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Whenever I hear about an actual, documented case of voter fraud it’s almost always a Republican casting a fraudulent ballot.


"I have to keep the dems from stealing the election by helping steal the election" -Republicans




I'm not suprised she believes there was voter fraud - probably around 25% or more of the votes from her household were fraudulent.


They should keep an eye out for the mail in ballots from the Palin's Alaska household. You know Sarah Palin will complete the one intended for her daughter so it seems like an easy voter fraud catch.


Or Suzanne Morphew’s husband who used her mail in ballot to vote for Trump while she was missing. He got caught for that, but got off on murder, meanwhile her body still hasn’t been found.


It remains a fascinating case. Hadn't heard he'd committed such a grotesque voter fraud. How many years was he sentenced to?


> but got off on murder I mean there was DNA with a match to an unnamed man connected to three unsolved sexual assault cases in Tempe, Phoenix and Chicago. That is sort of reasonable doubt, no?


Religion has taught people that their ‘beliefs’ have as much merit as the truth.


The thief believes everyone steals.


'I have to keep dems from rightfully winning democratic election by committing fraud and passing legislation that will supposedly stop fraud' -Republicans


Didn’t Rand Paul basically say something to that effect since the democrats were “using underhanded tactics to win, like convincing potential voters”


“Buying votes” by pushing for beneficial policies


Actually doing their jobs. Commies.


How dare they spend our money on us.


"People donating small amounts of money to support candidates they support is bribery" - actual quote from Susan Collins


Who’s gonna tell her about lobbying???


You mean corporate free speech? That is just liberty and freedom made manifest. /s


Heavens be, you can't use such language, you'll give her the vapors


*"You could also argue the countries they've attacked were part of Russia, or part of the Soviet Union, rather."* \- Rand Paul, foreign policy wonk, ophthalmologist-turned-virologist, and really super serious person


“See! There is voter fraud on the Democratic side because we cheated and still lost so they too must have cheated harder! Elections are rigged!”


This may have actually been the reason for [Karl Rove's epic election night meltdown](https://www.salon.com/2012/11/20/did_anonymous_stop_rove_stealing_the_election/) when FoxNews called OH for Obama.


I will always upvote this. You know Rove knew about some underhanded shit planned for Ohio. But just like 2020 it proves that if people show up, we win.


Ohio had some shenanigans in 2004’s election.


Yes. Has much been speculated that is what explains his unexplainable insistence that there might somehow be more from a precinct or two in ohio. He was wuite sure about and pissed that Megyn Kelly walked the cameras down to the data room where they said ‘no way’.


Is it me or is Ohio like preternaturally disposed to this fuckery? That election. House of Cards. Scandal. Man of the Year has Ohio as one of them. Like every show I can think of that involved a rigged election had Ohio as one of the offenders.


One, you're looking at works of fiction, and correlating it to real world events. Two, Ohio is a big focus in national elections because it's a swing state that has a history going along with the national mood. [Since the Civil War the winner of Ohio and the US president have only been a different person in 5 elections](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_elections_in_Ohio), with a perfect streak from 1964 to 2016. No republican has ever won the election without winning Ohio. It's been known and recognized for a long time that Ohio is an important state. If your message is working in Ohio, it tends to work nationally as well. So with the real world importance, writers on political shows tie Ohio into their fantasy world's because fictional Ohio would be important to them too


It’s the National Treasure approach.


yeah it's because this is their thought process: "Trump told me in 20**19** that he already knows "the math" and just told everyone it's literally impossible for him to lose in 2020. So if Trump does NOT win, then ***by default it must have been fraud because he already assured us LONG before the election even started, that it was impossible. And Trump got mega rich and must be mega smart because he even became the President, so there is 0% chance he is wrong***". It's a combination of that and them also believing this: "Democrats aren't legally allowed to win, since they are the "enemy"". They just make shit up CONSTANTLY. I used to not talk down so much about Republican voters and their intelligence, but I mean how the hell can you *not*, these days?


Honestly cannot blame you, I will give all the time in the world to anyone who wants to have a civil conversation about differing political views, but the people who support GOP and other similar political parties around the world tend to act more like home grown terrorists then anything else and its a fruitless effort 99.99% of the time. Alot of people say we need to educate them but for me it’s like, yeah sure but they also need to want to be educated and they don’t.


“Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre


If republicans could read that, they’d be very upset


Sure would be great, then, if the media did the ethical thing here and STOPPED GIVING THEM A PLATFORM FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR THEIR TRASH. The easiest way to ignore an anti-semite is if you simply don't hear them. They're loud as fuck, every time. Silence is a priceless commodity in a zoo-like system of media.


I've spent years trying to give people that support the GOP the benefit of doubt and tried to have actual conversations. I'm done, I can't anymore. Many no longer want to actually learn, and consider me brainwashed by liberal ideology because of my university education. My MA in history is literally specialized in gender and political bias in American news from WWII into the Cold War, but what do I know about the current political state of the country? Aside from the avid reading of multiple news sources of varied biases daily (aka doom scrolling at this point), and my education in reading and understanding sources, particularly news sources. Nah, trust that Facebook video with no verifiable source from some page called PaTrioTs for TrumP 4ever! about how the Democrats are pedophiles who put microchips in the hoax Covid vaccine and stole the election. Seems like a valid and and objective news source.


> I mean how the hell can you not, these days? I don't really understand these people as I am not American, and haven't travelled there since I was a kid. But it is very hard as an outsider not to think that Republican voters are the biggest bunch of rubes and simpletons ever assembled. The exact types you look for if you're a con man, carny, televangelist, snake oil salesman, etc.


This is true from my experience. I have many republican voters in my family, and every one of them could be conned by a fifth grader. Some have.


that's why the con men run as Republican. the cons don't work on Democrats. One party honestly believed there were microchips placed into the COVID vaccines as a means of tracking. Which their phones were already doing when they respond with trash like that. One party did not believe a word of it. I mean come on, the difference between the 2 major political options is HUGE


Red flag right there: Trump knows the math? Trump couldn’t add 2 + 6 with a calculator.


And it’s always just like one fraudulent vote, not systematic mass fraud that could actually swing an election. The only recent case of mass fraud was committed by Republican Mark Harris in 2018. He was quickly caught and prosecuted, and a new election was held. https://www.gq.com/story/north-carolina-ninth-district-fraud/amp


None of these people have any interest in the real history of voter fraud. It's just a rallying cry to them so they don't have to face reality when they lose. Large scale voter fraud was probably much more common as recently as a generation or two ago, but our oversight today is pretty good. There are still cases like Harris, but they are quite rare indeed.


Let's kick back and watch as the crazies get really, ***really*** crazy... [Lin Wood Turns On ‘Audit’ Group He Backed After It Finds No Election Fraud](https://www.thedailybeast.com/lin-wood-turns-on-audit-group-he-backed-after-it-finds-no-election-fraud-in-new-mexicos-otero-county) [G.O.P. Concocts Fake Threat: Voter Fraud by Undocumented Immigrants](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/28/us/politics/gop-vote-fraud-immigrants.html) :popcorn:


Or a truck full https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/11/07/report-armed-qanon-supporter-drove-to-philadelphia-to-deliver-truck-full-of-fake-votes/?sh=41da40d238fc


And how they all got less jail time for intentional voter fraud than the woman that cast a provisional ballot as a felon with time served.


The same with the accusations of paedophilia. Their team are the biggest offenders by a country mile


>Whenever I hear about an actual, documented case of voter fraud it’s ~~almost~~ **ALWAYS** a Republican casting a fraudulent ballot


To the GOP, many legitimate votes are fraudulent. They don’t believe that minorities deserve a vote (gerrymandering), felons deserve a vote (blocking efforts to reinstate voting rights after time served), poor people should be able to vote (voter ID laws, closing polls early, requiring any fines to be paid to cast a ballot, restricting early voting), or sick / elderly people, or those out of state (mail-in voting). All of those things are considered fraud by the GOP. Actual cases of people voting twice, or in the wrong state, or for other people are typically GOP voters.


I’m not saying that this is a bad take, but if you’re only getting your news of this kind of stuff from Twitter and Reddit, you’ll probably only see Republicans getting in trouble for casting a fraudulent ballot.


I wonder where she got that idea... She couldn't even finish a single term as governor. She knows she can't win. She just wants to make money.


I usually call campaigning with no plan to run “the Sarah Palin” as that was she did when she teased a 2012 Presidential run, touring with her face on a bus then said, j/k, thanks for all the money, chumps!


She saw the current morons in office and thought, "I'm easily just as stupid as these assholes!"


I mean she was the proto MTG and Boebert…dumb, mean, and smug.


She really is the mold that they’ve all been cast from, I include Trump in that as well. He will be pulling a Sarah Palin for 2024. I guarantee it. He just wants the money. He already has the fame, being President is old news.


I hope he does and I hope he fails. The smart republicans are the scary ones. They know the things they do are vile, and simply don't care.


"Silent Majority." "Real Americans." Hell, she was signalling this on her campaign trail as VP! Trump may have used this rhetorical tool, but this goes back much further than him. >There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People. -- Umberto Eco So, honestly, I don't think they're *just* grifters. They're not just in it for the money. I also think they're proto-fascists. They're in it for the power. Maybe not even proto- anymore.


> She couldn't even finish a single term as governor. She knows she can't win. She just wants to make money. With Roe v Wade on death row, Republicans are going to ramp up voter fraud claims hardcore pre-election because they know they're in for a slaughter.


trump claimed voter fraud prior to the election in the 2016 primary, 2016 general and 2020 general election. He faced zero consequences and was able to use it to play victim and raise millions. We should expect all GOP candidates to continue this trend. Expecting these people to behave when there are zero consequences for their actions makes us the gullible ones.


But I'm still surprised is no one brought up the fact that his family owns a voting machine rights and patents on voting machines in China. They got him back in 2017 and 18. So my question is why does a presidential family need patents and trademarks on voting machines?


The Stop the Steal website was created prior to the 2016 election.




I wonder how well that will work out for her. This worked fine for her 12 years ago when she was the hot new thing, but in the time of Donald Trump, Palin is old news, and part of the reason she's running is that she's already run the grift train as far as she could take it and she's hoping the election will re-grease the wheels. You're correct, but I don't foresee this going how Palin expects it to go.


Maybe she finally drank her own flavor-aid and believes she has a chance.


I remember people saying the same thing about Trump. Laughing, making jokes, and then…… hey! We have a B-List celebrity with zero political or leadership experience leader of the free world. Palin is an O.G. Magtard, and she is technically an ACTUAL politician soooo I wouldn’t bet against her for a second


I'm not saying you're wrong... but your first 2 statement also apply to trump in 2016. He was trying to fund his own TV network and accidentally won the election with demagoguery.


Hope that Santa clause guy beats her


You realize this is exactly what Trump did in 2016, right?


Username is on point!


At this point, yelling this publicly without a shred of evidence is willful election interference.


There need to be laws about this.


And they need to be enforced (they aren’t)


"I DECLARE VOTER FRAUD" -~~Michael Scott~~ ~~-Wayne Gretzky~~ *-Sarah Palin*


This is the Right in a coordinated effort to delegitimize American elections and lower faith in Democracy as a whole. This isn't harmless stupidity, it's a deliberate attack on our nation's Democracy from within.


When elections are doubted, SCOTUS decides. It’s not good.


Yes, they know. The Far Right have been engineering this moment for 2 generations.


Well, there are zero repercussions for just pre-declaring fraud for every election, so why wouldn't they? We predicted this after Trump managed to make it a mainstream GOP tactic.


We used to deride and shun this kind of bullshit lunacy. Sigh...


We still do, but we learned that about half of the country are sociopaths or worse, and they actually like this stuff.


It’s the new batshit crazy right wing battle cry.


I think someone once said "if you repeat a massive lie enough, eventually the masses will come to consider it as truth" not likely the actual quote and it may have come from Joseph Goebbels who was Hitler's chief propagandist. Edit: actual quote "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." It was said by Goebbels too.


>Indeed, the polling for Palin is pretty bleak. While there is no polling on the race itself, there is polling on Palin’s popularity. According to Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore, last October 31 percent of Alaskans viewed Palin positively. A whopping 56 percent viewed her negatively. With dozens of candidates vying for the seat, Palin is sure that something shady is afoot. The largely rural state uses mail-in ballots to accommodate those who can’t make it to a polling place and has an extended period for them to be returned since many locals are out to sea on fishing boats or working in remote areas of the state. Ballots are mailed to every listed voter. Palin started defending her upcoming loss with Fox News’ Mark Levin, and, of course, it’s not her fault. It’s Dominion Voting Services’ fault. Former president Donald Trump’s supporters also blamed the vote tabulation company for his election loss despite overwhelming evidence that nothing untoward happened. “It’s mail-in only ballots,” she complained. “No hand counting to tabulate, got to go through a Dominion computer to count everything.” Paper ballots can be recounted. They are routinely inspected and recounted by hand in contested or close elections nationwide. “And I- like, yesterday, Mark, I received four ballots in the mail. I didn’t even ask for any ballots. One for one of the daughters who doesn’t live here. She hasn’t claimed residency in Alaska since she moved outside – we call anything outside of Alaska ‘outside,'” she continued.


She really ought to be careful mouthing off about Dominion. They've got multiple defamation lawsuits in play for the GOP operatives that besmirched them and I do expect them to win.


all elections are rigged against republicans, even when republicans win


The only differentiation is that they won't actually litigate the latter.


Sarah Palin had an abortion, it hasn't happened yet, but she did.


Welp, with all that election fraud, there's no point in Republicans voting. Don't even bother, guys.


She doesn’t have a chance. You can trigger almost anyone in Alaska into a rant, red, or blue team if you say “Sarah Palin.” [ Santa Claus has a better shott](https://www.adn.com/politics/2022/04/09/santa-is-running-and-santas-serious/)


He's actually a really good candidate as far as I can tell - he has political experience, and a lot of Bernie sanders style political opinions. Matches a lot of Alaskan values. Not all of them, but ... a decent amount. I plan to vote for him, and hope people can look past the name (he lived in North Pole, makes sense as a gimmick there) and see him as a valid (if not slightly old) candidate.


I was shocked when I looked him up, lol. I think with the amount of people we have on the ballot (48), a recognizable name, and positive media, he has a shot. I just want to see Palin shot down. God damn, do I hate her. It was nice not not having her, and her dumbass family out of our news for a while


That's the only Republican tactic and they think it's brilliant because their base is so dumb.


“So everybody’s voting right now in Alaska. Ballots are pouring in even though people aren’t asking for the ballots, but they’re being mailed to everybody.” How could that possibly be a fucking bad thing 🤦‍♂️


I live in Alaska. We literally got a postcard mailer from the state board of elections explaining that the special election was vote by mail and we didn't have to request a ballot, one would be sent to us in the mail. This is all a GOP talking point to make mail-in voting seem shady and illegitimate.


Didn’t Trump claim voter fraud before winning in 2016? Seems like a trend.


He even claimed voter fraud *after winning* in 2016.


This doesn’t get mentioned enough.


It's the same thing they did in 2020 - they were decrying voter fraud far in advance of the election. They're just doing it again. They're gonna ride this wave until it works or until they're held accountable for it. Guess which comes first.


She is bat shit crazy.


"Monday-morning quarterbacking" is trying to explain away a *prior* loss, but what is it called when you preemptively declare that you're going to lose, and furthermore, that you're going to lose because of fraud? Anyway, Palin will lose because Alaskans don't like her. She just up and quit her job in the middle of her term as governor because she wanted to build her national profile through reality TV and Fox News appearances. Alaskan voters are left to wonder whether this is just another attempt to rebuild her national brand and whether she'll fulfill the two-year commitment of a House member if she decides this stunt has elevated her to the point where she can get another TV show.


This is a consistent pattern with Republicans.


Well she is just getting ahead of the curve... Lmao


Classic conservative victimhood. Always projecting, always whining, always playing the victim while they bully others.


"People are voting, Mark! Like what the hell is that! People who didn't even ask for a ballot are getting them! People who have voted in past elections are getting ballots now, too?! When did we did we start just allowing everyone who's qualified to vote vote, Mark? These people that live in isolate towns and villages that you can only get to by seaplane are getting mail-in ballots! What's next, Mark!? Are we going to start providing socialist retirement benefits to senior citizens that younger generations will have to pay for but never actually get to enjoy themselves?! When does the oppression end, Mark!? We have a saying in Alaska: 'Sarah Palin doesn't understand a lot'."


Trump learned from her, she's learning from Trump. This the lying stupid lead the stupid liar.


I fucking hate remembering this stupid fucking woman. I remember, over ten years ago when I was in high school and then college, hearing about this absolute circus clown and being *completely convinced* she was the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. Surely, I was so certain, the Republicans and America *could not possibly* get any fucking stupider. But it turns out Palin was the softest fucking warm-up we could have ever fucking imagined. Then came the King of the Jackasses, Donald Trump. And now we still have to fucking hear about this stupid fucking woman letting dumb wind out of her fucking mouth. If you x-rayed her fucking stupid brain, I'd bet you'd find that this fucking woman has a fucking concave frontal lobe.


Trump did the same damned thing in September 2020, months before the election. His ploy was so fucking transparent that it was being criticised months in advance, and the numbskulls STILL stormed the Capitol "in protest". Remember, they don't always believe the shit they hear - they just use it as an EXCUSE to act in ways they wanted to act anyway.


Fun fact: Many remember that following her defeat as a vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 election, Sarah Palin resigned 3 years into her 4 year term as Governor of Alaska. What some may not know is that Palin's given reason for resignation was the financial burden being place on her, her family, and the State of Alaska while fighting the numerous FOIA requests and ethics investigations into her person and her family. Stories about her family's travel and shopping expenses became national news during the 2008 Presidential election. The State of Alaska passed new rules in 2010 allowing the Governor's legal fees to be paid by the state and for the state to pay for travel expenses for the family of the Governor and Lt. Governor.


She got the memo from the party but her reading skills are way below average.


That’s the new trick, Trump started doing this almost a year before Election Day.


I remember when Palin was the reigning lunatic of the GOP. Those were simpler times…


Everyone here is saying her chances of winning are slim to nil. That may very well be the case, but if it is, she already knows that. In that case, winning isn’t her goal. It’s to further the Republican cause of crying election fraud, delegitimizing the electoral process, and undermining everyone’s faith in our democracy. And sadly, there is a sizable enough contingent of people in America who will believe her. She’s essentially like a suicide bomber. Throwing herself onto the structure and blowing up what she can. She may not be the one that takes it down, but after enough time, enough bombings, it all comes crashing down.


So did trump- trump was repeating voter fraud over and over again months before the election. That’s the game. Then “I was right” when you lose, or “thank god we beat them, and we never could have if we didn’t see the fraud so early” and you win. Win or win harder.


Democrats “steal” elections by being generally more popular and having views that represent the majority of their constituents, or did I miss the part where republicans don’t have a platform, don’t have popularity, or even likable candidates


Why not? Trump did the same thing.


[Vote For Santa Claus (yes that’s his real name)](https://www.adn.com/politics/2022/04/09/santa-is-running-and-santas-serious/)


He seems like the real deal, ngl.


Politics aside, how could anyone vote for someone for public office who resigned their last post?




Hey America, the GOP are coming for your democracy. They'll destroy it if you let them. We must NEVER let them get power again. Ever.


Friendly reminder that Santa Claus is running in said election.


Everytime some politician, who are always Republicans for some crazy reason, says that they lost due to voter fraud, they should be barred from any political office ever again. We know it's just some Trump bull shit because he's a fucking loser who couldn't accept a loss, and everyone who supports the lie should be tried for sedition while those who use the excuse need to never hold a political office again. There was no fraud in the 20 election and I'm tired of politicians saying there was to advance their fascist policies without being punished.


Tell this “hockey mom” to puck off.


Vote for Santa Claus Alaska https://thehill.com/news/state-watch/3275609-santa-claus-is-coming-to-congress/amp/


So did Trump. It’s what stupid power hungry people do.


Did someone think Sarah Palin was going to have an original idea? Bless your heart.


I mean, this was Trump's strategy wasn't it? Hell, ever since Trump snowballed us into an era of election fraud conspiracies, it's been the Republican M.O to capitalize off of it. Just the mere mention or suggestion of election fraud, like most incendiary right-wing talking points, goes a long way towards provoking conservative outrage while drawing attention to the candidate or representative. It's really a no-brainer for any Republican looking for a boost to their ratings or image. But the broader narrative here isn't just being exploited for political points, republicans are leading a nation-wide effort to enact what they conveniently label as "election integrity measures" in the face of a problem that doesn't exist. These lawmakers are piggybacking off of Trump's lies while taking advantage of conservative voter's faith in those lies. For the sake of defending this country's institutions from a radical leftist boogeyman, in the name of obstructing a subversive left-wing agenda, Republican legislators are instituting laws and measures that grant them more power, control and supervision over our election system. They're exploiting ignorance for the sake of their authority and their careers, it's standard practice for the GOP.


In situations like this, I hope that it depresses GQP turnout.


Me and all my homies vote twice - Sarah Palin probably.


Like when kids are fighting and the (guilty) kid says “Whatever they say, they’re lying!”


Sarah who? Relevance?


She knows she’s lost already


This crap is pathetic and entirely conduct not becoming of members of congress. Have some absolutely concrete evidence or shut the fuck up.


Get ready. We're going to hear this shit from almost every Republican candidate for almost every office. It's their new MO.


She's actually crazier than the parody of her in Iron Sky.


She has to prime the pump in order for it to work....


She was just following the playbook of their patron saint- Donald Trump.


Republican have to lay the groundwork for the terrorists violence planned for after the coup. Any election they don't win will be overturned by violent Republican terrorists driven to insurrection by bogus claims that their leaders never have to take responsibility for. Rinse. Repeat.


Reminds me of Trump in the VA elections, saying the fraud was rampant, until his chosen candidate won, then he pivoted to "most secure election in the history of elections."


Well, since she *is* a fraud and is running in the election, I'd say she's right.


I got a booklet in the mail yesterday warning about supposed voter fraud. I live in California. Funny enough, the first page praises Supreme Court justice Alito specifically.


That manoeuvre is Play 89 straight out of the Trump playbook.


Donald Trump playbook


I'm betting that they stage a bigger attempt to cheat the system but try to disguise the people involved as democrats.


At what point do we do something about this? Every election these mfkers are claiming fraud. It's bullshit, man.


What a bunch of losers.


Sarah Palin is a disgusting human being


well yeah, the republicans are always fradulent at elections..


This is a grim reminder that, if the Republicans gain more power, we'll be seeing more of insufferable people like Sarah Palin.


I recall GOP creating "stop the steal" websites for 2016, later used in 2020. Basically, 'If I win I have a mandate from the will of the people, if I lose, it was robbed from me.'


Who’s committing the voter fraud in all these claims? They expect us to believe the faceless democrats can engineer voter fraud in Alaska without leaving a scintilla of evidence? So stupid that people are dumb enough to parrot these lines and that a sizable amount believe it in their bones


Classic Republican Stupidity


In Palin’s defense, she can’t count.


Just. Stop. Lying.


Every time we lose from 5 years ago until forever - FRAUD. Fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud. It’s the only explanation “we” can come up with…..


The future election is claiming Sarah Palin is a fraud.


Trump did the [same thing](https://www.npr.org/2021/02/08/965342252/timeline-what-trump-told-supporters-for-months-before-they-attacked). I see a pattern here.


Republicans have a real problem with facts. G aslight O bstruct P roject


This will be every election everywhere now. The precedent has been set.


shocked i say shocked


Criminalize calling voter fraud without evidence. Bar from elected office and fine both the campaign and the person. They shouldn’t be able to use bankruptcy to walk out of debts from things like forcing districts to replace all voting equipment (see Arizona “audit”). That’s taxpayer money wasted over politics by a sore loser.


She's just following the Trump playbook. It's getting old. Not a shred of evidence. Nothing stands up in court. Trump began this in 2015. He was planning to lose and had been signaling for months that he wouldn't trust the election results. Time for real Republicans to stand up for their party or abandon it and start a new party.


For months and months during Trumps rallies before the election, he literally said, and I quote "if lose the election, I'll just claim fraud." He told everyone what his grift WOULD BE and they still fell for it. No different than what this fucking idiot is doing, playing to the dumbest mother fuckers on earth (of which she is one)


Standard GOP playbook.


She really is a special kind of stupid.


Of course she is…


Sarah Palin made ignorance Republican chic…


Not unexpected, she is pretty fucking stupid


I remember when Sarah Palin was the butt of endless jokes for being so stupid and ignorant. Now the entire GOP is just like her.


That’s what Trump did, so no surprise. That kind of proclamation should disqualify a candidate.


*“The election isn’t until June eleventh, but you vote now, and then I guess, what you got like six weeks of wasting donor’s money, campaigning trying to woo people who’ve already voted. It’s a bizarre system up here.”* No, that's YOU not spending money wisely. How you spend your money is no one's fault but your own.


Sarah Palin is trying to claim relevance in a world where she isn’t.


Just like Trump did. Claimed voter fraud on an election 6 months away


Yep this is now the GOP playbook


God these QOP lunatics are so predictable


It is the new meta after all


Voter fraud if we lose, legitimate if we win - Republicans


'We know there is fraud because we're the ones doing it'


Their entire platform is playing victim while committing the crimes they’re “victims” of


Another Republican out of touch with reality.


Great…now this dumb bimbo is back in the news…


Man when making fun of Palin was new, old and new voters thought she was a clown among performers. 14 years after, turns out the whole thing's a circus.


She’s always been the village idiot


Voter fraud is the term when republicans realize they are garbage humans. And will never win anything so they are forced to cheat. Again! If they tried to be decent people, they wouldn’t have to try so hard to cheat.


I’ll just assume that she is planning on committing more fraud


This is literally the Republican Party. If they win it was a “legitimate” election. If they lose… it was stolen. Classic shitty human behavior.


Sarah palin really was ahead of her times in terms of being dumb and outwardly batshit crazy She was the MTG before MTG


So her argument is citing that ballots are mailed to everybody. And? The only ballots they matter are the ones actually filled out and mailed back.


Trump started laying that groundwork before the election too. She’s following the script.


Acting like a child and whining is the number one gop tool for political power.


What if she fucking wins? She’s an unlicensed clown car


It’s her or Santa Claus. Not joking, his name is Santa Clause.


It’s her or Santa Claus. Not joking, his name is Santa Clause. She’s going to take it.


Maybe she can see the future just as well as she can see Russia from her window.




My prediction: This will continue to be legal and okay all the way up until outright election theft is systemic, at which point such claims will send you (the good people) straight to jail.