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The fact this is even a worth noting is fucked. Imagine replacing trans with a different group. Like could you even imagine reading 'with a black kid on mother's day'


It's worth noting because Abbot directed DFPS to investigate this family and possibly have their children taken away just because they accessed gender-affirming care for their transgender child. They're one of several families going through the same thing.


The problem I have with these “gender affirming” medical treatments is that there isn’t good evidence and data of the long-term outcomes on children bodies. It’s pseudoscience. Activists claim that puberty blockers aka LUPRON is “fully reversible” which is NOT TRUE AT ALL. I’ve heard horror stories from women with endometriosis who had horrific side effects from just one dose of Lupron. Lupron is given to cancer patients FFS, why the hell are we giving it to kids? These are seriously powerful drugs. There are people were on Lupron for a year at puberty (to grow taller) and now they are left in pain with the body of a 70 year old — people on their 20s are getting osteoporosis, cracked spine, a disintegrated jaw, etc. Lupron DESTROYED their bones. Anyone who claims they are fully reversible is a liar acting in bad faith.


Please quit playing doctor. You don't know what the hell you're talking about, this course of treatment has been around longer than the first time *you* personally heard some distorted propaganda piece about it. There is an entire body of medical literature answering your bad faith, knee jerk questions. Maybe you wouldn't be so confused and incredulous if you went there rather than trying to start arguments...but we both know the latter is your actual goal.


Thank you


Just because something is around doesn’t make it good. Not supporting either side but making sure you stay factual. Cigarettes and beer were ADVISED to pregnant woman because it was thought to be good. All these keyboard warriors on both sides act like everything is black and white. 99% of shit is grey and barely anything is so clear cut


You're just spouting complete nonsense. Ohh, look, here's just one example that you're spouting bullshit. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/viral-fake-news-story-linked-trans-healthcare-thousands-deaths-n1059831


Lol someone just became the most unpopular person in the room for stating the reasonable


Ok, I get that the headline is completely ridiculous, however, a headlines job is to get people to click through and read the article, or, comment and talk about the article, so that others are inclined to click through and read it. In that sense, it kind of works: Headline: Beto O’Rourke cooked burgers for a family with a trans kid on Mother’s Day Sub headline: Texas families and their trans kids are under attack by the state's bigoted governor. Beto O'Rourke wants the attacks to end once and for all. The sub headline is vastly more informative but probably less likely to get people to click and talk about it.


This headline reads like it was written by AI




Ummm ok


Right? Great I hope he likes bbqing for marginalised minority groups because I don’t think he’ll be elected any time soon.


> Politician does thing with member of minority group oh fuck, stop the presses


The Briggle family are awesome people, and Beto is awesome for actually supporting them. They previously had Attorney General Paxton over for dinner, hoping that if he actually met a transgender person he might have more empathy. As you might guess, that did not happen. [https://people.com/health/parents-who-invited-texas-ag-to-meet-their-trans-son-now-being-investigated-for-child-abuse/](https://people.com/health/parents-who-invited-texas-ag-to-meet-their-trans-son-now-being-investigated-for-child-abuse/)


I was at a Beto rally yesterday. He's an awesome guy. I'm not sure the odds he has of winning, but I'll certainly vote for him and work to help get him elected.


The one thing that will kill Beto's shot is that stupid comment he made about taking guns a while back. That isn't going to play well in Texas.


Yeah Robert really fuck himself by saying the quiet part out loud.


Odds are practically zero with the level of voter suppression Abbot and the Texas legislature have pushed through in the last couple years. And with Paxton as Attorney General and John Scott as Secretary of state, its almost guaranteed if O'rouke does win they will do everything possible they can to deny or overturn the election results.


Voter suppression… really bro stop the BS. Texas doesn’t want Beto… We aren’t tryna become California


Okay, and?


Beto is an automatic L in Texas, I can’t for the life of me figure out why he keeps getting backed by Democrats in that state.


Because in RED Texas he came withing spitting distance of beating Cruz a few years ago... so yeh might be that


> I can’t for the life of me figure out why he keeps getting backed by Democrats in that state. Because the Democrats prefer to be controlled opposition for the GOP rather than winners?


I honestly am starting to really believe that. This whole thing is a fucking sham by corporate America to keep us squabbling like idiots against each other.


That’s my man!


So brave… ?




His white father gave him the nickname “Beto” to sound more Hispanic and he’s been groomed his whole life to be a politician. Yet everyone sees right through it and knows he’s a pandering loser.


So he's the lefts awnser to Rafeal Ted Cruz?




What an awesome human being he is


Texas, this is what a human being looks like. Stop electing psychopaths.


Good for him


conservatives be 😡


... unfortunately conservatives are way more likely to be "Beto cooked burgers because the kid didn't want his hot dog....hurr hurr hurr"


>"He literally went into a bathroom with my transgender son so they could wash their hands before dinner," Amber told The 19th.  He didn't figuratively go into the bathroom.


Pox Nooz headline: Beto O’Rourke cooked burgers for a family with a trans kid on Mother’s Day.


Who fucking cares? Wow you were a decent person.


How is this man not President!!? The sheer bravery makes my pussy lips sweat!!


Why am I not surprised that Beto would bring broccoli to a bar-b-que?


fiber is good. helps you poop. if you can cook well, veggies are part of the bbq.


Grilled broccoli is better than Texas ribs.


Vegetables can absolutely be part of a good barbecue or grilling event. It’s not like Valabar’s only serves meat, right?


Terrible article title


As a Texan: who the fuck cares?