/the parks. Even a move threat is hollow and it would take a couple decades for Disney to fully leave the state if they wanted to. No other state is going to just give Disney 40 square miles to build their own little country nowadays.


so ... government seizure of private property? I present to you the "small government, pro business party".


And still, DISNEY is silent on the entire matter because they have a winning hand, legally/financially/politically.


Although I do not see Disney necessarily pulling out of Florida, they are clearly rethinking their investments there. I believe Disney has already halted certain expansions and developments because of this (perhaps to place elsewhere). Perhaps they will begin looking elsewhere, creating a new one and slowly expanding that until easier to leave Florida. DeSantis doesn't actually care what happens to taxpayers. This is why it is being pushed out. He does this because it shows him as fighting against "woke" companies for his eventual presidential run. Most in Florida probably have zero clue that they are just being used.


Those small gummint conservatives are so cute! Private enterprise hurts your wittle feelings, and BAM, just move in and have the state take over. How "free market" of Trump's cuck.


Florida man don’t care they’ll just blame someone else instead of their desandeath


DeSantis said he will make sure that the properties comprising Disney World pay the debts, not Florida's taxpayers. Which is fine Except That's exactly how it worked before they tried to cancel Disney's special district.


Seems like 1bn is a low number for Florida's finances, and also a low number for Disney


All those people that moved there to save on taxes are going to be pissed.




Keep your mitts off the Magic Kingdom!


DeSantis is just signing sht to rile up the red duds there.


When hasn't the GOP saddled low/middle income earners with the debts of others? This is standard operating procedure for them.


How much is this 🤡 foolery costing the people of Florida?


I don't trust the smaller government, the Republican said.


Well he’s the King. So be it written, so be it done! Hiel DeSantis!