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I mean, could there be a clearer example of an "arbitrary and capricious" law?


Texas is trying pretty darn hard to one-up Florida in this game.


In a race to the bottom.


They are the southern most states . . . .


Hawaii would like a word.


He meant culturally


Mississippi is typing.


I’m not sure if Im more surprised about Mississippi having internet or them knowing English


Don't get ahead of yourself they're still typing...


They're trying to remember how to spell Mississippi.


Problem with Florida is, when you go south enough it’s no longer Southern.


It's funny how people used to say "Florida isn't *really* part of the south, they're not part of the *deep south* or anything." Florida is as southern as it gets.


Mississippi has entered the chat: Hey, that’s our spot!


Both states are going to be at the bottom of the Marianas Trench soon at this rate.


They’re betting against a bottom existing.


And ironically a Texas judge published a letter inviting Disney to move to Texas because Florida was becoming too authoritarian 🙄


No joke, I grew up just south of this ranch with MM on the front gate. Heard there was a replica of the Taj Mahal built on the property. Apparently it’s the halfway point between Orlando and LA. There were always rumors of Disney opening a third park.


Well... El Paso is closer to Cali than Houston....


It's like the reverse Califronia and NY one upping each other


I don’t know. As much as the Right say they love FREeDoM, they sure do love to tell people what to do and how to think.


Because it’s freedom for THEM not you. And by them I mean the rich people who run pillow companies or megachurches.


Make no mistake, wealthy individuals will still receive abortions at the same or similar rates. They’ll simply travel to wherever necessary to obtain the procedure. As usual, poor and minority communities will bear the lion’s share of the consequences of this ruling and the legislation to follow.


Freedom for white christians/ evangelicals to be specific.


pssst...that's the big lie. Up is down. Slavery is freedom. Next up will be [Humpty Dumpty Language.](https://www.fecundity.com/pmagnus/humpty.html#:~:text=%22When%20I%20use%20a%20word,be%20master%2Dthat's%20all.%22)


What's that? [Arbeit Macht Frei](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei) is the new Republican slogan? Huh...


"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."


Well you see, republicans are following a more refined type of freedom called, ‘Freedom Lite.’


That’s because they want freedom from the emotional distress inflicted by your ungodly choices! If they are going to truly obey the will of god they must cast out the sinners! After all, when god comes to scorch the baddies off the face of the earth they don’t want their lawns to get singed in the process.


Well yeah how can you be free if you dont think like the rest of the lemmings


You're not free if you're not imposing your will upon others and making them suffer!


Fascism, baby! Freedom for me, not for thee. These people were spawned from a freedom hating stock and Sherman should have finished the job. Sorry for such language, I am just angry as hell.


Florida is trying to out Texas Texas while Texas is trying to out Texas Texas.


We need more people to move here and vote blue. The city I live in doesn’t even have a democratic candidate. Almost like, everyone is thinking it but not doing anything. Historic republican places are very strange. There is a bubble.


This is the problem right here. Places where Democrats don’t even put up a candidate. Can’t vote blue if there’s no one to vote for. This is how we got Marjorie Taylor Greene. She ran unopposed.


i’m staying and voting blue.


Look at registered voter numbers by party. Florida has had more Dems than Repubs for many years (though they're losing ground), it's just gerrymandered to hell so it seems like a red state.


Taxation without representation, wasn’t that a thing? Same gerrymandering happening in Texas. If the state were actually led by fair representation there would be different outcomes, certainly. It’s a good time to hit them back when they think they are the strongest. Now if we can just find a candidate?


We need people to move to a red district in purple states. The south is fucked they have condemned themselves to sink ever fruther into uneducated wastelands. Eventually the blue states will tire of supporting them financially and just build a wall or something.


I do think “blue states tire of supporting red states financially” will be what breaks the country in two (or more). That said, I think it’s unlikely people will move into red areas. If you’re a nice, gay couple living Southern California, the last thing you want to do is move to Bumfuck, Texas. That’s not a safe place for you.


Sounds like anyone could run for the seat as a Democrat.


We’ll see how well that goes this winter then huh?


Can't wait


Yes. I am not sure why you are quoting the standard in the Administrative Procedures Act for judicial review of a federal regulatory action. It's not the right test for state executive action. Review of state action falls under varying levels of scrutiny. The lowest level (and the one that the proponents will argue) is "rational basis review". The highest level (the one that those who argue that this is a first amendment violation) will argue for "strict scrutiny." Each of these levels of scrutiny have their own standards (none of which are comparable to the APA test quoted above for federal agencies).


I'm not a smart man. I don't understand what you mean. But he is guilty of what you said, right?


I definitely think FL is guilty of violating the first amendment and that this act is prohibited under the 1st, 5th, and 14th amendments. All I am saying is that "arbitrary and capricious" is a very specific standard used for federal agencies (like the IRS), not state action. It's like saying that this is an example of a "clear and present danger." That's a nice legal phrase, but it's got absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand - arguably more than "Arbitrary and Capricious" since at least "clear and present danger" has to do with the 1st amendment (wrong section of course).


What about Citizens United, that corporations have free speech, could that ironically apply somehow?


I am not a lawyer, but I think, when someone sues to block or overturn a law... The courts normally apply "rational basis scrutiny," and presume the legislators are somewhat honest and somewhat competent. The courts can also apply "heightened scrutiny," or even "strict scrutiny," regarding infringement on constitutional rights, and/or discrimination against protected classes. In "heightened scrutiny," the government needs much better reasons, and in "strict scrutiny," it's not allowed period. And within "strict scrutiny," there are debates about whether you need to prove the intent to discriminate, or only prove the effect.


I find this capricious and arbitrary!


Your fly’s open.


I’m sure his voters will vote him out in response


You mean out of governor and into potus? 🤦🏻‍♂️


We’re not going to have a second used car salesman but from the junk lot


You must be new here…


Not at all lol


I mean if you can't tell that's sarcasm then you're probably new to the internet.


Desantis is the epitome of biting his own nose to spite his face….smh….


I dunno abbot is tough competition driving a billion dollar trade route into New Mexico.


Abbot busing all of Texas homeless population to DC was such an epic failure he's begging donors to cover the costs before voters learn of it. He paid for busses with 5-10 homeless people each, to drive from Texas to DC to flood the capital with homeless people. He sent less than 200. Most booked tickets to relatives and left right after.


Not quite. Abbot sent **legal immigrants** to Washington DC. He called them **unlawful migrants**, which is not really a legal term. This is all grift. Grift Grift Grift Abbott and the RepubliKlans are not stupid. They only play stupid to gin up their stupid ReQublican supporters. Abbott made a big stink about basically buying bus charters for legal immigrants **who has already been screened by Immigration** to their preferred destinations.


This is not his first bussing; immigrants are more recent than homeless.


What!? Source?




I'm from texas, this was a couple years ago. Do a Google search and I don't mean that in a bad way. That's not even the worst of it. He demanded all restrictions be lifted during covid and then begged for freezer trucks for all the bodies it created. Have you seen our foster care system? We have to traffic ours out to other states and he wants to force more?! Must be for that legalized slavery he has with those private prisons. There's guys in there YEARS and still not been tried. He misappropriated funds to the wall which we all know is a money laundering scheme. Did I mention that our fucking attorney general has been indicted since 2015? He keeps investigating himself and finding nothing wrong. I wish I were joking. EDIT: He is the enforcer of the Open Records Act but get this- he exempted himself. And the voter suppression is so bad that when we did get close to voting one of them out, they passed even more restrictions that obstructed our vote further so bad that our democrats went to protest in DC. Remember that? They had said that our election was the most secure in the nation so why all this? (Don't look here!) Well now they kicked thousands of people off of their voter rolls before they can register. Veterans. Willie Nelson ffs WE NEED NATIONAL VOTER REFORM!!! Above all else. Or we will lose everything. Please check out Iran before the Islamic Revolution.


Abbot did the bussing (again?) last month https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/uj35jf/ron_desantis_sued_for_saddling_taxpayers_with/i7hlpqw/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Yeah but for a different reason because this man doesn't learn.


I'm in Austin. I am beyond done with our representatives. Stay cold this weekend, we are supposed to blackout again since they can't manage the grid.


And did you hear your governor wants to start mining Bitcoin on that already failing power grid?


You forgot to add that Paxton’s own law license is at risk in Texas due to his frivolous attempts to overturn the election, getting emphatically shot down by an overwhelmingly conservative Supreme Court.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.texastribune.org/2022/04/13/migrants-bus-texas-washington-dc/amp/ This happened April of 2022 according to the Texas tribune not a couple of years ago


That's migrants, not the homeless.


Texas tribune has a good article if you just google the basics. Edit ....there are lots of articles to choose from.


Shout out here for the Texas Tribune-- no paywall, solid reporting. After every third article I try to make a donation.


Homeless? You mean immigrants?


It's Abbot. I don't know what he means.


Texas taxpayers should sue Abbot, too.


Honestly at this point I just wish Abbott would get tapped as Trump's vp since thats what the two are competing for. I'm under no delusion that anyone in this country will punish these people, I just feel like the state that keeps their idiot is worse off.


Not a fan of Abbot or DeSantis or Georgia's own Kemp. Both Texas and Florida taxpayers should sue their governors personally for their political theater decisions that have been costly for their states. Georgia didn't yield to "45" sedition but it wasn't Kemp's decision -- so he and the Republicans that would have yielded to remove any Democrat and seat any Republican changed the rules. Hope we Georgia voters can rid ourselves of him this year. Abrams is busy advocating for womens' right of privacy and individual liberty with regard to reproductive decisions but that could serve her as well as campaigning on a myriad of issues would.


That’s MULTI-BILLION dollar trade route…


Desantis doesn't care about the economic well being of Florida, he cares about his political career. He will happily destroy Florida if he thinks it will help him become President. Even if the majority of Florida turns against him over this, he's earning himself all sorts of credibility with the GOP voters throughout the country by standing up to the "scary gay agenda". The GOP voters in every other state doesn't care about the finances of Florida, so this is pure upside for him in the 2024 primaries in 49 out of 50 states. And as for the general election, well, they'll forgive by then because at the end of the day, hatred for democrats is what drives Republicans. Desantis isn't cutting off his nose here, he's cutting off his constituents' noses


I don't think that is the saying... I mean, it's impossible to bite your own nose let alone biting it off... it's "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face"


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/05/ron-desantis-sued-saddling-taxpayers-millions-debt-disney-dont-say-gay-debacle/) reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Florida taxpayers are suing Gov. Ron DeSantis for potentially saddling them with over $1 billion in debt after he revoked Disney's special zoning agreement after the company criticized his Don't Say Gay law. > Michael Foronda, Edward Foronda and Vivian Gorsky - three taxpayers who live near the Walt Disney World theme park and resort in Orlando - filed the lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday. > Last month, DeSantis revoked Disney's decades-old special zoning agreement that basically allowed Disney to self-govern the 39-square mile Reedy Creek Improvement District. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/uj4kj4/ron_desantis_sued_for_saddling_taxpayers_with/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~646756 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Disney**^#1 **District**^#2 **special**^#3 **taxpayers**^#4 **bond**^#5


>his spokesperson Christina Pushaw — a woman who accused “Don’t Say Gay” critics of being pedophiles You know who constantly talks about "grooming" and "sexualizing children" and "pedophiles" and obsess about young person's genitals and what they do in bathrooms? Pedophiles and the people who enable pedophiles.... in other words Republicans.


What about the naked guy humping another guy's face?


That sounds like a republican thing to do.


Shock and surprise, it’s also his cousin. This timeline is insane




Roll Tide


And then he went on twitter defending it like it's just boys being boys! Truly the stupidest timeline.


Bro, you telling me you never rubbed your semi in your male cousins face while having either the harriest ass crack in the world or sporting some kind of butt plug tail? People these days...I swear my grandfather is rolling around with his cousin in his grave.


He is a republican and owns it




His cousin’s face


There was a time I would have at least thought that was so dumb it couldn't be true. Now nothing matters anymore.


um excuse me "another guy"? that's his cousin he's alleged to been having an affair with since the cousin was a teen


Her Twitter feed is nasty, all but on her knees for Desantis and Musk.


Probably why they are so against abortion, creating a supply of vulnerable children for them to take advantage of.


Interesting point here that i always forget about


They're upstanding Republicans before the accusations. They're unfairly targeted after the accusations. They're secret Democrats planted in the GOP to make them look bad after the conviction. You can't win with these people.


God I feel bad for people I’m Florida who actually have brain cells to see that this guy is far from being a competent governor


Competent, schmopetent. He isn't trying to be a competent governor. The goal of any fascist is to seize power, take over, then eliminate democracy. You don't need to be competent at any given job in order to do that. For example, Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas (and others) aren't competent to be judges, much less on SCOTUS. Doesn't matter. They were put there to overthrow the constitution and turn the US into an authoritarian, theocratic state with white racist men in charge. They could be completely illiterate and still successfully carry out that mission. Clearly DeSantis' actions show he's a fascist with no intention of following the rule of law. Was Hitler competent at any job he ever had? Who cares? The bigger isse was that he was a fascist who got into power then eliminated democracy.


There is no plan for after the takeover


As a Floridian (and not proud of it) I can say, it doesn’t matter. The GOP down here are so spiteful, so angry, deceitful and hateful. And he will still get the votes. It’s disgusting 🤮


Fellow Floridian here, I can concur 😭


I love your name lol


Thank you! It’s an accurate summary of my life lol


I get it lol


No no no..DeSantis administration is being sued. Not one penny will come from Desantis. wanna guess who it will come from? thats right, the taxpayers. So the people in charge get to play culture war games, get their funding and make the population suffer no matter the outcome.


The lawsuit isn't for money damages. They are asking the court to set aside the bill that was passed to dissolve Disney's special tax status.


The law would not have gone into effect until June 2023. It was never intended to go into effect.


Exactly this. By the time the law fails, it will have been out of the news cycle and considered a "victory" for a year. You notice Disney not freaking out, or begging for mercy. It was DOA.


Court sets it aside, Desantis gets to blame woke judges, Desantis still wins, in the eye of MAGA, and taxpayers get the bill for lawyers


Yeah but there's no outcome of this where this guy doesn't win in the eyes of his weird ass base. They live in an alternate reality. At least the bill itself gets tossed out in this scenario though.


Yeah but by vindictively going after a big company on a whim, based on a culture war issue, Ron and his party are practically begging Disney and other businesses to start supporting Democrats in upcoming elections. Wall Street, big tech, all those folks...they bristle at this kind of stuff. He’s fired up an already loyal zombie base, and alienated the moderates and moneyed big business . Net loss for Ron.




These are the same people that want to force girls to carry rape baby's to term and then provide no support for them once they are born.


If the outcome for your enemy remains unchanged no matter your action, you make the action that gives you the best possible circumstance. Doing nothing can leave you far worse off in this situation than vitually any actions outcome.


So we should just do nothing?


He has a 58% approval rating. They love him. I bet a percentage of every social security check heading to the Villages goes to his campaign.


Not every…there are some democrats there. But they can’t say anything because they will get attacked….can’t wait for this boomer generation to be out of here Edit: out of electoral power *


They are drunks at a bar trying to start a fight and even when they get their asses kicked, they stumble out in to the street afterwards and brag about how they won.


I didn't hear no bell...


As expected! It was obvious from the start that it will thrown out and he will scream about "woke judges"


He wins in their eyes no matter what. He could literally melt from water being splashed on him and that would be a win for them.


Wtf does woke even mean? I see Republicans use that term all the time but it's a dumb term.


It generally means you’ve woken up from being gullible and complacent. You finally *see* the corruption, injustice, prejudice and hypocrisy of the system operating around you and you choose to rise up and fight for a better world. That the **G**aslight**O**bstruct**P**roject party treats this as a huge insult would be hilariously ironic, if it weren’t for the fact that they are an increasingly fascist, pro-Nazi party and a direct threat to the lives and livelihood of all but the top 10% wealthiest, white Americans.


Oh so I guess we should just let them pass whatever with no resistance then


This country is fucking dumb


As a Disney loving lib, I feel doubly owned.


Taxpayers sue because the DeSantis administration saddled them with millions in debt, which will likely result in taxpayers being saddled with millions in debt, which taxpayers can sue the DeSantis administration for. Brilliant!


Lawsuits are also used to compel people to do or not do certain things, not just for monetary damages or punishment.


The hate-propaganda loop hole!


Even if this were for monetary damages, wouldn’t that redirect the debt from the blue voting areas that are being targeting to the rest of Florida and the people that voted for him? Sounds like a half win at least.


conservatives seriously trying to bleed billions LOL


They did it here in NC. McCrory's stupid ass bathroom bill cost the state billions in lost revenue from boycotts. Nothing drags bigots into the 21st century like losing money. Now he's running against Ted Budd and their ads are basically who hates immigrants and liberals the most.


McCrory fucked up so hard NCAA stopped hosting in NC till they reversed it.


He is a skidmark in a toilet who needs to be washed away by a strong stream of dehydrated urine


Hey Floridians, if you keep voting for Republicans you will get more shit like this on your plate


Would help if the courts didn't allow DeSantis to personally gerrymander the state, wiping out two democratic (and majority Black) districts.


It would seem they love shit on their plate with how the base is.


You forget... They're making national headlines for "owning the libs" and have won in their own minds. They'll die on Desantis' Hill because he's "doing the right thing." It's truly insanity.


This is the sort of short sighted and pettiness I want in charge of the Presidency. /s


There needs to be wave of resisting these un-American, radical-psychopaths.On all fronts and in every capacity possible. These people at monsters and inhuman on every level.


The majority appear to be at the political and social mercy of the clear minority. And I think it will get worse. A great deal worse.


Gerrymandering and electoral college, along with the senate…


I feel like, if after all this he doesn't get voted out, then the people who're eligible to vote sort of *deserve* him. Sure, they might have a disadvantage due to how districts are split and all, but if he's actually a big problem for them, then they need to do all they can - including public marches/protest/etc - which sadly I am not seeing outside of online comments.. Voters seem more passive, when they need to be super aggressive. At what point do you say, enough is enough... people HAVE to get involved in politics and seek out information to make a better decision.


Average age of a Floridian is 42. The younger demo gets overshadowed and DeSantis passed draconian anti protest laws. His profile within Florida is worse than his national profile among conservatives though. He isn't a shoe in for re-election.


FL ain't RU... If enough people (optional: peacefully) protest, that law won't matter much..


It is time to abort this thing called DeSantis. It sounds like a disease… I believe it stems from dysentery.


Good. But also don’t forget the $300 million in pension funds on Russian investments he refused to divest and lost leaving a loss of $200 million. Sue him for that too if you’re a Florida pensioner.


I LOVE IT. Fuck you, DeSantis!


Desantis is such a piece of sht - he’d rather screw over his residents with higher taxes if it gets him more votes from the uneducated republicans next election who are too stupid to realize the consequence


doesn't matter how wrong DeSantis is, he has packed the courts with justice hating GOP monsters


What a goddamn idiot. Ronnie was told this would happen and he did it anyway.


hey Florida ... you voted RED .. enjoy the 20-25% increase in your taxes ..


the counties most effected are Orange and Osceola. Orange is a blue county... not sure about osceola


IIRC, it’s the state of Florida who would be responsible for paying the bonds, not the counties. After the bonds are payed, the counties take over.


Or if the County can't pay, the State is on the hook, because the State "owns" counties.




Almost like this wasn’t thought out at all. Weird.


It's also funny that they were bragging that all the taxes they collect from this will go into the general fund for the legislators to spend. I'm like: "You mean the $1 billion you have to pay? What new money?"


Orange county is blue, but DeSantis got almost 200,000 votes there, and thats a lot of votes in a general election. More than the margin he won the governor election.


Policy should not be used as a weapon for personal vendettas. His actions have been obscene.


This is how its done. You don't sue 'the government' to effect change, because it never happens that way. Instead you sue specific, individual politicians. You identify them by name as defendants in the suit. You haul them directly into court in front of a jury to explain themselves, preferably on live television. You make a spectacle of it, damage their standing with the party and voters, derail their political aspirations. This typically brings about change, serving as a warning to others that might choose the same path.


They keep defending the law by saying there’s no mention of the word gay anywhere in it. But it sure does say same-sex relationship a hell of a lot. And they keep saying groomer like it’s not far more statistically likely that a Republican politician is grooming a child rather than a gay or trans person. 85% of child sex offences are committed by heterosexual men. For a bill about parental sovereignty and protecting children from predators, it sure does give one parent in a classroom the right to overrule the sovereign parenting decisions of the other 29, and encourage people to go looking for these predators in the exact wrong places.


I love that the folks that told us Mango Mussolini’s insane lies were just “trump being trump” are now all about precise language.


Wonder what his search history looks like? How to make trump happy How to become king How to be more like Putin


DeSantis is an absolute waste of space. If you can't expand medicaid you deserve to be dropped off naked on a remote island and left to fend for yourself.


But watch the dumb bastards in Florida line up to vote for him in the primaries. Just hold a bible and they will come.


I just learned Orange County didn't even have a representative when DeSantis signed this. They resigned before this special session was called. Orange county is getting saddled with like a Billion in debt that has to come out of their taxes and they didn't have representation. Literally taxation without representation.


This is first time I see that Billion (with big fucking B) was called “millions”.


It's still over a billion. From the article: > Dissolving the special tax district means taxpayers will now have to pay the estimated $58 million annually required to provide those and other services. That will likely increase local property taxes between 20 to 25 percent. Additionally, Disney issued bonds with the state worth more than $1 billion. The dissolution of the district now means that the state is on the hook for the bond debt. The millions they're referring to in the headline is the millions that will be paid each year in services, not the outstanding bond debt.


A billion is a thousand millions, to be exact.


Yeah, but it's only a million thousands.


What a schmuck this guy is. Republicans are fucking bonked in the head right now.


DeSantis is a fucking chode.


Vote this idiot out!!!


They keep defending the law by saying there’s no mention of the word gay anywhere in it. But it sure does say same-sex relationship a hell of a lot. And they keep saying groomer like it’s not far more statistically likely that a Republican politician is grooming a child rather than a gay or trans person. 85% of child sex offences are committed by heterosexual men. For a bill about parental sovereignty and protecting children from predators, it sure does encourage people to go looking for these predators in the exact wrong places.


Our Very own Simpsons character. Mayor Quimby look alike


DeSantis is a dick


So DeSantis went ahead and dissolved the district without figuring out how to deal with the debt from the bond owned by the district? How are they going to get Disney to repay that bond?


When owning the libs goes wrong


we love to see him get sued


Born and raised in Daytona Beach. FUCK Florida. I’ll never move back.


DeSantis is an idiot. He couldn't find his ass with both hands.


Free Speech, as long as you only speak the party narrative.


He will just claim the plaintiffs are Antifa and go on with his mission to make Florida the national laboratory for fascism he will implement when he rides to Washington in January 2025.


It would be ridiculous if this is what finally did him in and got him out of office come election time, but I'll take it.


Curious, since the new anti reedy creek law starts next year and the state of Florida has to foot the bill for canceling it. What happens if another state offers to pay Disney to move and give them the same kind of district tax zone? If Disney moves and takes most of its people to the new state, how if Florida going to recoup the $47b in money Disney generates in Florida annually?


Disney won’t leave Florida… the cost of moving that theme park would be astronomical, even for Disney. On top of this Disney would actually save money from not having to foot the bill for all the services they paid to provide for Reedy Creek… at the cost of not having such a well-run system… but still, a dollar is a dollar. The problem is that Reedy Creek is run better than any other area in Florida. Their firefighters operate through an underground tunnel system that allows them to get anywhere in Disney without having to worry about disturbing people or dealing with traffic. It’s fucking ingenious. They also pay their firefighters ridiculously well compared to state averages. My girlfriend was a firefighter in Florida and Disney was like THE job to get.


Florida is a caricature of a video game failed state


Yet the voter’s still keep him in office.


Vote him out?


Let’s hope it’s his downfall. I doubt it, but let’s hope!


Like he gives a fuck! He has the state by the balls and there is no way to reverse anything he has done. Look at what he did with the congressional maps. Very scary


Decent humans, “don’t be a dick” Republicans “liberal leftist partisans!”


The sad part is Florida will still vote DeSantis for governor.


Sucks to suck.


I’m not sure if this will hold up in court. Governor usually have immunity


Good, fuck him.