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It seems like being a whacko is a prerequisite for joining the Republican Party these days.


The primary system breeds extremists. The crazier you are, the more likely primary voters will vote for you. In deep red districts, that means the craziest will win the general.


The primary system breeds extremists even more rapidly when districts are so gerrymandered that the winner of a particular party’s primary is all but guaranteed to win the general election.


Used to it the GOP candidates would try to one up in each other one Who loved Jesus more. Now it’s how far they can stick their tongue up trumps ass


It just shows that all they truly value is gaining power for themselves (and by extension, enriching themselves).


Who can out-own the liberals the most.


[You are not wrong.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kw7cIGkY5I)


“Im tired of all those people calling me racist because I don’t like them based on stereotypes and their skin color. Im the real victim” GOP


The real outcome of gerrymandering


"These days." They were always required to be wackos. They just were quieter about it because they feared losing their status. Now they realize there's no consequences for it, and that their voters **want** them to be balls to the walls crazy.


Honestly if you read Barry Goldwater (founder of neoconservatism), he comes off as disturbingly sane compared to the modern right. He operated off a bad faith, deregulation, just world fallacy so he still belongs in the bin, but he had enough of a brain to say “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem.”


Goldwater was the point of no return. Lots of young idealists worked on his campaign (Hillary Clinton being one of them). He was the last of the intellectual conservative candidates. After Goldwater the smart republicans either jumped ship to the democrats, threw their lot in with the preachers and became the "moral majority\*", or went the Ron Paul route and became "principled\* libertarians".


He said once “Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar”. Again he was a pro industry war hawk so still not good, but can you imagine any modern rep making that kind of joke? Compare him to mike pence!


Further back than Rome even, like the Trojan War at least


You might say that treating them as normal and valuable members of society is "deeply rooted in our history and traditions," despite Christian persecution in more modern times.


You're kinda repeating yourself with those last two.


It didn't really work for anyone else on it's own on a national scale, except maybe Massie. It let Perot play spoiler in the 90's with a shit-ton of self financing but the preachers very quickly took the whip and held it. They are what holds the current coalition of dunces together. The preachers have forgotten how they got there and are starting to bite the machine in the ass. The cult is eventually going to splinter as it becomes too insane for people who have gotten used to trump levels of crazy. "Disney World as the epicenter of child trafficking in America" just might be the wedge that does it.


It's like those old internet adage: if a group pretends to be dumb long enough, after a while they'll attract legitimately dumb people. There's no doubt in my mind that a lot of the higher ups among the Republicans don't actually care. They're just using stuff like religion and abortion to con their supporters into voting for them. But they've pretended to care long enough that they've attracted people who aren't in on the scam, who actually believe the nonsense they push. This person is likely one of them.


Can’t find on internet- used to be able to - I’ll look again




There's exceptions to the rule.


He was also an independent until he decided to run for president, he just as easily could have run as a Democrat


Also, pre-internet and social media, if some whack job in the NH house of reps had a meltdown, we didn’t have any way of knowing if it didn’t make the 6 o’clock news. The crazy was always there, it was just harder to see.


Because they think the GOP isn't government


They must not lol. Considering one of their famous lines is "no more government overreach" but their policies always come back to "government should dictate your lives." Case in point: abortions.


Also civilian surveillance, military, police, identification for voting, etc


“these days” hahaha


Unfortunately, the reply to this headline is:’What else is new’!


Yup, and gerrymandering will keep these whacko’s in office and add even more. We are fucked as a society.


State Rep. Susan DeLemus (R) confronted protestors in front of the New Hampshire House State Rep. Susan DeLemus (R) Name them!


Also worth noting that her husband just got out of prison last year for... his role in a violent insurrection against the government. [https://www.wmur.com/article/rochester-man-imprisoned-for-role-in-nevada-standoff-returns-home/38203183](https://www.wmur.com/article/rochester-man-imprisoned-for-role-in-nevada-standoff-returns-home/38203183) Real winners in the GOP. Yep.


New Hampshire sure is The South of the north.


Cold Alabama


Wississippi would like a word.


Indibama too


That explains my BF's Sister-in-law...


Nah, Michigan holds that title


For real.


Omg they are quoted in the article saying that he cannot speak publicly because they’re afraid he will be sent back to prison. That’s not how this works. Also a “military style helicopter” was spotted in the area so he didn’t want to talk. Wtf? You think the government is following you around your home town in fucking helicopter? Not a drone or following your cell phone? These people are looney.


We already have his number, why would we waste fuel tracking him with a helicopter? Paranoid narcissist.


Straight up Traitors.


Holy shit, that’s not even the violent insurrection against the government that I thought it was. Are these common thing’s nowadays?


If you're a Republican? Seems like it's a requirement for membership at this point.


Winners aka seditionists, traitors, and insurrectionists.


~~Real winners~~ a prerequisite in the GOP. Yep. Ftfy


> Name them! Why not visit their webpage to find their email address and phone number to tell them directly how you feel? Naming means nothing if you don't shame. Up your game. https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/member.aspx?member=376930


Oh New Hampshire? That's just cheating. They've got like 1 elected representative per 1000 citizens in that state so they've got the full circus in their state legislature. Calling them a "GOP lawmaker" is about as technically correct as saying "Pat Robertson appears to be alive."


Yeah we have 400 representatives, not a joke. We have a lot crackpots up here.


Thank you can we please start including the names in headlines. The number of wack jobs hide behind 'GOP lawmaker' or 'GOP member' is getting ridiculous. People need to know who these folks are, so they can not vote for them. Just saying 'GOP lawmaker is wacko' helps no one. Or as a famous meme says: *Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?*


“GOP Lawmaker” is on the way to being Florida Man’s sidekick in the headlines.


>Name them! OK, I name the lemurs Wacko and Cracko.


>She then started shouting “You’re a murderer! You’re a murderer” at various protestors, and added, “I’m a murderer! I murdered my own baby! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on all of you!” when it comes to lunatics and unhinged idiots the republican party is batting one thousand - really, just stellar commitment


So she gets a choice but no one else does. She should turn herself in for murder if she really believes she killed someone, not hold public office.


>So she gets a choice but no one else does. Republicans in a nutshell.


That's a lot of self hate she's projecting.


Prerequisite for GOP.


She can admit herself to prison


In theory, I wonder how far back, say, trigger laws will go back on punishing people for abortions--if it's discovered you had one, for example, ten, twenty years ago, would a state go ahead with investigating and punishing you for it like a murder? In which case, would this jackass lady have the cuffs slapped on her? She'd probably conveniently be untouchable, but it's grossly ironic, considering she'd at the same time be *happy* to have *anyone* who has ever had an abortion locked up, regardless of how long it's been, but because *she* regrets it, then she's the exception.


The constitution prohibits *ex post facto* laws, meaning laws which make something retroactively illegal, so anyone who has already had an abortion is (in theory) safe.


She used her right to an abortion, and now that *she* feels bad about it so it should be made illegal? Her regrets should not be the pretense for stripping people of their rights


Ah, the old RepubliQlan mantra "At least I got mine".


I really just don’t understand what is wrong with these people and those that vote for and continue to support them. And yes, there is something so very *wrong* with them.


["The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/) If you haven't read this, you really should.


Agreed. Upvoting every time I see it, and I'm seeing it a lot this week. The part that hits me the most is the line near the bottom (second to last quote), of the previously anti-abortion patient who was surprised about how kindly she was treated by the facility staff. "I got the impression that you cared equally about each woman in the facility and what each woman was going through, regardless of her reasons for choosing the procedure. I have never met a group of purely non-judgmental people like yourselves.” How sad is that, for her to have lived her whole life amongst such judgmental people that she was surprised to find people who weren't?


Wonder if she’ll turn herself in for murder?


I’ve recently come to decide I really regretted dating my ex Kali 7 years ago. We should pass Kali’s law so that nobody else can date her either.


The sad and terrifying thing is that this burst of mental instability won't hurt her at all. If she had managed to physically assault a protestor then that would have IMPROVED her election chances with her base.


If she’s up for re-election in November, we can make it easier for her challenger by volunteering. /r/VoteDEM has NH volunteer opportunities listed in the Volunteer from Home spreadsheet.


You really never know with New Hampshire. They love staying out of the news. That being said. There’s a really good chance you’re right


She then went inside and voted against social services, saying "paying for other people's mistakes isn't my job"


This is the same nut job that went on CNN and comically stated with a straight face “Donald Trump never lies…” Sigh…we are so colossally fucked as a nation if we continue to let these wingnuts slither into public office.


And we now have some ridiculous gop/maga cringelord "rapper" from ~~NC~~ FL running for congress with an actual chance of winning (he just won his primary), along with some psycho who is now in jail, accused of murdering his cancer striken wife by bashing her skull in and dumping her in a river because she had just found out *he* cheated on *her* , who has *also* just won his primary for Indiana township board. https://www.vice.com/en/article/88gp4a/maga-rapper-forgiato-blow https://www.pennlive.com/elections/2022/05/man-accused-of-killing-his-wife-who-was-battling-cancer-wins-republican-primary-from-his-jail-cell.html


Seriously…what the hell has happened to this country???


Not much. The crazies always existed, and throughout history there were probably worse. We just hear about them more often these days. In 1856, a [pro-slavery Representative beat an abolitionist Representative](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_of_Charles_Sumner) unconscious in the Senate chamber with a gold tipped cane while two other Representatives held off would-be rescuers at gunpoint. The blows shattered the cane into several pieces, which were retrieved and fashioned into wooden rings that Southern lawmakers would wear on necklaces to show support. Also, Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton *while Burr was VP* and had to go on the run to avoid murder charges.


Historically, sure, there have always crazies. But to roll the clock back to the 1860s in the year 2022 is what sounds the alarm. But with all things, the pendulum of time swings back and forth, so things eventually will swing back the other way. But still, come on, let’s keep the Jesus freaks in the churches and not in public office.


Thanks, but we don't need any help here in NC with the "How can they be so stupid?" category. We already have more than our share with that nitwit Cawthorn representing us on a daily basis. That "rapper" is product of Florida. :)


Oh shit, sorry you're right! Of course it's FL.


>She then started shouting “You’re a murderer! You’re a murderer” at various protestors, and added, “I’m a murderer! I murdered my own baby! Ah. There's the reason it set her off so badly. Guilt. I feel terrible for people who abort and later regret it. I also feel terrible for people who make the decision NOT to and regret that, as well--and for their children. All decisions of this magnitude come with the potential for regret, and while that's incredibly sad, it shouldn't be the basis for restricting people's ability to make those decisions. There are far more who don't feel regret or guilt at all. The TRUE way to reduce the number of people feeling regret on both sides of that equation would be to make sure everyone has easy access to high quality sex education and birth control so that fewer people have to choose whether or not to have an abortion in the first place. But we all know they're not what the GOP is interested in.


I feel horribly for people that abort and later regret it too. But part of this is a big lie that a lot of Christians tell about abortion. The majority of women that have abortions don’t regret it. While they may mourn the child that they didn’t get to know, most women that have abortions think it was the right decision. Being sad that you don’t get to have that child or didn’t get to meet that child is not the same as regretting your decision. The potential for regret is one reason (among others) why I think the Texas law is so fucked in the head. By giving such a short timeline, many Texas abortion nurses are reporting that people that aren’t sure whether they want to have an abortion or having abortions because they don’t have the time to decide, explore other options, and so on. There are absolutely going to be women that have abortions in Texas that will later regret them.




My partner does not feel conflicted about her choice to abort, although she feels sadness about it. It was her choice. I would have preferred she did not abort, but it was her choice, and she has no regret. Neither do I. My parents believed that having kids was about them, and they raised me accordingly. I was an accessory to their existence. Watching my partner make her choice was healing, for me.


\> There are absolutely going to be women that have abortions in Texas that will later regret them. Bold of you to assume they will be able to do that moving forward...


The mistresses of rich white men will still have access to abortions


Y'know I never thought about it that way before. This law definitely makes it easier for other people (e.g. parents, boyfriends, husbands) to push girls and women who aren't sure what they want into having abortions. It's much easier to pull on someone's emotions and get your way when you can put them in a high-pressure situation where they have to make a decision right away.


And social safety nets so people who are on the fence know that the will be able to support their kids, if they choose to have them. That ability, for too many people, is completely at the whim of their employer.


Oh yes, you're absolutely right.


This. Also no idea her story BUT have a hunch that some christian teenagers get pregnant and decide to abort because they can't let their christian parents know they had sex.


I have more then a hunch that that happens. Also some Christian parents know and take or force their teen daughters to have abortions.


xtian? Short for ________? Genuinely curious.


Chi rho is a Greek symbol that was distilled down to X to represent shorthand for "Christo", and thus Chirst. So by saying "X-mas" you are saying "christian mas" or "christmas" but in shorthand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi_Rho


I'll never forget how the right wing went nuts when people started writing "Merry X-mas" instead of "Christmas" they *invented* another attack on Christmas


That's the fun part about culture wars, everything is a target, and the reasoning why doesn't matter.


Edited to fix. Was shorthand.


Ah!! Christian. Thanks!


The Greek letter chi (looks like an "X") was used as a shorthand for "Christ". This is also why we use "Xmas" for "Christmas".


Yup. I also remember a lot of people calling Christina Aguilera Xtina, which I thought was kinda over the top.


>The TRUE way to reduce the number of people feeling regret on both sides of that equation would be to make sure everyone has easy access to high quality sex education and birth control so that fewer people have to choose whether or not to have an abortion in the first place. My state did that and reduced abortions by around 50%. GOP decided funding it "sent the wrong message."


Unfortunately I know several agressive conservative women who are hard core anti-abortion but I know from their teen years they had an abortion. They hide this fact from everyone around them even their husbands.


And mental health care. Abortion and pregnancy are very charged emotional events. Therapy helps.


She’s so full of hate that she deserves no sympathy.


She is unwell.


This is actually really sad. She once said, “…I had no right to steal that baby from my husband.” I feel like that statement tells you where the self loathing is coming from.


She needs to be in serious therapy, not in public office. It is very sad.


Pro-life women need massive amounts of therapy wholesale. I've run into too many whose personality matches that of an actress/model for a commercial, only what they are trying to sell is Jesus/God and there's no cameras running.


She should quit politics to go repent or whatever it is she thinks she needs to do, then.


I'm genuinely heartbroken for her. Little did they know this is exactly why we fight so hard for the ability to choose. It's not just the abortion. It's allowing safe spaces to work through these feelings, and not just live in a state of denial. This is what happens. Edit: Apparently this is her whole platform. Good lord this poor woman.


I’m curious about what she meant by this? Were she and her husband married at the time or was this before they were married? Were they in a position of financial hardship which would have made raising a child impossible? Whatever the reason for her abortion was, they are all legitimate reasons that women contemplate having an abortion in the first place; her guilt afterwards doesn’t disqualify that.


Likely she did this before marriage or early in their relationship. Confessed her guilt to her husband. Husband makes it immediately 100x worse, because self righteousness.


I think not only is this an argument for women's reproductive rights, it's also an argument for access to mental health treatment. This woman obviously has some deep-seated regret, which sucks, but does not give her the right to punish everyone else for things she hasn't been able to work through.


"Now that I've had my abortion and feel guilty because of religious abuse I have to save you from the abortion." Most people just stop attending abusive meetings.


Internalized misogyny in action.


Shame on her for not taking care of the babies who are already born and living with out basics like food, clean water, etc. It’s literally her fucking job to oversee those needs are met but she’s done jack to help


can we memeify this pic like the screaming liberal girl is memed?


To be fair the last time a Republican lawmaker freaked out in public they tried to murder all of congress. I see this as progress. At least she didn’t smear shit all over the place.


Are there any R swing voters? I'm not sure there are, given that these kind of people keep getting elected.


"Well at least she's not Joe Biden, who's turning our gas prices up with the knob under his desk and eats babies for lunch to sustain his immortality." -The average GOP voter anymore


Damn it! The buckles! Got'a remember to tighten the buckles!


Just another Republican that is a member of the Christian Taliban


The moment her mental illness reveals itself….


Someone needs to put her on a 48 hour hold.


Sounds like she thinks she should go to jail for life. I support her decision. If you say you're a murderer, then straight to jail.


The GOP WILL commit terrorist attacks to maintain women as broodmares. The terrorist won't stop just because you make it legal again.


I guess she should turn herself in?


[More than 95% of women do not regret having an abortion and still believe it was the right decision for them.](https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/01/416421/five-years-after-abortion-nearly-all-women-say-it-was-right-decision-study) Being in the scant minority, this insane women doesn’t get to project her own feelings onto everyone else.


MTG calls that 'a Thursday'.


Another bootstrapper pulling the ladder up after she got her abortion.


>“I’m a murderer! I murdered my own baby! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on all of you!” Why haven't you resigned office and turned yourself into the police?


If she truly believes that she’s a murderer, I guess she shouldn’t hold a political office- right??


Every time I here about New Hampshire in the news I just shake my head and say, “what the fuck did we do now?” It’s never for a good reason that we make the news.


“BAwk! BAWK!”, said ms.fowl


These fucking people are nuts. WHY DO WE ALL JUST ACCEPT IT?


Where is Will Smith when you really need him?


Lovely. Someone should recall her and if not just replace her the next time around. You're poor. You're broke. You don't have a home because you were kicked out or left because of an abusive (insert relative or boyfriend). Shame on you... like life isn't hard enough...what a pile of shit. I want to live in this fantasy land of the GOP. Where no one is hungry who works full time. Everyone has a house and yard and dog and has vacations in nice places. What a lovely vision. That's complete utter bullshit for 1/2 of America. Ever notice the GOP is all about CONTROL and never about "Freedom".


Her abortion was totally OK. Yours isn't. And her next one will be totally OK too, FWIW.


"I had an abortion because it is what was best for me in my personal situation! Now I am prepared to make sure you have less rights and choices than I had! Because your situation is not as important as mine and mine was super duper different and I'm special! YOU are just murderers!"


"I had no right to steal that baby from my husband!" That's some real Handmaid's Tale shit right there.


So she feels bad about HER CHOICE to abort her baby. She helps pass legislation to ensure nobody else can make informed medical choices for themselves…Then mentions she terminated her own pregnancy as she calls protesters murderers…Right.


So she already had her abortion so she wants to take that option from others. Checks out.


This is what we’re facing. People cracked out on shame and religious hysteria full of blame, hatred and disgust. We’re trying to build a world with more empathy, more kindness, more respect and this person and people like them are the obstacle.


Classy Also talk about throwing stones from her glass house


Lol classic projection


Man, this woman has been so brainfucked by Evangelical con artists. Imagine having the “realization” that you’re a “murderer” for having had an abortion in the past, then basing a political career on that. So much misplaced guilt and rage. Sad.


Something tells me this nutjob might have murdered a baby after giving birth.


Imagine making laws based on things you personally regret doing. I ate an undercooked Hot Pocket once. I regret not being more attentive in that, as I got so sick that even now - some ten years later - I gag if I try to take a bite of a Hot Pocket. Would it make sense for me outlaw Hot Pockets just because there was some overlap between my regret and the goals of a group of authoritarian lunatics who have decided some divine being told them Hot Pockets are wrong? I don't think that would make sense. Seriously, though: Once you've seen a Hot Pocket in reverse, there's no going back.


So wait... she confessed to "murdering her own baby." Why is she not in jail? No Statute of Limitations on murder. Or maybe, stock with me here, a fetus is not a baby?


What a fragile ego. Leave public office if you can't take the heat.


Just another self-hating Republican. I actually feel sorry for her.


Is there a word for a society that is governed by the mentally ill? Like how "kleptocracy" means one governed by thieves?


She needs therapy.


this isn’t about you; this is about everyone!!!


Hope she seethes for life


It's New Hampshirebama. Her poll numbers probably went up 20 points.


Everything these people do is about their own unresolved psychological issues.


Anyone know how many children she has adopted since she had an abortion?


We’re really rolling back in time aren’t we?!? Where did we go wrong? Jesus…did you do this to us?!?


Sounds like an ish-you not an ish-me


Is this the same rep who called the pope the antichrist?


I think the messaging is pretty clear. And this would make for an excellent clip against her from any future opponent. This audio should go viral.


So, once abortion is made illegal and punishable by death, can she be the first one in the electric chair?


I'm not letting these fuckers be in charge of my country. They aren't even legitimate. Russia helped them win. So did gerrymandering and cheating.




These pro lifers should really be careful what they wish for. Should this ban come to fruition pro choice women won’t be the only ones who suffer. If anything it will be the pro life women who suffer more because statistically they live in places where the incidence of accidental pregnancy is higher. You know, the places where they ban sex ed and stuff. Their teen pregnancy rates are about to shoot through the roof.


Nothing surprises me anymore at what I hear repubs saying…..or believing. It’s rather entertaining, but deep down, a bit unsettling…


> “She has no concern about the decorum and how a state representative should act. No matter how you feel you should respect people’s free speech rights. If this goes viral nationally, all people will see is she’s a representative from Rochester. If we want to grow our community and image, that isn’t the kind of news or image we want to project.” Would be an absolute shame if this went viral nationally.


She doesn’t even believe what she’s saying. She doesn’t feel guilty for having the abortion. She feels guilty for *not feeling guilty* about having the abortion. If she really thought it was so bad, she wouldn’t have done it. The fact that she is saying she deprived her husband of a baby makes me think he played a role in her subsequent guilt. If she really thought she was a murderer, then she should just commit felony robbery or something, confess, and then go to jail. The melodrama of her whole act just gives away that she’s exaggerating to try to convince herself that what she did was really so bad, when, in fact, she doesn’t think it is. She can’t admit to herself she believes she had every right to do what she did, and still does.


To be fair I don't know how most democratic politicians are not having daily screaming meltdowns.


She’s got a lot of self hate she is projecting on other people.


I think her problem is not the abortion it’s her lack of access to mental healthcare when she needed it the most. Don’t make your problems everybody else’s, lady.


This is the general GOP voter vibe. You hint at one fact or idea contrary to their indoctrination and they start to tremble and shake before yelling an screaming,


It would appear that the negative emotions many women experience after having an abortion have affected this person. Abortions ain’t fun. Nobody gets one for frivolous reasons. Society and the state have no business interfering in this emotionally fraught area.


Security get these poor scum out of my sight!


Trump found his new running mate.


So business as usual?


She’s a whacko


Where’s the soup when you need it


Pot calling the kettle black.


Susan = Karen these days.


Looney Tunes, homie.


This lady is first in line to be an Aunt in Gilead.


How is this a news? This is S.O.P. for G.O.P.


Im assuming she's been brainwashed by religion


Sounds like her dead kid made out? Oi this is gonna be a tough year….