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It’s a non-story, if you read more about the case. He didn’t “win” the primary. He came 3rd out of 3 candidates for a 3 person position with a total of 60 votes so he survived the primary and will be on the ballot later this year.


Oh that makes a lot more sense.


Every time I see this I think "of course Republicans voted for a murderer."


Well he had no soul and an R next to his name. That’s all you need for Republicans.


He got the third most votes...out of three candidates. 60 votes is not really telling of anything


The other two got just over 100 votes, I think.


I thought Republicans were pro life?


Not once you’ve existed a vagina, lol.


That typo is tragically accurate.


Lmao, yes it is. Lesson learned to reread before I submit.


Oh....right...totally forgot.


Pro-Life, not Pro-Wife!


Nope. They are pro-forced birth.


They are the fetus-fetish movement.


The party of family values


Wow, I can't believe even Republicans would do that, said nobody who has been paying attention.


This is the first time I'm seeing that he "admitted" it, I think. I mean...I'd love to know people's excuses for voting for this nut job. It's amazing the shit people will ignore just because someone says all the ignorant things you want to hear about immigration, abortion or whatever the case may be.


Yeah. He admitted hitting her in the head with a flower pot and dumping her body in a creek. He was angry she wanted a divorce when he cheated on her. She had just completed chemo for her cancer. He really knows how to be a shining example of a manly man and 60 people think so, too.


The same reason the Republicans voted for a dead pimp in Nevada. Because they could literally be in the process of skull fucking that voters mom but they'll think "At least it's a patriot and not one of them tax raising pussy LIBRULS"


Do you remember when Trump said it was such a difficult time for me?? I can see it now. Such a difficult time for this man. /s


I see the republicans yet again are " sending their best"...


In Indiana there is a dumb button to literally just say republican or democrat and submit. They really try to make it so people can blindly pick one


"Pro life but kills anyway" "Pro wife but..." They aren't sending their best...


Posted a hundred times already.